Falling right into the season


Alexa ~
*Dress: Paniz Dress (Maitreya)/CP 1 by [LAKSHMI] – NEW @ On9
*’Gli Animale’ Collection – Knee Socks Rare – Maitreya by {Reverie}  – NEW @ Kustom9
Hair: 69 (Black) by *barberyumyum*

Sydney ~
*Exclusive – Trick Or Treat Jammies Outfit by BoWillow – NEW @ Penumbra Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 
Hair: 69 (Black) by *barberyumyum*

*”ClearView” Mini Tree Bush Planter 1 by [CIRCA] – NEW {part of gazebo set}
*”Nature Valley” Fall Tree Stump Planter by [CIRCA] – NEW
*”Nature Valley” Pumpkin & Crocus Decor by [CIRCA] – NEW
*Trick Or Treat Bag by BoWillow – NEW @ Penumbra Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 
Pumpkin by Nefarious Inventions – NEW
Hazel’s Bird House by Kalopsia – Gift @ The Seasons Story
Fall Window Frame by [Brixley] – Gift @ The Seasons Story
Wildrose Manor by Dust Bunny
Autumn Rest w/ Falling Leaves by *GALLI*
Shiny Meadow Autumn by *alirium*

Pose for Sydney: Dainty by .Click. Poses 
Pose: Old Group Gift by Morphine

She’ll meet her prince one day …


…until then, she’ll wear her invisible crown.  

*Complete Outfit: Lil Dolly Gacha Set by Buglets @ The Playroom 
Hair: 83 (Brown) by Barberyumyum

*Prince Doggo Rare from Hallow-Inu Gacha Set by JIAN @ The Epiphany 
Mangrove Trees by Little Branch
Honey Mesquite by Little Branch
Somewhere Only We Know – Self Made Bridge by 22769
The Old Bridge V2 by Studio Skye
Flexi Reed by Gardenia

Pose: Stand 1 by M i l a Poses

Lunch time

Epia 013

*Sheriff Dept. Uniform Tan/Black by Every Pixel is Art/(epia) @ The Men’s Department (See details for more info. below credits)
Hair: Hair *77 by *barberyumyum*
Chinese & Chopsticks by Apple Fall

Stop Sign by Seven Emporium
Brooklyn Battery by Seven Emporium
Pop Machine by Seven Emporium
US Mailbox Stamped by Seven Emporium
Pop Machine by Seven Emporium @ The Crossroads
Payphone Sign by Seven Emporium @ The Crossroads
Missing Payphone by Seven Emporium @ The Crossroads
Trash Can (3 Prims) Type 1 by Static Forge

************ Details ****************

To change the Sheriff Dept. Uniform’s appearance simply attach the HUD that we have included for you.

The unisex uniform comes with the following features:
♦ Fully HUD-controllable. Simply left-click the HUD buttons to control various options.
♦ Uniform scripts can be remotely removed through HUD.
♦ Visibility of (epia) collar pin, police department patches, and sergeant chevrons can be individually toggled.
♦ Color of epaulets and pocket laps are switchable.
♦ Stripe on side of pants can be toggled.
♦ A campaign hat with 3 different and logo metals and multiple trim colors.
♦ High quality mesh- and texture work.
♦ 3 Standard Sizes for male AND female included (S, M, and L).
♦ Alpha layers included.
♦ Comes copy & modify! – This means you can add your own patches!


Call waiting

TSF 002-2

Happy Friday!

I am getting in one more post before being back home on Monday.  It’s been lovely being away on vacation and yet after being gone more than a week I am ready to be back home.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and see you next week!

*Dress: Lua Fitted Dress Orange by KL Couture @ Tropical Summer Fair
* Tropical Gipsy – Necklace (Gold) by SinfulSky @ Tropical Summer Fair
*Ring: Ceremonial Collection by Diamante  @ Tropical Summer Fair
Hair: 53 Black by *barberyumyum*
KPhone 3C /Wood by [ kunst ]
Mockingbird Nook by Scarlet Creative
Darling Hanging Plant by Dust Bunny 
Darling Sectional Cushion . w/ Back . Yellow by Dust Bunny
Square Pillow – Sunlight by Kalopsia
Diva Dog Shih Tzu – Brown Rare [Black Bantam]
Motel- Small Phone Brown by DRD
Decor – Muskare Bottle by *LODE* @ Shiny Shabby

Pose: Free01 by +O-turun+

Outside Scene:
Flower Shape Bell M16-2 v1-2G by Hayabusa Design
Greenford2 {Seasons} by Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
Morning Dew Grass by T-Spot

When the path reveals itself. Follow it.

“So tell me, where shall I go? To the left, where nothing’s right? or to the right, where nothing’s left?”

Jian 002

*Lit Brick Paths by JIAN
Backyard Swamp by TLC
Shrubs Pink & Yellow by Happy Mood
Shrub Large Green by [we’re CLOSED]
Sassafras.v1 {4Seasons} by Little Branch
Flowers Bed{Pink} by Little Branch

Flavie Hat by ::C’est la vie !::
Hair: 53 Black by *barberyumyum* @ SaNaRae
Medina Shades – Black by Fame Femme @ The Dressing Room
Off Shoulder Tee White by {sallie} @ SaNaRae
Relaxing Jeans (White) by ASO! @ SaNaRae
Messy Bag (Leather & Leopard Black) by  ::C’est la vie !::
Gugu Sandals for Maitreya Body (Flat Feet) by Mutresse @ Collabor88

Pose: Stand 456 by !bang 

I saw a carrot. THIS big, no lie…bunny tale

“Every bunny needs somebunny sometimes.”

Bunny Stories

I had planned to blog these adorable bunnies with little me, except I had to reprimand her for going off to an adult sim on her own.  She gets my independent spirit and her degenerate behaviors from… well that’s another tale for another day.

The bunny family are the latest creation by Jian, and they are available at the just opened The Season’s Story.  There are different versions as seen in the picture and just with a click you can grab the menu to change the texture of the bunnies.

As I might have mentioned before taking pictures and blogging is just a relaxing hobby for me.  It’s another form of artistic creativity for me and art has been a part of my life since I was a child.  The earliest memory of winning an art competition is when I was 7-8 years old and in third grade and I won my first prize for drawing the inside of a mouth.  I just made the Jian group cover yesterday for my post with little me.

Jian GC 4-11-16

It’s a nice recognition, so I created a new page tabbed Features to sort of help me keep track of these things.  I don’t really participate in many photo contests or do any private work, but it may be something that I might enjoy doing in the future.

Thanks everyone for your continued support.

*Bunny Family – Jian @ The Seasons Story
Hair – Barberyumyum -73CB (Brown) @ The Seasons Story
Beaded Rompers-Pixie – Blueberry

Location: Private Home

Listen to the beat…

Alelxa 2

I love music like most everyone, but in the last several months I don’t have the constant need to have it blasting in my ears or to really listen to music.   You could say that I am enjoying the solitude of being able to hear my own thoughts and just the peace that stillness and quietness can let you embrace.

Though last night after a few of hours of sleep I found myself wide awake just after one in the morning and reaching for my iPad to listen to music.   Having seen the lyrics to a Lenny Kravitz song led me to listen to Carlos Santana’s song “Maria Maria.”  At this point the beat of the song didn’t help my sleep situation and several hours later and my battery at 5% I finally started to yawn again.

Even slightly tired I found some energy to want to blog this morning.



Hair – *Barberyumyum* – 16/Black
Top – Baiastice – Litka Top w/ Feathers Black @ A6D MixMatch
Skirt – Baiastice – Litka Skirt Black @ A6D MixMatch
Necklace – Eclipse Art Studio – Steel Plates Necklace Silver


Paper Butterflies Light – Plethora
Dreamers Light Iron – Junk

Pose: About to…male by Del May