The sweet luxuries of having time

Aria 03

It used to be that taking long hot baths was just pretty common.  Something we did that was enjoyable and was a treat to ourselves.  It’s been quite a long time where I’ve indulged in this luxury.

The new round of FaMESHed is now open and [ARIA] has brought us a complete bathroom set.  It’s available in pg and adult and each comes with animations for singles and couples.  The set includes the bathtub, vanity, mirror, silk robe, towels hanging, toilet, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and toilet paper.

The stool is Aria’s participation in the Mix Event and comes with 9 poses some with attachable props and with 8 texture change options.  It’s not meant for the bathroom, but I tested the animations and they work well enough to be used there.  In this day and age it won’t be strange for your guy to sit on the stool and drink coffee or work on the laptop while watching you take a soak. Just saying.

*Deloros Bathroom Set – [ARIA] @ FaMESHed
*Giada Stool – [ARIA] for The Mix
Rug – Atelier Visconti – Vincent Carpet
Home – Barnesworth Anubis – Hamptons Cottage

Hammock Home

The Den 02656

A quick post to show you the latest home by The [Den], which can be found at the recently opened LTD Event.   It’s mesh and materials ready and you will love that it’s only 34 prims land impact.

The Den 015

I found myself a little thoughtful at first at how I would decorate it, especially the long narrow area near the windows in the top picture.  Though I feel pretty good with the end result.


*Hammock Home – The [Den.] @ The LTD Event
Traveler Set Double Bed – Bazar
Toronto Wire Candlesticks, Roman Amphora – Bazar
Toronto Living Room Chandelier, Room Lamp, Picture Frame 2 – Bazar
Toronto Throw Pillows Basket & Armchair – Bazar
Toronto Bathroom Carpet – Bazar
Traveler Plant 1 – Bazar
Mesh Blinds Wide Long {modded} – LISP
Emmerich Kitchen Fridge, Range & Range Hood, Sink Unit, Corner Counter Unit – [ARIA]
Emmerich Kitchen Island, Shelf, Glasses & Plates, Canisters, Decorative Pots & Pans, A, B, Pile – [ARIA]
Emmerich Draftsman Stools, Potted Blooming Strawberries & Piled Chopping Boards – [ARIA]
Traveler Diary – Bazar
Books_FL_V1 {no longer available}
Row of Books Ancient History – Dutchie
Row of Books 10 & 13 & Row of Books Pastel Ordners – Dutchie
Fatty Piggy, Fatty Ram & Fatty Elephant – ISON Home
Traveler Butterfly Frame, Writing Desk, Vintage Personal Items – Bazar
Traveler Books Stack, Photo Frame 2 & 3, Bag 1 & 2, Plant 2  – Bazar
Wood Sculpture, Greek Vase, Book & Clock  – Bazar
Toronto Living Room Rug  – Bazar
Gale Chair Ikat Rare, Navy & Rug Chevron – MudHoney @ The Arcade
Leafers Lamp Gold – 22769 [bauwerk]

*Review copy.