Let the breeze in

Morning everyone! I don’t have a lot of time so I’ll make it a quickie.  Today I’m featuring some great decor pieces by Concept}, Ariskea and Hive as well as the skybox with additional photo below from Park Avenue.  The small room is where I did the scene, all details on where you can find all the featured items plus the few extra is listed below.

*Manhattan Rooftop Studio by [PA]  @ Illuminate

*Sevilla Gacha by Concept} @ Bloom
CONCEPT} 01. Sevilla. Armchair Pink. RARE
CONCEPT} 02. Sevilla. Armchair Night. RARE
CONCEPT} 03. Sevilla. Round Carpet A
CONCEPT} 04. Sevilla. Round Carpet B
CONCEPT} 05. Sevilla. Round Carpet C
CONCEPT} 06. Sevilla. Table
CONCEPT} 07. Sevilla. Pot
CONCEPT} 08. Sevilla. Big Pot
CONCEPT} 09. Sevilla. Med Pot
CONCEPT} 10. Sevilla. Lamp with white flowers
CONCEPT} 11. Sevilla. Lamp with red flowers

*[Perly] Dream Catchers by Ariskea @ Spring Flair
Ariskea[Perly] DreamCatcher Dollie
Ariskea[Perly] DreamCatcher No dollie

*Macrame Hanging Plants by Hive
hive // macrame hanging plant . sunshine
hive // macrame hanging plant . stone
hive // macrame hanging plant . charcoal
hive // macrame hanging plant . white

Plants II by Hive @ Bloom
hive // pink caladium plant
hive // kentia palm plant

Hanging planter (Unknown plants) by ROIRO
Hanging planter (Ivy Hedera) by ROIRO

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