Dog sitting

Jian 008

I actually did this over the past weekend with my sisters dog as she traveled out of town for the day. Her dog is pretty tame and  is very content these days just to claim her space in the room and sit quietly.

In-world it’s a different story.  I can handle more than one.  These cuties I’m showing are the corgis from JIAN that will be available tomorrow at the Arcade.  There are 15 total with 12 commons and 3 rares with a 11% rare chance and $50L per play.

There is a new thing with the Arcade this round and that is the rewarding of loyal players who at 50 plays to the same machine will receive a reward.  JIAN’s reward is the kite flyer corgi, which has 5 different whimsical animal kite textures.

There is so much more to the corgis than what you see.  Get all the details on the corgis below the credits.

*Beach Corgis Gacha by JIAN @ The Arcade  **June 1st**
-Beach Towel Rare
-Drink Cooler Rare
-Swim Trunks Companion Rare
-Run, Walk & Tilts
-Held Pup (Sable)
-Companion (Red)
-Kite Flyer – Reward
*Pool Noodle [Mint] by ~*Buglets*~ @ The Play Room
Patio Parasol [Indian Cotton – Yellow] by Soy @ Collabor88
Bone-Shaped Dog Bowl – Pink – Kibble by +Half-Deer+
Bone-Shaped Dog Bowl – Pink – Water by +Half-Deer+
Bone-Shaped Dog Bowl – Cream – Kibble by +Half-Deer+
Beach Bag Decorational by Dutchie
Tropical Drink Blue Soda by Poche
Sculpt Palm Trees x12 16 prims by Sim Pro Designs
Sand Dune by New Vermont Enterprises
Real Beach Grass by  KIDD Creations

Hair: Denae by Alice Project
Necklace: Wooden Savannah Necklace (Elephant) by +Half-Deer+
Jumper: Carefree.Playsuits – Flower by Pixicat @ Collabor88

Pose: Moonflower {using only one side of pose} by {Sepia}

━━━━━━━━━━ ◐ Details ◑ ━━━━━━━━━━

All rares in this set texture change both the pup between the four coat colors and have accessory texture options as well!

━ Kite Flyer & Swim Trunks Pups
These are worn avatar companions. Right click and choose “Add” from your inventory.

━ Beach Towel Pup
This is a rezzed decor pup that you can also sit on and enjoy a day out on the beach. You can change your pose, as well as the textures for the towel, accessories and the corgi pup itself.

━ Drink Cooler Pup
This is a rezzed decor pup that when you click directly on the pup will dispense drinks for your avatar to sip on. You can also click the cooler lid to open and close it as well as click the cooler bottom to get a texture change menu for the corgi and cooler.

All rare pups should have options to turn sound and animation on or off, except for the sleepy pup which does not have sound. They should also have a resize menu to allow for shrinking or growing the size of your pup. Please note that resizing can affect land impact!

━━━━━━━━━━ ◐ COMMONS ◑ ━━━━━━━━━━

━ Wandering Pups
These pups are meant to be rezzed to let run around!
Drop them out on the ground and click them to begin. You will get options for radius, wander and sound.
Sound turns your pups’ barking on or off.
Radius sets the distance in which you pup can wander from the point where you turn it ‘on’.
Wander turns your pup ‘on’ and lets it run around!
Turning off wander on your pup should return it to its original starting position.

━ Companion & Held Pups
These are worn avatar companions. Right click and choose “Add” from your inventory.

Companions run along side of you. Held pups will attach to your arm (and can be swapped arms; they will automatically play the correct animation for either arm on attach) and doze, yap and kick.

All common pups should have options to turn sound and animation on or off. They should also have a resize menu to allow for shrinking or growing the size of your pup. Please note that resizing can affect land impact!

Riding in the fast lane

Hot Chick 038

Happy Easter!!

I’m bursting at the seams having just finished a huge breakfast and feeling a slight buzz from drinking one glass of sangria.  That stuff is pretty lethal! Or maybe my niece slipped in a little more wine than required.  I don’t know.  I’m feeling it!

I am showing some pictures I took last night on my bike.  I had a great evening, with somewhat of an eerie effect to it.  It dawned on me after I got in bed that the time had passed so swiftly and yet as I lay there I had a feeling of being at peace. I can’t attribute it to anything I did last night, other than I slipped off into my own little world without a care and was just doing things automatically.

Hot Chick 036-2

After getting severely beaten the other night I thought to get in a little practice. I can’t seem to focus lately, and last night was no better. I did a few runs on my own at first until someone showed up and gave me a reason to push a little harder. I won the runs, except it didn’t feel victorious as they were new and still getting accustomed to riding the bike. Though after that I got easily distracted with wanting to grab a picture of myself.

I know. I’m so vain like that.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Big thank you!

3-21-16 GC
March 21, 2016 Group Cover

I wasn’t planning on posting today, but I have a splitting headache and blogging can sometimes help to distract my mind. Though my concentration is a little poor, so if I have all sorts of typos that I don’t catch lets blame it on that.

GC 3-15-16
March 15, 2016 Group Cover

When I opened my Flickr this morning I discovered that one of my pictures had been selected as a group cover.  It’s always a nice compliment and thought to share at least with everyone here who reads and follows my blog.  It seems a common thing to post on Flickr as well, but I don’t plan to follow that trend as of now.  The first two are still group covers, as you may be able to see if you click the date.  Just keep in mind that they do change within a week or even days.

Aphrodite Group Cover 2-21-16
February 21, 2016 Group Cover

Anyways, my energy is zapped already so I am going to take another long rest. Have a great Monday and start of the week!

The passage of time often brings much more than we anticipate

“The people have gone… the village remains, and time and nature now live here”.


The other day I got to visit Roots by Cica Ghost, a small village abandoned as the description implies that the people have gone and what remains are the scattered little homes whose fate is decided upon time and nature. If you look closely you might find me somewhere in that picture above.

LV 024

The creator previously had a similar exhibition in March-April 2014 known as the “Little Village” that I blogged under “T, U, V is for.”  This is slightly different and yet provides a very touching experience… what one would say a poignant reminder of the passing of time.


The music selected to play is very peaceful and tranquil and certainly can provide calmness to the weariest and chaotic of minds.


It really is worth a visit to walk around and take in every little detail.

Location: Roots by Cica Ghost


Thank you!

12-31-15 Unkindness Group Pic

I was selected for another group cover on December 31st.   I want to thank everyone again for giving me this platform to take pictures and share my little slice of creativity and at the same time share the wonderful designs created for our pleasure in Second Life.

I’m not sure if you have to be a member of Flickr to view: 7madravensheathenesque 

I’ve been slacking lately not posting as much and the break has allowed me to shift focus for a bit to primarily concentrate once again to just enjoy and have fun in Second Life.   Having spent the good part of the last 12 months literally just shopping events and spending it on my platform has probably not been the most conducive to keep yourself well balanced.

Either way the little break has been positive.  I feel lighter and having resolved some personal and relationship conflicts has also given me a freedom to once again get out of my comfort zone and want to embrace the new in my life.

I’ll be starting to post a little more regularly today and the coming days.  I may be a bit slow starting off just because I am about to delete half of my inventory. It’s time. I’m ready.

I was listening to this song and it’s exactly how I feel..

Motto: Stay Humble. Work Hard. Be Kind

Group Photo Recognition Sep to Dec 2015

Most of the time when I get the email informing me that one of my photos has been selected as a group cover in Flickr I pay it no mind and just forget about it. I’ve tooted my own horn once back in 2014 and since then I’ve just let them come and go without mention.  This month I got selected for two group covers and I just want to say thank you.  If it weren’t for this blog my pictures wouldn’t even be on that particular forum.

The other two are within the last three months and are still active.  Meaning that my photo cover has not been replaced by another picture as did another recent photo selected.

I’ll eventually get around to adding the Flickr widget on the side bar of my blog, but for now if you care to see my page, you can visit here.

Memories of you always make me smile

Today I’m simply doing a tribute to my father to celebrate his birthday. It’s been 6 years since dad passed and more then ever I miss him terribly.

Dad loved old cars and would from time to time share a long ago memory of some vehicle he drove or owned. The belair was one of those vehicles so when I saw this version recently it was a given that I needed to get it. It’s about the right size as he liked big cars.

His other love was music and dad played the accordion from a young age up until his last days.  I’ve showed this accordion on a previous post remembering my father and it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t bring it back out to use as this was his passion. It’s not the same kind of model as his were always the button and not the piano variety.

That Texas marquee was another must have and no it’s not because all my exes live in Texas…well just one! My Dad who grew up in Texas would have chuckled at that as he was a bit of a jokester himself.

Today is a little hard for me not being close to home to take him flowers personally, but I know he wouldn’t want me to give it a second thought. Easier said then done.

Feliz Cumpleaños Papi! 



Listen to the rain


The night before I had a trip down memory lane when I ran into someone that I met at a music venue back in 2011 the year I started in Second Life.  Over time the different time zones — west coast vs. east coast and life in general we lost touch along the way.  I teased him about not having changed much as he was still in the same skin and wearing different yet signature black sunglasses — even if back then he was the first male avatar that I thought had decent looking pixels.


That we meet up again at a music venue — well that too hasn’t changed as music was and is still one of his passions here.  Toto shares ownership of  Dinah Moez Diner, where they serve up aural delights most Saturday nights so go check it out on the weekends if you’re looking for some great live music entertainment.

As we were talking I remembered that he accompanied me on one of my exploration trips, which got me thinking if I had saved any of those pictures.  I really liked this sim for it’s walking trail that spanned the sim as seen in the first picture. It had lots of sheep and rain as you can see in the picture below, but for the life of me I cannot recall the name.


I wonder if it’s still around.  Having found the pictures it was fun fixing them up with the skills that I know today.

Check me out — I was a redhead back then.


I believe this song played on the sim.

Fly away with me


I was sitting in-world while doing the usual googling and reading news, emails and blogs when a dream I had several days ago came to mind and prompted this picture.  You see the dream left me puzzled, which is probably why it’s coming to mind now plus the fact I’m having some bad days lately.

It wasn’t a bad dream or anything, it was simply one of me flying. I can’t begin to tell you the number of dreams I’ve had of being on a bus or inside a school or shower and bathroom dreams.  Over the years I came to understand how dreams were speaking to me and learned to give them my own interpretation.

These days I rarely give them any thought beyond having a brief moment of recollection upon waking up.  This one was different, because in all my years of having dreams I cannot recall ever once dreaming of flying and flying dreams are quite common.  I think what makes it even more puzzling and sticks out in my memory is that as the dream changed into something else I was dreaming of my father.

Looking up dreams of flying the interpretations vary across the board, but they all have a particular theme that flying dreams are usually positive.  As they represent a desire to be free, or rising above a situation, a person or a conflict, which is applicable to a few situations in my life right now. The negative side is if you’re running into things then it can represent obstacles to being free.  I wasn’t bumping into things, it was more that I was looking for something to bump into to bring me back down as I continued to climb.

I don’t feel very in tune with myself these days to give it my own interpretation, but I like the interpretation that the bad cloud is lifting and that perhaps I’m about to get freedom from something, someone or just troubles in general.

Thanks for listening!

Taking a break

La Mexicana 004

I had planned on blogging this dress for Mexican Independence Day on September 16th, except I will not be around to do it then.  I need to take a break from Second Life for now to deal with some things and so will not be blogging in the mean time.

Thank you to all my readers for your continued support as its meant a lot to me to have your readership, likes and comments.   I also want to thank all the creators/designers who have honored me with their creations to share with the Second Life community and even those non-second lifers who follow.  I acknowledge all the responses that I received in understanding this needed break. You are all awesome!

Until my return, may each of you continue to enjoy and have fun and don’t spend all your lindens at the gachas!

In my most authentic Mexican voice…. “Viva Second Life!”

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Sadie
Miss Mexico National Costume – Dead Dollz {not available}

Pose by Del May