Just us “guys” hanging out


I took a hiatus for a day to get some fantasy posts done on my Alexa’s Fantasy Wardrobe Blog, but I’m back again today to show you some more awesome decor.

The first is this new release that is an exclusive for the SwagBag Event tailored for men. This is a themed crate event, similar to Luxe Box, where the crate is delivered on the 1st of each month with fifteen unique items that are made exclusively for this event.  If you miss grabbing the crate during the open period, you will only be able to purchase those particular items as a previous Swagbag at twice the price the month after its release.  Below credits I’ve put some additional information that the creator has provided on this set that is included in your delivery box with purchase.

Next I’m featuring another fantastic collection by JIAN.  This time they brings us raccoons, which are fantastically detailed.  There are static, wanderer and a companion that is the only one that I didn’t include in this picture.  You can find more details at the bottom of credits and can find the raccoons at FaMESHed.

Tomorrow I will be showcasing a new home by Maven Homes, which I can’t wait to show you all.

Until then… take care!

*Man Cave Set by ..::THOR::.. – NEW @ SwagBag Event
..::THOR::.. Vintage Fridge with Giver
..::THOR::.. Wheel Speaker
..::THOR::.. Semi-Acoustic Guitar (Juke)
..::THOR::.. Aged Car Setee
..::THOR::.. Snooker Lamp (with chains)
..::THOR::.. Man Cave Rules Sign
..::THOR::.. Bullitt Poster
..::THOR::.. Taxi Driver Poster
..::THOR::.. Industrial Coffee Table
..::THOR::.. Pool Balls Candles
..::THOR::.. Magazines
..::THOR::.. “Eightball” Ashrtay
..::THOR::.. Meowix The Cat (lying) *Gift*

*Raccoon Collection by JIAN – NEW @ FaMESHed 
JIAN :: Raccoon (Wanderer – Rez me!)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Sit R)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Look L)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Sit L)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Feed)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Look R)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Sleep L)

Messy Beer Cans by Soy
Potato Chips by Tartessos Arts
Convenience Store Snacks – What Thins RARE by -RC-  Cluster
Convenience Store Snacks – Cheeze Wangz by -RC-  Cluster
Case of Beer/ Full by Talen Morgan
Echoes of Autumn – Wines by Second Spaces @ Collabor88
Container Plan Gacha / Rare by Haikei

Man Cave Set ~
The fridge is an object/landmark/notecard giver, so, just put inside what you want FULL PERM, and by clicking on, all can have it (inside there is some example to wear…yeah…BEERS! cheers^^).

The lamp have a notecard inside (editable) where you can set your preferred light/glow/color etc (very simple to use, just open it and edit), or, if you want, just hold click on for 5 seconds, and a menu appear (just when you turn off the lights, all come back to the old setting about the notecard).

The guitar, is a little jukebox, have inside 4 fine high detailed guitar songs, just click on it and choose your, or if you prefer, just put inside your own splitted music (as usual for objects that have sounds/music).

Raccoon Collection~

━━━━━ Companion Version
Wear this version on your avatar, or better even: right click and ‘add’ it from your inventory. You are now stylin’ with your raccoon buddy at your side.
If you click on it, you can resize it or turn animations on or off.

━━━━━ Wanderer Version
Rez out your wanderer raccoon.
Click on it.
From here you have some options…
– Resize: Resize your raccoon
– Radius: Tell your raccoon how far from the point you turn it on it can wander
– Reset: Reset the script in case your raccoon freezes up (unlikely)
– Wander: Turn your raccoon on and watch it go! Turn it off and it will return to the point where you first turned it on.

━━━━━ Static Versions
Static meshes. You can resize and modify these as you please.

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