Pueblo Maravilla


Most of you know who have been following me for a while now might know from my ramblings that I have a Mexican heritage.  My mother was from Mexico, but she’s been here since she was a child and married my father born in this country as well as my siblings and me.  We have a bit of a laugh each time we think about it as each of us were born in different parts of the country.  From the far west coast in the state of Washington to the southern part of Texas and the eastern coast of the Carolinas and that’s just three of us!  I think the only place they left untouched was the north eastern part.

I wholeheartedly embrace both cultures and read and speak both languages and write only minimal Spanish.  The part that often takes people by surprise and only makes my family poke fun at me is that I don’t eat a lot of Mexican food. I am not talking about the more commercialized foods like tacos and enchiladas  — it’s more like ‘fideo con pollo‘ or ‘frijoles a la charra‘ that while I can eat it my taste buds would prefer not to.  It’s like anything else some things you like others you don’t.

So when I saw this Pueblo Viejo gacha set by unKindness for the Epiphany I was really looking forward to putting together a scene as it felt like there was an affinity to it.  It made me remember some of my trips into Mexico through the border towns of Tijuana from trips to San Diego and Reynosa from a trip to Texas. While those places didn’t look so much like this it had remnants of this.

I hope you enjoy my little set and all the pieces have varying land impact from 1 to 34 for the rare church.


*Pueblo Viejo Gacha by unKindness @ The Epiphany
uK – Pueblo Viejo Church RARE.
uK – Pueblo Viejo Awning Build 2
uK – Pueblo Viejo Awning Build 1
uK – Pueblo Viejo Brkn Build 2
uK – Pueblo Viejo Brkn Build 1
uK – Pueblo Viejo Dbl Flags
uK – Pueblo Viejo Corner Wall
uK – Pueblo Viejo Gateway
uK – Pueblo Viejo Gallows

Misc. Gachas Decor by 8f8
03_8f8 – New Beginning – Old Rusty RARE
12_8f8 – New Beginnings – Hibiscus Pink – White
12_8f8 – New Beginnings – Hibiscus Red – Yellow
21 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Ladder
21 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Wheel
17 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Courtyard Bench
06 – 8f8 – Green Grocers – Hand Cart
41 – 8f8 – Green Grocers – Spice
33 – 8f8 – Green Grocers – Watermelon Basket
34 – 8f8 – Green Grocers – Orange Basket
38 – 8f8 – Green Grocers – Pear Crate
28 – 8f8 – Green Grocers – Eggplant Crate
38 – 8f8 – Green Grocers – Potato Crate
27 – 8f8 – Green Grocers – Apple Crate
18_8f8 – New Beginnings – Hen Set
15_8f8 – New Beginnings – Hen Spot

Prickly Pear Cactus by Botanical
Black & White Horse {older item.. uncertain}
Wild Grass by Studio Skye

9 thoughts on “Pueblo Maravilla

  1. Pep

    Hola from Spain, dear Alexa,
    I am a fan of your work. From time to time I come to your blog to let these pieces of art you do lift my spirit up. You always inspire me.
    I don’t know how you do it but you always get to blow my mind time and again. The amount of beauty and sweetness and hautness and coolness you blend in your creations gets off the chart, and all that energy sort of scares off any down feeling I may be wearing and you switch to ‘on’ all the positivity buttons in me.
    So, thank you very much for taking the time and sharing it with all of us.
    I wish I could give back to you someday. Let me know if there’s something you may need I could do.

    I’m writing here just because I can’t avoid to reply to that spicy tacos thing of yours. It’s funny.
    If you know a little bit of Spanish, you may know what tacos mean (or ‘tacones’ in Spain’s Spanish).
    You may not eat tacos, but oh my, how well you wear ‘tacos’ ;). You really master them with your creations. Can’t get better.
    Plus, I love the spicy conversations you do from time to time with some of your friends. Oh, so haut.
    It felt funny to me. No spicy tacos? Plus you know some Spanish? Life knows uncountable creative paths to make us smile.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation of my work here… and so happy to hear that my art inspires and lifts you up in spirit. Your comment today warms me and evokes in me a desire to continue to improve and offer the same to you and others who visit my blog.. so thank you for being a reader and silent follower.


    2. The meaning of “tacos” or “tacones” is high heels right? In my Mexican spanish they are also referred to as tacones…. as well as tacos for food. 🙂
      Thank you again 🙂


      1. Pep

        Yes, “tacones” means heels. I thought in Mexican they were called tacos, not tacones as in Spain. Maybe it’s in South America where they call them “tacos”, my fault. 🙂
        Thank you Alexa!

        Liked by 1 person

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