The party is here

Epia 080

Hair – No.Match – No.Call @ On9
Kasa Bikini – The Annex

*College Pool Party” – (epia) @ The Arcade
-BBQ Grill, Beer Keg
-College Adventures Book
-Fancy Drink Cup
-Jello Shot Plate
-Outdoor Pool RARE
-Party Garage RARE
-Party Sign
-Ping Pong Table
-Shot Glass Roulette & Used Sofa RARE
1 Prim Privacy Pine Grouping – 7 Pasangs to the South
Garden Tree 08 – Happy Mood
Shrub-Yellow – Happy Mood
Itchy Grass [Dark Green] – alirium
Shrub Large Green – We’re Closed
*Park Bench – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
Printed Jute Rug – The Loft
Kraken Dart Board – Cheeky Pea
*”Loving Couple” Heart Couple Float – Aphrodite Shops @ Tres Chic



The bears are back!

Bears 077

Only a couple of days now before the doors open once again for a fresh new round of Arcade goodies.  The famous collectible bears are back in town! BoOgErS has put together this fine selection of bears pictured above for the September round.  There are three rares and 12 commons to be had and only 25 lindens for each pull.

There is also some cute cuddle bears that are a free gift that are not shown, but will be available at the arcade as well.

*Bears by BoOgErS @ September 2015 Arcade *** Coming Sept. 1st***
Rare Bears: Goodnight Bear, Witch Bear and Fishin’ Bear
Common Bears: Peach Bear, Juice Box Bear, Clown Bear, Pear Bear,
Candy Corn Bear, Olive Bear, Donut Bear, Noodles Bear, Pizza Bear,
Hot Dog Bear, Fairy Bear and Ready To Go Bear

Winter Harvest Picnic Table – {what next}
Garden Tree 08 – Happy Mood
Real Grass *Green Meadow* White Flowers – KIDD Creation
Climb Frame, Carousel, Round Swing, Pyramid Net & Play Tower Rare – (epia) {past arcade gacha}

The gamers life

Games 038

It’s blistering hot outside today.  It sucks the life out of you if you’re in that oppressive humid heat for very long or it does me.  I’ll say thank goodness for air conditioning.

Today I’m showing a few items from a couple of creators.  This gaming hole set is by Jian and it’s available starting today at the Festival of Sin Event that runs until September 15th.  The set includes the tv console, chairs, pizza boxes, the gaming systems and light, table and chips.   The wood texture is changeable by menu and the chairs have lots of fun poses, like this one I’m using sitting on my stomach.  All that munching on junk food wore me out.

Next, is (Epia), who is participating in this round of Men Only Monthly with several new items for men.   The gentlemen shoes you see on the floor, comes with a color change menu giving you eight colors to choose from.  The fur hat with flaps also has color change options for both the main hat and side fur.  The men are being spoiled with so much color options to choose from as the panel cap comes with even more color and design options. The Men Only Monthly runs until September 15th.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Hair – [Entwined] – Anna {past Shiny Shabby Opening Gift}
Bees Antenna Headband {past event gift}
Top – Emery – Galadriel Top Grey
Shorts – Blueberry – Cuffed Denim Shorts Black
Shoes – Fri. – Effy Sandals

*Games Hole Set – Jian @ Festival of Sin {August 22 thru Sept. 15th}
{Light, Table, Chair, TV Console, Pizza & Pizza Boxes, Game Systems, Chips}
*Fur Hat – (epia) @ Men Only Monthly
*Gentlemen Shoes – (epia) @ Men Only Monthly
*Five Panel Cap – (epia) @ Men Only Monthly
Tree Top Ground Version – Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
Mesh Blinds Wide Long-Teak – Lisp
Hanging Bulb-Triple – Seven Emporium
Square Frame Wall Leaners – Sever Emporium
Rocket Chair [Flames] – 22769~[bauwerk]
Philby Record Player – Seven Emporium
Bowl of chips – Depoz Party Supplies
Assorted Candy {old items from past event}
Bottle of Verona Beer – (epia) {past arcade item}

*Review copy


Curiouser & Curiouser

Little Bird 018

“I have a desire for you today”
You were a passing bird
and I don´t know why
I got used to you
everyday more
we both invented
the adventure of love
you filled my life
and then I saw you go…
~ beginning lyrics translated from song “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti

I’m a bit out of breath now.  You guessed it.  It’s this very tight corset I am wearing.

You can have a skinny waist too by going and grabbing your very own corset by MoDANNA at the anyBODY event that runs until June 30th.  I’m wearing the red version, though you can find the black corset with several different lining colors at the event.

The diamond shaped tattoo I am wearing is by Things and it is available at the Alice in Sexyland Event.  The word “curiouser & curiouser” inside the diamond shape is a line in the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland book that now is considered one of the more famous verses from the story.   Aside from the diamond shape tattoo you will also find tattoos in the other suits from the deck of playing cards with each having its own phrase from Alice’s adventures.

Lastly, I am wearing another of the fabulous collars that (epia) made for the June round of the arcade.  I think the heart pendant with the gold chain that circles the collar gives it a fashionable and much softer sexier look.

Hair – DeLa – Mesh Hair Valerie
*Collar – (epia) – Heart Pendant Collar (red) @ The Arcade  **until June 3oth**
*Tattoo – Things – Alice Diamonds Tattoo @ Alice in Sexyland  **until June 26th**
*Corset – MoDANNA – [Tenebre Collection] Skinny Waist Corset Red @ anyBODY  **until June 3oth**

Attic Skybox Rare – Junk @ The Arcade  **until June 30th**
Bird Art – Junk @ The Arcade  {modded with own picture}  **until June 3oth**
Mesh American Robin Bird – Fantasy China

Pose – The Wall 43 by DeePosed

*Review copy.

There was hidden depths inside.

Epia 006

I am wearing the black dog collar, which is another gacha item by Epia at the Arcade.

It brings a bit of a smile to my lips as it reminds me of a story and I can’t help and dedicate the wearing of it to Draco. Smirks.

Hair – Argrace – Tamaki
Scarf – Dead Dollz – Abandon Scarf Grey
*Collar- (Epia) – Dog Collar (black) @ The Arcade
Bra – Muka – Minx Brown Top @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Earrings & Ring – Elysium – Denmark Earrings & Ring Onyx

Old Mausoleum Rare & Gothic Chandelier – BananaN @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Pose: Lela Set by {Pose Maniacs}

*Review copy.

Breathing in the mist that awakens the senses.

Epia 0012

The Arcade is open and if you’ve been trying to get in I hope you were successful.  I heard there were lots of people whining of not being able to gain access even using their hud attachments to try and get in.  Some literally doing it for hours.

I am wearing one of the rare items from Every Pixel is Art (Epia).  The Egyptian princess necklace comes in a pink gold and is one of the 20 necklaces that can be won for this round of gacha goodness. It’s such a beautiful piece as many of the others in the set, which I hope to show you some more of.

I am also showing another awesome landscaping tree that Little Branch has released for this round of FaMESHed.

All details below.

Hair – DeLa – Lauren
Eyelids – Slink – Mesh Eyelids
Face Chain – Reign – Amala Face Chain @ Uber
*Necklace – (Epia) – Egyptian Princess Necklace (pink gold) Rare @ The Arcade
Top – Fishy Strawberry – Jaya Top @ Uber
Skirt – {Junbug} – Sitara Skirt [cream] @ Uber
Hand Jewels – {Formanails} – Ringblume 2 @ WEIB

*Olive Tree – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
Cattail {cluster} – Little Branch {unlinked from tree and stretched}

Pose: Model Woman {past liquidation sale} by PoseESioN

*Review copies.

Me thinks someone forgot to cut the grass.

Mommy forgot she was cutting grass 096

The little me has taken on a new commitment to blog a few things each month for an event that features items for the  toddleeDoo given that I already do posts featuring items for this size. I did consider maybe creating a separate blog, though for now I am going to incorporate them with my regular posts.

The event is “All The Little Things” and the newest round is right around the corner starting on April 5th.  I’m showing this cute little unicorn bag and the fluffy plush unicorn that is hanging next to me by Little Llama.

Hair – D!va – Hair “Nene ” @ Shiny Shabby
Dress – [Lazy Unicorn] – Dorothy Dress {Part of Not in Kansas Dorthy Set} @ The Kaleidoscope Kids Events
*Handbag – Little Llama – Glittery Unicorn Shoulderbag @ All The Little Things ***Starts April 5th***
Socks – *Baby Princess* – Florina Socks {part of Florina Set}
Shoes – {s.o} Cute – Mary Janes Blue

*Fluffy Unicorn Plush – Little Llama @ All The Little Things ***Starts April 5th***
Climb Frame & Horse Spring – Epia @ The Arcade
Garden Fence – {What Next}
Shrub Pink – Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Lily Greenhouse Rare – Dust Bunny @ The Arcade
Push Lawn Mower Red – Balaclava @ Sou by Creation JP

*Review copies.

Que sera, sera (What will be, will be).

“Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer give a damn.” 


I ran across the quote above and thought of how true that statement is.  This week has so far turned into one of the far worse I have felt in a long time.  The kind that leaves you feeling like you’re almost fighting a lost cause or that you can’t even rationalize on an issue any longer.  I don’t like reaching this point.  It has somewhat of a defeatist attitude in my personal opinion and I’m not one to quit easily when the going gets tough.

Though I’ve been pushed to the limit on several occasions this week and I’m not proud of having fallen to the lowest depths of self-destructive behavior that I found myself feeling cross at myself, ashamed and uncomfortable with.  While stubborn pride says I was justified in my actions.   I’m really not.   Even righteous anger when you feel that you’ve been wronged and pushed to the edge doesn’t even excuse me.  I am reminded of Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”   It’s the same concept when someone offends you with either words and actions.  I allowed myself to accept it and respond in kind and for that and more I feel remorseful.

Despite the hardships of this week I’m pretty upbeat today and generally feel que sera, sera (what will be, will be).

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday… I plan to.


Hair – Truth – Thalia in Blacks @ Mystic Realms Faire
Dress – Eyelure – Sparkle Dress Black Sequins
Shoes – Wicca’s Wardrobe – Lorraine Heels @ Courtier’s Dock
Pose: Despondent by Del May
Cuddle Rowboat RARE – Epia {June 2014 Arcade}
A Posh Picnic/Open Picnic Basket RARE – Elate  {June 2013 Arcade}
Red Wine His – Dutchie
All Directions Roadsign – Epia {June 2014 Arcade}

In honor of Mexican Independence Day…


Today is Mexican Independence Day and I couldn’t go without honoring this holiday in some way. While it is something thought of and often acknowledged on this day, it’s not typically a holiday that many American born Mexican families in the USA celebrate.  That doesn’t mean we’re not proud of our heritage.  Most of us have a great appreciation for our Mexican culture and the homeland of our ancestors.  If anything we definitely enjoy our Mexican food.

Viva Mexico!!

The touch of a child

I couldn’t resist doing this last picture and thanking my in-world English sister who stepped in to help.


Alexa ~
Hair – booN – TUM278 Black
Dress – Mikunch – Mexico OP w/ Color HUD
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
Eyelids – Slink – Mesh Eyelids

Sydney ~
Hair – Elikatira – Quirky in Black {no longer available}
Dress – Turducken – Lylee Dress White
Socks – BABY – Part of Florina Outfit

Catalina Cabana – Barnesworth Anubis
Table – Zigana – Long Garden Table {does not come with table mat}
Table Mat – Butterflies/Silky Bellflower {part of the Hacienda Mexicana}
Sombreros – PRIME
Maracas – Zinnias {group gift}
Bottle of ‘Verona” Beer – Epia {previous Arcade}
Arbol de la Vida – Plaaka
All Mexican Food – Plaaka
Trees & Underbrush – Botanical
Rose Bushes – Dysfunctional Designs
Grass Field Green – We’re Closed

Pose: All the Little Things by GlamRus

Stay calm…

Shopping w Sydney

…and go shopping.


Hair – Truth – Malibu in Black @ Uber
Top – Tee*fy – Basic Knot T-Shirt White
Skirt – {amiable} – Tea Length Skirt
Flip Flops – [L.Warwick] – Flup-Flops Pearl @ Uber
Hair – Magika – Paisley in Black {Retirement Sale – only $35L}
Outfit – Petite Bebe – Vintage Outfit Yellow @ Woodlands Treasure
Socks – BABY – Florina Socks {Part of Florina Dress Outfit}
Bear – Boogers – Wear-A-Bear Yellow {June 2014 Arcade}

Poses – Adorkable Poses – Gacha Shopping Spree {March 2013 Arcade}

Cab – StoraxTree – Whimsy Cab {Around The Grid Hunt Gift – $1L}
Trees, Dirt Road, Grass, Rocks & Shrubs – Happy Mood
Grass Patch – [TUFF]
Flamingos – !Ohmai
Wagon Bike – XIAJ
Cuddle Rowboat & All Directions Sign – Epia {June 2014 Arcade}

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