Hello!! I’m going to be cheerful even though I’m a bit stuffy today and my night was a bit rough.  Though there is plenty to be grateful for so I always have to remember that and keep moving forward.

Today I bring you a bit of cheerfulness with this array of colors featuring the Oasitic Calm gacha by Haikei and the vibrant rose loveseat by Cheeky Pea. They’re both available now at Kustom9, so make a trip to the event to check them out.

*Oasitic Calm Gacha by Haikei @ Kustom9
:HAIKEI: Oasitic Calm _ Gacha / RARE
:HAIKEI: Oasitic Calm _ Gacha / {1}
:HAIKEI: Oasitic Calm _ Gacha / {2}
:HAIKEI: Oasitic Calm _ Gacha / {3}
:HAIKEI: Oasitic Calm _ Gacha / {4}
:HAIKEI: Oasitic Calm _ Gacha / {5}
:HAIKEI: Oasitic Calm _ Gacha / {6}
:HAIKEI: Oasitic Calm _ Gacha / {6}
:HAIKEI: Oasitic Calm _ Gacha / {6} 1
:HAIKEI: Oasitic Calm _ Gacha / {7} 1

*Vibrant Rose Loveseat (Adult) by Cheeky Pea @ Kustom9

From The “Always be There” Gacha by Haikei
:HAIKEI: Always be there_Gacha / {1}
:HAIKEI: Always be there_Gacha / {4}
:HAIKEI: Always be there_Gacha / {5}

From the “Gave Your Love Away” Gacha by Haikei
:HAIKEI: Gave Your Love Away_GACHA / {3}
:HAIKEI: Gave Your Love Away_GACHA / {4}
:HAIKEI: Gave Your Love Away_GACHA / {5}

Bluebell Rug – Lilac by LISP

From the “Take Out” Gacha by Lost Junction
[LJ] Take Out – Closed Styrofoam Container – Extra
[LJ] Take Out Sodas – Extra – Gacha Garden Group Gift
[LJ] Take Out – Potstickers
[LJ] Take Out – Fortune Cookie – Extra
[LJ] Take Out – Sweet & Sour Pork

Gattomiau Lying Siamese by ..::THOR::..
Llorisen // Elia Modern CoffeeTable
Morocco-Curtain by ~BAZAR~
Wildflowers – Hibiscus – Pink by Heart @ FaMESHed

Ring side ticket

“In the boxing ring of life, it’s not how hard you can hit, but rather how many times you can get hit and keep moving forward.” ~rocky

Genre 014

Over the weekend on Sunday after having dinner with family members we all enjoyed time together playing cornhole.  It’s a lawn game where players take turns throwing bags of corn at a raised board that has a hole at the far end of it. I’m not much of a sports person, but it’s always fun getting into the spirit of playing with my family.

Though playing with some of my siblings means you have to be able to handle their intended good nature teasing.  My younger brother is a big sports fanatic whose played sports since he was young.  He loved to taunt me that I took after the other side of the family when my throws didn’t quite make it.  I had to remind him that at least I wasn’t whining and crying like he did when I beat him at marbles when we were young.

Well this month Genre is back with a sports theme.  Today I’m featuring this gold trophy by Bliensen + MaiTai, which is available now at the newest round that started on May 15th and will run through June 12th. I’m showing only the 1st place trophy, but there is a 2nd and 3rd place trophies as well.

I was after boxing gloves when I played this gacha and ended up getting the mystery item, which is the boxing ring that came in handy for this post. Most of the items except the top and shorts that are from Collabor88 this month are gacha items and detailed below.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

*Trophy – Gold by Bliensen + MaiTai @ Genre
Tasty Eats – Corn Dogs by Lost Junction @ The Gacha Garden
Tasty Eats – Onion Rings by Lost Junction @ The Gacha Garden
Happiness Beer by [IDEZA Furniture] @ 6th Republic
Boxing Ring (Mystery Item) by [Since1975] @ The Gacha Garden
BKLYNITES LOFT – Old American Flag by Soy @ 6th Republic
BKLYNITES LOFT – Rusted Iron Stepladder by Soy @ 6th Republic
Tickets Neon Light {Right} by Toro @ 6th Republic

Shihui V2 by [DUE] @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Boxing Gloves Gold (Neck) F by [Since 1975] @ The Gacha Garden
Satsuki Top [Gold1] Maitreya by r2 A/D/E @ Collabor88
Satsuki Shorts [Gold1] Maireya by r2 A/D/E @ Collabor88
Chakra – 14 – Maitreya – High Sock -Faun by Moon Elixir  {The Epiphany April 2016}

Pose: Ouch by [Cute Posing]


Nothing says home like the smell of baking.

~ A messy kitchen is a sign of happiness. ~

Baking Sale

I survived the birthday party yesterday, well at least 2.5 hours of it.  Thankfully, it was held outdoors even if it meant bearing the cold wind.  I was wearing my leather jacket that rarely gets used so that kept me somewhat comfy.   Instead of what I would call more substance they had an assortment of crackers, hams, fruits and cheese to eat and one of my favorite wines moscato.  Just for that you could say it wasn’t so bad after all.  There was no traditional birthday cake.   In it’s place was this huge cookie cake that seems to be more popular these days that had gobs of chocolate chips in it. I took a sliver of it just to taste.

Now here I am baking up a storm in Second Life.  Shhh… I really got them yesterday at the pre-tasting of the Atelier Kreslo’s Farewell Bake Sale that opened today.   I am only showing a few of the goodies you can find at the bake sale.  While these cakes look absolutely yummy, personally I am more likely to take a serving or two of the creme brulee.

Hair – Truth – Hollana
Top – The Little Bat – Say It Tank
Shorts – Erratic – Briony Black
Flour Tattoo – {Kindred}
Oven Glove – Fai Da Te

Kitchen Set – LAQ Decor
Tall Birthday Cake – Pilot @ Atelier Kreslo’s Farewell Bake Sale
Roz’s Choco-Cherry OmgFrosting Cake – Olive @ Atelier Kreslo’s Farewell Bake Sale
Zen’s Famous Berry Cookies Pink & Blue Tin – BoOgErS @ Atelier Kreslo’s Farewell Bake Sale
Creme Brulee – [RazzBerry Inc.] @ Atelier Kreslo’s Farewell Bake Sale
Strawberry Tart – [RazzBerry Inc.] @ Atelier Kreslo’s Farewell Bake Sale
Pizza’s Bubbly Bread Loaf – Pizza’s @ Atelier Kreslo’s Farewell Bake Sale
Tala Laval’s Sour Cherry Pie – Lost Junction @ Atelier Kreslo’s Farewell Bake Sale
Vita Kitchen Cook Books – [ARIA]
Grinder – Dust Bunny @ The Season’s Story
Teapot – Dust Bunny @ The Season’s Story
Bags of Flour – Apple Fall
Laurel Cottage Herbs – {what next}
Aloe Pot Mini – The Loft
Blender – Dust Bunny @ The Season’s Story
Hanging Bamboo Herbs – Organica
Spice Bottles Rack – Kopi
Granny’s Winter Cottage Baking Set – 8f8 {Dec. 2014 Arcade}
Dough Bowl – Dreamland Designs
Kitchen Bowl Set – Dreamland Designs

Pose – Day Dreamer Pose Set by Kirin {Slightly modified with Animare HUD}

Never enough shoes.

MV Final

Another post before I call it a night to show you some more shoes.  These I am wearing are from {MV} called the Satrina and will come in two exclusive colors (latte & blush) for the 21Shoe that is just right around the corner. These shoes are made to fit with the SLink high feet.

011 Mai Tai

These rigged Rumba heels are from Bliensen & MaiTai and are made to fit with not only SLink feet, but also with the Meshproject/The Shops, and non-rigged for Belleza Venus, Maitreya Lara and the CMFF mbody.  Not pictured is the other pair of shoes that are the same style design except in flats in the color red.   As I mentioned in the last few blog posts all the shoes will be available only for 24-hours at the individual creators stores on January 21st.  Make sure you visit the 21Shoe website for the slurls and to take a look at the other shoes that will be sold during the event.

Hair – Truth – Thalia
Face Tattoo – Dazed – Loveless Tears Raven @ Suicide Dollz
Dress – Spirit – Mili Dress Black @ The Seasons Story
*Heels – {MV} – Satrina Heels [Mocha] for January 21Shoe
Hands & Feet – SLink – Avatar Enhanced Hands & Feet

2nd Pic:
*Heels – Bliensen & MaiTai – Rumba

Cigarette Machine – Seven Emporium
What We Play Sign – One Grid @ Domus Fair
Dreaming Poster – [LeeZu]
Small Bar Rustic – [kunst]
Wooden Bar Stools – [kunst]
Bar Glasses – [19MC?]
Geek Ashtray – Sorgo
A Taste of Mexico Platter – Lost Junction

*Review copies.