Seasoned with a lot of love

Hello everyone!  I’m here later than usual due to a change in my normal routine. While I’m not set to any specific time when it comes to blogging my thoughts are that it is worthwhile to adhere to a schedule as it gives us a bit of discipline and for me it’s also been a good tool to stay focused and not fall behind.

I won’t be long winded. I promise. It just means you will have to peruse credits to find everything that my picture is showing.  The items being showcased are at the Relay for Life Home & Garden Expo, which ends on June 4th.  I hope you’ve had a chance to go and support the worthy cause behind this annual event. Funds are raised for Relay for Life of Second Life, that ultimately goes to support the efforts of the American Cancer Society through it’s signature event Relay for Life.

Have a great one!

*Texture Change Kitchen Set by Dench Designs @ RFL Home & Garden Expo 
-Welsh Dresser 
-Sink Unit
-Kitchen Island
-Butcher Block

*RFL Exclusive Stepping Boho Stepping Stones by Whims-A-Plenty @ RFL Home & Garden Expo 
-WAP RFL Exclusive Wood/Teal 
-WAP Wood/Blue 
-WAP Wood/Orange 

Dahlia’s Dining Set by Kalopsia @ Collabor88
Kalopsia – Dahlia’s Dinning Table
Kalopsia – Dahlia’s Hanging Lamp
Kalopsia – Dahlia’s Avocado Basket
Kalopsia – Dahlia’s Wood Chair – Yellow
Kalopsia – Dahlia’s Wood Chair – Coral
Kalopsia – Dahlia’s Juice Tray
Kalopsia – Dahlia’s Metal Chair
Kalopsia – Dahlia’s Wood Chair – Blue
Kalopsia – Dahlia’s Rug

Kitchen Collection by Artisan Fantasy
*AF* Kitchen Egg Basket
*AF* Kitchen Oil Bottles
*AF* Kitchen Knife Rack
*AF* Kitchen Crate – Tomatoes
*AF* Kitchen Mortar & Pestle
*AF* Kitchen Basil
*AF* Kitchen Canisters
*AF* Kitchen Pitcher with Spoons

Lembranca De Lisboa Set by by [Krescendo]
[Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa – Sardinhas (14)
[Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa – Galo (7)
[Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa – Pratos (05)
[Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa – Pastel De Nata e Cafe (19)
[Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa – Pao e Azeitonas (15)
[Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa – Chourico (10)
[Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa – Sardinha Assada (11)
[Kres] Lembranca De Lisboa – Ginja (16)

The following are from various gachas by Ionic  (Ionic Flickr)
Yellow Kettle by Ionic {modded} {La Casa Del Pueblo Gacha}
*ionic* Eggs! {La Cafeteria Gacha}
ionic . Kitchen Shelf {Dreamers Gacha}
ionic : Cereals & Cooking Stuff (Shelf) {Stay With Me Gacha}
ionic : Hanging Casseroles {Northern Life Gacha}
*ionic* Scales with Lemon {La Cafeteria Gacha}
*ionic* Hanging Plant {La Cafeteria Gacha}
ionic . Plant + Table {modded} {Dreamers Gacha}
ionic : Leche En botellas {La Casa Del Pueblo Gacha}
ionic – Where is My Phone? {Where? Gacha}
*ionic* Fruit Shelf {La Cafeteria Gacha}
ionic : Desayuno Con Huevo {La Casa Del Pueblo Gacha}
ionic : Rolling Pins & Wooden Bowls {Northern Life Gacha}
ionic : Cookware & Loaves {Northern Life Gacha}
ionic . Dishes {Dreamers Gacha}
ionic – Where are My Dishes? {Where? Gacha}
ionic : Ravioles De Ricota {modded} {La Casa Del Pueblo Gacha}
*ionic* Orange Juicer {La Cafeteria Gacha}

Riverside Cottage by DaD Design @ Ultra Event

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