Precious moments treasured


Happy Friday to everyone.

Today I am doing a fashion post featuring a few items from this round of On9 and some from Kustom9.  The first is a new skin by Essences, which is Sophia and it’s a head applier for the Catwa mesh head. It comes available in 6 skin tones and the one I’m wearing is medium tone one.  What I like about this skin is the thickness and darkness of the eyebrows.  The lipstick is not part of the skin, but from Alaskametro<3 and it’s a 6 color Dryad set as an applier for Catwa at On9.

These lovely earrings in a rich citrine color I am wearing are from Kunglers.  I wish that I could pull these off in real life, though with my small ears I feel the weight of almost any earrings I wear to be too uncomfortable.  You will find these at On9, as well as the hair by EMO-tions.  Melanie is rigged mesh hair and there are three versions included that sit the hair on your front slightly different. I chose one that would not hide the earrings and the tattoo.


The tattoo is a recently released one from Aurica Store.  It’s called music and it’s got a guitar and musical notes embedded throughout its design, which makes it kind of cool for those music lovers.  You can find it at the main store.

The dress I’m wearing is from Empire and at Kustom9.  We know this creator for her awesome shoes, but she’s getting into fashion now too and this dress is not a disappointment as it has open back view and gives a lovely curvature to your behind. I’m wearing the one for Maitreya, but it’s also made for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Physique and Venus and a color hud with 20 choices.

The last item are the Savanna shoes by ChicChica at On9.  They were practically a great fit to go with this dress.  They are available in six colors and are made for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza.  I really like how feminine these shoes look and especially the little flower accent at the the front.

Edited to include additional credits on the decor and mainly the dog, which I can’t believe that I totally missed it.   The  dog is from Jian’s Hallow-Inu gacha set at the Epiphany. I’ve previously showed one of the prince doggo, one of the rare dogs and this is one of the common wanderer dogs.

All the decor used is available at Collabor88, which are excellent bargains for 88L. So don’t miss out on them.

*Skin: Catw Appliers [Sophia] by Essences – NEW @ Kustom9
*Lipstick: Dryad Lipstick Catwa by alaskametro<3 – NEW @ On9
*Hair: Melanie V2 by .:EMO-tions:.  – NEW @ On9
*Gabriela Earrings – Citrine by Kunglers – NEW @ On9
*Tattoo: Music by Aurica Store NEW 
*Dress: Kolkwitzia – Maitreya by #EMPIRE – NEW @ Kustom9
*Shoes: Savanna Nude by :::ChicChica::: – NEW @ On9
Mesh Head: Destiny V4.9 by Catwa
Triumph Eyes – Poltergeist by Ikon

*Hallow-Inu :: Wanderer Red by JIAN @ The Epiphany
Echoes of Autumn Entry Table by Second Spaces @ Collabor88
Aged Leather Couch [Brown] by Soy @ Collabor88
Woodland Garland & Wreath / Autumn by {vespertine}Collabor88
LoveCraft Gothic – Brown by Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88

Just ride the wave

Evo 007

Something a little different today. I am featuring poses by [evoLove], which are available now at the ongoing round of Genre. Gave me a good reason to get into a bikini too!

I do want to point out that this bikini that I am wearing is not made to fit the Maitreya body.  I had to make a body adjustment so that the fabric wasn’t hanging or going into my skin too much, though afterwards looked good enough to wear.

Evo 009

The head I am wearing is a new static head by Catwa, which is relatively inexpensive for $100 lindens.  It comes as is without any expressions and no updates will be made available. You will have to buy a skin applier for both the head and body, which will raise your cost eventually. I’m not making changes to my regular head, but thought it be useful for blogging.  I was fortunate to have a skin from some hunt and saved it just for this kind of purpose and I just worked with the skin sliders on the maitreya hud to get a close match.

*Surf Pack 1-4 by  [ evoLove ] @ Genre
Static Head Nicki by Catwa
Triumph Eyes by Ikon
Hair42 by [Iruco] **New**
3D Flowers Bikini-Poppy Red by Baiastice



You know what’s really, powerfully sexy?
A sense of humor.  A taste for adventure.
A healthy glow.  Hips to grab on to.
Openness.  Confidence.
Humility.  Appetite.
Intuition.  Smart-ass comebacks.
Presence.  A quick wit.
Dirty jokes told by an innocent looking lady.
A woman who realizes how beautiful she is.
~ Courtney E. Martin


Eyes – Ikon – Eternal Eyes Dark Brown
Hair – Truth – Neria @ Mystic Realms Faire
Dress – B.C.C. – Emily Romantic Corset Dress @ Season’s Story
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed

Horsing Around Pose Prop – Bounce This Poses
Pose – Attitude ES 06 by AlexiaMax
Moonchild Animated Butterfly White – Enfant Terrible

Dragon flies.


Just showing some more great finds at the Mystic Realms Faire.  The Jewelry pieces are all from Bliensen & MaiTai, and it’s a beautiful set of dragon flies, exquisite details.   The dress is another good bargain from Sakide and the scene is from Kalospia, all can be found at the faire.  Happy shopping.


Skin – Glam Affair – Penny Viva La Noce Jamaica 01 @ Fifty Linden Fridays
Eyes – Ikon – Hope Eyes
Hair – D!va – Nicole  @ Collabor88
*Dress – [Sakide] – Lorenn Outfit Black @ Mystic Realms Faire
*Jewelry – Bliensen & MaiTai – Libelula Set @ Mystic Realms Faire
*Fountain Forest – Kalospia @ Mystic Realms Faire
*Flying Leaves Green – Kalospia @ Mystic Realms Faire
Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Pose: Classic Set by !bang
*Review copies.

Spreading our wings…


In my case.  It feels more like mine are being stretched by force.  No pain no gain is the saying? 🙂

I’m just showing off some more things I found in my shopping excursions. 


Hair – Exile – Young & Beautiful
Eyes – Ikon – Eternal Eyes Brown
Headpiece & Crown – May’s Soul – Ave Maria Crown Iron & Flower Headpiece Dark @ We ❤ Role-Play
Wings – [][]Trap[][] – Bronze Riven Wings @ We ❤ Role-Play
Armor & Bodysuit – Pure Poison – Manna Armor Brown @ We ❤ Role-Play
Feet – Slink – AvEnhance Female Flat Feet

Pose: Meek by {NR}

Woodland Weed – Two Moon Gardens
Nanohana – *alirium*

The warrior spirit never dies…


“Always know that in every girl, there is a princess with a strength of a warrior.”  



Hair – Exile – Blown Away
Eyes – Ikon – Eternal Eyes Brown
Eyeshadow – Pink Acid – Red Carpet Bronze @ Fi*Friday
Skirt/Top – Luas – Valkiria Skirt & Top Brown @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Collar, Armor & Legpads – Luas – Valkiria Set in Brown @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Headpiece – [Keystone] – Desire Gold {previous 25L Tuesday}
Tattoo – .Identity. – The Hustler
Boots – Sweet Kajira – Awildr/Botas 1
Sword – Aisling – The Unexpected Wife for Enchantment

Trees – Sweet Revolutions – Ancient Aralia Swamp Tree
Fallen Tree – Sweet Revolutions – Fallen Swamp Tree
Fog – Sweet Revolutions – Nebel/Fog Green and Nebel/Fog Blue
Palmetto Bush – IO Plants – Dwarf Palmetto

Edited to include additional credits:

Jaguar – Harshlands/Kadaj Yoshikawa
Pose: Focus Poses – Country Girl 1

Fabulous Sin City

Sin City USA

Doing my inventory used to be a time of  stillness where I could do a mindless activity and let those thoughts in my mind reach a place of oblivion.  I haven’t been able to get into that place in the longest of time so my inventory is in chaos once again.   My cleaning habit lately consists of basically dumping all those purchases into a folder and labeling it by whatever day I happen to think it needs a bit of cleaning.

Needing Rehab

Usually when I’m groaning at having to scroll down a bunch of folders looking for something.   It’s probably a good thing I only blog for my own amusement and not trying to get something done on schedule.   Though I like to think it is nice to find things in my inventory that I’ve never worn and it’s like getting something new at the candy store all over again.


Eyes – Ikon – Perspective Eyes Midnight
Lipstick – BlackLiquid – Pinot Gloss
Hair – Emo-tions – Collien 2
Top – Gizza – Spiky Fur Black {past Limited Bazar}
Pants – Emporium – Mesh Pants w/ Color HUD @ SL Fashion Week
Bangles – LaGyo – Misaku Bangles
Belly Piercing – Delicious – Spiky Belly Piercing Noir @ Fi*Fridays
Shoes – Similar – Palermo Unrigged Leather Shoes w/ Color Menu

Pose Pic 1 – NanTra – Runway Roadkill Pose Pack @ SL Fashion Week
Pose Pic 2 – Del May – Stuck With Me

Location:  Las Vegas City 

Lesson 36


I may be redundant when I say the following.  It just feels like I’ve spoken this before or maybe I just thought these things and never wrote on them.

Normally, I talk about real life events when I do these lessons.  I primarily started doing the lessons for personal growth.  Since I am and interact the same in both worlds, obviously with a bit more care and on occasion maybe daring to do things I wouldn’t even consider in real life, Second Life would be part of that growth.  Though not doing much or interacting with that many people these days in-world it does limit my ability to utilize examples that could pertain to these lessons.

Today’s lesson brings to mind something that I have observed when it comes to liking or disliking things on Flickr or on blogs.  Being a blogger who likes to take pictures it’s only natural that I would like to shop.   One of the ways I have stayed in touch with what is newly released is by perusing blogs and Flickr.  Since I am talking about Flickr I will take time to mention that I don’t make it a practice to favorite too many fashion pictures as there are far too many that I like that it would clog my favorites.  Generally, I stick to liking landscapes, furniture pictures because it helps me remember things I own as well and recently I started to favorite pictures of things I want to go look for once released.   Mainly, I like favoring pictures that tell a story.   You’ve heard that statement that a picture is worth a thousand words.   For a great example, I recently liked several photos of Harvey Crabsticks as they were a sequence and telling a story.  I love that sort of thing.


To my observation.  I have noticed that many people will like a picture of yours just because you liked one of theirs.  I simply don’t understand that.   I rather you like my picture because you really do like it, other than liking it because I happened to like one of yours.   I do believe that sometimes we will go and look at someone’s work when we note they liked one of ours.  I have done this, and will like something I might have not seen.  Flickr pictures are being uploaded continuously by members you follow that there is bound to be pictures that you will miss.  That being said I still see this soft token of “people-pleasing” in observance.  The same thing applies to blogs.

In short. It’s not a big deal.  Like to your hearts content.  Just an observation.

The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Lesson 36:  Please Yourself

People-pleasing is one of the great epidemics of our times. I know so many people who can’t seem to find the time or energy to nurture their own dreams or bring their goals to fruition. Could it be that people-pleasing is the silent culprit behind their exhaustion and over committed schedules?

Many of us learned early on that pleasing others is a good way to receive validation or affection. And now it’s become a habit that we perpetuate even though it doesn’t serve us or our visions. This week, take your focus off of pleasing others, and instead look for ways to please yourself.

Your Self-Love Assignment

Reflect on one area of your life where you feel resentful, powerless, or resigned. Allow yourself to see how many of your actions in this part of your life are driven by your need to please others. What lengths do you go to in an attempt to get others to like you? Do you pretend to be the “nice” guy or girl? Do you conceal some of your brilliance or hide some of your power so that you won’t intimidate others?

Next, ask yourself if your quest to be liked and please others has actually paid off. Is it bringing you what you want?

Allow yourself to see what would be available to you if your first commitment were to please yourself. How would that affect your sense of worthiness, joy, and self-love?

Finally, identify three actions you could take this week that would be pleasing to you … and take them.

Self-Love Points Earned

Give yourself 50 points for every action you take (or don’t take) that pleases you!


Eyes – Ikon – Perspective Eyes Midnight
Hair – CaTwA – Sandy V2 Hair
Dress – Color.Me.H.O.F. – Mesh [Victoria Dress[Plum] @ Collabor88
Earrings – Lazuri – Silver & Black Onyx Earrings
Ring – RYCA – Rig Gold/onyx
Shoes – !SSD – Mata Hari Jeweled Stilettos {must be worn with Slink AvEnhance Female High Feet}
Feet – Slink – AvEnhance Female High Feet
Pose: Seduction Poses by Di’s Opera


Tampa House – InVerse
Grand Piano Mesh -Michigan Shack
Salvadore Sculpture – Aria
CB Potted Plant (pink marble) – Tygra Lefavre/Casa Bella (came with CB Luxury Skybox)
Curtains – HEAVILY EDITED from pieces of Fanatik Curtains & Sanctuaire Curtains
CB Floral Creme Rug & CB Rizzy Rug Sculpted – Tygra Lefavre/Casa Bella (came with CB Luxury Skybox)
Sakura Tree – Nadine Reverie/3D Trees
Yellow Forest Daisy Flowers – Bunnie Badger/Two Moon Gardens
Yews & Garden Hedges – Nadine Reverie/3D Trees
Stone Wall & Gate – AA Build & Design
Japanese Tori Gate – Botanical
MK-BT Bo Maple Tree – Mitsuko Kytori {just visible in background}



…isn’t always black and white.



Eyes – Ikon – Eternal Eyes Paradise
Eyelashes – Redgrave – 19 Diva & 31 Extra Long
Hair – CaTwA – Mesh Abi
Lipstick – Bilo – Nasreen Lip Crackle
Dress – CaTwA – Marilena White plus Color HUD
Jewelry – Yummy – Teardrop Gemstone Diamond Set
Shoes – N-Core -CINQ White


Tampa House – inVerse
Bed Curtains – MudHoney – Priya Bed Curtains
Bed – MudHoney – Rita Bed White
Headboard – MudHoney – Padded Headboard
Seat – Apple Fall – Neoclassical Seat Monochrome
Rug – Tartessos Arts – Bokeh Rug
Book – Aria – Aurora Open Book + Glasses
Butterfly Art – Aria – Daphne Wall Flutter {in black — white is modified}
Chest – Apple Fall – Mother in Pearl Inlaid Chest
Boat Art – Ispachi – Mesh Art Isolde


Maybe…or not.

Image 1

When everyone else was taking naps or sneaking off into a quiet corner during the down time from all the family activities yesterday I came online for my own moment of quietness and tried doing a bit of clean up of my inventory.

That was the original intention, though somehow ended up going into a store and buying a new skin.   I’m sure that I’ve mentioned before that I’ve only worn one skin outside of my original noob state and one other skin given to me by a stranger during the first few days of joining.   Sometimes and it’s very rare that I will use other skins for pictures and only if it doesn’t drastically change my appearance.

I also never tweak my facial features and I did with the use of this skin and there is a smidgen of change, which I might be able to live with.  I’m not sure that I’m ready to make a complete change to a new skin as I still like my current skin very much.  Maybe a short trial run to see how it resonates with me.



Skin – Redgrave – Liv in Tan Skin
Hair – Argrace – Olivia in Midnight {first picture slightly enhanced with photo software}
Eyelashes – Redgrave – 31 Extra Long & 39 Luscious
Eyes – Ikon – Perspective Eyes Midnight
Open Mouth – PXL – Mouth_open_Addon_v7.1
Dress – Rebel Hope – Lola Mesh Dress White