Unself yourself

SF 010

I was not planning to blog anything today as I didn’t get around to doing anything the previous night as I usual do for the day ahead.  Though I have quite a few things to show in the coming days.

Then I got some new stuff to blog and I couldn’t wait to do something with it as ideas quickly began to form.  I am featuring this picnic blanket with basket of bread and wine from Shutter Field.  It has animation for single and couples. I’m showing the purple version, but you can find it in two different colors at the event.  The little one took the phone while the grown up went astray and is showing off her new clogs and leg warmers by BoOgErS, which are available at this round of La Boutique.  It is a monthly event for kids.

The last items I am showing are these giant maple trees from Little Branch, which are at this round of 6th Republic.  There are three versions with texture change for all seasons by touch.

Head – Baby Mesh Head #1 Kiss – Cute Bytes
Hair – Dura – Boys & Girls *32 Black
Glasses – SORGO – SMQ Shades Wood Glasses
Top – Rayne Drops – Winter Sweater w/ Yoke
Pants – KottonKandy – Gobblez Outfit
*Shoes & Leg Warmers – BoOgErS – Clogs & Leg Warmers Original @ La Boutique

*Cosy Ground Picnic Blanket Set/Purple – Shutter Field @ On9
*Giant Maple.v1 {All Seasons} – Little Branch @ 6th Republic
*Giant Maple.v2 {All Seasons} – Little Branch @ 6th Republic
*Giant Maple.v3 {All Seasons} – Little Branch @ 6th Republic
Itchy Grass [Brown] – *alirium*
Puffy Grass [Brown] – *alirium*
Itchy Grass [Gold] – *alirium*
Summer Picnic . Ukulele Classic – Dust Bunny
Summer Picnic . Deli Sandwiches – Dust Bunny

Pose: Selfie – Reel Poses {Store Gift}

Surround yourself with what brings you joy

Bunnies 028

I’m pretty short on words tonight, so this time around I am going to point you down to my credits to get all the information on where you can find all these cutesy stuff including what I’m wearing.  Most of these items are at events or otherwise at main stores.

Hair – Dura – Boys & Girls *41
*Top – MoDANNA – [Metz Collection] Leather Top Black @ anyBody {August 7-31}
*Jacket – MoDANNA – [Metz Collection] Cascade Leather Jacket Black @ anyBody
*Shorts – MoDANNA – [Metz Collection] High Waist Shorts Dark Blue @ anyBody
*Shoes – MoDANNA – [Moet Collection] Strap Cage Heels Art Deco @ Black Dot Project {August 10-Sept 4}
*Forest Fashion Friends – Baby Fox (Rare) – Jian @ The Gacha Garden

*Paper Cranes, Dandy Star Strings Long, Button Pouf, Paper Cranes Trio, Daydream Mirror – Dysfunctional Designs @ Collabor88
*Forest Fashion Friends – Bluejay Purse, Cardinal Purse, Bunny (White), Bunny (B&W), Bunny (Caramel), Bunny (Black), Bunny (Brown) – Jian @ The Gacha Garden
*B&W Rugs 3 and Rug 5 – Kuro for  the Mix
*Nerd Bear Decor/Chair & Be Yourself Frame – Shutter Field

*Review copy

The end of the road

The end of the road 012

Some home decor items to show you today.  The Fantasy Collective is now open and Jian brings you the Demilune set, which includes the sofa, chair, coffee table, a side table, book and candle decor.  With this set you get the option of texture change on all the wood. To be exact about 7 choices there.  I find that I’m always going for the darker wood versions, so I thought maybe a little changing up here would be good.  This is the grey wood that I’m displaying.  The rug also has a texture option that gives you six choices in color.   You can find this set in PG and Adult version with loads of animations in each.

I’m using the boxwood shrubs in the background just outside the window again that are from Jian, a recently released set that works with a HUD to give you the option of choosing the season you want.  It’s summer here so I did a mixture of that and spring.

I am wearing some new items that MoDANNA has at the Manga Fair.  The Sakura Collection, is a kawaii punk inspired collection that includes the jacket and skirt shown here.  You will find the jacket in 6 pastel colors and the skirt in 6 patterns, but that’s not all in the collection.  You can also find ties and kawaii socknimals (applier socks with animal print at top) that can be mixed and matched with all the items.

Hair – Dura– Girl*59
*Blazer – MoDANNA – [Sakura Collection] Pastel Jack Sand @ Manga Fair {July 19 – August 9}
*Top – MoDANNA – [Glory Collection] Shredded Top Black
*Skirt – MoDANNA – [Sakura Collection] – Slit Micro-Skirt Black @ Manga Fair {July 19 – August 9}
Necklace – Maxi Glossamer – Ritzy Shimmer Pearls
Shoes – Tentacio – Morocco Sandals Purple

*Demilune Set – Jian @ Fantasy Collective {July 22 @ 12 pm SLT – August 13}
{Set includes Sofa, Chair, Books, Mirror, Rug, Side Table, Coffee Table and Candle}
Petite Cabine – Scarlet Creative
Shabby Curtain {from June 2015 Arcade} – Junk {modded to stretch inward and upwards}
Picture Doors {from June 2015 Arcade} – Junk
*Boxwood Shrubs – Jian

Pose: Vivian by {Pose Maniacs}

To know and not to do is not yet to know ~ Zen Wisdom

Things Asian Girl 016

Hair – Dura – Girl*41 Black
Accessory – Miamai – Gajah Bulan Comb Silver Moon @ We ❤ Role-Play
Accessory – Lode – Magnolia II Double [white] Rare @ The Arcade
*Tattoo – .Things. – Incarceron @ The Skin Fair 2015
Collar/Cuffs – =Kio= – Stories Collar/Cuff Native @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Skirt – Storybook – Spellbound Skirt Steel Blue @ We ❤ Role-Play
Top – Storybook – Spellbound Top Steel @ We ❤ Role-Play

Pose: Moody Set by oOo Studios

Miniature Zen Garden – Alouette 
Waterlily Clusters – Botanical


*Review copy.

[ARIA] @ The Mens Department

Aria at TMD

The newest round of The Mens Department begins later today and [ARIA] has an upholstered bench set that you can get in either PG or adult version with optional pillow pile and a vase with poppies. The bench has single and couples animations by menu and with auto-attach props.  As always you will have a selection of texture options for the leather, pillows and vase.  Only during the event will you be able to grab this set at a special and heavily discounted price.

Skin – Lumae – Beth Caramel
Lashes – Redgrave – 31 Extralong
Teeth – [PXL] – Mouth_open_Addon v7.1
Hair – Dura – Girl*59
Top – Emery – Galadriel Top Grey
Jeans – Maitreya – Boyfriend Jeans Dark
Hands & Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Hands & Feet

*Raleigh Upholstered bench Set – [ARIA] @ The Mens Department
Iona Conservatory – Trompe Loeil
Vintage Eye Chart – Hideki @ The Chapter Four
Trois Pillows – llorisen
Taylor Rug Greige – The Loft
Tripod Lamp – Junk
Balance Scales – Junk
Basset Hound – Mesh Mafia

*Review copy.


 “You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.” ~ A Universal Paradox


As I was looking at this picture and thinking of the choices of food before me.  It lead me to thinking of how we make choices in all areas of our life from food, to what we wear and to the people we allow in our lives.  Obviously, some decisions are easier than others and usually the harder ones are when your mind and heart wage a war between what you want and don’t want. These days I find myself contemplating the needs versus wants and readjusting my way of thinking in some areas.  Ultimately, maybe reminding ourselves of what we deserve helps put things in perspective to be able to choose wisely.

That’s just one complexity of life.

Here in Second Life one of the choices if we’re so inclined to play the gachas is choosing to take a chance on the item we want and when to stop playing before we spend lots of lindens.  Of course, I’m giving myself a pep talk as the Fantasy Gacha opens today.  🙂


Skin – Belleza – Suki Makeup {June 2014 Arcade}
Black Eyeliner – Audrey – Tuty’s
Black Eyeliner – Blooming 2 – Tuty’s
Hair – Dura – Giirl*41 Black
Oriental (Dragon) Rare – Pixicat {June 2014 Arcade}
Oriental (Fan) Rare – Pixicat {June 2014 Arcade}
Oriental Kimono Blossom – Pixicat {June 2014 Arcade}
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant

Pose: Girl Sitting – Bounce This Poses

Ayumu Teahouse Brown/Red – [CIRCA]
Finding Bliss Meditation Table & Planter Set – Roawenwood
Paper Lantern – Oyasumi {Sept. 2014 Arcade}
Japanese Table – Oyasumi {Sept. 2014 Arcade}
Blue & Red Chinese Design Rug – Faith Wunderland
Chinese Armoire – Blue – Casa de Shai
Rising Sun Delicates Gacha (all the food on table) – 8f8 @ Xiasumi School Festival

N is for … (challenge)

“Daisies are like sunshine to the ground” ~ Drew Barrymore

Daisys 1

My second post for today is for the alphabet challenge and today’s letter is “N” and I am featuring this  “Blooming Daisies” pose from Nani that I got in a hunt.   I have several other poses form this store, except this is the one I liked most for today’s post.


Actually, the other poses were mostly couple ones and well I have a bit of a problem as I am missing the other person that makes the couple.


I must confess that I purchased this daisy field off market place as I didn’t have one in my overstocked inventory.   Though this pose just called for a whole daisy field and for 99L it was worth getting for these pictures.   While I’m confessing, I might as well tell that I derendered my neighbors whole house along with furniture to ensure it wouldn’t show in the background.   Then with just a change in angle, all that work was for naught as it was completely out of view.

Hair – Dura – Girl*48 Black
Dress – Coco – Boat Neck Dress Rose Beige @ Seasons Story
Sweater – Coco – Sweater Over Shoulders Yellow @ The Chapter Four
Jewelry – Kunglers – TDR Fusion #002

Pose: Blooming Daisies by Nani {Atooly Hunt}

Summer Meadows Daisies Pack – MeadowWorks

Anything just to dress up…

Maravilla Family2

Just a picture with my Second Life brother, who indulges my quirky sense of humor of the little me and the grown up me.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!


Hair – Dura – Girls*51 Black
Gown – Gizza – Plaid Formal Dress
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Aletta Catwalk Necklace

Hair – Elikatira – Only in Black04 {Not sure if still available}
Gown – Baby Pie – Christmas Formal 2013

Christmas Tree -LeLutka {Group Gift}
Decor – Finishing Touches – Wall Frames & Stags
Presents by What Next

Poses: Vista Female Model Poses

Pet rocks

A bit of reminiscing as I write this post.  Growing up I was a tomboy as a kid and so I grew up playing marbles and riding my bike instead of playing with dolls and the tea set.  I enjoyed being outside and hanging out with the neighborhood kids. It was the simple life and I have very fond memories of that time in my life.


Though according to my sis I seemed to have missed out in my childhood development, because I didn’t have a pet rock.  Like those were things we picked up and challenged each other at how far we can throw them across the road.  There were plenty of rocks to be found too.  The last time I picked up a rock as a souvenir was when a group of us traveled into Mexico from San Diego and we were near the Pacific Ocean and a colleague suggested we pick up a rock to remember that day.  I think my rock, which has the date is somewhere in a drawer tucked away.

So my darling sis gave me two pet rocks to make up for my deprived childhood. I mean it couldn’t be because she got gatcha fever and ended up with two of a kind. Giggle. I do think these are cute and enjoyed looking at them while I ate Chinese for dinner.


We have concluded that we have a very dysfunctional family. I sent her a poop wand.  It beats me why someone would want to go around waving a poop wand.  Except the machine kept giving me that one and I was determined to get the rare bubble gum one. The machine won that round. She sent me rocks in return. I think that I got the better deal.  We laugh thinking how these wands can come in handy.  I suggested that we come up with a catchy phrase and use it to cast a spell on an unwanted suitor.


Hair – Dura – Boys&Girls 07 Woodsmoke
Dress – So Many Styles – Silky Halter Dress Plain Poppy Red
Necklace – BSD Design Studio – Freedom Blue Sapphire
Feet – GOS – Mesh Flat Feet

Pet Rocks – Olive – The overworked housewife &  the hello their sirs pet rocks {gatcha}
Chinese food from {af}

Location: Personal Home


Tax Break

According to the Internal Revenue Service 25% of people wait until the last two weeks to file their tax return. Normally I’m not in that percentile, though this year I just couldn’t get motivated to get started even if I had all my paperwork in a stack sitting near my computer.

Now the clock is ticking with only hours before the big day. I settled into this comfortable chair to get mine completed. It didn’t take me that long, an hour if that. Though it’s one of those things that you really don’t want to do, especially if you’re in that percentile that has to mail in a check.


Up until now I have not put any credits on the items that I show in my pictures. Though after a bit of a chat with my sister this morning, she made a good point about not knowing where an item came from that you saw on a blog.

So here are the credits to what is shown on my avatar and decor:

Tank – Tee*fy Skyla Ruffle Sleeve Tank Chilli (Fifty Linden Fridays)
Pants – Tres Blah – Juju Jeans Light Wash (three in one – wearing the rolled up)
Jewelry – Finesmith – Mango Set (April group gift)
HairDura – Boys&Girls*42 Black
NailsPulcino – Prim Nail “Granite” White
EyelashesRedgrave – 39 Luscious
LipstickBlackLiquid– African Dream Gloss
EyelinerBlackLiquid – Needle Black Liner
Shoes – Leverocci – Cadenza Wedge Flash (store currently closed for construction)

Chair – We’re CLOSED – Flower Power
Flowers – Lilith Heart – Meadow Flowers Fairy Wands Pink
Background Trees Etc. – 3D Trees – Forest Accessories Packs I & II

Picture location is my private home