Gather here with hope and grateful hearts


The last few days I have not been able to focus very well and so it has sort of slowed down my momentum in showing some more great stuff from the Home & Garden Expo. If you haven’t made it there yet, you should as it has some awesome new things to make your living in Second Life even more great.

Today I am showing items from two designers.  The first is the dining table, chair and place settings by a fairly new designer who is selling under the brand Magnum Opus.  The side table by the window is also part of this set and in the picture it has been modified both in width and height. This is one of the 100% donation items that supports Relay for Life of Second Life.  The matching cabinet is a current subscriber gift.

The jug of flowers is by Chiana Oh and it is also a 100% donation item.  I am showing the blue jug, but you get four colors in the set.  The plates in the cabinet are a new release by the same creator, which coordinate with the donation items.

Have a great Sunday!

*Dining Table, Chairs & Place Settings – Magnum Opus @ at Hope 1 @ The Home & Garden Expo
*Hope Blocks – Magnum Opus at Hope 1 @ The Home & Garden Expo
*China Cabinet – Magnum Opus at Hope 1  @ The Home & Garden Expo
*Jug of Daffies [Blue] – Chiana Oh at Hope 8 @ The Home & Garden Expo
*Dotty About Plates – Chiana Oh at Hope 8 @ The Home & Garden Expo


How sweet the sound when all is calm within you

“Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you.  The future will take care of itself.” ~ Paramahansa YoganandaDaD RFL 005

Hello everyone! Hope it’s a great Wednesday so far.  Today I am showing this antique iron greenhouse by DaD Designs being released at the newest event called Whimsical that opens tomorrow at 12 am Second Life time.  It’s 100% original mesh and comes in two versions with your purchase.  With or without a ladder to climb on the roof, which is as easy as touching the ladder and sitting on the pose-ball that takes you up.

Always great to have so many options when it comes to landscaping and this time we have the New England trees by Little Branch, which are seasonal by the touch of a menu.  They are currently available at the LTD Event, that runs until February 26th.

I am also showing some more items at the Home & Garden Expo. The planter of flowers are from Lunar Seasonal Designs and come with a menu giving you the option to change the colors of the planter, flowers, leafs and soil. There are so many textures for you to choose from making it a great deal.  I’m showing another patio table and chairs set by beYou.  This time its in a square version and I really like the feature of being able to open and close the umbrella.  The deck set on the side is by M.Law, which comes ready to just place on a spot on your land… that is what I call convenience!

*Antique Greenhouse V.1.0 – DaD Design @ Whimsical. An Inspired Event {Starts Feb. 18th}
*New England.v2 {4Seasons} – Little Branch @ LTD Event {Feb. 12 – 26th}

These items are at the Hope 6 Sim @ The Home & Garden Expo
*Menu Driven Tiered Planter of Flowers – Lunar Seasonal Designs 
*SeaBreeze Patio Table Square  & Umbrella – beYou
*Saanich Deck Set – .:M.Law:. 

Grass Field Green – [we’re CLOSED]
Cobblestone Floor – Stormwood

I like storms, they let me know that even the sky screams too

“Storms are the poetry of the earth.  The intensity, the emotion, the honesty, the music.  The language of darkness and light.” ~ Victoria Erickson

This Asian tea house by Pastiche that I am featuring is another preview at the Home & Garden Expo.  The premier yearly event where you can find the latest releases of home and garden decor at a discount and at the same time support Relay for Life of Second Life.

RFL 021

Quite ironic that I get to post this picture taken on Sunday today and last night we had a raging storm just after midnight when I finally hit my bed.  I laid there hearing the storm grow stronger as rain pounded against the house with the heavy wind mixed with the low rumbling sound of thunder.

Sort of the perfect weather for my own chaotic emotions as I laid there listening to the tempo of the storm increase in intensity. It’s like mimicking your own state of mind in that moment as you settle into bed letting the day’s events wash through you. The wet air coupled with leaving my fan on has given me a head cold once again.  I woke up with a pounding headache and just now in the right frame of mind and less intense headache to get this post going.

Even though the effects of a storm can be quite damaging as evident this morning on reading the news of a tornado touching down nearby and over 500 households without power this morning I am never terrified of the storms that pass through. You get that tornado warning on the phone at 3 am telling you to find cover and I just snuggled deeper into bed. There is just something that seems exhilarating and energizing about them and once they pass there is that calmness one speaks about after the storm.

Happy Tuesday!

Featured items found at Hope 6 The Home & Garden Expo
*Asian Tea House – Dark Wood – *Pastiche* 
*Japanese Tea Table, Cushion & Placemat with Menu – *Pastiche*
*Spring Tree Grouping – Dixie Dandelion

Home is where love resides

RFL 006

Happy Monday and President’s Day for those that live in America! Hope your weekend and your Valentine’s Day was fabulous and if you’re lucky to work in an office that closes in honor of our country’s leaders enjoy that extra day to relax.

In today’s post I am showing some more items at the Second Life Home & Garden Expo. Just a couple of things that I want to point out. The first is that most of the items that are being shown are the 100% donation items, which means 100% of the funds raised from the sale of these items will go to Relay for Life of Second Life.  Though plenty of other new home and garden decor at a discount from some of the best content creators in Second Life, so make sure you take a visit to the expo before it ends on March 6th.

The other thing I want to mention is there are 9 sims at the expo full of home and garden decor with the 10th sim being the breedables section. Instead of repeating the sim landmark in the credits for each item,  making the credits a bit messy with so much wording, I am going to try and remember to break it down by the sections that I am blogging items from.

Hope that makes it easier!

These items can be found at Hope 6  @ The Home & Garden Expo
*Dollhouse Home Picture Frame – Irrie’s Dollhouse 
*Valentine Lace Top Wallpaper – Irrie’s Dollhouse 
*Warm Hearts Set – Closer To The Heart 
-Snuggly Armchair-Texture Change Afghan
-Peace Lily in Pot-Small
-Warm Hearts End Table
*Bird Cage: Table Light 2 (Antique Pink) – The Mustard Seed 
*Bird Cage Planter (Floor) – The Mustard Seed 
*Flowers Pink Camellias Striped Vase – The Mustard Seed 
*Bird Cage (Wall) – The Mustard Seed 
*Table Menu-Driven Demi Table #1 Pink Camellias – The Mustard Seed 
*Flowers Pink Camellias Pastel Stripes – The Mustard Seed
*Book Lovers Gacha – ChiC buildings – The Mustard Seed 
-Tall Book Stack – ChiC buildings
-Book Stack Short – ChiC buildings
-Book Stack with Leaning Book
-Hassock with Books (rare)

These items are at Hope 8 @ The Home & Garden Expo
*Bucket Of Roses – Shabby Tabby
*Spring Unfurls 3 – Shabby Tabby
*Cup Of Love {gacha} – Shabby Tabby

This item is at Hope 9 @ The Home & Garden Expo 
*Strawberry Daiquiri Tray – True North Designs


Carpet – FE Designs {store closed}
Fairy Curtain – +Half-Deer+

Seize the day!

Carpe Deim 005

Doing a second blog post today to show another preview at the upcoming 8th Annual Home and Garden Expo that opens tomorrow.  The Fernie Shed is by M. Law Designs.

The shed along with the decor is an easy setup that allows you to rez and place it basically wherever you want to create a cozy spot for chatting, relaxation or just a pretty scene.  The chairs have a female and male sit animation and the objects are modify so if you want to move anything around it would be easy to do.

This is an exclusive item, which means that 100% of the proceeds go towards Relay for Life of Second Life, the virtual counterpart that supports the American Cancer Society’s fight in eliminating cancer as a major health problem.

I’m also wearing a new hair called Sonya by enVOGUE that was just released at the main store.  It’s a cute style that lends itself to casualness or a bit of uptown sophistication.  It comes in various colors, the one I am wearing is the dark grey color scheme.

* Fernie Shed – M. Law Designs @ Home & Garden Expo
Garden Tree 08 – Happy Mood
Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] – *alirium*
Titan [Old Gold] – *alirium*

On me~
*Hair – enVOGUE – Sonya
Blue Top/Skirt – Supernatural {past gacha}
Cowboy Hat – E-Clipse

Model Rebecca Pose – Quintessencia

No matter how long the winter spring is sure to follow

FLF 007ps

This Sunday, on February 14th the 8th annual Home and Garden Expo will open its doors and run until March 6th.  The expo is the largest event that features some of the best home and garden designers on the grid who come together to raise money for Relay for Life of Second Life.  The Relay  for Life is the main fundraising event for American Cancer Society, and Relay for Life of SL is the virtual counterpart that supports this worthy cause.

RLF 006ps

The exhibitors participating in the expo each have to provide two 100% donation items that are new and exclusive to the event.  In one way or another we have all been affected by someone whose had cancer and this is such a wonderful opportunity for you to show your support.  In addition to the exclusive items some exhibitors will be participating with gachas, in which 50% of the proceeds also go to Relay for Life.

RLF 005ps

Today I am featuring the Spring Garden 2016 from Love Everlasting PlantPets. The Garden comes in two different boxes.  There is a rez box so that you can arrange the entire scene as one piece or the other box contains all the individual pieces so that you can either arrange them among your own landscaping or use each piece as desired. Some cute features like the birds will sing and stop upon clicking and chairs, bench and patio have either single, couple or both animations.   The umbrella fountain is also available separately on its own and the difference is the animated ducks, which are cute and gives it that come to life effect.

The last picture contains the 100% donation items from Aphrodite Shops.  The cupcake and cake on tier stand and the cookie and cupcake boxes, which open upon click and will give out a cookie or cupcake upon clicking inside the box.

*Spring Garden 2016 – Love Everlasting PlantPets @ Home & Garden Expo {Landmark TBA}
*Umbrella Foundation w/ Hesitant Ducklings – Love Everlasting PlantPets @ Home & Garden Expo {Landmark TBA}
*RFL Cookie Box – Aphrodite Shops @ Home & Garden Expo {Landmark TBA}
*RFL Cupcake Box – Aphrodite Shops @ Home & Garden Expo {Landmark TBA}
*RFL Cake – Aphrodite Shops @ Home & Garden Expo {Landmark TBA}