Eat cake.. it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere

SF 037

This month seems to be a month of celebrations.  FaMESHed is celebrating its 4th Anniversary and The Chapter Four is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary.  Some cute gifts like this ice cream cake and the birthday balloons.  These gifts are available only to group members.

Today I am featuring this new set by Shutter Field – an outdoor up-cycled door table and chairs. Great outdoor pieces that can be purchased separate or as a boxed set at a discounted price of 30% for group members. They cushions and blankets are texture change and are available at the main store.

The other great looking cake is a group gift from {what next}.  Both look so great and makes it tempting to want to eat cake.

Have a great Thursday!

*Upcycled Door Table by Shutter Field
*Rustic Dining Chairs v1, 2, 3 & 4 by Shutter Field
Ice Cream Cake by CHEZ MOI @ The Chapter Four {Chapter Four Group Gift}
Victoria Sponge Cake by {what next} {Group Gift}
Birthday Photo Balloon (dark & light) by Stockholm&Lima  @ FaMESHed {FaMESHed Group Gift}
Kitchen Basics – Plates 1 by Tres Blah {Past Gacha}
Tea Cups by GA Home {Past Gacha}
Sugar Rose Fields by {anc}

Home is a collection of things you love

DaD 047

Greetings everyone.

Today I am featuring this beautiful cottage by DaD Designs, available now at the LTD The Event that opened a couple of days ago.   There are some great features that makes this home even sweeter like having 74 pre-loaded colors to customize the interior and exterior of the home.

The creator always gives such a detailed description of her creations and of the homes she designs with all the features.  I have included them at the bottom so you can read all the details.

Beach 005

I’ve been enjoying the beach front atmosphere lately and there is a sense of peace that I find just sitting or standing and letting my mind wander and lose itself in the beautiful surroundings and the reflections of the water and the sounds of the waves.

*Sweet Dreams Cottage – DaD Design @ LTD The Event
Cobble Hill Couch Linen – Trompe Loeil 
Wall Plant Hanger Ornate Gold – Spargel & Shine
Floral Hanging Pot #2 – Spargel & Shine
Topiary d’Ete Fleur Mini – Spargel & Shine
Pampas Grass – KIDD Creation
Hanging Iron Bench Vintage – {anc}
Skye Tropical Beach – Studio Skye
Suger Rose Field [Green] – {anc}
Field of Flowers-White Daisies – [ Organica ]
Grass *Wild Bush*White Daisy *  – KIDD Creation
Garden Tree 08 – Happy Mood
Real Beach Grass *Wild Medium Sword* – KIDD Creation
Shrub Large Green – [we’re CLOSED]
Aged Iron Chair – Soy

*Sweet Dreams Cottage (taller version)
Footage: 17,8x 42,3
Land Impact: 242
copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
no transfer

*Sweet Dreams Cottage (ground version)
Footage: 17,8x 35,4
Land Impact: 216
copy/modify yes (script are not mod)
no transfer

price: L$ 2.900

I am very proud to present my latest creation “Sweet Dreams Cottage” 100% original mesh.

This Cottage comes included with two staircases and two large terraces. Inside includes a spacious living room, a kitchen, a study and a bedroom. With a staircase leading upstairs to the second level where the second living room is located with a corridor leading to the bedroom. In the bedroom there is another balcony with great view of the front.

“Sweet Dreams Cottage” is available in two versions: first version with high perfect pillars to be placed on the water; the second version is a single flight of stairs replacing the high pillars which sits perfectly on the ground.

Customize your home has never been easier!
Scattered around the house there are buttons and by touch to access the menu where areas of the house have been loaded:
Exterior: This changes the color of the wooden planks that make up the outer walls
Living Room
Room 1
Room 2
ACCESS: Level 0 (everyone); Level 1 Authorized Only (add a simple notecard with complete name of avatar – not the display name -; Level 2 Owner only (default).

For each zone, there is 74 pre-loaded colors to choose from, to personalize your new home and make it unique internally and externally.

The windows open by touch as the doors to the easy step.

There are also on the exterior wall lamp with power by touch / on / ff you can adjust to your personal taste.


Memories of you always make me smile

Today I’m simply doing a tribute to my father to celebrate his birthday. It’s been 6 years since dad passed and more then ever I miss him terribly.

Dad loved old cars and would from time to time share a long ago memory of some vehicle he drove or owned. The belair was one of those vehicles so when I saw this version recently it was a given that I needed to get it. It’s about the right size as he liked big cars.

His other love was music and dad played the accordion from a young age up until his last days.  I’ve showed this accordion on a previous post remembering my father and it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t bring it back out to use as this was his passion. It’s not the same kind of model as his were always the button and not the piano variety.

That Texas marquee was another must have and no it’s not because all my exes live in Texas…well just one! My Dad who grew up in Texas would have chuckled at that as he was a bit of a jokester himself.

Today is a little hard for me not being close to home to take him flowers personally, but I know he wouldn’t want me to give it a second thought. Easier said then done.

Feliz Cumpleaños Papi! 



Some birds are just not meant to be caged

Aphrodite 025

*”Fall in Love” Bedroom Bed – Heart Homes @ Tres Chic
*”Fall in Love” Bedroom Side Tables –  Heart Homes @ Tres Chic
*”Fall in Love” Bedroom -Rug – Heart Homes @ Tres Chic
*Princes Mirror Gray – In my Cloud @ The Fantasy Collective ***Opens @ Noon SLT***
Meredith Curtains – MudHoney
Breakfast – Croissant – Erratic {past gacha}
House Slippers-King – Erratic {past gacha}
Small Vase of Roses – Yellow – Tres Blah
Birdcage Candle.One – Junk
Pile of books – Zaara
Rocking Bird/Shorter & Taller – {vespertine}
Hatsuyume / Flower Branch(ground) Gold – {anc}
Hatsuyume / Flower Branch (stand) Gold – {anc}

Piles of good wishes and blessings to come

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: The presence of a happy Family, all wrapped up in each other.” ~ Burton Hillis

Perfect 007

The season is quickly changing into the winter atmosphere and definitely the Christmas season as well here in Second Life.  If you’re wanting to get a head start on decorating here are some items from Shutter Field that are great.  The rug has an abundance of poses for couples and singles with activities like this one I am using of Christmas wrapping.   I think that I did an excellent job wrapping.. don’t you think?

Heavenly Villa the creator behind Shutter Field made some wonderful group gifts for you to enjoy as well.  The log candle center piece on the vanity and the round center piece are available to group members and if you’re not one, then join up! Membership is free.  The other item by Shutter Field is the Christmas box wrapping set with the wrapping tissue on the side.

The light vanity with mirror and wreaths is another version of a previously blogged vanity by unKindness that you can find at the store.   The cocoa tray is by Jian and can be found at their main store.

*Christmas Gift Rug-Red – Shutter Field
*Log Candle Center Piece – Shutter Field {Group Gift}
*Wreathe Round Center Piece – Shutter Field {Group Gift}
*Christmas Box Wrapping Set-Silver – Shutter Field
*Light Vanity Table w/Mirror & Wreaths – unKindness
*Cocoa Tray – Jian
NOEL. : Tears Tree Rare – {anc} {previous gacha}
NOEL. : Hoofs Ladder Chair/Milk – {anc} {previous gacha}
Flutter Skybox – Dust Bunny

Sweat the tension and stress out of your Second Life

Den 068

In need of some relaxation in your life?  The [Den.] has released a sauna, which is currently available at the newest round of Uber.  The perfect thing to sweat the tension and stress out of your  Second Life.  The size of the 100% mesh sauna is 9x9x5m with a land impact of 53 and comes with 6 animations.

The topiary plants are from [CIRCA] and come in various forms and sizes and are available at the main store.

Hope your Thursday where ever you are is less rainy than mine!

*Sauna – The [Den.] @ Uber
NOEL: Frilled Fur Rug/Milk – {anc}
*Spring Cafe – Topiary Planter -Dblt Rount – [CIRCA]
Ines Wall Fountain – Trompe Loeil
Floored Towel & Folded Towel – Surge
Blackwell Decorative Floor Towel – [ARIA]
Newspaper and Coffee Beige w/ Steam – LISP
Sheryl Garden Lantern – MudHoney
Zaid Room Divider – Fetch {in-world store closed}
Finley Chaise Lounge – [ARIA]
Finley Side Table & Decorative Vintage Teacup – [ARIA]
Wild Thistles – Apple Fall



Impertinence 028

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.  It’s been raining lots here in my part of the world.  While these summer thunderstorms don’t last very long they seem to come in with a vengeance at times.  They make their presence known with their thundering rumblings and strikes of lighting.

It makes for a lazy afternoon and if you have to stay indoors then why not go for a little decadence.  The Perfect 10 event is about to start in a few days and you can find this bench from Impertinences to help you if you’re so inclined to a little self-indulgence.   You can find the bench in a brown or black wood that come with a texture change hud to change the leather of the seat that also has ten poses to choose from.

If you haven’t already joined the 21Shoe group then you’re missing out on some great group gifts.  I’m wearing the latest gift that was provided by Kelpsydra, which are these stockings that come in three colors and are made to fit the Maitreya and TMP mesh bodies and also come with omega appliers and system layer.  With this pose you really can’t see much of the violet boudoir corset I’m wearing, though it was only 50 lindens and if you hurry you can still find it today.

Hair – Tukinowaguma – Piia
Lingerie – {Junbug} – Betty’s Boudior [Violet Brocade]
*Stockings – Klepsydra – 21Stockings Pack {21Shoe Group Gift}

*Decadence Dormeuse Bench Brown – Impertinences @ The Cookie Jar for Perfect 10 ***July 1st thru July 15th***
Fish Shop Daughters/Leaking Rug [Type.B] {from May 2015 FGC} **recolored** – {anc}
Milestone Set /Window & Curtain – UR Building Components
Sweet Tooth Cake – Roawenwood
Hatsuyume/Pink Peacock – {anc} @ The Arcade
Hatsuyume/Stand for White Peacock Pet Rare – {anc} @ The Arcade
Cello/.03 {past gacha} – NOMAD


I have always known it was you

The Wedding Couple 017

Just being a bit comical here featuring the beach wedding chairs from Aphrodite Shops.  They are mesh and are only 2-3 land impact and come decorated with drape and seashells behind the chair or without and also a choice of three different metal colors and five fabric themes.  On top of that each chair has 33 animations for male, female and also custom made fun animations for children to make the experience even more memorable for that special occasion.

These chairs are not limited just to weddings as they can basically be used for any number of events.

*Beach Wedding Chairs – Aphrodite Shops
Canopy:lace:white – {anc}
Fish Shop Daughters/Lotus:White & Lotus:Red {May 2015 Arcade}- {anc}
Mannequin. Blue & Pink {Feb 2015 FGC} – {anc}
A Royal.Crown.Blue – {anc}

*Review copy

Floating away

Oil Painting 002-1

One way to enjoy this fabulous summer weather in your Second Life is taking to the open sea if you like being out in the water and sailing. Jian has released this beautiful Pinnace of the Solstice for you to travel in to enjoy the air, water and companionship or going solo is perfectly fine too.

There are two versions of the boat included. A scripted version for use in the water and the other is non scripted for you to simply rez as a decorative piece.   The curtains can be recolored and it’s only 17 land impact.

You can find this new release at The Fantasy Collective.

*Pinnace of the Solstice – Jian @ The Fantasy Collective
Fish Shop Daughters: Lotus Dark & Red {May 2015 Fantasy Gacha Carnival} – {anc}
Fish Shop Daughters: Leaking Rugs – {anc}
Mesh Heron Animated – TLC

*Review copy