Oceans apart

I’ve somehow yielded to a cold and like everyone I hate being sick.  Hopefully, it will be short lived.  In the meantime. I’ve got all this wonderful stuff to show you.  The cabin is by Convair for this round of Builder’s Box.  If you don’t know about this event, it’s a subscriber box for homes/skyboxes.  I encourage you to visit the website to learn all about it.

The furniture being showcased is from sponsors and events, FaMESHed and The Liaison Collaborative.  Take a look  at the credits below for all the details on everything shown.

By the way, my computer also decided to start acting up, so other than the first two pictures the last two are taken without advanced lighting.

*Forest Cabin by ConvairBuilders Box 

*Secrets Set by [Merak] @ FaMESHed
[Merak] – Secrets Sofa – Cream (Adult)
[Merak] – Secrets Coffee Table
[Merak] – Secrets Room Divider

*Spa Set by N4RS @ FaMESHed 
N4RS Spa Massage Table – PG
N4RS Spa Towels
N4RS Spa Towels – Fleur de Lis
N4RS Weave Basket
N4RS Massage Oil – Green
N4RS Massage Oil – Blue
N4RS Agave Shawii
N4RS Candle – natural
N4RS Spa Side Table

*Loetz Glass Vase [brass] by Kosmii @ The Liaison Collaborative

*Tesla Standing Light by Ex Machina @ FaMESHed

*[Cocoli] Set by AriskeaFaMESHed
Ariskea[Cocoli] Banana Plant
Ariskea[Cocoli] Outdoor Seat [rose]
Ariskea[Cocoli] Outdoor Seat[Green]
Ariskea[Cocoli] Porch Light string { with Light effect}
Ariskea[Cocoli] Wood Shudder

Potted Plants . Swiss Cheese Plant by Hive
Zoete Book Pile by The Loft & Aria
Hourglass Brass by The Loft & Aria
Succulent Bowl II by Fancy Decor

More Exclusives for 21Shoe


Here are some more shoes that are part of this month’s round of 21Shoe event.  In the first picture I am featuring folder wedges in exclusive colors by Miamai that are made to wear with the SLink high feet.  Two great pair of shoes for the price of one.

Final Ingenue 21Shoe Jan 2015

The next pair of shoes I am showcasing are from Ingenue and are called the Marie heels in the colors wine and latte. They too are made to fit with the SLink high feet.  Just remember all the shoes are available for 24-hours and will never be sold again.

I will be featuring a couple more shoes in the next day or so, but check out the gallery on the 21Shoe website where you will also find the slurls to each of the stores.

I am pretty enthused with this last picture as I learned a new technique today and that is blending two pictures together.  It took me a while playing with it, though I am pleased with the outcome for my first try.

Credits 1st Pic:
Hair – Magika – Tonight
Vest – May’s Soul – Maochi Vest White @ The Secret Affair
Pants – Maitreya – Leather Skinny Pants Black
Tattoo – Identity Body Shop – Guenkyo [Arms] @ The Showroom
Phone & Stylus – Le Primitif @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Hands & Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Relaxed & High Feet
*Shoes – Miamai – Folder Wedges OptiBlack for January 21Shoe

*Shoes on chair – Miamai – Folder Wedges OptiPur for January 21Shoe
Iona Conservatory – Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88
Vega 1 Telescope – Ex Machina @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Atlas 1 Terrestrial Globe – Ex Machina @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Maria Chair Paisley – Lisp
Round Woven Rug – Pilot @ Collabor88
Antique Books – Fancy Decor
Old Books – Sorgo

Pose: The Burlesque Set by Zero Red Thirty

Credits 2nd Pic:
*Shoes – Ingenue – Marie Heels Latte & Wine for January 21Shoe
Jeans – Bueno – Skinny Jeans Steel @ Kustom9
Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhancement High Feet

Pose: Still Life Set by Ma Vie

*Review copies.

Listen now.

Black and White

I was standing next to the dog on a stand going through poses when I came to this one and chuckled that it looked like I was scolding the dog and decided to shoot the picture like this.  I mentioned yesterday that I had fixed my problem with shadows and if you look at the wall you can see the shadow of the window.  That’s the result of using advanced lighting and a favorable wind light.   I added a burst of light to come through the window with Pic Monkey and decided to go with a black and white for my final outcome.

Even though I don’t crash anymore, enabling the advanced lighting feature does seem to slow me down considerably.  I’ll have to continue to play with it some more, though for now I like having the ability to use shadows.

Hair – D!va – Yunie (Onyx) @ Collabor88
Top – Tee*fy – Laura Unbuttoned Knotted Shirt Blue Gingerham
Skirt – {amiable} – Mixtulle Lace Skirt White @ The Seasons Story
Hands & Feet – SLink – AvEnhance Hands Relaxed & Flat Feet
Shed RARE – Hideki @ Oh My Gacha
Neva’s Vintage Lockers – Apple Fall @ The Chapter Four
Neva’s Sideboard – Apple Fall @ The Chapter Four
Fresh Milk Sign – Junk
Neva’s Antique Scales – Apple Fall @ The Chapter Four
Dining Table – Hideki @ Oh My Gacha
Dining Chair – Hideki @ Oh My Gacha
Neva’s Fresh Apple Pie – Apple Fall @ The Chapter Four
Drawer – Hideki @ Oh My Gacha
Bowl with Utensils – Hideki @ Oh My Gacha
Memos – Hideki @ Oh My Gacha
Coffee – Hideki @ Oh My Gacha
Neva’s Finial Wall Sconce – Apple Fall @ The Chapter Four
Crate with Bottles – Ex Machina @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Tartan Stool – Hideki
Wire Egg Basket – Kopi
Florcitas – Ionic
Ultimate Great Dane – Zooby
Pose: Click! #2 by Del May

Airing out the d…y laundry.

Snowday Laundry2

Again, just recently two of my pictures were selected for the photo cover of two Flickr groups that I post my pictures in.  The first group was SL Home & Decor and they selected one of my New Year’s Eve pictures in which I blogged product for Aphrodite. The other group was [CIRCA] and they selected my Christmas post on their products I blogged during the holiday.   As of this posting they are still up, though possibly just a click away before being replaced with another photo.
Those are the unexpected little treats that have made my time doing photography in Second Life a nice and worthwhile experience.   Thank you to those groups and for everyone that takes the time to favor one of my pictures on Flickr.  It is always interesting to see the pictures that get the most hits, because it’s usually the ones I spend the least amount of time on or not my own personal favorites.
As an outlet to relax and have fun I just let myself go with the moment.  There are some days I’m just more inspired than other days and a scene gets developed without any planning or thoughts beforehand.  I call it a success if I’m really lucky and my mind isn’t suffering short term memory loss that day and I’m able to recall items that I have in my inventory to be able to use.  Then I can use my Flickr for inventory control.
Sorry, there was no airing out of dirty laundry… that solitary d really stood for daily.
Enjoy your Wednesday! 🙂
Hair – Argrace – Haku in Black
Shirt – [Deadwool] – Nimes Denim Shirt
Skirt – [Love Re Me] – Skirt #02 @ The Chapter Four
Boots – Aphorism – Cavalry Boots Black
Bubble Pipe – Leonard
Camera – ANE – Vega Vintage Camera Classic Clean
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Relaxed
Tree – 3D Trees – Winter Ancient Virginia Live Oak
Grasses – *alirium* – Puffy & Itchy Grass Frozen
Laundry Basket – Apple Fall @ The Chapter Four
Wringer Bench – Dutchie {past subscriber gift}
Clothesline – Spank Hellmann
Folded Clothes – Fanatik Home
Crates – Ex Machina @ Cosmopolitan
Handle of Whiskey – Kalopsia
Pose: Despondent by Del May