I think it’s time for lunch


I’m dragging a little today… so I’m way behind my own schedule.  Today I am featuring several things, starting with these adorable wiener dogs by JIAN.  It’s a second gacha set that will be available at the Arcade on September 1st. Showing only 2 dogs of the set, the naked and hot dog plus also showing the reward dog, which is the blue known as Habada the Pilot.   There are 12 commons and 4 rares, with a selection of wanderer dogs or companion ones. All the pets include the 4 coat texture choices, resize, sound and animation menus.  The reward dog includes both the companion and wanderer and you get the same features as the other dogs plus 7 plane color choices. Plus the dogs animates and barks as the plane hovers and propeller spins.

The scene is Sushi Monster food truck by Heart Homes, which is available at the new round of Creators Collection Box. The complete set comes with the tables, there are 46 animations total with 22 props and 2 sequences to make Sushi and Yakisoba.  The Japanese lanterns are add-ons and available at the event as well.

I’m wearing the newest hairstyle known as the Ashley, by enVOGUE, available at the main store.  The color I’m using is from the dark greys pack, but available in a variety of colors.  The top is from Bender, it was available at the just passed On9 event, but you should be able to find it at the main store now.  It also comes with a skirt, and in several colors.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

*Hair: Ashley by enVOGUE 
*Top: Mouser Crop Top by B E N D E R
Jeans: Halsey Bootcut Jeans Maitreya by Vinyl
Fringe Ankle Boots by Pure Poison

*”Sushi Monster” Food Truck Complete {includes tables} by Heart Homes @ Creators Collection Box
*”Sushi Monster” Japanese Lanterns Add-on by Heart Homes @ Creators Collection Box
*Wonky Weenies Gacha by JIAN @ The Arcade
-Habada the Pilot (Wanderer) {Reward}
-Hot Dog Wanderer
-Naked Dog Wanderer
‘Ivory’ Monaco Scooter (plain luggage) by {what next}

Pose: Sit 012 by !bang {store closed}


The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results

SF 013

*Lazy Armchair – White by Shutter Field @ On9
*Decor Ottoman – White by Shutter Field @ On9
*Charlotte Rugs by .:Bee Designs:. @ On9
*Buck Thorn {4 Seasons) by Little Branch @ LTD The Event
Nerites Folly House Rare by Scarlet Creative  @ The Arcade
Arrow Curtains by Kalopsia
Homme Photo Corner Stuff by {Petite Maison} @ Cosmopolitan
My little plant_Tokusa Red by {-Maru Kado-} @ Creators Collection Box
DrY Leaf (Wall)-MiX02 by {iD} @ Creators Collection Box
Wanderlust . Belted Pillows by Dust Bunny @ The Arcade
Lost & Forgotten – Birdcage [Silver] by .random.Matter. @ The Arcade
Vintage Birds – Mister Herbie by 8f8
Interrupted-Witty Cats by Mutresse  @ The Arcade
Potted Cactus by Floorplan
Serenity Bird Basket – Brown by Strike It
Salad Days – Silver Cloche by Tres Blah

For you, I was a chapter. For me, you were the book

“I never really understood what, ‘Calgon, take me away’ meant until I realized my alone time is sometimes for your safety.”

Aphrodite 011

I was sitting in the tub completely naked and rummaging in my inventory finding some decor to put this scene together to show you this new nautical boat by Heart Homes available at the upcoming round of Creators Collection Box.  Wondering at the same time how I was going to cover the top half of myself.  Then I put in towel in my search box wanting to find my towel on the floor, because I’m messy like that.

My wondering ceased when I found this towel that wrapped around my neck shielding everything I wanted covered.  I love my inventory for these reasons.

The nautical boat can be found in both pg and adult version with loads of animations in both.  It has some features like filling the tub with chocolate, milk or if you prefer the more traditional try hot water with some bubbles.

Also featuring the book lamp by Kuro, available at the Gen-Neutral event that runs until December 1st.  Available in red and black.

*Nautical Bath Tub – Heart Homes @ Creators Collection Box {Nov. 21-Dec. 12}
*Reading lamp (Black) – Kuro @ GEN-Neutral {until Dec. 1st}
Shower Cap, Shower Towel {on neck} & Shower Brush  – One Creations
Hang Over Curtains – [LeeZu]
LAQ Decor ~ Bathroom Cabinet Sink – Worn – LAQ Decor
Khotan Rug & Towel on Hook – Consignment
Wicker Laundry Basket w/ Towel – Dutchie
Candle 1 –  Dutchie

Outdoor living.

ARIA 019-2

The spring weather definitely invites you to spend time outside and I got to do a little of that over the weekend sitting out on the lanai enjoying the breeze and reading.  It’s why I can appreciate outdoor sets like this one that [ARIA] has created for this round of FaMESHed.  The set includes the sectional sofa, side and coffee table, decorative bowl of apples, cactus plant and the blue Hawaiian drink.  The sofa has a texture change menu for the cushions, upholstery and wood.  You also get a few choices to change the wood on the tables.

This set is not limited to just the outside, as it can work really well inside a home.

*Thea Set {Sectional Sofa, Side Table, Coffee Table, Potted Cactus, Stone Bowl w/ Apples & Decorative Blue Hawaiian} – [ARIA] @ FaMESHed
Banana Trees – Apple Fall
Cast Iron Fountain Wall Decor – [free bird] {just passed Wayward Hunt}
Hedges – Static Forge
Flower Arrangement Shoubu White – Monkey Banana {Creators Collection Box Group Gift}
Portland Cosy Cottage Log Store Warm – Lisp
Tabletop Magazine – [Noble]
Basset Hound – Just Animals
Mediterranean Palm – Kidd Creation

*Review copy.

[MeshedUp] @ Home Show 2015

MeshedUp 004

As you can see there is lots of variety when it comes to the choices you have for home decor.  If you are more into a Vintage style then [MeshedUp] has created a living room set for the Home Show that consists of the couch, the chair next to it, the top rug and the wall decor in front of it.  I mixed this decor with other pieces that have been previously released by the creator along with a few items that I found at the Creators Collection Box event and a few pieces from Dysfunctional Designs.

Happy Shopping days.

*Vintage Candles, Wall & Frame Decor, Coffee Table, Carpet, Couch & Chair – [MeshedUp] @ Home Show 2015
*Chair Brown Rare, Chair Red Rare, Carpet C Common & Gor Map Common – [MeshedUp] {just passed Gorean Gacha}
Akebia Lamps – Caco’s Greenhouse @ Creators Collectors Box
Akebia Basket (dark & natural) – Caco’s Greenhouse @ Creators Collection Box
Vintage Hall Bench – [MeshedUp] 
Tailoring Shop Dress Form  & Stand of Rolls – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD]
Neva Chapel – Scarlet Creative @ Shiny Shabby

*Review copy.

Master chef in the making.

Master Chef 034

Showing a cute little outfit for this upcoming round of “All The Little Things” that will be based on the theme career fair.  KJlm Kids has made these master chef outfits that are unisex for the toddleedoo avatar that are white with different colors embedded in the lining, shoes and the accessories like the handkerchief and oven mittens.  Then a few other outfits with different art for like a pastry or fast food chef.

Don’t I look great back there looking as if I know what I’m doing?

Sydney ~
Hair – Amacci – Greta
*Outfit – KJlm Kids – Master Chef – Yellow @All The Little Things ***Starts May 3rd thru May 16th***

Alexa ~
Hair – Cheveux – F063 Blacks @ Creators Collection Box
Top – Silvery K – T-Shirt Charcoal Set @ Creators Collection Box
Skirt – Amerie – Denim Skirt Dark

Thanksgiving Kitchen – TD Size by Little Nest {past hunt}
Deco Dining Rug – Pilot
Bottled Roses Tea Green – [keke]
Kitchen Set – LAQ Decor
Vita trash Can – [ARIA]
Toaster & Tea Pot – Dust Bunny

Pose: Expressions Poses Set by Label Motion {Modified w/ Animare HUD}

*Review copy.


Pretty in pinks.

Pretty in Pink 006-1

Hair – Tukinowaguma – Cinzia @ Creators Collection Box
Top – Silvery K – T-Shirt Charcoal Set @ Creators Collection Box
Shorts – Blueberry – Ripped Denim Shorts

*Dakota Living Set – [ARIA] & The Loft @ Uber
Pretty in Punk Flag – Pilot @ Collabor88
Safari! Ball Decoration – GA Home @ The Chapter Four
Hodgepodge Stacked Magazines – Tres Blah {March 2015 Arcade}
Butter Cookies – GA Home @ The Kawaii Project
Teacup – [ARIA] {part of Vesna Set}
FOS Digital Camera RARE – Le Primitif {March 2015 Arcade}

Enjoying the beauty of an oncoming spring.


Each day the air seems to be getting warmer and warmer as the heat starts to kick up into those blistering hot muggy days that we often experience living here in Florida.  Those days are not far off, though this is a perfect time of the year when it’s not too hot nor cold either and the kind of weather that permits wearing long and short sleeveless dresses.  I made it to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival without overly tripping all over myself if you don’t count managing to walk right off the cliff into the water and right smack into walls.  No doubt bumping into people, except my screen would literally blank out on me during those times and it came clear when I was facing a wall.   Gives a humble apology if it was any of you.

I’m feeling rather lazy today and was contemplating maybe taking a last minute out of town trip two states away since it’s a long holiday weekend.  Wishful thinking now since the idea was cut short as I got a call this morning as a reminder that I had my 6-month follow-up with the oncologist.  It’s a good thing they called as I didn’t have the appointment on my calendar and getting it rescheduled would have meant a wait of another 2 months.   While I’ve had hormonal challenges during the last several months I feel pretty optimistic, if slightly anxious, at least until he gives me the sign off once again that everything is normal.

Have a fabulous Friday!

Hair – Tukinowaguma – Larisa @ Creators Collection Box
Dress – Inanna Dress Flower Antique – Aphorism @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Old Rose Bouquet – [[RH]] @ Creators Collection Box {Group Gift}

Pose: Comes with Rose Bouquet

Location: Friend’s Home

Love doesn’t know any distance.


 Love doesn't know distance2

Neither is flirting and trying to hook up with total strangers over an app game.  Some days ago I mentioned that during one of my sleepless nights I found myself playing a game of words with total strangers, two in fact a male and a female.  Since that night the challenges have continued on and off as time permits.  I’ve won some and lost some and it keeps my brain active.

In the game “Words with Friends” there is an option for chat and can only be used if you’re in an active game.  Up until then no communication had occurred until this weekend the guy initiates a chat by messaging me that my next move better be a good one just before hitting me with a word that racked up his points.  This was all good until he starts to get a little more friendlier.

I’ll spare the details of the come on as it’s rather lame even to my own ears, especially when they have absolutely no knowledge if I’m married, single or whatever.  Politely I declined his offer quit the game and refused another challenge.

Maybe this is normal in this day and age?

Hair – +elua+ – Hollis1 @ The Chapter Four
Dress – Ronsem – Long Hoodie Tartan @ Creators Collection Box
Scarf – Shakeup! – Plaid Scarf [03] @ The Showroom
Boots – Just Design – LouLou Black @ FaMESHed

Delilah Curtain – [ARIA] {Part of the Delilah Living Set}
Woodcutter Corner Heart Wreath – Cheeky Pea @ The Men’s Department
Pulley Light Espresso – Tarte
Round Woven Rug – Pilot
Painted Globe/Love – Vespertine
Dentist Table – Oyasumi
Simple Light – Oyasumi
Old Rose Bouquet Pink – [RH] Design House {Creators Collection Box Group Gift}
Glass Vase – ASO {Creators Collection Box Group Gift}
Industrial Shoe Rack – Oyasumi {House Hunt}
Valentine Tray – Dust Bunny & Windsong @ The Chapter Four
Love Sign – Sway’s
Sweetmallow Hot Chocolate – +Half-Deer+
Books – Apple Fall
Old Books – Gumi’s Flower Shop
Pop Choco – [i Home] {Creators Collection Box Group Gift}
Wing Loveseat Heart – Striped Mocha {House Hunt}

Never let something good go to waste.

No waiting.

I’m showing a lovely dining set by [CIRCA] that you can find at the “With Love Fair ” for 50% off at the event only that runs until the 2oth of February.   Everything minus the house is included in this set, that has a land impact of 25 and is mesh and copy.  Only the rug and bench seats are mod and copy.

What you will get is couple sync’d sits, male and female single sits, eating dinner or dessert, drinking, chatting and casual animations.  The table with food and decor rezz menu, giving you the option to setup, cleanup and rezz your choice of food.  The cutlery is provided by tapping the place mat.  Also included are the area rug and wall sconces.

Buon appetito!

Hair – Tukinowaguma – Larisa @ Creators Collection Box
Dress & Bracelets – Asteria – Lexi Mini Dress & Bracelets Navy @ Fashion Fair
Heels – ieQED – Rumba Sandal {past Shoe 21}

*”Love Lane” Dinette Room Set For Couples – [CIRCA] @ With Love Fair
Atlantic Gazer – Scarlet Creative {modified}

*Review copy.