Nothing says home like the smell of baking


There was a time that I really enjoyed baking and did a lot of it as I always loved having some coffee dessert on hand for family and friends when they visited, even though I didn’t drink coffee myself.  I still enjoy it even if I bake mostly for a holiday or a special occasion these days. When I moved it was an opportunity to go through the the collection of baking pans, measurement cup sets, gadgets and tools that I acquired over the years.  I downsized considerably.

It’s no different here in Second Life, where I’ve collected a lot of kitchen ware over the years. I’m just not ready to downsize here just yet.  It’s all this wonderful realistic pieces of home goods, baking ware and gadgets that makes our kitchens come to life. I’m not disappointed with the newest releases by Ionic and Serenity Style.  I mixed both with some old gacha favorites to put this kitchen scene together. There’s just too many pieces to reference, but all items used are mentioned below.

I’m also featuring a new hair release by eXxEsS called Citron, which is a long hair style even if you can’t see the back. It includes the new “Breeze” technology that animates the hair and a texture HUD that has 56-single tone hair colors. The lovely dress with a lace pattern is from Noche and it’s available in several colors at The Liaison Collaborative. Make sure to go check out this event, it’s one of the best for home, garden, fashion and a whole lot more.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, night or whatever it is for you right now.

*Hair: Citron A by eXxEsS
*Daniella Dress/Baige – Lara by NOCHE. @ The Liaison Collaborative
Wearing Basics

*Northern Life Gacha by Ionic @ The Chapter Four
ionic : Northern House RARE
ionic : Country table
ionic : Country Chair
ionic : Onions & Potatoes shelf
ionic : Kitchen work table
ionic : Rolling pins & wooden bowls
ionic : Tea cookies
ionic : Hanging casseroles
ionic : Cookware & Loaves

*Let’s to Bake Gacha by Serenity Style @ The Liaison Collaborative
Serenity Style- Keep in order boxes
Serenity Style- Baking Tools
Serenity Style- Saucepan
Serenity Style- Muffins Plate
Serenity Style- Flour Pack
Serenity Style- Milk bottle
Serenity Style- Baking Table RARE
Serenity Style- Milkmaid & Eggs RARE
Serenity Style-Sugar

Neva’s Antique Scales by Apple Fall
Kitchen Basics – Full Shelf RARE by Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Bakeware 1 by Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Coffee Pot 2 by Tres Blah
Shabby Kitchen Shelf by HIDEKI
HIDEKI – Shabby Closet by HIDEKI
HIDEKI – Hallway Rug by HIDEKI
Ready to Bake – Spices & Flavorings by *Second Spaces*
THB – Wooden Spoons by [PM]Pixel Mode
THB – Wisk 1 by [PM]Pixel Mode
Cotton Bowl by PLAAKA
The Arcade Love Curtain Pane Mod Trans 2 by Scarlet Creative
Licking Red Cat *GIFT* by ..::THOR::..

Pose: Lotus Pose by Kirin

Tidings of comfort and joy


It’s one of those days where I don’t have any words to pour forth, so I leave you with credits.

*Hair: Martini A by eXxEsS 
*Fringes Scarf by Meva @ Tres Chic
*Mercury Jacket (Maitreya body) – Black by [sYs] @ Tres Chic
*Mercury Shorts (Maitreya body) – Black by [sYs] @ Tres Chic
*Pansy Boots by Empire @ Collabor88

*Christmas Books Tree by [Merak] @ Tres Chic
*Holiday Wreath C by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Christmas Gift Pile by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*EggNog Set by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Stollen Plate by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Munchkin Kitten Gacha by JIAN @ The Fantasy Collective
JIAN Munchkin Kittens :: Calico Wandering Kitten
JIAN Munchkin Kittens :: Tabby Wandering Kitten
JIAN Munchkin Kittens :: Siamese Held Kitten
*Wild Rug (Beige) by [Noble Creations]

Angel & Wreath Table by [kusshon] for {POE9 Hunt}
Noelle Cottage V1.1 by Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88
Noelle Sofa PG by

Pose: AE Get Down 1 by Artis Poses {slight adjustment to right hand}

Just getting a head start on the weekend


Happy Friday!

Today I am doing a bit of everything from the fashion I’m wearing to the decor I’ve put together.  It’s a long post and I apologize beforehand for not taking more pictures to break it up some. I’m showing a new long hairstyle by eXxEsS called Jaci available on market place and main store.  In case you’re not familiar with her sets; A  has 56 single-tones and B has 56 multi-tones.  The sweater is one of 8 colors available at the Tannenbaum Holiday Market.

The decor is from the Draftsman and Arcade events.  The chair, bench and table are by Shutter Field in collaboration with Decor Junction out now at Draftsman. There are two other tones available in wood and white apart from the rustic being shown. Land impact ranges from 1 to 4 and both the bench and chair have a handful of sit and activity animations. I think 8 or more is considered a handful don’t you think?

The hanging lights and lighted candle on the table are by Hive and are some of the commons in the Home-for-the-Holidays gacha at the Arcade. The adorable husky tangled in lights is by JIAN and it’s one of the rares in the set.  Those yummy bagels on that plate on the table are by Mushilu and were from the recent passed Enchantment event.  They got to me late so was not able to show them previously, but they should be now at the main store.

The remaining decor is the wine/beer set by Onedecor at Draftsman.  I believe that you can purchase the pieces individually or in a full set pack. Also, just to note the wine bottles used on the shelves and also table with wine glass were just unlinked from the wine decor set and used for the scene. Go check out the event it’s ongoing until December 17th.

The scene was created using the Sunrise Beach House by ChiC building, also at Draftsman.  I will be featuring it in a separate post as I didn’t have enough time to get all this done to show it together.

Check it all out in credits and have a great Friday!

*Hair: Jaci A by eXxEsS – NEW 
*Top: Knit Sweater – Red by {Reverie} – NEW @ Tannenbaum Holiday Market 
Halsey Smoker Bootcut Jeans Maitreya by Vinyl @ Uber
Delia Flats – Maitreya by Pure Poison

*Corner Bench – Rustic by Shutter Field & Decor Junction – NEW @ Draftsman
*Dining Table – Rustic by Shutter Field & Decor Junction – NEW @ Draftsman
*Dining Chair – Rustic by Shutter Field & Decor Junction – NEW @ Draftsman
*Wine/Beer Set by Onedecor – NEW @ Draftsman
Onedecor ::Wooden/Metal Work Table
Onedecor ::Wooden Wine Crate Set-1
Onedecor.::Red Wine Bottle Decor
Onedecor :: Wooden Wine/Beer Barrel
Onedecor ::Wooden Crate
Onedecor ::Wooden Wine Crate Set -2
Onedecor ::Tiered Wooden Shelf
Onedecor.::Red Wine Bottle Decor
Onedecor ::Antique Wooden Beer Crate
Onedecor ::Wooden/Metal Work Stool
Onedecor ::Lighted STar Decor
*Home-for-the-Holidays Gacha Commons by Hive – NEW @ The Arcade
Hive // Hanging Lights
Hive // Cinnamon Stick Candle
*Holiday Huskies :: Tangled Lights RARE by JIAN – NEW @ The Arcade
*Bagel.MUshilu Blue, Pink & Red by Mushilu 
*Sunrise Beachhouse w/Fireplace & Plant Balcony by ChiC buildings – NEW @ Draftsman 
’15 Holiday Decor :: Wreath (Swag) by JIAN
Crate Sled – Ivory w Lights by Tarte @ Tannebaum Holiday Market

Coffee, tea or me?


The weekend went by too fast and already the week is starting off on a busy note, so my posts will be somewhat erratic to when I can find time to get it posted.

Today I am featuring a new hair release by eXxEsS called Mermelada, which translated means Jam.  It’s rigged mesh, so you won’t be able to resize or move it.  The newest hairs have the “breeze” technology, which animates the hair as you move around.  I find this a really cool feature that gives you a bit of what I miss from the flexi hair days. The hair is available in two color packs A and B; the difference is that the A Pack has 56 single-tone colors and the B Pack has 56 multi-tone colors.  The link takes you to the demo in market place, so try it out first.

I’m showing some new ugg style boots by Empire, available at Sad November. The Aconitum as they’re called, are 100% original mesh, come in 20 shoe colors via HUD that lets you change parts individually.  They are made to fit the Belleza Freya, Venus, Isis, Slink Hourglass and Physique, Maitreya and The Mesh Project.

Most of the decor is from the newest gacha release by THOR for the new round of 6 Republic. The gacha set is called “Old Dirty Coffeeshop” and I’ve used all the pieces and have listed them below. The vintage slot machine is by [Schultz Bros.], that was recently released at Cosmopolitan, but should be available now at the store.  I’m showing the brown version, but you’ll be able to find it in a few other colors as well.

The remaining item that I am featuring is the cute PeeWee Puffs in a tea cup by JIAN for The Gacha Garden.  It’s a gacha set, so these are just a couple of the cuteness you can have by taking a chance at the gacha machines.

Have a great one!

*Hair: Mermelada by eXxEsS – NEW
*Shoes: Aconitum Maitreya by #EMPIRE – NEW @ Sad November
Denise – Leggings Full Length – Maitreya by Blueberry
Zeynep Top Maitreya by Bens Boutique

*Old Dirty Coffeeshop Set by ..::THOR::.. – NEW @ 6 Republic
..::THOR::.. Dirty Coffeeshop Counter
..::THOR::.. Dirty Coffeeshop Sink
..::THOR::.. Harvest Stool
..::THOR::.. Old Trays
..::THOR::.. Amster-lamp
..::THOR::.. Empty Glasses
..::THOR::.. Teapot with Herb Tea
..::THOR::.. Pink Sponge
..::THOR::.. Stoner Tea Cup
..::THOR::.. Teapot Simple
..::THOR::.. Dusty Wine Bottle
..::THOR::.. Candlestick Phone
..::THOR::.. Amsterdam Gouden Gids
..::THOR::.. Amsterdam Car Flag
..::THOR::.. Glass rack
..::THOR::.. De Gruyer’s Store Poster
..::THOR::.. Old Amsterdam Map
..::THOR::.. Bottle Opener
..::THOR::.. Industrial Hanging Lamp
..::THOR::.. Camp Stoves
..::THOR::.. Barrel
*Vintage Slot Machine – Brown by [Schultz Bros.] – NEW
*PeeWee Puffs :: Tea Cup White by JIAN – NEW @ The Gacha Gaden
*PeeWee Puffs :: Tea Cup Bi-Color by JIAN – NEW @ The Gacha Gaden
The House Cafe by *ionic*

Stand for what you believe in, no matter if you stand alone


Short on time today, but wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for your continued support.  I made spotlight for Love to Decorate this week, which was sweet.  If you click on the image below, it will take you directly to the page and make sure you check out this wonderful magazine, a great resource for all home and garden decor that you can find around the grid.


Also, it’s rare these days for me to take a photo at a sim, as I usually create my own scenes, but I’ve been seeing all these wonderful photos of “It all starts with a smile,” so go check it out.  It’s beautifully decorated for this Fall season. There’s even a photo contest going on right now, so take some snapshots!

*Hair: Caramel by eXxEsS **New Release**
*Jean Shorts by #EMPIRE @ The Season’s Story 
*Arm Jewelry: Sanskriti by *PROMAGIC* @ Chapter Four
Silverstone Top Royal Blue for Maitreya Lara by Emery

Pose: Stand 1 by M i l a Poses

Location: It All Starts With A Smile

The beauty and stillness of the night still captivates me


*Hair: Abeja by eXxEsS 
*Dress: Ciara by {Reverie} @ Uber

*”Algonquin Outdoors” Fall Set by [CIRCA]
“Algonquin Outdoors” Winter Firepit Beige by [CIRCA]
“Algonquin Outdoors” Adirondack ChairA – Light by [CIRCA]
“Algonquin Outdoors” Adirondack ChairB – Light by [CIRCA]
“Algonquin Outdoors” Fall Pumpkins w/ Robin Bird by [CIRCA]
“Algonquin Outdoors” Fall Pumpkins w/ Lantern by [CIRCA]
*Floating Dock by Hive
*Mangrove Tree.v1 {Seasons} by Little Branch
Shiny Meadow Autumn by *alirium*
Nanohana by *alirium*

Pose: Stand FR05 by Oberon’s Trick

Staying connected, no matter where you are


Every time I visit one of my youngest sisters, who lives further up the state from me, one of the things that I enjoy is her office set up.  She has two large computer screens, which is quite handy for her as she works with numbers and spreadsheets. I have my own little folder on her computer where I have SL stored and it’s always fun logging in from there as I get to feeling all techie.

I didn’t feel so smart when I accidentally re-textured all three screens when I was setting this up, even after putting a prim over each to prevent that from happening. From time to time I still make these mistakes.

Anyways, on to what I am showing today.  First, this new hair by eXxEsS called Coco, which is available at the main store. It’s materials ready and comes with a breeze version for that natural hair blowing in the wind effect.  The dress that I am wearing is by Zibska and its at the Secret Affair for a few more days.  It includes 5 standard sizes and fit mesh options for the following bodies: Venus/Isis/Freya/Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass/Eve Slim & Pulpy and Tonic Fine & Curvy. It also offers 12 colors via a color change HUD.

I am also showing the Dim Sum Panda & Chopsticks by Aphrodite Shops that is wearable and animated.  It’s available now at On9 also for a few more days as the event comes to an end. I’m wearing the panda version, but can be found also in a mouse, piggy and mixed version.


Lastly, I want to mention this XChip SmartHUD and the exclusive social APP “Wink”, which is available at Uber for free.  According to the information that I received, the hud’s goal is to create a smart phone app feeling for a more fun user experience.  You can stay connected with friends through the integrated social network or follow them, post status updates and receive your friends updates in real-time, both on the web and in-world.  Plus many other features.. like meeting your soulmate or a new best friend with the wink app… so go grab yours for free at Uber and visit the website here for more information.

*Hair: Coco by eXxEsS
*Dress: Pallas [Maitreya] by Zibska @ The Secret Affair
*WEARable Dim Sum Panda & Chopsticks by Aphrodite @ On9

*XChip Smart Hud & Exclusive Social App “Wink” by The [Den.] @ Uber

Emmet Desk & Desktop Computer by DIGS {Modded/2 Desks used}
Nerd Haven – Tri Screen by .random.Matter. @ The Epiphany {Modded}
Leather notebook by Oyasumi
Nerites Wire Chair Metal by Scarlet Creative 
Tumbler / Busy by Brocante @ The Epiphany
Smart Phone by {what next}
Carried Away / Keys by [Commoner]

Pose:  Sit 014 by !bang {In-world store closed}

Take a leap of faith

On9 009

Happy Sunday!

I’ve been trying to get this posted since the morning, but it’s been one distraction after another.  Just got off a two hour phone call catching up with a friend and I said let me get this done before something else comes up.

As the month is coming to a close, so are a few events.  I’m doing one last post for items that can be found at On9, which ends on the 28th.  I’m beginning to be one of those last minute shoppers… waiting for the lines to go down and not having to fight the lag.

I’m featuring this lovely heavenly paradise patio set by Lavian & Co., which includes the sunshade, planters, table and chair that has like 18 sit animations.  In the background is a piece of wall decor by Chiana Oh. The rosette decor is available in 4 colors perfect for the summer months or you can grab them in a fat-pack.

The pose I’m using is part of the Spanish patio pose prop by Exposeur, which is a pose store closing at the end of the month.  I really loved the poses that came with it, and figured the prop would make a great background for future posts.

I’m wearing a new hair release by eXxEsS.  This hair can be worn with or without the summer hat. It comes with an extensive hud for both the hair and hat and the newest feature of breeze in your hair to give it that natural movement as you walk about. It’s available now at the main store.

To complete my look I am wearing a swimsuit by R.icielli, which comes with a texture hud that gives you plenty of options with 26 variations.  It’s a great bargain! These super high heels I am wearing are from [MODA], which also come with a texture hud, giving you several options to change the straps, platform and bows on the shoe.

Don’t miss out on these super bargains!  Enjoy what remains of this weekend!

*Hair: Champagne by eXxEsS
*Amalia Swimsuit HUD 26 Textures by R.icielli by On9
*Becky Bow Platforms & HUD-Fatpack by [MODA] by On9

*Rosettes Wall Decor [Yellow] by Chiana Oh by On9
*[SamJones] Heavenly Paradise Patio Set by Lavian&CO by On9
{Patio Sunshade, Chair, Planter & Patio Table}
Spanish Patio by Exposeur
Shar Pei Puppy Wheat Female by [Black Bantam] @ Kustom9
Shar Pei Puppy Cream Male by [Black Bantam] @ Kustom9
Cat Pouncing – Just Animals

Let the warmest of thoughts fill your mind

FT 029

*Hair: Mousse by eXxEsS 
*Dress: Daisy by [EvelineinTheBox] ~ MFGC
Mesh Head: Genesis_Head_Angie_2.0_Smile by Genesis Lab
Shoes: Sarah Boots Peace by Phedora @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

*Circular Garden Bench w/ Tree ~ Deep Pink Impatiens by Finishing Touches @  The Perfect 10 Event ~ The Cookie Jar
*Circular Garden Bench w/ Tree ~ Yellow Purple Crocus by Finishing Touches @  The Perfect 10 Event ~ The Cookie Jar
*Spring Baby Breaths Bouquet by Aphrodite Shops
*Mothers Day Heart Macaroons by Aphrodite Shops
Morning Dew Grass by T-Spot
Bouton d’or Orange, Yellow & Lavender by Little Branch

She was simple & complicated

“Women are like roads, the more curves, the more dangerous they are.” ~ Mae West

Mulloy 005

Hope your Monday is off to a great start.  I am just grateful that I didn’t wake up with another headache this morning and despite waking up with a worrisome dream I feel quite rested.  I also had an absolutely lovely weekend in both worlds so I feel very content.

Today I am featuring this dress, which is from a new brand called Mulloy.  It’s an elegant sexy dress made to fit several mesh bodies as well as the classic sizes. The brand conveys luxury and classy chic so ladies stay tuned for some more great things from this store.

I was a bit of shoe and purse shopaholic in both my real and second life at one time and not so long ago. Over the last 3 years that desire to have the latest style and purchasing over $200 purses has waned, even if buying quality shoes is still a must, only not as often. I never really bought purses here in second life only shoes and I mean lots of shoes, so much shoes that a closet like these new ones by Bazar would have been the ideal thing to have.  At one time early in my Second Life journey I did find a shoe closet that had rows and rows of shoes in a flat prim. It was one of my favorite things and I probably still have it somewhere tucked away in my inventory.

The closet is by Bazar and it’s at the Home & Garden Expo.  I am only showing some of the individual pieces as the space only allowed for four here.  Though the full set also comes in a rez box version so that all you have to do is rez the box and click to rez the scene of closets in perfect order. The other great thing is that there is a male and female version.  The ottoman is also by Bazar and has poses for female, male and couples.

Make sure you check out the rest of the fabulous items at the expo!

*Dress – [Mulloy] – Milano Onyx
Hair – eXxEsS : Lara
Poison Love Necklace – Pure Poison

*Glam-Closet Female Full Pack – Bazar @ Hope 8 @ SL Home & Garden Expo
Urn & Plinth with Orange Flowers – Spargel & Shines Homes
Bacall Chair Landsend – The Loft
Farnsworth – Fanatik Architecture

Pose: Framed 21 by DeePosed