Love of Life

“Life is finite and fragile, and just because something is there for
one day, it might not be the next.  Never take that for granted.”


“The endless… infinite possibilities that exist.” 


“I saved you a seat in the time out section.” 


“You think that you have time to wait… but sometimes you don’t.”


“Don’t be afraid to stand tall when things all around you are falling down.”


Ever since fellow blogger Peep blogged this location I have been meaning to visit and finally got a chance last night. Furillen is described as being a depiction of an island off the north-east coast of Sweden that contains abandoned industrial builds that were once part of a former limestone factory. It was an enjoyable visit if a bit desolate in nature ~ though that’s where the beauty lies in this creation.

I took several pictures from different angles normally going to what draws my attention or speaks to my thoughts and feelings in that moment.  While I played with several wind lights, including the recommended sim one, in the end I liked my pictures in black and white.

Go visit for yourself, details below.

Location: Furillen Love of Life
Blog: Furillen

Other than the first quote… most were my own conjured up by the pictures.

I can’t stop listening to this song… so I threw it in here as I listened to it the whole time I was putting this post together.