I put a spell on you


Today it’s a quick and one picture post to feature some new and old items by Ionic and Spell, which I am happy to be blogging for now. There is a mixture of sets that I used for this picture with the two recent ones listed first.

It’s Saturday and I’m totally relaxing this weekend and hope you are too! Listen to Nina Simone, she can definitely put you in the mood to loosen up.

*Brujas Set by Ionic 
-Brujas {Table set} Dark Wood
-Magic flowers

*Obscuro Gacha Set by Spell 
-Magic Spells Rare
-Alien Fetus Rare
-Magic Potions
-Alchemy Humid Way Rare
-Forgotten Victorian Frames
-Human Skull
-Forgotten Victorian Chair {wooden}
-Forgotten Victorian Chair {dark}
-As above to Below

*Alquimia Gacha by Ionic
-Ancient open book {alchemy}
-Ancient book {mysteries}
-Ancient open book {astronomy}
-Ancient open book {auryn }
-Ancient Blood Samples
-Black candelabrum
-Butterfly in a Dome {small}
-Butterfly in a Dome {big}

*The House Cafe Gacha Set by Ionic 
-Cafe Counter
-Cafe Shelf

From Witch’s Recluse Gacha by Jian @ Salem
-Witch’s Recluse :: Flowers
-Witch’s Recluse :: Black Candles
-Witch’s Recluse :: Bottles & Spells

Round Curtain by Dust Bunny
Fall Apples Centerpiece & Single by {what next}
2. Lovecraft Gothic Cottage by Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88

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