Soon it will be time to rise and shine

I’m revved up for the weekend, as it has been a long week and while it was less hectic than most weeks, it was still steadily busy.  It’s late and I’m really working hard these days to stick to a regular and decent bed time schedule, so I won’t ramble long.

Showcasing some awesome stuff, starting with this Mediterraneo gacha by Ionic, out now at Chapter Four. The animals are by JIAN, the ponies are from the gacha set currently out now at The Epiphany. The other item being shown is the little garden set by Anhelo, which is a fairly recent release. I just hadn’t been able to post until now.  All details below.

Have a great start to the weekend!

*Mediterraneo Gacha by Ionic @ The Chapter Four 
ionic : Mediterraneo RARE
ionic : El te de la tarde
ionic : Mediterraneo Ivy
ionic : Fuente de Primavera
ionic : Campanario
ionic : Puerta al jardin
ionic : Tinaja
ionic : Mesa Mediterranea
ionic : Huevos, cebollas, cazos y ollas

*Precious Ponies Gacha by JIAN @ The Epiphany
JIAN Precious Ponies 16. Brown Wanderer
JIAN Precious Ponies 3. Bows n’ Brushies RARE

*My Little Garden Set by Anhelo 
–ANHELO-M45GH-183GA :: my little garden (garden hook)
–ANHELO-M45LR-183GA :: my little garden (leaf rake)

*Tin Can by Anhelo (Group Gift)

Chicken Collection by JIAN
WildGrasses -Khaki by Happy Mood

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