Breathing dreams like air ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald


With today’s post I decided to do a little of the old with the new from Merak Furniture Co. that I am showcasing today. If you’re not familiar with the store Merak, it is an original mesh store that specializes in furniture and decor.

I’ve blogged a few of their items from events in previous posts, but I’m happy to be blogging for them now so I look forward to showcasing more of their stuff in the near future.  They just released a Cinderella Set that was inspired by “the intuitive empath personality of Cinderella.. compassionate, diligent, determined…”  The vintage set contains an armoire with a land impact of 7, with inner color options and animations and props. It also includes a basket at 2 land impact that has both a rezzable and hold version with a few poses. It’s really great for that role-play realism that you want at times.  Available now at The Crossroads Event.

Have a great rest of day/night!

*Armoire (Pink Interior) by [Merak] @ The Crossroads
*Wicker Laundry Basket by [Merak] @ The Crossroads
Slip Dress – Gray & Hanger by Gumi’s Flower Shop
Shutter Wall Cover by [Tia]
Wanderlust . Flower Skull by Dust Bunny
Serendipity Bed – Adult by [Tia]
[Button] Floor Lamp . Heart/Beige by Sway’s
Standard Curtains Watercolour Forest by Cheeky Pea @ Kustom9
Toy horse by Dust Bunny
Wanderlust . Thrown Shirt by Dust Bunny
Wanderlust . Belted Pillows by Dust Bunny
Mistletoe Lodge without Snow Roof by Scarlet Creative

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