… all l I need is U

Like everyone I have trouble naming my posts. Sometimes it’s fairly easy as I’ll focus on something in my picture that makes the title as in this case.  I just took the title right off the wording on my top.  The tricky side to that is people read a lot into your titles and the music that you use.

Since I have no one to answer to other than myself I can pretty much use whatever and not have to worry about censoring.  My advice is just have fun with it and do whatever feels comfortable or you could always use a disclaimer.

In case you’re wondering… all I need is U, yes….. You! 🙂

*Necklace: Lily Set [Gold] by .::Supernatural::. @ Cosmopolitan
*Top: Rowdy T-Shirt(Maitreya)-F CK All I Need Is U by ~Nerido~ @ Cosmopolitan
*Shoes: Dacia (Maitreya) by **UTOPIA@Design** @ Cosmopolitan
Hair: Cheri by Truth

*Electric Scooter Gacha by Black Jack @ Cosmopolitan
BJK * Scooter gacha – Track
BJK * Scooter gacha – Old tires curve
BJK * Scooter gacha – Paited wall
BJK * Scooter gacha – Painted tires curve
BJK * Scooter gacha – Metal walls
BJK * Scooter gacha – fence
BJK * Scooter gacha – Double ramp
BJK * Scooter gacha – Old drums
BJK * Scooter gacha – Electric Scooter Black RARE
BJK * Scooter gacha – Drum curve
BJK * Scooter gacha – Swing
BJK * Scooter gacha – Plank ramp
BJK * Scooter gacha – Electric Scooter White RARE

*Young Sweet ChestNut {Seasons}*Animated by Little Branch @ Cosmopolitan


The hustle and bustle of a nearby town

It’s pretty obvious I need to slow down a little as I posted this picture and credits in my other blog instead of here last night.  It’s a post showing more items from 6th Republic and also some fantastic trees from Heart Gardens. Take a view at credits for all the details.

Happy Friday!

Porto Decor by Black Jack @ 6th Republic
BJK * Porto Cafe Building * RARE
BJK Porto Building1 RARE
BJK Porto Building2 RARE
BJK Porto Building3 RARE
BJK * Porto Coffee Table 2
BJK * Porto Coffee Chair 5
BJK * Porto Coffee Chair
BJK * Porto Coffee Umbrella 1
BJK * Porto Francesinha
BJK Porto Train
BJK * Porto Tram Trailway
BJK Porto Tram Posts
BJK * Porto Bench 1
BJK * Porto Dock
BJK Porto Wine Ship
BJK Porto Wine Ship 1
BJK * Porto Phone Booth
BJK * Porto Menu Board

*La Gare Train Station by DaD Design @ 6th Republic

*Mjolnir Kompaniet Building by Nomad  @ 6th Republic

*WW – Alder Trees Mature & Saplings by Heart Gardens 

Tunnel by Obscure