Trim the tree and wrap the presents turn the Christmas music on. This Christmas I'll be home.

Hi everyone! I didn’t expect to be back on until at least Friday, but things turned out much better than I could hope for that I’m here to post.  I’m technically not doing much as the next couple of days its photos I already had edited and uploaded so it’s really a matter of just writing up a few words and hitting publish.  I’ll let you all in on some changes that might happen as we get into the new year, but until then lets continue to enjoy the holiday season together.

*Limerick Gacha by Concept} @ Kustom9
Concept} 01. Limerick. Wood Fence with snowy
Concept} 03. Limerick. FireWood with snow
Concept} 05. Limerick. Stone Well with snow
Concept} 07. Limerick. Wall with snow
Concept} 09. Limerick. Home with snow
Concept} 10. Limerick. Home

*Santa’s Samoyeds Gacha by JIAN @ The Arcade
JIAN Santa’s Samoyeds 2. Adult Wanderer RARE
JIAN Santa’s Samoyeds 5. Decorated Puphouse RARE
JIAN Santa’s Samoyeds 11. White Pup Wanderer
JIAN Santa’s Samoyeds 14. Santa Pup Wanderer
JIAN Santa’s Samoyeds True Spirit of Christmas Tree **25PR**

Rockwell 1.9 Truck by Action
Garden Tree 08 with Lights – Snowy by Happy Mood
Shrub – Snowy by Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 05 – Snowy Green by Happy Mood
Dirt Road by Happy Mood

Seasons came and changed the time

No time to write anything much as I want to get this posted before I leave to an appointment, but it’s showcasing some wonderful finds at the Arcade and FaMESHed.

Have a great one!

*Braided Hat with Hair by [INK]The Arcade
*Liam Hoodie – Belleza by Etham -@ FaMESHed
*GraigJeans Belleza by Legal InsanityFaMESHed

*Old Car Swap Meet Gacha by Anhelo @ The Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-01-17BGA :: van
–ANHELO-G04-02-17BGA :: complete engine
–ANHELO-G04-07-17BGA :: cylinder head
–ANHELO-G04-03-17BGA :: roof carrier
–ANHELO-G04-13-17BGA :: reduction gear
–ANHELO-G04-06-17BGA :: cooling fan shroud
–ANHELO-G04-09-17BGA :: muffler
–ANHELO-G04-13-17BGA :: reduction box
–ANHELO-G04-14-17BGA :: handles
–ANHELO-G04-08-17BGA :: carburetor
–ANHELO-G04-10-17BGA :: cylinder/piston
–ANHELO-G04-12-17BGA :: distributor
–ANHELO-G04-04-17BGA :: transmission
–ANHELO-G04-05-17BGA :: engine
–ANHELO-G04-11-17BGA :: meters

*Holly Jolly Gacha by ActionThe Arcade
08 Action Holly Jolly – Red Rider BB Gun
08 Action Holly Jolly – Red Rider Box

Items by Anhelo
–ANHELO-H02RN-15AGA :: Old Garage
–ANHELO-M09RN-15AGA :: Workbench
–ANHELO-M10RN-15AGA :: Hose

01 Action Used Cars – Bench Seat Ebony
Twisted Tree by Studio Skye

Kindness is like snow, it beautifies everything it covers…

*Christmas Village Build by [Schultz Bros.] @ Builder’s Box
*Victorian Village Shop White w/ Snow Topper by unKindness @ Builder’s Box
*Victorian Village Shop Red w/ Snow Topper by unKindness @ Builder’s Box
*Ice Ring by Lagom @ Builder’s Box

Rockwell 1.9 Truck by Action
Twisted Tree by Studio Skye
Snowdrifts Building Set by  by Studio Skye
Winter Larch Trees by 3D Trees
Garden Tree 08 With Lights – Snowy by Happy Mood
Winter Birch by Tobias Novi
8 Conifers *Winter* by Tobias Novi
Winter Dog Rose by 3D Trees
Frosty Heliotrope Bush by Heart Gardens