Enjoying the quiet moment


Having a little time and being better focused than I was yesterday due to a terrible sinus headache I took the time to sit back and relax and catch up on blogs first.  I was delightfully engrossed reading some of the stories shared by fellow bloggers of memories, what they’re up to or just in general a small tidbit of real life they share. It made me smile and I’m glad that I took the time to read and comment, as often we get so caught up in our own stuff that we can bypass those simple things.


Today I am featuring some fashion and home decor.  I’m wearing one of the latest hairs by enVOGUE, which can be found at the main store.  Janelle is fitted and rigged mesh and available in 96 colors, root & ombre colors that can be changed via HUD.  I’m wearing a blond color in the diversity pack, because it gives me the freedom to choose depending on what I want to be today.  ha!.

I’m wearing a mesh top made for Maitreya by {le fil casse} +// Lucid, which is part of a gamer girl gacha.  There is three rares and 18 commons, all in various colors and sayings.  The pink mouth accessory, My Geek World, is by Les Sucreries de Fairy. This cute hilarious professor pug is by [Black Bantam], and it’s static, but an interactive holdable pet that speaks to you and your friends at random.  All these three items can be found at the Geeks & Nerds event.


The last items being featured is the decor.  The Star Wars inspired gacha set made up of the sofa, chair, ottoman, mobile and wall posters are by enMeshed. The mobile and adult sofa are the rare items.

I’m showing some pieces from a fireplace set by Dreamscapes Art Gallery, that can be found at the Twe12ve event.  It’s the pumpkins and candles on the table near the window and the beautiful picture frame above the sofa. I didn’t have room for the fireplace, but the individual pieces worked great for this scene.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

*Hair: Janelle by enVOGUE  NEW 
*LFG Gacha Tank Maitreya DPS Rare by {le fil casse} + Lucid – NEW @ Geeks & Nerds 2016
*My Geek World Pink mouth accessory by – Les Sucreries de Fairy – NEW @ Geeks & Nerds 2016
*The Hilarious Professor Pug by [Black Bantam] – NEW @ Geeks & Nerds 2016
Sassy Panties by K-Otic

*Furniture Set by enMESHed Creations – NEW @ Geeks & Nerds 2016
-Light and Dark Sofa
-Light and Dark Mobile
-Light and Dark Code 1
-Light and Dark Code 2
-Light and Dark Ottoman
-Light and Dark Code 1
*Pumpkins, Candle and Picture (above sofa) by Dreamscapes Art Gallery – NEW @ Twe12ve
Long Sideboard / Black by Floorplan
Sleepless Attic . Skybox by Dust Bunny

4 thoughts on “Enjoying the quiet moment

  1. I’m always catching up!! But it’s always fun and a pleasure to see what others are posting or to read their thoughts and stories! I love the light shining into your virtual room and the outline of a branch is a great touch!

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