The Huntress

aisling 018

DDD 0152

First Picture~
*Huntress House – .aisling. @ The Secret Affair
Pine Trees – 3D Trees
Forest Light – 3D Trees
Ferns Young Sparse – 3D Trees
Forest Plants – 3D Trees
Forest Trunks – 3D Trees
Forest Brushwood – 3D Trees
Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] – *alirium* 
Mossy Rocks – Forest Floor
Wayzata Butter Churn – POST
Old Lamp Stand – POST
Mesabi Railroad Lantern – POST
“Popcorn Trail” Crochet Spread 1937 – POST
Inter Monopole –POST
Darkbloom Journal – POST
Country Bench/Dark – Shutter Field

Second Picture ~
*Wuldars bed adult Pink – Tiar @ Fair Play
*Medieval Sconce – [DDD]/Dsyfunctionality
*Medieval Bench – [DDD]/Dsyfunctionality
With Love Mix – Zigana
With Love Pile – Zigana
Hanging Books – Zigana
Apothecary Cabinet Dark – Zigana
Candles – .aisling. {past gacha}
Boxes – .aisling. {past gacha}
Rug Naturel – Zigana
Bushy Plant w/ Birdy & Eggs – Ariskea {March Group Gift}

When you play, never mind who listens to you.

Rainy Day 041
Hair – Love Soul – Hair *113* Jet Black
Glasses – Madeleine’s – Sadie Bow Glasses (Pink) Rare {past gacha event}
Jumper Pink – !K*K!@ Dream Kids Event
Shoes – That’s So {Kyoot} – Polka Dot High Tops (Peach) @ Dream Kids Event
Pear Ukulele Orange – Cocoroni @ Xiasumi School Festival

*Stuff on Shelves for Walls, Balalaika Hanging Natural & Sky, Balalaika Leaning Natural & Sky, MatryoFlo & Matryohead Gig Poster – BoOgErS @ Shiny Shabby {new round April 20th}
Green & Orange Hopper Fish – McKidz @ The Play Room
*The Hook, Cursed Witch & Cruel Devil Snuggie Pillows – Flutter @ All The Little Things Event {ends tomorrow}
Basket of Pillows – Shutter Field
Vader – Ionic @ The Chapter Four
Pillow Friends Pig, Duck & Lady Bug – [REZ]idential {past gacha event}
My Rugs – Ionic
Petite Cabine – Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
Paper Heart Curtains – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD]
Fatty Llama – Ison Home {past arcade}
Kokedoma C-3 – D R O P {past gacha event}

*Pose: Once Upon a Time Set (#5) {used child pose only} – [Dot Dot Dot] @ All The Little Things Event {only available at event & ends tomorrow}

Everyday Life in Medieval Second Life.


I had a bit of fun doing up these photos to show you the newest creation by Dysfunctional Designs.  It is a medieval style castle skybox that is 133 prims rezzed and is extremely spacious with a three room layout. It has a built in waterfall cascade pool and courtyard garden space.   While I didn’t attempt this… you can re-texture it as well and the wall torches can be copied.   The stallion gallantly showed up, but I’m still waiting for my knight in shining armor to arrive and sweep me off my feet.


The waterfall is one of the lovely parts of this build and just to note the streams of light coming in through the windows is not part of the build.  I would encourage you to visit the demo that is set up at the event site so you can see the color, textures and quality of the skybox.


I was going to attempt to decorate a bedroom, except it would have taken a bit of digging in my inventory to find the right pieces of furniture and so the food won out.

It’s the weekend and another busy day for me tomorrow, so in case I don’t get a chance to post anything everyone have a fabulous Saturday!

1st Pic:
Hair – Catwa – Aimee
Dress – C&N Designs – Medieval Dress Elaralith Red

2nd Pic:
Hair – Catwa – Aimee
Dress – Torvis Gorean Weapons – Marge Dress Red @ Fantasy Room
Collar & Necklace – .aisling. – Dangara Collar & Necklace Rare @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival {Ends March 15th}
Headpiece & Belt – Keystone – Malukah Belt Gold & Headpiece Gold Rare @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival {Ends March 15th}

*Khan’s Keep Skybox – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD] @ We ❤ Role-Play
Castle Tapestry – La Galleria
Medieval Divan Red – PPK
Medieval Candle Style 1 – Alouette
Coat of Arms Tapestry II – PrimVision
Feast Set  – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] {From the May 2014 Fantasy Gacha Carnival}
-Festival Table & Chair Rare, Chicken Legs, Decanter, Mazed Pie, Plate of Fruit, Etagere, Egg Basket & Bread Commons
White Horse {uncertain}

Poses: Dolce Set by PosESioN & Rumi Set by Kirin

*Review copy.

The buzz of new things.

“Advice from a dragonfly… spend time near the water, be colorful, enjoy a good reed, zoom in on your dreams, appreciate long summer days, keep your eyes open and just wing it! by Your True Nature

Modanna-DDD 006

I am traveling over the weekend and when I left home early morning it was 80 plus degree weather and now I’m shivering in mid 40’s degree weather.  I’m not complaining when my brother in Texas said weather predictions indicated they were going to get some snow.  Even though it’s weather I’m not used to, it’s always a welcome change here and then.

If you’re in need of some friendly company that will buzz sweet nothings in your ear, these dragon flies are just the ticket.   Dysfunctional Designs has them out for 50L Friday today and at least until Saturday night before it goes full price.  You just rez them out and set the radius and texture of your choice and then activate them.  I personally love to have animated animals and weather stuff, because it just makes the experience a little more enjoyable.

I’m wearing some cute items from MoDANNA that you can find at the newest round of anyBODY that begins tomorrow and will run until the 31st of March.  The top is part of a two-piece body suit that comes in system layers and also appliers.  You will have several bodysuits to choose from.   The mesh jean jacket will come in various colors and the boyfriend jeans also come in a few colors choices and can be found at the store.

Hope you’re weekend is a off to a great start!

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Shiny Hair @ Shiny Shabby
*Top – MoDANNA – [Trompeur Collection] Two-Piece Bodysuit @ anyBODY starts tomorrow!
*Jacket – MoDANNA – [Trompeur Collection] Jeans Jacket Grey @ anyBODY starts tomorrow!
*Jeans – MoDANNA – [Essentielle  Collection] Boyfriend Jeans Black
Hands & Feet – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands & Feet

*Flutter Critter – Dragonflies – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD] – **for 50L Friday — out at least until Saturday night**

Pose: Nature’s Swing Gacha Pose by RIDIC 

*Review copies.

¡Ay, caramba! You so clumsy.


Showing some more great stuff from the Shiny Shabby event and this adorable rug from BoOgErS that is one of the gacha items at the March round of the Arcade.  Only days away before the big day is here and if you have not taken a look at the shopping guide for this round, you’re missing out!  Too many great things.

A little real life. I live in a relatively quiet residential community that is surrounded by lakes and it has a boat load of rules to follow as a result of over zealous members of the home owners association.  I understand rules.  I follow them most of the time. I make mistakes too.  In fact, the very same day I got a new vehicle over a week ago I got a traffic violation for turning right on a red traffic signal at a major intersection.  While I did make a complete stop before turning, I did fail to see the sign that stated there are no right turns allowed.  I learned my lesson and the hefty fine made sure of it.

Though, someone forgot to inform the driver yesterday that it’s against the rules and legal laws to drink and drive these days. Otherwise, you could end up driving off the road into the lake.   It was less than a block from the cul-de-sac that I reside in and it makes me shudder to think about it and just thankful there was no walkers or children on bikes when this happened.

It’s Friday and happy hour is on many minds.

Be safe.

Sydney ~
Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair *115* Jet Black
Outfit – Viv.a! Kids – Chess Outfit Blue

Sydney’s Friend ~
Hair – Tram – C429 Black
Glasses – Bad Seed Boutique – Round Glasses {part of Lil Owl outfit}
Outfit – Candy Cloud – Grey Winter Coat

Country Keep – Scarlet Creative
*Brown Bear Rug – BoOgErS @ The Arcade on March 1st
Huge Pile of Books Rare – [zerkalo] @ Shiny Shabby
Shabby Door Rare – [kunst] @ Shiny Shabby
Honey Pie Stained Wood Drawer – {Reverie} @ Shiny Shabby
Soup Can/Chicken Noodle – [kunst] @ Shiny Shabby
Soup Can/Tomato – [kunst] @ Shiny Shabby
Biscuit Tin Box/Light Blue – [kunst] @ Shiny Shabby
*Wagon Blocks – BoOgErS @ The Arcade on March 1st
Biscuit Tin Box/Orange – [kunst] @ Shiny Shabby
Globe – [zerkalo] @ Shiny Shabby
Honey Pie Aged Books and Candles – {Reverie} @ Shiny Shabby
Childhood Favorites – Blocks & Jacks – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs @ We ❤ Role-Play
Shabby Frames – [kunst] @ Shiny Shabby
Honey Pie Windows and Wood Planks – {Reverie} @ Shiny Shabby
Pillow 3 – [zerkalo] @ Shiny Shabby
*Shape Sorter – BoOgErS @ The Arcade on March 1st
Soup Can/Vegetables – [kunst] @ Shiny Shabby
Decorative Pitcher – GA Home @ Shiny Shabby
Pile of Books 2 – [zerkalo] @ Shiny Shabby
Honey Pie Aged Coffee Table – {Reverie} @ Shiny Shabby
Old Iron Rare – [kunst] @ Shiny Shabby
Rug – [zerkalo] @ Shiny Shabby
Pull Elephant – BoOgErS {past hunt item}
Shabby Combat Boots @ Shiny Shabby {event gift}

Pose: A Fish! by GlamRus Kidz

*Review copies.