My favorite place

I’m beginning to feel the effects of a long day and several hours of driving today as I just got back from a quick trip to where I used to live in the southern part of the state. It’s just over a 4 hour trip one way and these days anything beyond 2 hours is almost too long, so if you find typos or anything missing that’s the reason.

Anyways, I’m home again and ready to get cracking again on showing you lots of home and garden from several events from 6th Republic that just began and Builder’s Box that also just came out and so much more.  Today’s post is featuring items from 22769 at The Epiphany, which is just a fantastic gacha.  Too many great pieces to mention them individually, so i’m going to link you to the vendor key.

Also, I’m featuring items by AsteroidBox and HopScotch, which are also gacha and can be found at The Gacha Garden. The small elephant by HopScotch is actually a huggable toy, but as you can see also great for decor.  You can find the link to all the gacha keys below in credits.

*My Favorite Place by 22769 @ The Epiphany
22769 – My Favorite Place – RARE
22769 – Library Ladder – COMMON
22769 – World Globe – COMMON
22769 – Library Couch – Exclusive
22769 – Library Armchair – COMMON
22769 – Candle Books – COMMON
22769 – Library Art – COMMON
22769 – Library Table – COMMON
22769 – Fireplace Bust – COMMON
22769 – Library Rug – COMMON
22769 – Stack of Books – COMMON
22769 – Ashtray – COMMON
22769 – Library Stepladder – COMMON
22769 – Candleholder – COMMON
22769 – Cello – COMMON
22769 – Library Ottoman – COMMON
22769 – Library Stool – COMMON
Gacha Key

*Dinner For One by AsteroidBox @ The Gacha Garden
AsteroidBox. Dinner for one – Takeout Food
AsteroidBox. Dinner for one – Diet Soda
AsteroidBox. Dinner for one – Takeout Flyer
AsteroidBox. Dinner for one – Chopsticks
AsteroidBox. Dinner for one – Laptop
AsteroidBox. Dinner for one – Phone
AsteroidBox. Dinner for one – Home Keys
Gacha Key

*Ellie – Orange by *~*HopScotch*~* @ The Gacha Garden
Gacha Key

Pumpkin Harvest Wreath by Apple Fall for Gallant Magazine Readers

Dreaming of You


Showing some more great stuff from the Geeks ‘n’ Nerds Event that will run until November 1st.  

Everything, including what I am wearing is from the event. 

Full view 010

“Late at night when all the world is sleeping
I stay up and think of you
And I wish on a star that somewhere you are
Thinking of me too

Cause I’m dreaming of you tonight
Till tomorrow I’ll be holding you tight
And there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be
Than here in my room dreaming about you and me…”

*Hair – Wasabi Pills – Melina @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Top/Pants – Wimey – The 12th Costume @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds

*Geek G-shelve /Black Wood – DRD  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Game Room – Shelf (discs) – [ht:home] @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Surround System – Center – [ht:home]  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Game Room – Tv Bench – [ht:home]  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Data Storage Rug – Floppy – [ht:home]  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Flat Screen Tv – Standing – black (slideshow) – [ht:home]  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Disc Player  – [ht:home]  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Geometric Lights – Square  – [ht:home]  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Geometric Lights – Circular  – [ht:home]  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Geometric Lights – Triangular  – [ht:home]  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Surround System – Standing Speaker  – [ht:home]  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Surround System – Satellite  – [ht:home]  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Play This Controller  – [ht:home]  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
* [Text Emoticon] Pillows . :* RARE – Sway’s  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*[Text Emoticon] Pillows . ❤ RARE – Sway’s  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Geek round chair – DRD  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Geek shelves dark – DRD  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Geek G-shelve / Black Wood – DRD  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Emergency Hand – *~*HopScotch*~*  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*All the TV feels – Love – *~*HopScotch*~*  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*All the TV feels – White Noise – *~*HopScotch*~*  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*All the TV feels – OFF – *~*HopScotch*~*  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*All the TV feels – Happy – *~*HopScotch*~*  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*All the TV feels – Embarrassed – *~*HopScotch*~*  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*All the TV feels – Silly – *~*HopScotch*~*  @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds

What you feeling today

Geeks 013

Look what is coming our way!  This is a preview of what is to come at the Geeks & Nerds Event that will open on October 17th.

HopScotch has created this set called “All the TV feels” expressing emotions that each of us has felt at one time or another.   Anger anyone?  Or are you feeling silly? Sad? or Happy?

Maybe you’re embarrassed to admit your feelings.

All the TV Feels – Hopscotch @ Geeks & Nerds Event
Garden Tree 06, Shrubs & Dirt Road – Happy Mood

Two-for-one shoes.

21 Shoe Hopscotch

Coming soon is the new round of the 21Shoe, a monthly event that happens on the 21st of each month that gives us shoe lovers a two-for-one bargain on new and exclusive shoes. I’m showing off the shoes that HopScotch will have for this November round.   The red/gold shoes I’m wearing are called Capture and are designed to fit the SLink medium feet.  The second pair of shoes near the table are purple with an orange lining named Sidney, and also made to fit the medium mesh feet by SLink.

You can check out the 21Shoe website as the 21st approaches to take a look at the other shoes that will be available during this round.  All the shoes can be found at the main stores and you can also grab the slurls from the website.  The other thing about this event is that it only lasts 24 hours, from 12:01 am SLT on the 21st of each month.

21 Shoe YS&YS 2

You could say I’m doing a two-for-one post today.  So this is what happens when you’re still half asleep.  I’m wearing the two shoes from *YS&YS* that will be sold also on the 21st.  The Tivoli a smooth crocodile black and the Latina open toe in beige.  The shoes are made to be used with SLink high feet and you will get two versions of the shoes — one with “sock” in the name that are made to be used when you want to apply socks to your feet.

Remember the shoes are only available for 24-hours from 12:01 am SLT on the 21st of November.


1st Picture –
*Red/Gold Capture Heels – HopScotch for 21Shoe *Soon on the 21st of November*
*Purple/Orange Sidney Heels – HopScotch for 21Shoe *Soon on the 21st November*
Hair – D!va – Rosa in Onyx @ Collabor88
Top – Pixicat – Alchemy Top (warm) @ Collabor88
Pants – Milk Motion – Studded Leather Leggings Red @ Collabor88


House – L2 Studio – The Dove Bay
Chairs – Trompe Loeil – Paxton Chairs Set
Table – Trompe Loeil – Paxton Log Coffee Table
Rug – Storax Tree – Woven Diamond Rug
Books – Tartessos Arts – 212 Books
Game – Commoner – Chatterbox
Candles – Oyasumi – Log Candles
Pumpkin – Dust Bunny – Pumpkin Cats {Hunt item}
Frames – Apple Fall – Rope Suspended Gallery
Candle – Alouette – Medieval Candle
Pumpkin Candles – Pilot – Pumpkins & Candles
Frame – Post – “Torso” Ingress Frame {free @ store/picture changed}
Purse – Tentacio – Miyori Bag Brown
Biscuits Cup – Paper Flowers – Afternoon Tea Belle:Strawberry Biscuits

2nd Picture –
*Heel 1 – *YS&YS* – Tivoli Pump Smooth Croco Black @ *SOON – 21Shoe November 21st for 24 Hours Only!*
*Heel 2 – *YS&YS* – Latina Opentoe Croco Beige @ *SOON – 21Shoe November 21st for 24 Hours Only!*
Hair – Tableau Vivant – Rasayana @ Collabor88
Eyes – SLink – Mesh Eyelids
Top  – Ison – Bandage Back Top @ Collabor88
Pants – Ison – Side Lace Pants @ Collabor88

Pose: On Your Wings by Bauhaus Movement {modified w/ Animare HUD}

Trees/Shrubs – Happy Mood
Steps – TUFF
Laptop – Pixel Mode {part of Moho Soho Bed Set}

*Review copies.