Secret ingredient

Morning everyone.  I’m breaking my post every other day this week, because after some re-evaluating my still need to post blogging stuff.  I have more than a few items from sponsors that are at events that will end soon.  While I have a valid excuse for posting as late as this I really would love to give them a little more exposure than just a day or so before the event ends.

Without further talking on my end, check out the credits below for everything. Enjoy the rest of your week!

*Kitchen Clutter Gacha by Hive @ The Epiphany
hive // secret ingredient sign EXCLUSIVE
hive // knife set
hive // kitchen utensils
hive // vintage toaster RARE
hive // paper towels
hive // suds station
hive // cutting board
hive // vintage straw dispenser
hive // kitchen canisters
hive // kitchen scale
hive // baking bundle B
hive // baking bundle A

*From Flatbreads Gacha by Artisan Fantasy @ The Gacha Gardens
*AF* Flatbreads 06 – Zucchini, Peppers, Onion, Cheese, Basil
*AF* Flatbreads 14 – Stack SOI

*[V/W] Love Pride Garland by Velvet Whip @ The Gacha Gardens

*From Tick [Tick-Tock] Clock Gacha by Sway’s @ The Gacha Gardens
Sway’s [Tick-Tock] Clock . Bird . orange
Sway’s [Tick-Tock] Clock . Woods RARE

*{BB} A Butterfly Dream – Fruitbowl day [REZZ] by {Baby Burp} @ The Gacha Gardens

From Not Too Shabby Kitchen Gacha by Second Spaces @ The Epiphany
Second Spaces – Not Too Shabby Kitchen – fridge (white)
Second Spaces – Not Too Shabby Kitchen – sink (white)
Second Spaces – Not Too Shabby Kitchen – oven (white)
Second Spaces – Not Too Shabby Kitchen – credenza (white)
Second Spaces – Not Too Shabby Kitchen – counter (white)
Second Spaces – Not Too Shabby Kitchen – enamel pots
Second Spaces – Not Too Shabby Kitchen – wheeled cart RARE

Nikolai Dacha by Scarlet Creative
Flour Pack by Serenity Style
Ionic : Onions & Potatoes Shelf by Ionic {gacha item}

From Kitchen Clutter Gacha by Artisan Fantasy
*AF* Kitchen Crate – Empty
*AF* Kitchen Crate – Tomatoes
*AF* Kitchen Crate – Carrots
*AF* Kitchen Pitcher with Lavendar
*AF* Kitchen Egg Basket

LAGOM – Glitched – Curtain [05]
Wall Hanging Plant #2 by {what next}
Solids Braided Rugs by Storax Tree

Working to earn lindens for the Arcade


The winter season is also one of my favorite to photograph in Second Life.  It’s fun and festive to put together these winter scenes.  I think part of the draw is that I don’t have snow or a heavy winter other than cold temperatures every so often where I have lived in Florida.

I had fun putting this scene together using the emperor penguins by Jian, which are available at the Tannenbaum Holiday Market and the adorable holiday husky, which is from Jian’s Holiday Huskies gacha at the Arcade. The cute bear with long hair next to me is by BoOgErS, another bear in the collection also at the Arcade. The snowman pail is also another common in the collection by Hive at the Arcade.

As you can see that’s why lil me is selling snowballs just to earn some lindens for the Arcade that just opened today.

*Emperor Penguins {Static Chick & Adult} by JIAN – NEW @ Tannenbaum Holiday Market 2016
*Holiday Huskies :: Held Pup (Black) by JIAN – NEW @ The Arcade
*Hergrerd Berr VIB by <:*BoOgErS*:> – NEW @ The Arcade
*Snowman Pail {Home for the Holidays gacha} by Hive – NEW @ The Arcade
Pine Trees Set A by .:Bee Designs:.
Winter Garden Landscaping  Set by Bee Designs Christmas Lane
Snowballs for Sale by Sequel – NEW @ Cosmopolitan
Oversized Wintery 2 Bauble by {what next} – NEW

Hair: 51 (Brown) by *barberyumyum*
Little Coat – Pompom Hat, Collar & Coat by Baby Burp
{part of the Little Coat – Snow Outfit}
Vintage Summer Shorts by Baby Burp
{part of the Vintage Summer Dress Outfit}
Cozy Winter – UGGs by Baby Burp
{part of the Cozy Winter Outfit}

*I used the Animare Hud to create the pose


Every day can be a fashion show

Showing three more outfits for the little ones for Fashion Week.  All the details of the PENUMBRA Fashion Week shows are below the credits.

BoWillow 005

Most people that are close to me know these two things about me.  I’m not a morning person and I am not a cat person.  This past Friday I had dinner with two close friends at one of the women’s home.  She has two dogs, which I don’t mind about. Though since I was last there she has acquired a cat that had been hanging around her office and out of compassion she took the cat in.  The cat was in her daughter’s room and I was happy for that.

Pen 024

After we had dinner the subject came back around to this cat and my friend was sharing how she needed to find a home for this cat as she’s allergic to them, hence the cat being in the room.  She was going on about how sweet this cat was and how pretty it was that my other friend said I want to take a look at the cat. Out of politeness I got up to go take a peak as well and almost immediately I started to itch around my face.  I ended up breaking out in a slight rash by the end of the evening. I’m not sure if that means I’m allergic to cats as I’m never usually around any long enough to know.

Pen 00722

Anyways, I don’t mind cats in Second Life as they make for a pretty picture.

PENUMBRA Fashion Week is happening all this week and I’m showing a few more outfits.  The outfits in picture 1 and 3 are by BoWillow.  Their part in the showcase this week was Monday, but you can still find their fabulous designs at the event this week.  The outfit in picture 2 is by Baby Burp and they will be showcasing their fashions today, so go enjoy some toddleedoo fun and go watch the fashion show!

All the details on fashion week are below.

Picture 1:
*Outfit #10 by Bo Willow @ PENUMBRA Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week
Hair: Seiko by [LeLutka]
Mittens Cat Lay On Side Red by Lassitude & Ennui @ The Gacha Garden

Pose: Dainty by .Click.

Picture 2:
*Bowho Summer Dream Dresses & Boots AD by Baby Burp @ PENUMBRA Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week
Hair*138*Jet Black by [LOVE SOUL]

Pose: Dainty by .Click.

Picture 3:
*Penumbra OUTFIT 7 1024 by BoWillow @ PENUMBRA Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week
Hair: Quirky by [elikatira] {no longer available}

Pose: Dainty by .Click.

Penumbra Fashion Main Facebook
Penumbra Toddleedoo Experience Facebook

Show: Monday May 16, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– BoWillow by Archer Candy (8isgreatdontblate)
– Little Badz Inc by BadSuzie

Show: Tuesday May 17, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– AnkleBiters by Jourdy Moretti (jourdainrose)
– Sweet Tots by Sweetiepie Riggles

Show: Wednesday May 18, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– BabyBurp by SamanthaFaye
– ToddleTeeZ by Zahra Yue

Show: Thursday May 19, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– Meshy Me by Milli (aka TinyMillicent Resident)
– Zanzadoodle by Zzoie Zee Dethly (zzoiezee)