The PackUP Home

Painting Italiano 1

I’m showing the newest home by The [Den.], called the PackUp, that has a land impact of 18 and is full mesh with functional doors on three sides.  The interesting thing about the building is the clickable decks that raise up to give you that added privacy.  It was a result of all the windows and decks that I thought to put it out at sea with a deck leading back to land.

Painting Italiano 2

As you can see it can also be used in other ways other than just a home.  Being a painter in real life, even though it’s been ages since I last picked up a paint brush, I am still drawn to painting accessories whenever I see them in-world.

Painting the EL Italiano

I was painting my favorite subject, except Draco sort of took over… as always. Chuckles.  

Skin – Lumae – Adore Tone 6 Cinnamon Bare
Hair – Tableau Vivant – Mokuzai @ Xiasumi School Festival
Dress – Vive Atelier – Artists Apron Rare @ Xiasumi School Festival
Palette & Paint Brush – Finishing Touches {Past Hunt Gift}

*The PackUP Home – [The Den.] @ The Liaison Collaborative
Easel w/ Canvas Rare, Table, Acrylic Tubes Rare, Canvas Stack, Easel, Sketchbook (A) & (B), Water Cup, Brush Box – Sorgo @ Xiasumi School Festival
Art Class – Palette Light. Cup w/ Brush, Canvas, DIY Spray Paint, Modeling Clay, Colored Papers, Crayons Rare, Acrylic Paint – Sari-Sari @ Xiasumi School Festival
Artists Double Canvas Rack (Fully & Empty), Easel w/ Canvas, Jumbo Covered Canvas, Stack of Canvases (Painted & Clean), Paint Brush Jar, Easel. Floor Tarps, Used Paint Tubes, Studio Ceiling Light Copper, Artists Sketchbook & Box of Paint Tubes – Vive Atelier @Xiasumi School Festival
Mesh Bar Cart Silver – Construct
Retro Lunch Boxes (Spring Blue & Pink) – Balaclava
Basil Plant Potted – Alouette
Handbag & Scar – Apple Fall
Deer Planter Grey & White – +Half-Deer+
Plant (Exotic) – Apple Fall
Clawfoot Height Adjusting Table & Cafe Chairs – Apple Fall
Bergamot Square Deck – Lisp
Bean Bag – [We’re Closed]

Streams of light.

Finishing Touches 023

In a few days the newest round of the Perfect 10 event will begin featuring home and garden items.  The event will run from the 1st of the month to the 15th and items will be exclusive at half or discounted prices only during the event.  I am showing some of the stuff from Finishing Touches.  The daybed that comes in a white and floral mint color comes packed with 46 single/couple animations and one of the lovely features of this bed is that if you touch the drawer below the daybed, it will open the trundle bed.

The rest of the set includes the rocking chair, the hanging frames, wall lanterns, bird cage and rugs.

*Painted Rocking Chair – Floral Mint – Finishing Touches @ The Cookie Jar ***starting March 1st***
*White Bird Cage on Stand with Ivy – Finishing Touches @ The Cookie Jar ***starting March 1st***
*Hanging Frames Floral Mint – Finishing Touches @ The Cookie Jar ***starting March 1st***
*Wall Lantern Floral Mint – Finishing Touches @ The Cookie Jar ***starting March 1st***
*Trundle Daybed Floral Mint – Finishing Touches @ The Cookie Jar ***starting March 1st***
Crossword Magazines – Tartessos Arts
Tabletop Magazines – [Noble] {store closed in-world}
Toronto Living Room Books – Bazar
Zelia Books – MudHoney {previous arcade item}
Annan Reclaimed Frame – Apple Falls
Amor Armoire White – Second Spaces @ Collabor88
Scrap Parts Robot – Hideki
Book Scales – Hideki
Summer Tray with Flowers – [keke]
Florcitas – *ionic*
The Pea Princess ‘s DIY Book Stable – [keke] @ Shiny Shabby

*Review copies.

[ARIA] @ Shiny Shabby

Aria Shiny Shabby

There is a new event on the grid called the Shiny Shabby, which will be vintage themed and will open on the 20th of each month and close on the 15th of the following month.  [ARIA] is participating with this vintage mini office set called “Vesna” that consists of the desk, chair, tea cup and flowers in a can.  I went with the white version, but the desk comes with 7 texture choices for the wood, the chair comes with 7 fabric choices and the tulips comes with 9 options for the flowers.  The set is available either in PG or adult and you can purchase the items as a set or individual pieces.  I particularly liked the animations with the chair that allow for female and male sits, activities like writing, eating and cuddles plus many more.

I’m not sure how I missed seeing these toys from Dysfunctional Designs when I made my trip to this round of We ❤ Role-Play event.  I have very fond memories of playing jacks as a child and besides marbles this was probably the next best thing!

This round of Shiny Shabby will open tomorrow at 12 SLT.

* Vesna Home Office Mini Set (Vintage Slipcover Chair, Desk, Tea Cup & Tulips) – [ARIA] @ Shiny Shabby
Childhood Favorites – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs @ We Love Role-Play
Rug – Consignment & Floorplan – Woven Rug @ Collabor88
Beaumaris Mirror (Cloud) – Theosophy @ Collabor88
Rosemary Plant – Apple Falls
Old Radiator – Junk @ Collabor88
Grass Plant – Apple Falls
Little Flower Shelf – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
Levi Wall Light – Pixel Mode @ Collabor88
Love Curtain with Pole – Scarlet Creative {past Arcade item}
House – The Writer’s Shed – L2 Studio

*Review copy.

Vanity by [CIRCA]

Playing Dress Up2

“HAPPY girls ARE the prettiest.”
~ Audrey Hepburn

I could never wear rollers when I was younger.  My scalp is so sensitive that any pulling and stretching would be quite uncomfortable.  Even today I can’t stand anyone really touching or doing my hair.  Now there are so many things available for straightening and curling your hair that seeing rollers on anyone is probably a thing of the past.

When this hair with rollers was released a few months ago I thought of doing a post with little me with a girly theme of playing dress up.  The opportunity to create that scene could not have come at a better time then now with the new vanity set that CIRCA has released.   The set comes with all the decor items you see on top of it and the seat comes with 28 animations that are a combination of beauty with wearable props and sits.

The vanity set I am featuring is the color cream, but you can find other colors here.


Hair – Truth – Betsy in Blacks
Romper – Turkducken – Marleigh Romper
Pose: Frozen Makeup Pose
Hair – Truth – Betsy in Blacks
Outfit – Edelweiss – Irie 2.0
Feet – Slink – Female Feet (AvEnhance) Flat
*”Ever After” Vanity Set in Cream – [CIRCA] @ Fit For A Princess 
Dress Form w/ Dress – Apple Falls
Antique Clock Faces – Sari Sari
Floria Flower Vase – Bazar
Floria Rug – Bazar
Half Table – Floorplan
Plushies – Buglets

I want that one…

Donut Blog 2

The Atelier Kreslo Donut Festival began today and here are just more goodies that you can find there.   The festival runs from July 13 to July 27.


Love Soul – Hair*138 Jet Black
Joley Spring Maxi Dress – Baby Pie

Apple Falls Glazed Donut w/ Piping
Henry Haystack’s Meow
Flo’s S’Mores Donut
Sway’s Bee
Sway’s Chick
Sway’s Kitty
Henry Haystack’s Cavity
Flo’s Watermelleh Donut
Hyasynth’s Choco Birdonut
Hyasynth’s Fruity Birdonut
Hyasynth’s Sunny Birdonut
Hyasynth’s Mint Choco Birdonut
Hyasynth’s Berry Birdonut

I am Still Bunny Girl – Ionic @ The Chapter Four
I am Still Bunny Boy – Ionic @ The Chapter Four
Coffee Mug Shelf – Hideki {May The Chapter Four}
Bar Counter – Hideki – {May The Chapter Four}
Industrial Cafe Stools – Hideki {May The Chapter Four}
Garden Party Bird Cage – Cheeky Pea & Pilot
Ivy Branches – {taken from a decor item}

Pose – Label Motion – Jewelry Pose 2 {Modified w/ Animare HUD}

Atelier Kreslo Donut Festival

The Donut Festival…

Donuts Blog

When I saw these donuts today at early access for the Donut Festival my mouth began to water. They look absolutely delicious and not to mention well done!   I am only showing a handful of the donuts that will be available starting tomorrow at the Atelier Kreslo Donut Festival, which will run for two weeks.

If you’re like me you won’t be able to stop at just one and I will probably visit again in the near future…like tomorrow.  🙂


Zen Zarco’s Piggy Pastry
Zen Zarco’s Mouse Donut
Zen Zarco’s I ❤ Donut
AF Glazed Strawberry Donutwich
Breno’s “Release the Donut!”
Breno’s “Sugarlands”
Allegory’s Red Matryoshkruller
Allegory’s Green Matryoshkruller
Allegory’s Black Matryoshka Donut
Allegory’s Choc Matryoshkruller
Allegory’s Blue Matryoshkruller
Rosie’s Lime Eyeballs
Rosie’s Strawberry Eyeballs
Rosie’s Blueberry Eyeballs
Kalopsia’s Caramel
Kalopsia’s Chocolate
Kalopsia’s Strawberry
Kalopsia’s Apple
lxlNoel’s Vanilla/Strawberry Donut
lxlNoel’s Vanilla Donut
lxlNoel’s Vanilla/Choco Donut
lxlNoel’s Choco Donut
Atelier Kreslo Pastry Stands & Boxes

Aria Imogen Pallet Bed

Aria Bed July TMD
Just a quick post to show this new bed that Aria has released for The Men’s Department.   It is only 13 land impact and has four sets of bedding that you can choose from, and comes in either PG version for $200L or the mature version for $300L.

It is copy and modify and materials ready.


*Bed – ARIA – Imogen Pallet Bed @ The Men’s Department
House – Scarlet Creative – Atlantic Gazer Prefab
Curtains – Scarlet Creative – Love Curtain w/ Pole {June Arcade}
Elephant – ANE – Elephant RARE {June Arcade}
Plant – ARIA – Chiara Potted Bromeliad
Lamp – ANE – Floor Industrial Lamp RARE {June Arcade}
Tripod Camera – Apple Falls – Vintage Camera w/ Tripod {June Arcade}
Bottle Roses – Keke – Bottled Roses/Red @ Kustom9
Heart Decor – Apple Falls – Heart (I Adore You) @ The Chapter Four
Rug – ARIA – Nikka Rug {Part of Nikka Set}
Books – MudHoney – Zelia Books {June Arcade}
Background Trees – We’re Closed – Seraphim BDTrees
Mason Jar Candle – Alouette
Dress Form w/ Dress – Apple Falls

Looking for the rainbow…

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” ~ Dolly Parton


I love a good thunderstorm and lately we’ve been getting some rain showers, though it wrecks havoc on plans and sometimes my lights go out.   In any case, it would be my thing to sit out like this in my screened in patio and play on my iPad, while listening to the rain.

This outdoor sitting set is from Aria and is currently available at this round of FaMESHed.  The set includes a sofa, which has single and couple animations with rezzable items and also give-able props.  The arm chair and the coffee table also include several animations with props.  Several choices of texture change for the cushions as well as the wicker and wood of each piece.  The plant also gives you the option of changing the color of the pot.


*Chiara Set – Aria @ FaMESHed 
Khoi Yao Noi Palm Plant – Bahia Tiki
Vintage Camera w/ Tripod – Apple Falls @ June Arcade
Tea Time Teaset – Apple Falls @ June Arcade
Jute Natural Rug – Apple Falls {September 2013 Arcade}

Hair – [taketomi] – Ayame Blacks @ Kustom9
Top – Maitreya – Ana Top * Tie Dye Zero @ Collabor88
Shorts – Maitreya – Cut Off Jeans Shorts @ Collabor88
Feet – Slink – Female Feet (AvEnhance)

Dining in…

“The home should be the treasure chest of living” ~ Le Corbusier

Aria 7

I have been out of town the last several days at a business meeting and it’s been a long time since I’ve used a laptop to get into Second Life.  It works fine in all honesty.  Though I just don’t find it easy to maneuver around and much less trying to put together a scene for blogging.   It’s great if I’m just sitting or standing and chatting.

Aria 2

I’m glad to be home and able to use my desktop to put together this lovely furniture setting by Aria that was released at The Garden this month.   The complete set features the beautiful cut dining room table and sideboard that comes in three different wood textures.  You get four variations of the dining chair, that comes in PG or adult, and many color textures to choose from for the chair and the cushion.

Aria 4

The whole set is materials enabled and has copy and modify permissions and the remaining set includes the vases, which are enlarged, pendant lights and flowers on the pictured on the table, which also gives you color choices.   Not part of the set, but still from Aria are the new curtains named Verna, which are available at the main store.  You can choose colors by clicking on them, which pops up the menu to change the fabric texture or the metal.   I did modify them to fit the windows.

Aria 6

I am still working on improving my use of light in Second Life.  If anyone has any great tutorials, point me in the right direction.


*Eva Dining Room Set – ARIA @ The Garden
{Dining table, chairs, sideboard, pendant lights, vases trio and flowers in vase}
*Verna Ruffle Curtains A – Aria {Modified}
Skaibeux Skybox 1.0 – [SLUG]
Nymph Statue – Tartessos Arts
Rico’s Clock – Apple Falls
Salvador Sculpture – Aria
Noor Mirror – Aria
Delphine Wall Lights – Aria
Celia Rug – Aria
Deborah Plant – Aria
Milo Deco Fruit Plate – Aria
The Odyssey: Vineyard Platter & Cutting Board – Ispachi

*Review copies



I found this shattered man statue at an animated texture shop.  It seemed like it would make a great decor item for the house, even if the space I have him in now is a bit tight for his outstretched arms. I’m breaking in the new mini furniture set that Aria released for this month’s FaMESHed event that consists of the sofa, table and vase with poppies.  I love the details on the sofa and kept going between the three colors and finally settled on this grey.  I must say that I really like when you can buy an item that gives you choices in the wood and fabric textures.  Personally, I am more inclined to spend lindens on an item like this for a set price than for an item with one color choice for the same price.  I also really like that some designers are allowing you to buy items individually.   I don’t always want the whole set, but would love to have a particular accessory that comes with the set.


This cool jacket that I’m wearing is a group gift from .Shi.  It comes with a HUD to change the jacket color and comes with a fabric necklace.  The necklace took me a little time to fit almost right, but the hair covered the bit of imperfection, which is the necklace going through the jacket.  I believe this will vary by avatar and mine is a little bigger than normal.

Hair – Exile – Stay the Night Raven
Jacket – .Shi – Ravel Cardigan w/ Necklace {Group Gift}
Bra – Mutresse – Dupla Bustier Bra w/ Color HUD
Pants – Erratic – Zoey Leather Pants Black
Shoes – ANE – Kallai Sandals Pure Black @ The Chapter Four

House – [ba] – Sodermalm Loft
Curtains – The Loft – Bennet Drapes Mirrored
Luana Mini Set (Sofa, Table & Vase w/ Poppies) – Aria @ FaMESHed
Insolence Rug Brown – Tartessos Arts
Rug – Tartessos Arts – Classy Fur Rug
Food – Apple Falls – Chinese {Group Gift}
Cell Phone – Aria – Colette Deco Cell Phone
Chair – Kuro – Comfy Armchair  @ {Previous Lazy Sunday}
Vase w/ Sticks – La Galleria – Pottery Urn w/ Sticks {Subscriber Gift}
Books – Aria – Aurora Deco Book Pile
Book w/ Glasses – Aria – Aurora Open Book + Glasses
Wicker Magazine Holder – La Galleria
Lamp – Aria – Thalia Floor Light
Shattered Man Art Bricks & Concrete – Willem Mills
Plant – Aria – Nina Croton Plant
Frame – Collage – This Life
Staglady Statue – Kalopsia
Statue Woman Mesh – Willem Mills
Last Picture Pose – Dee Posed – The wall 43