Little Alex {Sydney}

The name of the mesh head that little me, otherwise known as Sydney, is wearing really couldn’t be more perfect in being called Alex considering that my avatar’s name is Alexa.  It’s made by the Toddleedoo Store, whom is also the creator behind the mesh bodies made for toddleedoos.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the head, but I have been pleasantly surprised with how easy it blended with the mesh body and applying the skin to using the animations and utilities Hud.  I did find that the head is smaller, which meant that some of my favorite older hairs were a bit of an issue. Something I’ll have to work on a little later.  I’m wearing skin that came with the head, though it works with Omega so you can use any skin, tattoo or eyes that utilizes that system. The last picture shows some of the animations included and below credits you can find more information on everything that is included. The mesh head is now available at the Skin Fair and afterwards will probably be available at the main store.

The rest of the items that I am showing are by Buglets, starting with the cute dress that I am wearing called Hallie. It’s available at the new round of Ninety-Nine.  The socks were a Fifty Linden Friday item for little kids. This event doesn’t seem to be featured on Seraphim, but it is exactly like the regular one only it’s children’s items. The crown is part of the ‘Willows’ outfit and available now at the main store. The wand was the prize for the Shop Hop event that’s now over, though you might want to check the store and get more information.

Have a great Sunday!

*Baby Mesh Head #Bento – ALEX by ToddleeDoo Store @ Skin Fair 2017 – Direct LM
*Dress: TD Hallie Dress [Cream] (Baby) by ~*Buglets*~ @ Ninety-Nine
*TD Kitticorn Socks (FLF 3/10)  by ~*Buglets*~ – NEW
*TD Willow Flower Crown [Cream] by ~*Buglets*~ for Shop Hop 
*TD Willow Wand [Cream] w/ Sparkles by ~*Buglets*~ {Shop Hop Prize)
Hair: 65 (Black) by *barberyumyum*
Mesh Body: Baby (v.3.2) by ToddleeDoo Store
Shoes: Mary Janes // Cream by {s.o} Cute


Alex is a Brand new Unisex Mesh Head made with the new Bento rigging which allows you to have a major customization of the head shape (through shape sliders) as long as more detailed animation!
Please remember you need a Bento Compatible viewer! (see Viewer*)

In this Box you can find:
Let’s see them all one by one….

This is a Legacy Alpha Layer to Hide your own Legacy Shape Head. It only hides the Head so if you are wearing a mesh body with its own Alpha please use “Add” option for this. It’s modify so you can edit it and add Alpha to Upper and Lower part to hide your entire avatar with one single Alpha layer.

You can find both ToddleeDoo Baby and Kid Shape, FEMALE (this head is compatible with ToddleeDoo Girl Bodies ONLY at the moment), FULL PERM. Feel free to customize your look and share as you desire 🙂

Eyebrows Style also affects your eyebrows Head look! I suggest you to give a try to this and enjoy customization!

This is the Mesh Head itself.
It’s worn on Chin but you can decide to wear it in any other attachment as you like.
it Includes the face, the nape, the ears, left and right eye, teeth and tongue and ONE tattoo layer.
You can change the skin with the Skin Applier in the box (see Skin Applier*), but it’s compatible with ToddleeDoo Appliers (if they also include the Head Texture) and Omega (see Omega*)

This is an additional tattoo layer.
It works exactly as the one embedded in the Head itself but it’s useful for those who desire to wear two or more different tattoo at the same time.
➀ Wear it on rezz on ground
➁ Apply your desired Extra Tattoo (through Appliers or just Edit if you own the texture)
➂ Delete the script inside the Extra Tattoo
➃ Rename this Extra Tattoo Layer with a indicative Name
➄ Take and Wear
ATTENTION: both the Head and this Layer are affected by appliers, resulting double Darker or Solid. once you prepared your Extra Tattoo layer, please remember to reset or take off the Head Tattoo itself

If you can’t take off your Tattoo you can use this 􀀀

This HUD includes the Alpha options (hide Nape, Eyes or Ears), Teeth (choose within 6 full or missing teeth set) and Ears (choose within 4 in or out styles, and fix position).
Close to Minimize the HUD.

This HUD include all Animations Available at today for this Head.
They are divided in Moods as: Steady, Happy, Sad, Silly, Eyes, Interactive and Undeform.
Most Animations includes more styles, this is because of personal choice but also because of Shapes: infact a certain animation looks different from a custom Shape than another, even resulting deformed in some cases.
You can also combine some of them.
Are you Deformed? try the Undeform Button on the LEFT, if it doesn’t help you can Force an Undeform: **be sure to wear the Alex Default Shape** and hit the Undeform button on RIGHT (where the attention sign is).
To Minimize the HUD press the little Button on the top of the HUD.

This is a simple 4 Tone Skin Applier: wear it and touch your desired tone.

This Mesh Head have been distributed since very first eta versions, and some of you designed and distributed your shapes with those old heads.
Anyhow I kept on improve the rigging and some of the older shapes may not look as expected on newest Heads versions.
In this case you can find in this box or the OutDated Obsolete Heads and Tattoo Layers.

This Head is “Omega Advanced”, it means you can add to it any Skin, Tattoo and Eyes made with Omega Appliers!
You just need the ToddleeDoo Relay Kit (which also works for the ToddleeDoo and TweeneeDoo body), and keep the Head HUD worn.
You can Hide it out of your screen, you don’t have to touch it in any way.
Just wear your desired Omega Applier and use it as usual.
REMEMBER: some Omega Applier send different Body Parts Textures by touching the button in different position: if an applier doesn’t work as expected please try again touching it in a different spot.

Please join >>ToddleeDoo Bento<< support group for this and more ToddleeDoo Bento products support, help and suggestions.

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