It’s a lazy Sunday with sweet moments

Modanna 007

As the month ends another begins and that means new rounds of most monthly events.  The All The Little Things is one of the events that is kid based in Second Life.  This round will begin on March 1st 12 noon SL time and run until March 21st 10 pm SL time.   Lil me is wearing a cute lady bug outfit by Monkey Pox that is the rare item in the Ladybug Love gacha.  There are 2 rares that come with bows, shoes and wings and 7 commons that comes with bows.

I’m wearing top and pants from MoDANNA that are currently available at the anyBody event that will end tomorrow.  They should be at the main store after the event is over. The Joie Collection has 6 color satin tops and 5 colors for the pants.  It is made to fit some mesh bodies and classic.

The pose I am using is called Mommy’s Joy and is available at the All The Little Things event. Make sure you check out the rest of the great poses from this creator.

*Top – MoDANNA – [Joie Collection] Satin Top White  @ anyBody
*Pants – MoDANNA – [Joie Collection] High Pants Black @ anyBody
Hair – [elikatira] – Marnie

*Dress, Shoes & Wings – Monkey Pox – Red Ladybug Love Rare @ All The Little Things
Hair – Doe – Elfie

Forest Dining Set – Bazar
Toronta Wold Map Art – Bazar
Spring Parasol – Apple Fall
Elderflower Cordial – Apple Fall
Juniper Garden Table & Chairs/Silver – {vespertine}

*Pose: Mommy’s Joy – Dark Magic Poses @ All The Little Things

To: My Love

HV 014

After reading an article that a friend shared with me about unrealistic valentine’s day expectations earlier today it’s a little disconcerting to share in the social pressures this day brings.  Is our expectations as women any different being in a virtual world?  Or men finding it like drudgery to do the expected? Hmm.. let’s pretend otherwise.

Like most women I like my significant other to express and show his love, except I am more inclined to be spontaneously surprised or shown in other meaningful ways then have it be proclaimed on a specific day.  It makes me recall one of my most memorable and never to be forgotten surprises when I logged in one day.  There were all these giant size arrows leading me to various areas around the land where other posters with pictures or sayings expressing their love and affection.  I melted and still do thinking about it.   I loved even the cartoon character with the arms crossed and pouty lips with the words “little miss stubborn” …. coughs…me stubborn?

All that said there was a funny quote that I found not too long ago that went something like this. We like a man with a past, but we like a present too.

Today I am featuring all these cute items from All The Little Things Event that runs until the 21st of February.  There is a lot of cute gacha items that are perfect for Valentine’s Day for both child and adult alike.

Surprise your loved ones!

*Dress – Sweet Heart Designs – Love Dress @ All The Little Things
*Necklace – Sweet Heart Designs – Gold Heart Locket Rare {Gacha} @All The Little Things
*Cookie – LaZo – Valentine Cookie Mouthie @ All The Little Things
Socks- Baby – Florina Socks (part of Florina outfit}
Shoes – {s.o} Cute – Mary Janes/Pink Leather
Hair – Doe – Elfie

*I Love You Card {Gacha} – Q’s Quties @ All The Little Things
*Valentine Mug {Gacha} – Q’ Quties @ All The Little Things
*Teddy Holding A Love Card – Q’s Quties @ All The Little Things
*(5) Eiffle Tower Balloons Rare {Gacha} – Soda Pop Shop @ All The Little Things
*(1) Kitty Tent Rare {Gacha} – Soda Pop Shop @All The Little Things
*Tan Cat {Big} (17) Rare {Lovie Kitties Gacha} – Soda Pop Shop@ All The Little Things
*Gray Cat {Mini} (3) {Gacha} – Soda Pop Shop @ All The Little Things
*Heart Pillow-Cutie Pie {Gacha} – KJIm Kids @ All The Little Things
*Heart Pillow-Love You {Gacha} – KJIm Kids @ All The Little Things
*All Heart Poofs Rare – Sweet & Sassy @ All The Little Things
*Valentine Boy, Girl & Monkey – Sweet & Sassy @ All The Little Things
*Valentine Cookies Basket – LaZo @ All The Little Things
*Love Frame Pink {Gacha} – Sweet Heart Designs @ All The Little Things
Red Round Box {Packaging Box} – Q’s Quties
Industrial Coffee Table – Trompe Loeil
Cobble Hill Couch & Chair – Trompe Loeil
Gretchen Floor Lamp Rare – [ARIA]
Wareham Planter – The Loft
Magazine Pile – MudHoney
Toronto-Bathroom Carpet – Bazar

*Pose: Bla Bla by p.o.s.e.

Shop till you drop

Jian 015

*Plush Storage Bench – Jian @ The Chapter Four
*Simple Metal Streetlamp – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
*Snuggle Blankie ~ Bunny Love  – [Bella Kids] @ All The Little Things

*Pose: Shopping Queen by p.o.s.e.

*Little Love Outfit – [Bella Kids] @ All The Little Things
{Includes dress, shoes, headband and bracelet}

*Hair – eXxEsS – Celina
Bubble Necklace – Glam Affair
Arm harnesses – Glam Affair  {past limited edition item}
Andromeda Top &  Pegazo Pencil Skirt – Addams
Chacha Sandals Red Hots – ieQED {past Shoe 21}

Symi-Green/Blue by Exposeur

Love is in the air

Circa 025

There are days when I just want to get into little me and go roaming around on the grid with her. She makes me laugh with her silly jumpy walking.  Plus its much more fun dressing her up!

Today I am featuring pretty much everything in the picture.  This cute dress and shoes I am wearing are by Stitches and is available at the current round of All The Little Things that just opened and will run until February 21st.  The pose used is  by p.o.s.e. and is to show the jewelry (not worn) that comes with the pose.  The jewelry did not match my outfit, so I will feature them in another post soon.

The South Woods Plus home I previously blogged today.  It is by The [Den] and currently available at Uber.

Jian has this collection of posh pups at the new round of The Gacha Garden. I am only showing a few of the whole collection.  The dog in the carrier and the dog snuggled in its bed are the rare items in the collection.  The dog in the pram is the seed of inspiration item.  You will need to visit the event website to get the full scoop on how you get to the seed of inspiration.  Though my last known understanding as previously described in a past post is that players will make pulls on their favorite machines as they normally would with any other gacha.  Every time a player makes 20 pulls on a single machine, they will receive a special gift called a “Seed of Inspiration” This is a gift by creators to those who play their machine at least 20 times.  Those seeds of inspiration gifts will be no copy transferable items so you can trade, sell or keep as you normally would.  Though once the event ends, those seeds of inspiration gifts will be retired and will never be made available again.

The remaining decor items being featured are by [CIRCA], which is just in time to help you decorate for Valentine’s Day.   The “Love Notes” collection is available in two colors.  The amaranth pink as shown or a deep red hue and it’s a mixture of vintage with a modern touch decor pieces that you can mix and match to fit your needs.  There are a lot of small details to look out for like the opening drawers on the desk, the heart dangling on the birdcage and desk chair comes with 24 sit animations for both male and female.

*Dress & Shoes – Stitches – Lucky in Love Pink @ All The Little Things
*Pose: Candy Jewelry Pose by p.o.s.e. @ All The Little Things
Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair *132*

*”Love Notes” Collection – [CIRCA] @ Color Me Project
-Multi Frame Heart – Petal
-Dasmask Chair – Amaranth (24 pos)
-Elegant Wall Table – White / Amaranth
-Birdcage – Pink & Pink Roses
-Letter Ladder & Rose Bush – Pinks (L)
-Vintage Side Table – White / Amaranth
-Vintage Desk – White / Amaranth
-Valentine Card String – Mixed Amaranth
-Area Rug – Amaranth Damask (Style 2)
-Area Rug – Amaranth Damask (Style 1)
*Posh Pups Gacha – Jian @ The Gacha Garden
-Rare Carrier Purse
-Royal Pup Pram *Seed of Inspiration*
-Rare Snuggly Pup Bed
-Black & White
-Brown & White
-Sandy & White
*House – The [Den] – South Woods Plus @ Uber

The Garden Gacha website

Wake up I want to play

ATLT 013

Hair – [Love Soul]– Hair *138* Jet Black
*Top – LaZo – Fruity Sweater Banana @ All The Little Things
Shorts –
*Boots – Buglets – TD Snowboot [Lemon] @ Play Room 
*Milk Bottle – Q’s Quties @ All The Little Things
*Backpack – Q’s Quties @ All The Little Things

*White Tail Deer – Female Adult (Sleep L) & Fawn (Sleep R)  – Jian @ The Season’s Story {January 1oth}
Reclaimed Wood Bench – Striped Mocha

Pose: Blogger Appreciation Pack by Bad Seed

Take care of the little ones

ALTL 041

The new round of “All The Little Things” is now open and will run until January 21st.   I am wearing the chocolate outfit by Buttercup that comes in toddleedoo and kid sizes.   The baking stuff on the kitchen island is all part of the cookie gacha set by Sweet Hearts Designs.

Stay tuned for more in the coming days.

Hair – Doe – Elfie
*Chocolate Outfit – {Buttercup} @ All The Little Things

*Making Messes – Cookie Gacha – Sweet Heart Designs @ All The Little Things
-Cookies on Sheet
-Rolling Pin w/ Dough
-Dough Bowl
-Cooking Canisters Pink
-Rolled-Out Dough
-Flour Smear
-Cookie Sheet
-Flour Art Heart
-Flour Writing I didn’t Do it!
Cooking Pot, Teapot, Recipe Book, Knife Stand & Dish Rack – Agora
Floria Kitchen & Kitchen Island – Bazar
Vintage Egg Basket – Floorplan

Pose: Bloggers Appreciation Pose Pack – Bad Seed

Let’s take our hearts for a walk and come back taller than the trees

“It’s the little moments each day that you spend with those you care about, that truly matter and count.”

Winter 031

Having skipped the weekend giving myself a little blogging break to do some other things I’m going to shoot for a second post today.

I can’t remember how long I’ve been a fan of eXxEsS hair and have blogged a few styles in the past as part of my outfits.  I’m thrilled to now be a part of their blogger team and look forward to showing more awesome hairstyles in the future.  I love the casualness of this hair and the feel it gives of the hair flying naturally with the wind. Hera is mesh hair and comes with a fairly extensive color selection by Hud.

The top and jeans are from MoDANNA and are currently available at the FROST event that runs from December 13th to January 3rd.  You will find both of these every day wear items in several colors.

Lil me is wearing this festive holiday hoody by PuddleSplash, which is now at the All The Little Things event that runs until December 21st.  You’re bound to find all sorts of fun things for the little ones.

Now for some festive fun decor.  The sleigh that comes with animations for two people, is available in silver and gold in both the light and dark wood tones. Due to the fact that my avatar is slightly taller than normal size I had to do a slight modification of the rope, which I raised to fit accordingly.  It can be done by using the edit linked feature in the edit menu.  The sleigh and the igloo are both from In My Cloud and can be found at The Mid Winter Fair that will run until the end of the month.  The snowflakes and star decor is by Una and also available at the Mid Winter Fair in gold and silver.

The last items that I’m featuring today are the trees by Little Branch, which are available at the new round of the LTD Event that runs until December 26th. These trees are 4 seasons, meaning that by the touch of the menu you can pick the season you want to create in your Second Life.

*Hair – eXxEsS – Hera
*Sweater – MoDANNA – [Givre Collection] Loose Sweater Red @ FROST
*Jeans – MoDANNA [Givre Collection] Skinny Jeans Dark Blue @ FROST
Boots – Fri. – Jessica Boots @ Collabor88

*Blixem Reindeer Hoody – {PuddleSplash} @ All The Little Things
Boots – Rawr Muffinz – Teal Knee High Sneakers – {store is closed}

*Sleigh Gold Light – In My Cloud @ The Mid Winter Fair
*Igloo Ice House – In My Cloud @ The Mid Winter Fair
*Star Decor – Una @ The Mid Winter Fair
*Silver Snow Wall Decor – Una @ The Mid Winter Fair
*Bradford.Cluster{4 Seasons} @ LTD Event
*Bradford.V1{4 Seasons} @ LTD Event
*Grass1l {Winter} @ LTD Event
*Bradford.Bended{4Seasons} @ LTD Event
*Bradford.V2{4 Seasons} @ LTD Event
Penguins – By Dorian {past gacha and retired}
Puffy Grass [Frozen] – *alirium*
Dirt Road – Happy Mood

Pose by Blogger Bubble by aDORKable

Taking a fall makes the getting back up all that much sweeter

ATLT 001

Today All The Little Things opens and here are some cute things from Happy Puppy.  The carousel is the rare item in the set of carousels that on touch turn.  The ladybug is a gift at the event, so make sure you go grab yours.   Lil me is also wearing a kitty hat by Buglets that is at this round of Hello Beautiful.

The pose is also at the All The Little Things event, and is for toddleedoos though as you can see it worked just fine for me.

Hair – Truth – Ryleigh
Top – Blueberry – Roro
Jeans – Blueberry – Mia Jeans
Boots – Reign – Moccasin Boots

Hair – Magika – Little
Outfit – Baby Pie – Winter Cardi Skirt Combo
*Hat – *Buglets* – TD Kitteh Hat @ Hello Beautiful

*Penguin Carousel Rare – Happy Puppy @ All The Little Things
*Queen Ladybug Lamp – Happy Puppy @  All The Little Things
*London Winter V1.1 – Little Branch @ Lost & Found
*Grass 1 l {Winter} – Little Branch @ Lost & Found
Snowdrifts – Studio Skye

*Pose: Slide by p.o.s.e Kids @ All The Little Things

It’s the season for baking and having fun

Showing more bears today — the baking ones from Boogers coming to the Arcade in just a few more days.   Plus lil me is wearing this cute reindeer costume from Heirloom Treasures at the upcoming new round of All the Little Things.

Bears 003

I’m a bit tired today from pushing myself a little hard yesterday by walking two miles straight without stopping.  It probably didn’t help that I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning reconnecting with an old friend.  It’s kind of funny that when you least expect it you have one of those days where everything just flows and you just feel things are changing.  Maybe it’s only because I’m coming out of the box I’ve been in for so long.  I don’t know other than its starting to feel different and it feels good.

I also had an amusing time yesterday by going into InWorldz for an hour or so and what an interesting experience. The last time I logged in was when I registered a name there over two years ago and so upon entering I landed at their welcome center.  There was a group of people there that were just the most friendliest I have ever experienced in a long time.  Most of the individuals, all except one, were dressed in what I remember from my early start of second life.

This one guy had skin that was modern second life and was dressed in clothes that was either mesh or just extremely good quality.  We ended up striking a conversation and he shared his perception of the differences of both virtual worlds. He was a previous builder in this world and that explained his skin as he made it and imported into that world.  I think the most interesting observation was his remarks of how less toxic people were there compared to here.

I think that is a personal experience depending on where and who you surround yourself with and the kind of person you are as well.  Maybe there’s some truth to that quote of being careful who you invite into your life, because you’re not only inviting them you’re inviting all their demons too.

Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair*113*
*Reindeer Costume – Heirlooms Treasures @ All the Little Things ***Coming December 1st***
*Christmas Cookies – p.o.s.e. kids @ All The Little Things  ***Coming December 1st***  {is from Xmas Pose}

*Cookie Jar Bear – *BoOgErS*@ The Arcade ***Coming December 1st***
*Grand Mother Bear – *BoOgErS*@ The Arcade ***Coming December 1st***
The Dreamers Cottage – Dust Bunny
Small Spaces Kitchen Sink Cabinet, Island Cabinet, Vintage Stove and End Cabinet – Dust Bunny
Granny’s Winter Cottage – Baking Set – 8f8
Granny’s Winter Cottage – Gingerbread Cookies Plain – 8f8
Kitchen Basics – Coffee Pot 1 – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Cookie Jars (Pink) – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Plates – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Shelf (Yellow) – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Scale (Cream) – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Preserves – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Full Shelf Rare – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Misc – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Bakeware 1 – Tres Blah
Milk Case – Kalopsia {past FaMESHed gift}
Artist StoolWood – Follow US

Having a beary good time

Stuck 0101

In a few short days we enter the month of December and that means the Arcade is back!  That also means the famous BoOgErS bears are back too! This set like all the previous ones are just adorable.  I’m already having a blast as you can see, except my sled got stuck and mommy dearest is nowhere to be found.  She’s the best mommy ever!

The first picture shows the skating bears and below are the caroling bears.  I can’t wait to show you the rest of the set in the coming days.
Carols 011

I’m also featuring these poses by p.o.s.e kids that will be at the upcoming round of All the Little Things.  The sledge one comes with the prop and the one below comes with the Christmas cookies that are wearable for the pose.

I am not crediting the clothes as these are all old clothes and put together from different outfits, previous gacha and the coat was from a limited event that is no longer available. Though if you want to know about any particular item, always feel free to contact me.

Skate Bears – BoOgErS @ The Arcade ***Coming December 1st***
Carol Bears – BoOgErS @ The Arcade ***Coming December 1st***

Pose 1:  Sledge by p.o.s.e. kids  @ All the Little Things ***Coming December 1st***
Pose 2: Xmas Cookies by  p.o.s.e. kids @ All The Little Things  ***Coming December 1st***