Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Featuring a few things today.  The first are these assortment of pumpkins by Dysfunctional Designs, which are available at their store.   I think they’re absolutely great and like all the odd shapes and colors. Someone gave us a large pumpkin the other day so I’ve been searching for recipes and found a few for pumpkin bread and one for pumpkin french toast.  I’m wondering how the latter is going to taste.

DDD Buglets 003

Little me is wearing some cute shoes by Buglets, which are texture change using a HUD.  They are called skelly as they have a little skeleton adornment.  You get six colors and their free gift is this sign.  They are available at the annual Trunk or Treat event for kids and will run until November 18th.  Most of the stores participating also have a free gift along with their item, so make sure to check it out.

The fruit trees in the background are the latest releases by Aphrodite Shops.  There are several fruit versions of trees and they come with a texture changing menu for the leaves and have falling autumn leaves and even come with the wind system giving you a bit of realism.

There are a few events gifts that I am showing as well, so check out the credits below.

Hair – Love Soul – Hair *132* Jet Black
Top – Des Lunes – Dungaree Tee/Buggies
Overall – Des Lunes – Dungaree/Sand
*Shoes – Buglets – TD Skelly Shoe @ Trunk or Treat

*Wicked Witch Sign – Buglets @ Trunk or Treat {Event Gift}
*Pumpkin Mix 2015 – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD]
* Orange Fruit Tree w/Lights & Falling Leaves – Aphrodite Shops
*Apple Tree w/ Lights, Wind & Falling Leaves – Aphrodite Shops
Fat Cat Luna – BoOgErS @ HavenHollow {Event Gift}
Hanging Witchy Decor – Casita @ Wayward Halloween {Event Gift}
Apple Orchard Board – Tool Shed @ Wayward Halloween {Event Gift}
Old wagon (with pumpkins) – Artilleri


Found the cookies!

Cookies 010

Doing a quick post this evening to show a few items for the toddleedoo.   The first are these dinosaur pajamas that BoOgErS made for the Gen-Neutral event, which ends tomorrow so you still have a little time to grab them at a great price. There are two options available for you to choose from.

Over the past weekend I made two batches of peanut butter cookies, which amounted to about four dozen.  So it made me chuckle as I was doing up this scene as I recalled the amount of cookies I had in the last days.  I’m glad they’re all gone now.   This cute “found the cookies” pose is by Buglets and is available at the main store.

There are a couple of items that I picked up today for kids Fifty Linden Friday like the peg board toy and the black sneakers, which are a part of a complete outfit.  You can find all the details below.

Hair – Tram– D219 Jet Black
Mesh Head – *Cute Bytes* – Baby Mesh Head #1 Kiss
Glasses – Sorgo – SMQ Shades Wood Glasses
*Dinosaur T-Shirt – BoOgerS @  Gen-Neutral
*Dinosaur Sweatpants – BoOgErS @  Gen-Neutral

Hair – Doe – Elfie
Top – Des Lunes – Dungaree Tee/Buggies
Overalls – Des Lunes – Dungaree Sand
Sneakers & Socks – a Dash of Dulce – Mouse Socks & Keds for FLF

Peg Board – Larnia Kids for FLF
Shiba Inu-Playful – +Half-Deer+ @ The Arcade

*Pose: Found the Cookies! – *Buglets*

50 shades of brat and mommy still loves me.

Shades of Grey 018

Even though the day is about gone it’s my hope that if you are in this category of special women that you had a splendid and a wonderful Happy Mother’s Day.

I spent the morning celebrating and honoring my mother along with my sisters cooking a large breakfast and then hanging for most of the day together talking, laughing and being completely lazy until we started to cook again to enjoy our last meal of the day together too.

Plus where else can I also be 50 shades of brat and my mother still love me.

Alexa ~
Hair – Olive – The Daisy Hair – Morning Coffee {March 2015 Arcade}
Top – Kitja – Gwen Top White
Shorts – Blueberry – Cuffed Denim Shorts @ FaMESHed

Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair *132 Jet Black
Top – {Blubb} – Brat Oversize Shirt
Black Gym Socks – Des Lunes

Petite Cabine – Scarlet Creative
Stockholm Bedroom Curtain, Rug, Sneaker Decor, Painting 1 & 2, Lamp,Typewriter, Books, Headphone Decor & Music Tapes – Bazar @ 6th Republic
Little Butterfly Boxes – Stockholm & Lima {Gift at FaMESHed}
The White Room Dresser – Exposeur {Gift at FaMESHed}
Birdie Pillows – Serenity Style {Gift at The Chapter Four}
Allergy Medicine – NOMAD {Gift at The Chapter Four}
Ari Chair Baby Blue – B.C.C. @ Republic 6

Just us girls…

Image 1

It’s always so nice when others in the Second Life community share their talent.  If its providing a tutorial on how to do something or giving you tips to make your virtual experience much more enjoyable.

Image 2

Or when talented photographers share their windlights.   Recently Jay Tedder made one of his sky/windlights available and I couldn’t wait to try it as he always has some great pictures.

Image 3

I was rather pleased with how the pictures turned out and will use this windlight time and time again for other settings.  Thank you Jay T. !


Alexa ~
Hair – Eaters Coma – Hair 47/Noir
Dress – ::FAC:: – Zoey Tunic Dress White
Headwear – LODE – Boohoo [green grass] RARE {previous gacha}

Sydney ~
Hair [elikatira] – Quirky Black 04
Headwear – LODE – Boohoo [sun] {previous gacha}
Dress – Des Lunes – White Summer Dress @ Family Flea Market

Shiny Meadow Autumn – *aG*
Barrel – Olive Juice – Barrel of Poses Prop

Magnifique Poses – Just Me & My Mom & Don’t Be Shy