Love, kisses & Valentine wishes


How many people feel about Valentines Day depends on whether they are single or in some type of relationship.  They either love or dread it and I’m sure there are a few out there that don’t pay it any attention at all.  Though if you’re one of those that loves and you’re looking for some decor to create that special moment then Dreamscapes Art Gallery will help get you ready with plenty of decor and gifts to make that day very special.

I’m also showing another pug by JIAN, which is the rare one in the Love Pugs gacha at The Gacha Garden.  While not shown the pug is sitting on a small stool.  The pink teddy bear is one of the many bears that Aphrodite Shops has to also help you surprise that special one.  The bowl of chocolate kisses is by Mesh India and it’s part of their Valentine gacha at Cosmopolitan.  The blooming flowers on the cabinet with pillows is by (luc) boutique and it’s part of their Vision of Hope gacha available at the main store.

*Decor by Dreamscapes Art Gallery 
*Countess* Couch Stripes
*Countess* Chair Stripes
*Countess* Ottoman Stripes
*Countess* Ottoman Stripes
*Sweets* Heart Box A
*Countess* Rug
*Jessi* Cabinet
*LOVE* Boxes
*LOVE** Sign D
*Jessi* Topiary White
*LOVE* Ladder
*Love* Frames
*Kia* Birdcage with Candles A
*Betty* Board B
*Betty* Board C
*Countess* Pillow Pile B
*Melly* Plant Stand Pink

*JIAN Love Pugs 1. Free Kisses RARE by JIAN @ The Gacha Garden
*5 MI Valentine Chocolate Kiss {Valentine Gift Gacha} by Mesh India @ Cosmopolitan
*6 (luc) Persistent Bloomers {Vision of Hope Gacha} by (luc) boutique 
*Pink Valentines Teddy Bear by Aphrodite Shops
Curtains-A-Cream by *bbqq*

Trusting the magic of change and new beginnings

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.” ~ Socrates

Winter 0492

I was going to wait and post this picture until after Thanksgiving, but this morning I woke up and my room was quite chilly.  I’m used to warm weather during this time of year so it’s a bit of a shock to the system to feel the chill in the air.  This means I’ll be trading in my flimsy thin nightwear for those plaid flannel pajamas very soon along with warm fuzzy socks.

Moving further up the state has been a bit of a culture shock as well and something that I am not adjusting to too well.  While a lovely scenic city with a lot of lushness greenery and some massive oak trees and bald cypress with Spanish moss it still feels a bit antiquated.

Change is hard and it’s something that I’m experiencing at a faster rate these days in just about every area of my life.  Some changes are not very pleasant as I just learned this past week, though I know overcoming these periods makes you stronger. Improvement can’t happen without change and so embracing it means you learn and grow as you turn the directional path from the one you’re used to.  It brings new beginnings as you turn the page and strengthens you for the next chapter in your life.

I put together the following scene just for fun using some more Christmas decor by Shutter Field and the newest trees by Little Branch, so check out the details below.

I think it just might be symbolic of changing the landscape from one season to another.

*Wooden Snowman V1 Light – Shutter Field
*Wooden Snowman V1 Dark – Shutter Field
*Wooden Snowman V2 – Shutter Field
*Milk Churn – Xmas – Shutter Field 
*Snow Bum {the snowman} – Shutter Field
*London Winter V1.1 – Little Branch @ Lost & Found
*Grass 1 l {Winter} – Little Branch @ Lost & Found
*Rainbow Tree {Seasons} – Little Branch @ Love to Decorate Event
*Rainbow Tree * Cluster {Seasons} – Little Branch @ Love to Decorate Event
*Wild Forest {Single} – Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
*Wild Forest {Cluster Storm} – Little Branch @ Shiny Shabby
Burtonesque House – Scarlet Creative
Curtains-A-cream – BBQQ
Winter Dog Rose – 3D Trees
Reindeer – Ispachi {Store Closed}

Oops, wrong class.

Class 038

Hair – D!va – Hair “Nene” @ Shiny Shabby
Outfit – {BunBun} – Rare Embroidered Tank Top/Skirt @ The Woodlands
Socks- Baby – Florina Socks (part of Florina outfit}
Shoes – {s.o.} – Mary Janes White

*Volcano Project Display Board – BoOgErS @ Xiasumi School Festival
*Solar System Desk Display – BoOgErS @ Xiasumi School Festival
*Volcano 3D Sculpture Project – BoOgErS @ Xiasumi School Festival
*Potato Circuit Clock – BoOgErS @ Xiasumi School Festival
*Lunchbox & Thermos Lil’ Monsters – BoOgErS @ Xiasumi School Festival
*Lunchbox Ships by Skippy – BoOgErS @ Xiasumi School Festival
*Lunchbox Cute Kitty – BoOgErS @ Xiasumi School Festival
Simple Things (Shelf with Decor) Rare – Art Dummy {Store Closed}
School Furniture Cabinet, Blackboard – *bbqq* {past gacha}
Old School Chair, Table & Wire Basket – Sari-Sari {past gacha}
School Books, School Cursive Board & World Map – Milk Motion {past gacha}

Pose: Dainty Set by .click.

*Review copies.

Coffee O’Clock

“Life’s too short to drink cheap coffee.”


Today I am combining something new with some previous buys, most of which are gacha items from past events.  Aphrodite Shops has released a new mesh fully animated coffee machine that has on and off sounds and a coffee beans container.  It dispenses a dozen of different gourmet coffees.  It comes with the new automatic attachment system that I like, that doesn’t create items in your inventory.   The set comes with a dozen decorative cups that are rezzable and also decorative sugar bags.  The cookie platter is also part of the set and on touch dispenses cookies.  Those little details in a product matter to me — especially when you want to have an interactive experience.

After looking at those cookies it really makes me want to have something sweet in real.

Hair – Clawtooth – Pink Flamingo/Black Beauty
Top – Boom – Hello Girl (Navy)
Shorts – Rebel Hope – Kassy Mesh Capri Pants White
Flip Flops – Reign – Phoebe Flip Flops Navy
Feet – Slink – Womens Natural Barefeet

House – Ionic – La Boheme RARE
Kitchen – Agora – Bella Kitchen (Chocolate)
*Gourmet Coffee Maker – Aphrodite Shops
*Chocolate To Go Cup Decorative – Aphrodite Shops
*Brown Sugar Bag Decorative – Aphrodite Shops
*Assorted Cookies Platter – Aphrodite Shops
* Espresso Coffee Cup Decorative – Aphrodite Shops
Curtain v2-Linen A – BBQQ
Petunia Plant – Dutchie
Inspire Chair Red – Ionic
Inspire Chair Orange – Ionic
Industrial Lamp Black – Hideki
Barrel w/ Grass – JoHaDeZ
Grass Pot – JoHaDeZ
Ladder with Frames – Hideki
Book Decor – Zigana  – Packaging Box
Atelier Desk – Zigana
Yellow & Red Roses Bucket – Atelie Visconti
Rug – Zigana – Rug Naturel

Pose – K&S – Be With You




Lesson 24


This picture has nothing to do with this lesson, it is more the state of quietness that I find myself in this week.  Even though I have probably only painted once or twice in the last year — behind the easel is where I have found great solitude shutting out the world and immersing myself in whatever I was painting.  As I read this lesson nothing glaringly jumps out in my mind about being in conflict with someone else over the need to be right unless that small voice in your head counts!

You see I find myself contemplating the changes that have taken place in my life the last few months, some that I made willingly and others forced upon me and having to adjust as necessary.   That voice says change is good and everything was for my own good and I fight back saying not all changes are good, being adamant in my way of thinking.

Yes, this lesson comes right on time for me as I choose to be open to look at it differently and apply it to where I am in life.   Most often it’s not always another person that you can find yourself most at odds with.  It’s yourself.   Right?  Admit you’re wrong and I’m right and we’re all happy. 🙂 

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Lesson 24: Admit You Are Wrong

Whenever two people are at odds with one another, it’s usually because both people are trying to be right. Sometimes we defend our positions even when they make us miserable, because we just can’t bear to admit that we’re wrong. Our need to be right robs us of intimacy and fulfillment in our personal relationships, and perpetuates our feelings of discontent.

This week, notice what your need to be right costs you in terms of energy, intimacy, and peace of mind. Ask yourself what’s more important: being right or being happy.

Your Self-Love Assignment

Allow yourself to see one thing you’ve been fighting to be right about. Are you holding a position with someone that’s causing you stress or aggravation? Have you been blaming someone else for your current state of affairs?

Your assignment this week is to make the powerful choice to take responsibility for the role you played in the creation of this situation. Even if you feel you can justify your position, notice how much more freedom, peace, and contentment you have when you let it go.

Self-Love Points Earned

Give yourself 150 points every time you admit you’re wrong!


Hair – Alice Project – Steph II Black/Natural Red
Top – Ricielli – Jennie Mesh Jacket Wine (Halloween 2013 Hunt)
Shorts – Erratic – Jessy Studded Shorts Brown
Socks – Maitreya – Prim Sock Bordeaux
Boots – Maitreya – Stagioni Boots Bole

Curtain V2 Linen C – BBQQ
Artist Easel, Stool & Canvases – Interior Addiction 
Mums in Basket – MudHoney
Pumpkin Painting Kit – 11th Hour 
Panorama Rug Beige – Tartessos Arts
Quilt Rack – Ruth’s Creations