I remember it like yesterday

Theater 002

The days of the drive-in theaters are almost gone.  In a 2014 news article there were only 338 of these theaters still left in America.  I was pleasantly surprised to see there were about 7 still left in Florida alone.  I think there may be a weekend trip in my near future just to once again experience this bygone era of reclining on the seat of the car eating buttery popcorn.  While drive-in theaters are a thing of the past now they do conjure up good memories of my growing up years when dad use to take us kids as a special treat.

Our family actually has a funny story that involved a drive-in theater.  A story that from time to time gets told when we are swapping childhood memories and poking good fun at each other and all of us siblings have something we are remembered for.  The telling of the story is amusing now even though it wasn’t 30 plus years ago when my little brother got left behind at the drive-in.  It was a matter of confusion and assumption that he left in the other parties vehicle to return home.  That wasn’t the case as soon discovered when both cars arrived at home without him.  You could say my parents and everyone was relieved he was found back at the theater just waiting for someone to pick him up.  He was known to always wander off and getting lost so it’s now somewhat his legacy as a child, just as I am known for having always made little boys cry because I beat them at games.  I know right.

Today, I’m bringing you a preview of the drive-in theater gacha set that unKindness has made for The Gacha Garden Event that just opened.   The Old Americana gacha set is pretty awesome and will be 100 lindens per play.  There are 3 rares and 11 commons to this set and one seed of inspiration.  If you thought the Epiphany was a new way of experiencing gacha, here is another twist to playing gacha as we know it.

This is a short description on how it works, though check the website information if you want to know more.  Players will make pulls on their favorite machines as they normally would with any other gacha.  Every time a player makes 20 pulls on a single machine, they will receive a special gift called a “Seed of Inspiration” This is a gift by creators to those who play their machine at least 20 times.  Those seeds of inspiration gifts will be no copy transferable items so you can trade, sell or keep as you normally would.  Though once the event ends, those seeds of inspiration gifts will be retired and will never be made available again.

The seed of inspiration by unKindness is the concession stand with the rares being the ticket booth, movie screen and car port that holds a few original static poses.   The commons are the tire rim, seats in blue, red and black, speakers, fences and fire tub that has a fire option.

Check out unKindness and The Gacha Garden here:
The Garden Gacha website
unKindness Flickr
unKindness Facebook

*Ole American Gacha Set – unKindess @ The Gacha Garden Event
Leaf.Autumn – Zigana
Old Car Rusty – Studio2K
Bare Bush- T-Spot
Bare Cherry Tree – 3D Mesh *Amazon*

*Review copy