The pumpkin harvest… it’s almost time for pumpkin pie


I don’t recall any specific memories of carving pumpkins when I was young. Though as an adult I’ve carved a few for my mother who usually makes a traditional Mexican pumpkin candy, referred to as Dulce de Calabaza“.  It’s a candy that can be eaten all year round, it’s got a bit of a hard shell on the outside and sweet and juicy on the inside, if a bit gooey.


This pumpkin carving animation is part of the hay wagon that is a collaboration between Decor Junction and Shutter Field for this round of On9. The wagon has single, couple and activities that are available by menu. I’m showing the rustic version, but you will find a grey version available as well and both have a land impact of only 5.  It’s a fabulous decor piece for any landscape where you want that bit of rustic or country feel.


I’m also showing the Autumn Carriage House by Hive, which is available at Collabor88.  The carriage home has a land impact of 47, with an open room on the bottom with static pull down stairs that lead to the top level where you have another open room.  It’s quite cozy and serves for a great little get away place.

The last item that I am featuring is the rare 2-pumpkin hay bales near the carriage house by Bee Designs.  However, in my picture I modded them by making the pumpkins invisible.  I have included the gacha vendor ad below so that you get a proper viewing of the hay bales, that I will feature again with some more Fall/Halloween pieces as the holiday approaches.

I included the last picture, which was the full view one before I took to cropping.

Happy Thursday!

*The Autumn Carriage House by Hive @ Collabor88
*Hay Wagon – Rustic by Decor Junction & Shutter Field @ On9
*ToT Gacha 2-Pumpkin Doll Hay Bales Rare {Modded} by .:Bee Designs:.  @ Salem 
Beech Forest – Autumn Trees by 3D Trees
Weeping Willow Autumn by 3D Trees
Aspen-LP-Autumn-Sapling-4 – V2 by Heart Garden Center
Puffy Grass [Brown] by *alirium*
Dwarf Forest [Ember] by *alirium*
Wooden Fence Long by Frog’s Garden  {past group gift}
Sheep by Just Animals

Hair: Brenda Black by +elua+
Laura Unbuttoned Knotted Shirt Lemon by Tee*fy
Ripped Denim Shorts by Blueberry
Dahlia Socks by Maitreya
Patsy Boots – Tan by *Fishy Strawberry* @ The Dressing Room


Creepy things that come out at night


I’m not really into all the creepy and scary things that come around this time of year when the Halloween season is upon us.  Though I do like to challenge myself to get outside my comfort zone.  We’ll see what the days ahead will bring, because I’ve seen some really creepy make your skin crawl stuff already.

Today I’m showcasing a few items that can be found at the Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows Event that will run until October 31st.  There is a bit of everything to get your scary thrills on, including home and garden decor that I am featuring.

The Hive has the “Something Sinister Gacha,” which includes the secret shack that is the rare in the set, boards on the window, chandelier, floor candelabra, pentagram and the keep out sign and put a spell on you frame.  There are a few more pieces to the set. I’ve included the gacha key at the bottom of credits.  The second item by Hive is a pumpkin cart set, that includes all the pumpkins and the cart on the porch. I love this set and will probably feature it again soon in another scene.

I’m also featuring items by unKindness.  The wall creepers set is gacha with the rare being the trick or treaters near the door.  The other two wall creepers being shown are on the window boards.  I’ve also included the gacha key at the bottom.

The last item being featured is also by unKindness and it’s the Victorian fence. It’s a kit that allows you to create your own fence line.  It’s a lovely set that works in any landscape settings.

Have a great lazy Sunday!

*Something Sinister Gacha by Hive @ Salem 
hive // Board The Windows 1
hive // Board The Windows 2
hive // The secret Shack RARE
hive // Chandelier [Wrought Iron]
hive // Floor Candelabra [Wrought Iron]
hive // Crescent Moons [Silver]
hive // The Pentagram
hive // Keep Out Sign
hive // Put a Spell on You Frame

*Pumpkin Cart Set II by Hive @ Salem 
hive // Pumpkin cart II
hive // Fall Pumpkin A [Muted Green]
hive // Fall Pumpkin A [Muted Brown]
hive // Fall Pumpkin B [Muted Brown]
hive // Fall Pumpkin B [Muted Green]

*Wall Creepers Gacha by unKindness @ Salem 
uK – Wall Creepers Trick or Treat RARE
uK – Wall Creepers Bridezilla
uK – Wall Creepers Frankie

*Victorian Fence White by  unKindness @ Salem 

MM Attic Junkpile by DRD
Wild Grass by Studio Skye
Shrub Large Bare by [we’re CLOSED]
Forest Brushwood by 3D Trees
Black Glow Grass by Totally Tarot
Cat Pouncing – Mesh by Just Animals {Tinted}
The Calico Cat! by AMU {Tinted}




Piglet farm

Scults 027PS-33

When I first saw the barn, windmill and sprinkler items from [Schultz Bro.], there was no thought on how I would show them until I laid them out and thought of what animals to use in the picture. It just happened that this past Friday, a friend who lives in Tennessee, was transporting a pig she saved from the slaughter house to one of these facilities where they take care of pigs.

That’s how my piglet farm came to be. She doesn’t run a farm, but she has several acres and has a love of animals and was telling me that she needed to invest in a larger barn if she took in anymore animals. She already owns horses, birds, dogs and cats and no telling what else.

Now to what I am featuring today.  Schultz Bros. has put together another fantastic realistic set of items that will be released at the upcoming round of Cosmopolitan that begins on August 15th.  These items are not sold together as a set, they will be available individually. The homestead barn is realistically textured and detailed and it only has a land impact of 29 and the separate barn light is 1.  The old windmill has a land impact of 10 and has female and male and unisex animations.  The rusted sprinkler shown is the larger of all four pieces in this set of sprinklers.  The land impact ranges from 2 to 13, which is shown here only partially.

Everything is 100% mesh with copy and mod permission.  Truly fantastic pieces if you have a love of old stuff and the country life style.

Have a great Sunday!

*The Homestead Barn by [Schultz Bros.] @ Cosmopolitan **August 15th**
*The Old Windmill by [Schultz Bros.] @ Cosmopolitan 
*Rusted Farm Sprinkler – Broken (7) by [Schultz Bros.] @ Cosmopolitan 
Dirt Ground- Heavy by [TUFF]
Pigs by Just Animals
Old Spigot / Water Trough by POST
Barnyard Buddies :: Hay Bales by JIAN
Trees by [we’re CLOSED]
Shrub Large Green by [we’re CLOSED]
Shrub Large Bare by [we’re CLOSED]
Kattegat Series: Shelter & Goods Folke by Del-ka Aedilis
Old Grass by S.R Creations & Clip Arts Pre Fabs
Wooden Fence by Sensorya Xue {Modded}

Take a leap of faith

On9 009

Happy Sunday!

I’ve been trying to get this posted since the morning, but it’s been one distraction after another.  Just got off a two hour phone call catching up with a friend and I said let me get this done before something else comes up.

As the month is coming to a close, so are a few events.  I’m doing one last post for items that can be found at On9, which ends on the 28th.  I’m beginning to be one of those last minute shoppers… waiting for the lines to go down and not having to fight the lag.

I’m featuring this lovely heavenly paradise patio set by Lavian & Co., which includes the sunshade, planters, table and chair that has like 18 sit animations.  In the background is a piece of wall decor by Chiana Oh. The rosette decor is available in 4 colors perfect for the summer months or you can grab them in a fat-pack.

The pose I’m using is part of the Spanish patio pose prop by Exposeur, which is a pose store closing at the end of the month.  I really loved the poses that came with it, and figured the prop would make a great background for future posts.

I’m wearing a new hair release by eXxEsS.  This hair can be worn with or without the summer hat. It comes with an extensive hud for both the hair and hat and the newest feature of breeze in your hair to give it that natural movement as you walk about. It’s available now at the main store.

To complete my look I am wearing a swimsuit by R.icielli, which comes with a texture hud that gives you plenty of options with 26 variations.  It’s a great bargain! These super high heels I am wearing are from [MODA], which also come with a texture hud, giving you several options to change the straps, platform and bows on the shoe.

Don’t miss out on these super bargains!  Enjoy what remains of this weekend!

*Hair: Champagne by eXxEsS
*Amalia Swimsuit HUD 26 Textures by R.icielli by On9
*Becky Bow Platforms & HUD-Fatpack by [MODA] by On9

*Rosettes Wall Decor [Yellow] by Chiana Oh by On9
*[SamJones] Heavenly Paradise Patio Set by Lavian&CO by On9
{Patio Sunshade, Chair, Planter & Patio Table}
Spanish Patio by Exposeur
Shar Pei Puppy Wheat Female by [Black Bantam] @ Kustom9
Shar Pei Puppy Cream Male by [Black Bantam] @ Kustom9
Cat Pouncing – Just Animals

Waiting… a sign of patience or endurance?

Circa 007-2

*TD Julie Dress [Cream] by *Buglets* @ Ninety-Nine
*Sporty Sandals Lemon by *BoOgErS* **New Mainstore Release**
Hair: Yuko by *TKW* @ Hairlogy {SLB13 Gift}

Alexa ~
*Sporty Sandals Navy by *BoOgErS*  {made for child,but are unrigged so can  be sized larger}
*Patched Jeans Lara by ::PM:: @ On9
Hair: Yuko by *TKW* @ Hairlogy {SLB13 Gift}
Knotted Shirt by Lowkey Shawty

* Waterfall Picture by {ATW} @ Totally Top Shelf 
*”Horizon” Living Set by [CIRCA]
-Velvet Chaise R – “Neutrals” menu (34B pos)
-Velvet Ottoman – “Neutral” menu (14pos)
-Wooden Tray v1 – with Succulent Pots
*”Luna Bay” Terra Rust Pot – Hibiscus Yellow Planter by [CIRCA]
*:VIBE: Area Rug – Chenille – Solid Charcoal by [CIRCA]
*Buck THorn {4Seasons) by Little Branch @ LTD Event
*Sugar Maple.v3 {Seasons} by Little Branch @ FaMESHed
Gardenhouse Clocks by DRD @ Shiny Shabby
My Pet Adventure – Puppy Companion by O.M.E.N @ The Arcade
Carried Away / Keys by [Commoner] @ The Arcade
Weimaraner Dog Standing by Just Animals
Shape Lamp by Kalopsia
Military Field Phone by Nomad
So Fancy Throw Pillow by Fancy Decor
Piper Candle T Cream by MudHoney @ The Arcade
Old Manufactory by Apple Fall
Bouton d’or Yellow {Field} by Little Branch

Pose: Moonflower by {Sepia}

My mind is working over time once again

SF 0101

*Industrial Base – Brick by Shutter Field @ Tres Chic
*Industrial Shelves w/ Fan by Shutter Field @ Tres Chic
*Industrial Sofa by Shutter Field @ Tres Chic
*Strawberry Bowl by Dysfunctionality
Glass of Beer by [IDEZA Furniture] @ 6th Republic
Tube Tickets by [IDEZA Furniture] @ 6th Republic
Bklynites Loft – Old Books [TypeD] by Soy @ 6th Republic
Drunkhill Ashtray by [IDEZA Furniture] @ 6th Republic
One Love Sign by Floorplan @ Collabor88
Books Standing and Flat Decor by Mesh Nation
Jar Plant by Tarte
Plant Stand Rare by Aphorism @ The Gacha Garden
Bow Bells Boozer Dominoes by MadPea @ 6th Republic
.06 Potted Stick Plant by [ kunst ]
.07 Canned Plant by [ kunst ]
.09 Books by [ kunst ]
Yarrr! – Bottle of Rum by Bamse @ 6th Republic
Potted Pothos by Soy
Kitsch Bird Lamp by Junk
World Map Chart by Floorplan
French Bulldog by Just Animals

Hair Vicky by Doe @ The Gacha Garden
Long Sleeve Romper by Ison


Castle 027

Today I am featuring this mixture of cottage and castle known as the BeauRoche by M&M Creations, designer and creator of sculpted prims and mesh. The cottage/castle was inspired by a late medieval cottage found in rural France. It sits atop a small rocky rise that gives it a grandeur presence.


It’s highly detailed in both the mesh and textures utilized and to give a touch of realism the exterior texture has put-log holes to convey the age of the building.  All of the doors, gates and windows are scripted to open and close with original new sounds and the fountain seen in the first picture is scripted with running water that can be turned on and off.

First Floor

The balcony in the last photo could also be used as an entrance as the railing leading out from the house can be swapped out for a gate.  There is arch way in the courtyard/garden.

Second Floor

Each purchase includes a copy/modifiable version of high and low LOD build, and a template for the nameplate and also the shade maps.   The high has a land impact of 95 with the low at 56 with a footprint of 31×28.5 meter.

Back view

It’s a well done building that is great for medieval role-play enthusiasts. Go check out other builds by this creator at their main store

The leaning tree in the first picture is not part of the building.  It’s the newest tree by Little Branch called the Honey Tree, available now at the newest round of Lost & Found. The flowers also show in the first picture are by Little Branch as well and currently at FaMESHed.
*Castle Cottage BeauRoche by M&M Creations ~MFGC
*Honey Tree {Seasons}by Little Branch at Lost & Found
*Bouton d’or Orange , Lavender, Pink & Yellow {Rounded-Fields} by Little Branch @ FaMESHed
Grass by Fanatik Architecture {past group gift}
Deers by Just Animals
Enchanted Woods by Studio Skye
Stone Wall by aa Build & Designs

I’ll be home with bells on


I think the bell on the wreath made me think of the song “I’ll Be Home With Bells On” when I looked at the picture this morning.  It’s a holiday classic that still brings a smile and makes you want to stomp your feet.  I am listening to it as I’m sitting here writing and starting to get energized.

I absolutely love the feel of a cabin as it conjures up an image of a large fireplace roaring with a warm fire and the idea of sipping hot chocolate all the while in long johns and fuzzy socks.  Chuckles.

The complete Christmas living room set is by HJM Designs and is currently available at the Perfect 10 Event at the Cookie Jar.  It comes with a rez system so it’s fairly easy to set up or you can just rez and move items about.  It’s discounted at the event for half price at only $199L.

Hope you have a fabulous Saturday!

*The Lodge Christmas Living Room Set – HJM Designs @ The Cookie Jar for Perfect 10
– Couch with 31 single animations and 28 couple animations
– Chairs with 25 single animations
– Christmas Tree
– Coffee table
– Christmas Driftwood Tea light
– End Table
– Angel Chimes

Primitive Angel Duo – Finishing Touches {past hunt item — though similar at store}
*Holiday Decor :: Garland & Wreath Swag – Jian @ Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Gift Boxes – Clutter {Boxes & Christmas Textures separate items}
Basset Hound – Just Animals
Enchanted Woods – – Studio Skye
Christmas Holly Wreath – Wood Works  for Let It Snow Hunt

Be like melting snow — wash yourself of yourself

DDD LB 017ps42

Sometimes I have so much to say and other days like now I sit here waiting for the words to flow and nothing comes out.  It’s not like my mind is totally blank. In fact my mind is racing with too many thoughts floating around in there… like what do I need to get done today to where did this year go?  It will be dad’s birthday in a few days and I’m no longer near to take flowers to his grave site.

Then there is a ping beside me letting me know there is a text on my phone and a good reminder to get out of my thoughts.

Some more awesome winter trees by Little Branch out now at FaMESHed.  The gazebo is by Dysfunctional Designs as well as the whimsical umbrella that is texture changeable by touch and both can be found at the main store.

Hair – Argrace – Irori
Sweater –  ::FAC:: – Mijo
Skirt – Maitreya – Haerringbone Grey
Boots – Reign – Marylin
*Whimsical Umbrella – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs

*Ornamental Gazebo – [DDD]/Dysfunctional Designs
*Conifier.V2 {Seasons} – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Conifier.V1 {Winter} – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Conifer.V3 {Seasons} – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
*Grass1l {Winter} – Little Branch @ Lost & Found
Elk Male Grazing & Looking – Just Animals

Pose: Female Model Pose 57 by Exposes Poses