Coastal waters

I though that my summer postings were done… so not quite.  Though great setting for the weekend that is here and for America, it’s also a long weekend as it’s Labor Day on Monday.   The Praiano table set is by Chez Moi and at Cosmopolitan, which is the event being featured.

I’m wearing an outfit by Scandalize. It’s available in 21 color options with each having two top versions.  It’s also available at Cosmo.  The hair is a new release by eXxEsS and at the main store.

The topiary trees and the tree to the side is by Little Branch.  The topiary is the item for Hello Tuesday, but I just checked and it’s still available for half off.  The floor pillows with pillow holder, fire pit and pillow box is by Nerenzo and at Cosmo.

The last item is the coastal outdoor seating by Shutter Field & Decor Junction.  It can be found at Shiny Shabby.

Have a great weekend!!

*Hair: Lucya A (Breeze + Materials) by eXxEsS **NEW**
*Top: Ocean. Sweatshirt. Maitreya by Scandalize @ Cosmopolitan
*Panties: Ocean. Panties. Maitreya by Scandalize @ Cosmopolitan

*Praiano Outdoor Set by Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan
Praiano Outdoor Canopy CHEZ MOI
Praiano Outdoor Table CHEZ MOI
Praiano Armchair CHEZ MOI
Praiano Patio Chair CHEZ MOI
Fruit Cake CHEZ MOI
Praiano Placemat CHEZ MOI
Candles Decor CHEZ MOI

*Floor Pillow Set by Nerenzo @ Cosmopolitan
Nerenzo – Pillow Holder
Nerenzo – Pillow Box
Nerenzo – Fire Pit
Nerenzo Floor Pillow1 – Adult

*Young Sweet ChestNut {Seasons}*Animated by Little Branch @ Cosmopolitan
*Spiral Topiary.v1+v2 by Little Branch @ Hello Tuesday {still available}

*Coastal Sofa – M/F PG – White by Shutter Field & Decor Junction @ Shiny Shabby

Pose: Molecular Weight (Heels) by Le Poppycock @ Collabor88

Our greatest experiences are our quiet moments

I am sort of getting this post in quickly as I need to step out and run some errands.  I’m featuring items from this round of On9, which goes until August 28th, so plenty of time for you to get there and shop.


*Hair: No. Champaign by No.Match @ On9
*Florence Jumpsuit & Glasses by SukiOn9
*Shoes: Sandals Eve Maitreya by G&D @ On9

Evergreen Set by Kalopsia @ Collabor88
Kalopsia – Evergreen Cubby Bookshelf
Kalopsia – Evergreen Chair
Kalopsia – Evergreen Recycled owl Candle – White
Kalopsia – Evergreen Recycled owl Candle – Black

Tableau Vivant \ WE in London – Our breakfast
Tableau Vivant \ WE in London – White lamp
Tiny Houses Baker by Cheeky Pea
Paris Skybox by No So Bad.
Birdy. Cabaret- Princess Puss – Ginger
SAYO – Ocean Oasis Gacha – Gilded Gator
-tres blah- Jolie – Vintage Bottle
Wire Clock by Fancy Decor
Scout Boho Bag by Ison
Daisy in Bottle by La Galleria
Flowey & *Art Dummy! Sleepless (Decorative Books) {Store closed}
not so bad . PARIS . ARTwork . v1 by No So Bad.
not so bad . PARIS . Travel Book by No So Bad.
Berlin-Potted Tree by ~BAZAR~
Architecture Books by :: 2Xtreme :: 
Fern Specimen by Apple Fall
Retro Chinoiserie- Perfume by [ETNIA]
-tb- Bon Voyage – Books by Tres Blah
-tb- Small Vase of Roses – Yellow by Tres Blah
Palma Stack of Books by {what next}
Amelia – Perfume Atomizer by Pixel Mode
Small Wooden Houses by Apple Fall

Pose: Unhinged I by Le Poppycock Poses

Enjoying the country atmosphere

Howdy!!  I’m practicing my southern drawl when I say that.  Ok. I’m teasing.  I don’t have a drawl or an accent for that matter.  As I mentioned the other day in my post where I featured a farmhouse and decor I use to think about wanting to live in the countryside.  Yet, I don’t even listen to country music or wear anything country much less jeans in real life.

Though I like wearing the country style here in SL from time to time and if you do too then it’s time to visit this month’s round of The Liaison Collaborative. The theme is all about “Country Chic.”

Also showcasing some more items from The Gacha Garden, so take a look at credits for everything shown.

Have a great one!!

*Hair: Lika hair(Common1) by  {Limerence} @ The Gacha Garden
*Dress:  Take the Night Dress White by Me Sew Sexy @ On9

*Knot Country Set by Serenity Style @ The Liaison Collaborative
Serenity Style- Knot Barn
Serenity Style- Knot Country Wheel
Serenity Style- Knot Fence

*Lucky Horseshoe by Ama. @ The Liaison Collaborative

*Camp Joey Gacha by KITEThe Gacha Garden
KITE – Camp Joey – Wagon Green RARE {made super big}
KITE – Camp Joey – Lazy
KITE – Camp Joey – Jumping
KITE – Camp Joey – We’re Cute

*Parakeet Pal Gacha by HEXtraordinaryThe Gacha Garden
*HEXtraordinary* Parakeet Pal – Fancy Yellow
*HEXtraordinary* Parakeet Pal – Clover

Titan [Old Gold] by *alirium*
Itchy Grass [Gold]  by *alirium*
Puffy Grass [Brown]  by *alirium*

Pose: Plastic Heart by Le Poppycock @ Collabor88

The city never sleeps

Showcasing lots here starting with a new release by Galland Homes. The Mount Washington skybox features a living room with a working fireplace, a bedroom that looks out to five city scenes. It also has a bathroom and extra space for a seating area or whatever use you may have for it.  It is 21 m. x 21 m. with a land impact of 27 and available now at the newest round of The Chapter Four.

I’m also featuring a new bed by Hive, which is currently available at Collabor88 in both a pg and adult version.  It is a 12 land impact.

I’m wearing a new hairstyle by Pr!tty called Sunny, which I absolutely like a lot. It’s available at The Gacha Garden. I’m going to link you to the designers Flickr, where she explains all about her gacha.  The lingerie I’m wearing is a new main-store release by Empire, called Ineffable and I’ve listed all the pieces that are available down in credits.  As always comes with a color hud that gives you plenty of options.

The last item being featured is the Learning Stuff Gacha by Dilly Dolls at The Gacha Garden.  The whole work station including the chair I’m sitting on is part of the gacha as well as the laptop on the bed.  I’m not using all the pieces of the gacha, so have a look here for all the pieces included.

Have a great one!

*Hair: Sunny by Pr!tty @ The Gacha Garden

*Ineffable Lingerie by Empire *Mainstore Release* 
#EMPIRE – Ineffable Lingerie – Collar *Materials*
#EMPIRE – Ineffable Lingerie – Bra *Materials*
#EMPIRE – Ineffable Lingerie – Ruffle Addon *Materials*
#EMPIRE – Ineffable Harness – Top Harness *Materials*
#EMPIRE – Ineffable Harness – Belt *Materials*
#EMPIRE – Ineffable Harness – Bot Harness *Materials*
#EMPIRE – Ineffable Lingerie – Panty *Materials*

*Mount Washington Skybox by Galland Homes @ The Chapter Four

*The Comfy Bed by the Hive @ Collabor88

*Learning Stuff Gacha by Dilly Dolls @ The Gacha Garden
*DD* #1 Learning Stuff – Workstation {Rare}
*DD* #3 Learning Stuff – 3D Printer – Black
*DD* #14 Learning Stuff – Laptop – White
*DD* #15 Learning Stuff – Large Drawing Pad
*DD* #16 Learning Stuff – Book 1
*DD* #19 Learning Stuff – Book 4
*DD* #20 Learning Stuff – Book 5
*DD* #21 Learning Stuff – Book Stack
*DD* #22 Learning Stuff – Computer Tower
*DD* #23 Learning Stuff – Chair

Metal Planter by Kalopsia
Candle Sconce by The Loft
Canopy:Lace:White by {anc}
Key Lamp (Nickel) by Apple Fall
Magazine Files  by Apple Fall
Vintage Camera w/ Tripod  by Apple Fall
Deco Console Table by [Merak]
Plate With Accessories  by [Merak]
Hanging Plant – Style One – Alone by 22769
Wire Clock by Fancy Decor
Books & Bookends (Black & Gold) by Fancy Decor
[Solace] Romarin Plant by Ariskea & Unkindness
Morocco-Carpet by Bazar
Bekke Wall Panel by Mulloy

Pose: Empty Bottles by Le Poppycock @ Collabor88

She was a brat in his eyes

015 Reverie22

Yep, a spoiled annoying ill mannered child here… laughs.  I used to get annoyed with this guy that I was once involved with.. who would on occasion call me a brat. I’m absolutely sure he thought that I was  a bit spoiled at times.  In the sense that I was used to getting my own way… petulant at best if I didn’t get it either. I know it.

In any case, today I rather think that I was an adorable charming brat, because truth be told I’m not about to change now and I rather like me a lot. ❤

*Leighton Dress – Maitreya by {Reverie} @ Uber ***August 25th***
*Boots: Scilla by Empire **August New Release at Main Store**
Hair: Poca by pr!tty {not available}
White Lion Cub by [Black Bantam] {not available}
Umbrella Bag/Black by David Heather

*Next Stop Set by Bee Designs @ Tres Chic 
{Clock, Suitcases & Bench w/ Guiatar}
*Quaint Shack RARE by Hive
*Mystic Oak {4 Seasons} by Little Branch
*Snakeweed{4 Seasons}  by Little Branch
Shrub – Yellow Green by Happy Mood
Old Side of London – Jeep RARE by Apt B {past gacha}
Urban Road Straight by [Tampon Inside] 

Pose: A Single Day by Le Poppycock {Pose altered left hand w/ holding animated cub}

Plant’er Right Here

Check out this new hair style by enVOGUE.  It’s rigged and fitted mesh and is available in a whopping 96 colors, plus root and ombre colors too.  There are 12 colors for the cap and is now available at the main store.   The earrings, which are called nightmare are by Le Morte and are available at this round of Totally Top Shelf.  Both the hair and earrings come with a texture change hud.


A friend asked me a question today that I’ll share.  It was this.  If you love someone and you are upset and angry, would you rather be with others or with that person you love?  For me it was a no-brainer, so I didn’t hesitate in saying the person that I love. I did add that if I’m angry and upset with the person I’m in love with — well then I might want to go off and be alone until I cool off.

Then we sort of had a brief discussion on what it really means when someone who professes to care for you does exactly that when they’re upset — spends time with others instead of you and while the explanation might seem plausible it has a ring of untruth in it.  Could it be their feelings are not really true? Playing games — I want to have my cake and eat it too syndrome?

For the record we are talking about relationships within the framework of Second Life that are supposed to be based on good intentions.  That of developing a relationship that involves real thoughts and feelings and going outside the realm of this platform. Mind you we didn’t really come up with an answer — just mindful that distortion can occur when you’re in a world built around fantasy.  Some people are just wired differently.  What do you think?

Speaking of I want to have my cake and it too.  I’m sure this probably happens to you men too.  I’m strictly saying it from some of my experiences lately, so here is my advice to some of you men in this virtual world.  It’s all nice and great when you want to compliment a woman on her looks or even something in her profile.  “I get it. You’re just being polite”.   My 22-year old niece would say, but Tia (aunt) they just can’t help themselves with my beauty and they have to speak it out.  I love her. She makes me laugh.

Though guys if you’re wondering why you may not get a response — perhaps you need to check your partner box and put your eyes back on the woman standing next to you or the one you’re dancing with.

I’ll confess that I don’t often look at the profile before I respond with a simple thank you and close the box.  Though what if that partnered someone tries to then engage you in a conversation beyond that?  Do you close the box once again and completely ignore? Or do you give them a piece of your mind?

I choose to go with the first option.  I just don’t have the desire or the willingness to engage even further.  What about you?

I’ll have to save my very favorite experience of the week for another day, because I’m late with my postings today.

*Hair – enVOGUE – Lynette
*Earrings – Le Morte – Nightmare Earrings @ Totally Top Shelf
Necklace – Izzie’s – Color Heart
Dress – e! – Trinity Sweater Dress (Store closed in-world only MP)

Pose: “Much Mistletoeing* Plant’er Right Here by Le Poppycock

Sorting out life one load at a time.

Laundry Day 033

I had another long day where I did a long loop of travel from home to work to a meeting in another town an hour away then back to work to drop off the employee who was with me and then the 40 minute trek back home.  One of those days where I ended up not being able to have lunch until about 4 pm and by then sporting a headache.  Next time I make it to the grocery store I’m storing up on a box of beef jerky and dumping a few in my purse.

Then I have to get home only to have to do laundry in Second Life.  Just kidding! As if!  I think that the moment that SL begins to feel like work that’s when I know it’s really time to move on.

Body – Maitreya – Lara V3.2
Skin – Lumae – Adore 5 Amber Bare
Hair – eXxEsS – Dennica
*Mesh Top & Shorts Applier – MoDANNA – [Infaillible Collection] Knotted T-Shirt Grandma & Acid Wash Shorts Khaki @ anyBODY {May 7-31st}

*Apple Tree Dark & Orange Flowers {Field} – Little Branch @ 6th Republic
Country Bucket & Dryer, Washboard Shelf & Double Sink – Serenity Style @ The Chapter Four
Primavera in Toscana Stool, Laundry Rack – 8f8 {March 2015 Arcade}
Laundry Detergent – Oyasumi {March 2015 Arcade}
Wire Grass Green & Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Mesh Mediterranean Cypress – Botanical
SACrE FrAnCaiS {truck on pallets} – Never Totally Dead

Pose: Wild Card A – Le Poppycock @ The Chapter Four

I heart you.


Over the next couple of weeks I will be showing items that will be available at the Jewelry Fair that opens in a few days on September 13 and will run until September 28.  The heart necklace and earrings are from RealEvil Industries and I have to say that I am truly impressed with the jewelry. Everything from the design to the texture and details.  The necklace comes in three ways — you can wear either the top or the bottom by itself or you can wear both as one.  The set comes with a HUD that allows you to change the texture on the heart, beads, leather and metal, giving you several color choices.

Lots of great stuff to be had at the jewelry fair this year.

Hair – Argrace – Kaede in Black
*Jewels – RealEvil Industries – ReVoX Cora Necklace & Earrings @ The Jewelry Fair
Cardigan {SMS} Long Cardi Sun
Top -OVH – Leather Crop Top Green
Skirt – B.C.C. – Petite Baby Skirts Orange

Pose: *Hot Air* by Le Poppycock

*Review items.

Landmark to The Jewelry Fair will be posted after the event opens.