Autumn colors

I mentioned in my “Breakfast for dinner anyone?” post that I would be showcasing the Gilley Lake House by Thistle again.  Here it is once more with another room decorated with the country home set by Cheeky Pea and other decor items by various creators all listed below in credits.

The lake house is being shown without the steps in front or back.  It has a 127 land impact with a 23 x 23 footprint. You can change the colors of the inside walls with a texture change menu accessed by touching the keys near the front door. It has scripted doors & windows and is original mesh and provided as copy and mod. The picture below coming from the angle from the room where I showed the kitchen decor gives you somewhat of a view of the floor plan and colors.





Have a fabulous rest of the day

*Country Home Set by Cheeky Pea @  FaMESHed
:CP: Country Home Sofa (Adult)
:CP: Country Home Coffee Table
:CP: Country Home Art 1
:CP: Country Home Art 2
:CP: Country Home Art 3
:CP: Country Home Console
:CP: Country Home Lamp
:CP: Country Home Basket
:CP: Country Home Candlesticks
:CP: Country Home Pouffe
:CP: Country Home Rug 1
:CP: Country Home Chessboard

*Les Oiseaux Set by Knick Knacks @ The Liaison Collaborative 

*Serenity Style– Janire Vintage Armchair
*Serenity Style– Janire Vintage Wall Telephone RARE
*Dean Fall Decor Stool by Serenity Style @ Project Se7en
*Babe Autumn by Serenity Style @ Le Six Event 

*Glitched – Tangled Pumkin [07] by LAGOM @ Lootbox
*Glitched – Candles [04] {modded} by LAGOM @ Lootbox

Rustic Pumpkin E (Dark Green) by Fancy Decor
Magazine Stack 4 by Fancy Decor
Tall Leafy Floor Plant by [Bella Rosa]
Hang Over Curtains by [LeeZu!]/LeeZu.Baxter {old item}

Outdoors Pic~
*Gilley Lake House by Thistle – August 2017 Builder’s Box
*My Puppie Sweet Home by Serenity Style @ Rally to Rescue
*”Autumn Harvest” Sunflower Crate – Golden Wood & Reds by [CIRCA] @ The Project Se7en
*”WATERTON” Park Flower Bed – Round – Hollyhocks Sun by [CIRCA] @ The Project Se7en
*”WATERTON” Park Flower Bed – Round – Wild Autumn Mix by [CIRCA] @ The Project Se7en
Garden Paver Path by [ba]
Labrador Sitting by Just Animals
WW – Horse Chestnut – Mature & Sapling by Heart Gardens 
Harmony Grass by Heart Gardens 
Golden Broom Tree by Heart Gardens 

The Keys Bungalow

It’s beautiful when our Second Life community comes together to support someone in need. I am going to link you directly to the plurk that will tell you all about what brought creators together to support another fellow creator through the ForMax Event.  Galland Homes has created this Keys Bungalow in support of the event.  It’s a one-room beach bungalow, which is an original mesh design and is 10 meters wide by 22 meters long.

I’m also showcasing the Luanes Wall Set by Serenity Style as well as several pieces from the Antiques Memories Gacha by [ zerkalo ], both of which can be found at the main store.

The event is only for 10 days, which is why I took the time to showcase it.


*Keys Bungalow by Galland Homes @ ForMax Event

*Luanes Wall Set by Serenity Style

*Antiques Memories Gacha by [ zerkalo ]
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories – Wreath
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories – Rocking Chair
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories – Moments Pillow
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories – Dream Pillow
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories – Mail
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories – Table
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories – Old Milk Can

White-Painted Pumpkins by :: NewChurch :: {just passed Tres Chic}
Fresh Orange Juice Tray by Aphrodite Shop
Hive // Annamae’s Porch Swing
Triple Palms by Studio Skye
Tropical Plants by Studio Skye
Skye Bamboo Palm
Skye Alligator Apple Bush 
Skye Zingiberaceae
WW – Alder Trees by Heart Gardens
Wildflowers – Tall Buttercups {in milk can} by Heart Gardens
Red & White Flowers by Felix Landscaping
Garden Paver Path by [ba]

In Everything Give Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!


Today is Thanksgiving here in America and so wishing all my fellow American readers a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.

While I try to live an attitude of gratitude each and everyday this day does gives us all an opportunity to acknowledge and be grateful and thankful for the many blessings we have in our lives.

I certainly have many in both worlds starting with the love and support of family and friends.  I also count blogging as a blessing as it has provided me with a form of entertainment, relaxation and a platform for meeting so many wonderful people.  It has helped me grow in my photography skills and to evolve in the digitial art and media as well as social media, but I would not be as successful if it were not for the readers who follow and enjoy my work and click the “like” button or leave a kind word. Those small acts are part of what encourages me to continue to learn and grow.

My sincere THANK YOU to each and everyone of you!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


*Grid Pavilion by BIGBULLY – NEW @ Draftsman
*Royal Holidays Dining Room Set by Aphrodite Shops – NEW @ Tres Chic
Woodland Wreath / Autumn by {vespertine}
Woodland Garland / Autumn by {vespertine}
Privet Ball (Variegated) by Apple Fall
Farrow Garden Wall by Apple Fall
Garden Paver Path by [ba]/Barnesworth Anubis

Space to sit, relax, sleep and dream

Sayo 0052

*Modern Morocco Set – Adult by SAYO @ N21
{Bed , Art Canvas, Night Tables, Lamps, Rug}
*Wynwood Suspension Chair by SAYO @ Shiny Shabby 
*Walled Bookcase Set by ChiC buildings @ On9 
{Wall Bookcase-Filled Walnut, Ladder & Candlestick Duo-Pewter}
Hexa Baskets-Natural by The Loft & ARIA @ Collabor88
Hexa Succulent Planters by The Loft & ARIA @ Collabor88
Pieces from Traveler Set by Bazar
-Bag 1 & 2
-Books Stack
-Photo Frame 1 & 3
-Roman Amphora
-Luggage Stool {modified}
-Vintage Personal Items
[Paradise] Gold Table by Ariskea @ The Arcade
Decor Items by David Heather @ The Arcade
-Golden Apple Bowl
-Travel Chess
-Wine Phone
-Umbrella Bag/Black
-Vintage Camera
-Antique Tea Set/Gold
Shot-glass Container
Wine Case/Closed by David Heather {past gacha}
Hello Billy – Vase by Apt B {past gacha}
Marrakesh Oasis by [ba]

Last Christmas

Last Xmas 005ps

As I was going through the poses on this chair, which are a few for activities and sleep I settled on this one as it sort of fit my contemplative mood.  Gazing at the beautiful tree I thought of how different my last Christmas is to this year.  I don’t bemoan material things as those have never been that important to me.  No, I grieve the loss of people that were in my life then who no longer are.

For some reason I think this could be my last Christmas in Second Life.  I don’t know what the future brings obviously, it’s just more or less a thought that funneled through my mind right now.  On January 8th, I will have been in Second Life for 5 years, which in my book is a pretty long time.

That day is also very significant.  It was the same date of January 8th two years ago, that I also met someone who came to be a very important part of my life.  I miss that period in my life, where everyday was more carefree and not as heavy.  I miss him too.  My Christmas wish for him is always that he find peace, happiness and joy.

I’m thankful for many things, but today I’m just thankful for even the cool weather that has me shivering from cold.

Hair – Argrace – Minato {past group gift}
Vest – Atomic – Faux Fur Vest
Top – Baiastice –  Stef Sweater-Chocolate
Pants – .:villena:. – Chinos in Creme
Boots – Reign – Moccasin Caramel
Watch – Real Evil Industries – ReVoX MTX Watch

*Winter Chair – Heart Homes/Aphrodite Shops @ Tres Chic
New Orleans Studio – [ba]
Reminiscence.Tree – LeLutka {group gift}
Rug w/ Fringes Green – Sway’s [Advent 2015]
Wood Santas – Sway’s [Advent 2015]
Pillows . Winter Hat –Sway’s [Advent 2015]
Photo Frame . Snowflakes – Sway’s [Advent 2015]

Eenie meenie miney mo

Unkindness 002

There are days and many here lately where I can be driven to drink.  I’m just thankful that I’ve never been inclined to taking a drink to solve my problems.  I’m not much of a drinker at all.  I think I’ve mentioned this before on my blog a time or too.  One glass of wine is enough sometimes to get me tipsy.  Anything beyond that I’m in peril of my own tongue.

Even though it wasn’t planned this way.  Tonight as I write this blog I am disposed to celebrate as I got to reconnect with a certain someone, who continues to be someone important in my life.  I toast to the cherished bond we have. Cheers Italiano!

The luggage trolley I am sitting on is a new creation by unKindness and is currently available at the Love to Decorate Event, that will run from August 10th to August 24th.   It comes in four versions: iron, silver, gold or bronze with custom made poses – two for men, two for women and two for couples. It’s a fun piece in my book.

I also want to share some of the goodies I just recently found.  The Paris penthouse skybox I am using is from Barnesworth Anubis and is currently at Collabor88 for only 88 lindens!  It’s a steal and makes for a fabulous starter home or for anyone who has limited prims to use or lindens.  The other bargain and it really is a bargain! The remaining furniture minus the alcohol are from Apple Fall and can all be purchased for $0 lindens. I was surprised myself to find all these wonderful items for free.  I went to the main store to find a pendent lamp, which is a group gift this month and couldn’t find it and then had to resort to area search. It was during that area search for a $0 linden group gift that I discovered the rest of the furniture. Except, the frame with the flower, which can be found right now at FaMESHed with his items this month.

If you look further you might find some other items at $0 lindens throughout the store and many items have also been reduced as well. Great time to shop at Apple Fall. The bottles and glass are from [kunst] and can be found at the main store.

Happy shopping!

Hair – Truth – Thalia
Jumpsuit – David Heather – Palazzo Jumpsuit Mint @ Collabor88

*Beau Monde Sette Gold – unKindness @ LTD The Event
Tequila Bottle (gold) & (silver) – [kunst]
Brandy Bottle – [kunst]
Brandy Glass (empty) – [kunst]
Key Table (Washed Light) – Apple Fall
Pediment Frame w/ Pillar Sketch  – Apple Fall
Key Lamp (Nickel) – Apple Fall
Charlotte’s Pears – Apple Fall
Gilt Frame (Sea Campion Study) – Apple Fall
Paris Penthouse – [ba]/Barnesworth Anubis @ Collabor88

*Review copy

The sweet luxuries of having time

Aria 03

It used to be that taking long hot baths was just pretty common.  Something we did that was enjoyable and was a treat to ourselves.  It’s been quite a long time where I’ve indulged in this luxury.

The new round of FaMESHed is now open and [ARIA] has brought us a complete bathroom set.  It’s available in pg and adult and each comes with animations for singles and couples.  The set includes the bathtub, vanity, mirror, silk robe, towels hanging, toilet, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and toilet paper.

The stool is Aria’s participation in the Mix Event and comes with 9 poses some with attachable props and with 8 texture change options.  It’s not meant for the bathroom, but I tested the animations and they work well enough to be used there.  In this day and age it won’t be strange for your guy to sit on the stool and drink coffee or work on the laptop while watching you take a soak. Just saying.

*Deloros Bathroom Set – [ARIA] @ FaMESHed
*Giada Stool – [ARIA] for The Mix
Rug – Atelier Visconti – Vincent Carpet
Home – Barnesworth Anubis – Hamptons Cottage

There is no place like home.

Aphrodite 009

*”Living de Campo” Couple Sofa, Pouf, Deco Mate Set, Picture Frame – Aphrodite Shop/Heart Homes @ Multicultural Menu Event
*”Silla de Campo” Argentinian Cow Leather Chair – Aphrodite Shop/Heart Homes @ Multicultural Menu Event
Hamptons Cottage – Barnesworth Anubus @ Collabor88
Larkin Display Case – Pilot
Ethnic Pottery – La Galleria {Gift}
Cello//.03, Classic Chair//.05 & Classic Bust//.08 {gacha} – NOMAD
Love Nest Vintage Slippers Male & Books {gacha} – [Zerkalo] @ Shiny Shabby
Hang Over Curtain – [LeeZu]
Taiko II – [Kunst] & Jocko Domo @ Uber
Sitar – [Kunst] @ Uber
Raffles Range Planter – Patron

*Review copy.

It’s all in the palm of your hand.

Palmistry 085

[ARIA] is participating in the newest round of TAG! Gacha, which is themed “The Side Show” with the Morgana’s Wonders Collection.  I am only showing a few pieces here, but there are 14 items to collect in total, with 11 being common, 2 rare and 1 mystery rare.  You can get a look at all the prizes at the website and all the gacha machines are at the individual stores .

The event is HUD based so that on a click it will teleport you to every store so that you can play the gacha machine.  Make sure you tag the board next to the gacha machine so your HUD knows you have been there and by tagging every board of participating stores it will unlock the bonus room and ultimately the prize room, where you can collect any of the mystery rares you might have received.

Get all the information on the event and  using the HUD at the TAG! website.   The event will run until April 30th.

*Morgana Marquee Star Lights (Floor) & (Wall), Framed Print Palm, Framed Print Astrology, Framed Print Palmistry, Chest of Drawers (Chalk) & Cobra Light – [ARIA] for TAG! Gacha 
NYC Apartment Skybox – Barnesworth Anubis
Banana Tree – Apple Fall
Bowling, Tic Tac Toe, Soccer Ball, Old Racer Toy Care Rare – Serenity Style @ Black Fashion Fair
Safari! Ball Decoration – GA Home @ The Chapter Four
Plant Decor – Bazar
Audrey’s Chair Black & White – Trompe Loeil
Inspiration Dark Rug – Tartessos Arts

*Review copy.

A moment of peace is always welcomed.

MeshedUp 055

Another weekend and that means a new round of The Neighborhood, where creators/designers bring you home decor items for $200L.   MeshedUP is bringing you this vintage hall bench that comes decorated with single sits for female and male.  Also with the bench is the rug that has a pair of slippers nestled beside it.   Great pieces to decorate your home with.

Have a great weekend!

Hair – Truth – Holly in Blacks
Jacket/Top – Ricielli – Pandora Jacket/Top @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Jeans – Le Primitif – Love Him BF Jeans Dark @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Shoes – Elysium – Karla Wedge Sandals Khaki @ The Dressing Room Fusion

*Vintage Hall Bench & Rug – MeshedUp @ The Neighborhood ***Tomorrow***
The Pea Princess’s DIY Book Stable – [keke] @ Shiny Shabby
Amore Roses – Bee Designs
Garnet Lounger – Bee Designs
Marais Umbrella Stand – {what next}
New Orleans Studio – Barnesworth Anubis {modified/textured walls}
Crate – Bee Designs {store packaging box}

*Review copy.