The Tribeca Loft

“There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in the world.  It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher.” ~ Henry Van Dyke

Dad Jian 014ps

It’s been a while since I’ve decorated to this extent, but I was in the mood to do it with this newly released loft by DaD Design at the Monsieur Chic, a new men’s high fashion shopping event that will also have some furniture.  The Tribeca loft is a limited edition item and only 100 of these will be sold, so grab yours quickly.  More information on the loft is below the credits and I have also included a photo collage of the loft itself.

PicMonkey Collage
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Another item that is being featured today is the cream and brown armchairs by DaD Design as well.  They come in pg and adult versions and are just so inviting with some very nice sit, cuddle animations in the pg versions shown here and can fit both an indoor or an outdoor setting.  These are available now at the Monsieur Chic event as well.

The last items being featured are the curious cats by Jian.  Now you must understand that I am not a cat person in either world, so it’s kind of hard to call them adorable.  Though Jian does a great job in creating some cute animals for us to enjoy the experience of having pets in-world.  Apart from stationary cats there are wandering ones that walk freely and then clinging cats for those who want to carry them around.  These curious cats are available for the new round of The Gacha Garden.  I’m showcasing a couple of common ones, a few rares and also the seed of inspiration gift that is received after a player does 20 pulls on a single machine.  I’ve put the event website below the credits, if you want more information and want to learn how to play.

The rest of the items used are from past events and a considerable amount of them are gachas.

*Tribeca Loft by DaD Design @ Monsieur Chic
*Tribeca Armchair by DaD Design @ Monsieur Chic
*Tribeca Armchair with Ottoman by DaD Design @ Monsieur Chic
*Curious Kitties by Jian @ The Gacha Garden
-Toy Truck Wanderer Rare
-Toy Truck Companion Rare
-Snail Plant Rare
-Flower Basket *Seed of Inspiration*
-Betta Bowl Rare
-Wanderer Org Tabby
-Wanderer Calico
04 Memories Sofa by *YS&YS*
12 Memories Rug 02 by *YS&YS*
03 Memories Cupboard by *YS&YS*
Riciclo Set Vases by *YS&YS*
Hello Billy – Bench Rare by Apt B
Umbrella Bag/Mahogany by -David Heather-
Super Long Hanging Hedera by Soy @ Kustom9
Water Dispenser [Rosybrown] by Soy
Five gallon Water bottle by Soy
Beta Video Player V808-A by Seven Emporium
Paper Lamp Twist by Trompe Loeil
Salad Days – Silver Cloche by -tres blah-
Shoe Clutter White by Garbaggio
Ocean Oasis Gacha – Gilded Gator by SAYO 
Reading Pile by Apple Fall
Crete-Succulents by Bazar
Crete-Basket 02 by Bazar
Salad Days – Passing Time by -tres blah-
Hanging Planter [Natural] by Pilot @ Collabor88
Crete-Potted Wall Tree  by Bazar
Items from The Kitchen Gacha by Pixel Mode
– Kitchen 5 Meters Width
– Storage Cabinet
– Bowls
– Side Plates
– Coffee Cups
– Canisters
– Eat Sign
– Fruit Bowl
– Cook Books
– Salt n Pepper
– Copper Kettle
– Island Counter
05 Memories Table by *YS&YS*
06 Memories Chair by *YS&YS*
Storybook Living . Cake Tin Planter by Dust Bunny
Rappelle-toi de Paris – La Pile de Livres by Knick Knacks
Cake by Tentacio
Love Blinds Narrow Closed by Scarlet Creative
Riciclo Set Forks Hanger by *YS&YS*
Luxury Closet Gacha – Folded Linens by Exposeur {Store Closed}
Riciclo Set Jars by *YS&YS*
Woodenplate Watermelons by -ATTIC-
Crete-Stool Table by Bazar
(Natural dining set) Rare2.pendant Lamp Rare by [NO CONCEPT]


– skybox with 7 New York City scenary
– Vintage Lamp on/off
– size: 29,4x 24,5 (with privacy cube)
– l.i.:47 prims
– copy /mod yes(scripts are not mod)

I am very proud to present this loft / skybox that reproduces the inside of an apartment in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York.

The Loft is industrial-style consists of a large living room, a separate area to use as a bedroom. With a sliding door leads to another room / bathroom.

The loft has 7 scenary with views of New York City day-sunset and night.
Vintage street lamps on the ceiling complete the loft.

all open/closed by touch

Vintage Street Lamps:
Column that divides the living room from the bedroom is placed a switch to turn on or turn off the lights.

And ‘possible to add or remove Vintage Street Lamps: It is important in any case link new lamp to the rest of the loft

In the living room near the window there is the switch to change the external scenario.


This armchair is available in adult and pg version.
L.i. : 5
c/m (scripts are not mod)
no transfer

– Customizable with 2 leather texture (cream & brown) by touch shadow. seat-back-pillow and ottoman
– N° 16 single sit animations (included props and giver items)
– N° 1 couple sit animations

***** TRIBECA ARMCHAIR *****100% mesh

This armchair is available in adult and pg version.
L.i. : 4
c/m (scripts are not mod)
no transfer

– Customizable with 2 leather texture (cream & brown) by touch shadow. seat-back-pillow and ottoman
N° 16 Single sit animations (included props and giver items)
N° 6 couple cuddle animations
N° 8 sex couple animations
N° 16 Single sit animations
N° 6 couple cuddle animations

Website: The Gacha Garden

Sometimes this is all you need, a moment


*Aloha Bra & Panty – Hawaiian by [MUSE]
*Shark Tooth Necklace by JIAN @ Summerfest ’16
Hair: Brenda Black by +elua+

Great White Shark by JIAN Summerfest ’16
Beaches Closed Sign by Floorplan Summerfest ’16
Stella River Barge by Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88
Stella Folding Chair by Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88
Folding Side Table by Dust Bunny
Pineapple & Coconut Drink by Dust Bunny
Leaf Table Fan Black by -Attic- @ Kustom9

Winter Home Retreat

007 The Den

I hope everyone had a fantastic time bringing in the New Year and hopefully still enjoying some down time.   Mine was great and I have a few more days before having to haul myself back to work and everything once again returns to a bit of normalcy.  Even though the Christmas holiday is pretty much over the winter months are not gone and what a perfect way to settle down here in your Second Life then perhaps getting away to a comfy little retreat home, which I am featuring today.


This is a lovely open space 15 x 15 mesh home made by The [Den.] with a land impact of 35 that comes with a built in fireplace and chandelier.  It is now available for purchase at this month’s round of Uber where you’re bound to find some other fabulous stuff.


My first two pictures show it as I envisioned it decorated for myself though with this big of space the possibilities are endless.  The last two pictures are just two close ups showing the building by itself.



*North Woods Retreat – The [Den.] @ Uber
Foundry Hammock – Scarlet Creative
Winter Larch Trees – 3D Trees
Snow Drifts – Skye Studio
Deer – Hannah Kozlowski
Rustic Water Pump & Bucket – Dysfunctional Designs
Victorian Snow Plow – Pilot
Snowy Logs – Hideki
Sledge/Natural – Vespertine {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Sled with Logs – Pixel Mode
Lumberjack’s Table – Dustbunny {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Drafting Table – Vespertine {Dec 2014 Arcade}
The Winter Gacha 6 – Haikei @ Kustom9
Static Squirrels with Nuts & Sounds – Sweet Revolutions
*Ophelia Sofa & Armchair – [ARIA] @ Uber
Firewood Holder – Junk
NOEL: Feather Table/ Cocoa – {anc} @ The Liaison Collaborative
NOEL: Tears Tree/ RARE – {anc} @ The Liaison Collaborative
Winter Rustic Chalkboard – [][]bh[][]/Beach Street @ Liaison Collaborative
Monogram Window Art D, & A – [Commoner] {Dec 2014 Arcade}
The Winter Cabin Gacha 4 – Haikei @ Kustom9
Lumberjack’s Axe – Dustbunny @ No21
Teapot Wind Chimes – Dustbunny @ No21
Animal Rug – Junk
The Winter Gacha 2 – Haikei @ Kustom9
Vintage Frames – Dustbunny @ No21
NOEL: Frilled Furrug Cocoa – {anc} @ The Liaison Collaborative
The Winter Gacha 8 – Haikei @ Kustom9
Cookie Box – Oyasumi
Twingle Twigs – Dustbunny {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Desk Clock – Pixel Mode {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Crane in a Bottle Yellow – Attic @ Kustom9
Fireside Chairs Throw Dark – Junk
Winter Bulbs – Dustbunny – {Dec 2014 Arcade}
Traveler’s Table – Dustbunny @ No21*Review copies.

++Edited to include name of creator in post and error in events.  My apologies!

The fool.


Over the weekend the temperatures dipped into the mid 40s, which is a bit chilly for us Floridians when you’re used to an average of 80 plus degrees of sunshine.   It was a nice change even if I hardly went out other than a few times out of necessity. Besides the chilly day yesterday I was also in a very restless mood that as the day went on juggled between feeling emotional and downright grumpy. Thankfully, no one was harmed during this episode of changeability.

I spent a good amount of time doing inventory while in Second Life, not necessarily deleting, more like organizing and rewriting descriptions to be able to find items in the future.  It’s how I found myself wearing this cape and fools hat that were a gacha purchase at the recent round of the Fantasy Collective, which is still running for a few more days.

While editing the photo I did a quick search on the fool and found this snippet of information on what the fool means in a card reading.

“The Fool can signal a new beginning or change of direction – one that will guide you onto a path of adventure, wonder and personal growth. He also reminds you to keep your faith and trust your natural responses. If you are facing a decision or moment of doubt, the Fool tells you to believe in yourself and follow your heart no matter how crazy or foolish your impulses may seem.”

Considering that I have always found that when I’m feeling restlessness that it signals a time of transition in my life, this descriptive meaning couldn’t have fit any better.


Hair – Argrace – Minori – Blacks NEW
Makeup – +Nuuna+ – Triip Blue
Makeup – +Nuuna+ Ina Blue
Makeup – +Nuuna+ Zivit Blue
Eyes – Slink – Mesh Eyelids
Cape – Attic – Pierrot Cape Black @ Fantasy Collective
Headpiece – Attic – The Fool Headpiece Blue @ Fantasy Collective
Boots – Hucci – Deale Boots Silver – Midnight @ Uber

Props: Cirque de reverie Gacha – {anc.}