The peaceful days I look forward to


Happy Sunday afternoon as it’s gone past the noon hour here and I’ve done nothing much today other than sleep in and have a banana for breakfast, so a late lunch will be calling my name soon.

I wanted to get this post in before I start doing some chores around the house. Today I am featuring three creators and the first items I will mention are the so shabby set by THOR. The vintage DIY entryway and drawers and the red ride on toy are just great decor pieces.  I think they called that ride on toy the speedster.  These can be found at Shiny Shabby.

Schultz Bros. has released some new items that are available currently at Cosmopolitan.  The green vintage cigarette machine can be clicked for a pack of cigarettes.  The other items not shown are vintage slot machines.  I’ll probably be showing them in another post soon.

The last item being featured is by unKindness, which is the pumpkin with the dog in it.  It’s part of the gacha set for the Epiphany.  There are 9 commons and 2 rares to the set.

Have a great rest of the day!

*So Shabby Set by ..::THOR::..  – NEW @ Shiny Shabby
-Vintage DIY Entryway
-Vintage DIY Drawers
-Vintage Ride On Toy
*Pupkin Patch Brown by unKindness – NEW @ Epiphany
*Vintage Cigarette Machine by [Schultz Bros.] – NEW @ Cosmopolitan

Other Stuff Used:
Morning Mugs by Hideki
Old Plants – Blue Pot by Kalopsia
Old Plants – Yellow Pot by Kalopsia
Tin Can Plants – 1 by Kalopsia
Tin Can Plants – 2 by Kalopsia
Autumn Leaves Mobile by Kalopsia
Flower Case {tinted} by Kalopsia
Train Station Clock by Kalopsia
Ladder Wall Lamp by Kalopsia
Iron Basket – Rust by Kalopsia
Pallet Log Box by {what next}
Welcome Mat – Birds by Kalopsia
Where is My Plant? {where gacha} by Ionic
Mini Amp Studio by Hideki
Chandelier by Kalopsia
Red Retriever Boy Puppy by [Black Bantam] – NEW @ Kustom9
Dreamers Cottage Rare by  Ionic
Where is My Kitchen Table? {where gacha} by Ionic
Rugs by Kalopsia
Green Branch Pillow by Kalopsia
Minimal Needs : Sofa by Ionic

Outside Decor:
Garden Tree 08 with Lights – Yellow Green by Happy Mood
Nugget Chair Set 1 (yellow, blue & red) by Tanakamura – Kagu {just passed FLF}
Wire Lamp (Bronze) by Kalopsia

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