Waiting… a sign of patience or endurance?

Circa 007-2

*TD Julie Dress [Cream] by *Buglets* @ Ninety-Nine
*Sporty Sandals Lemon by *BoOgErS* **New Mainstore Release**
Hair: Yuko by *TKW* @ Hairlogy {SLB13 Gift}

Alexa ~
*Sporty Sandals Navy by *BoOgErS*  {made for child,but are unrigged so can  be sized larger}
*Patched Jeans Lara by ::PM:: @ On9
Hair: Yuko by *TKW* @ Hairlogy {SLB13 Gift}
Knotted Shirt by Lowkey Shawty

* Waterfall Picture by {ATW} @ Totally Top Shelf 
*”Horizon” Living Set by [CIRCA]
-Velvet Chaise R – “Neutrals” menu (34B pos)
-Velvet Ottoman – “Neutral” menu (14pos)
-Wooden Tray v1 – with Succulent Pots
*”Luna Bay” Terra Rust Pot – Hibiscus Yellow Planter by [CIRCA]
*:VIBE: Area Rug – Chenille – Solid Charcoal by [CIRCA]
*Buck THorn {4Seasons) by Little Branch @ LTD Event
*Sugar Maple.v3 {Seasons} by Little Branch @ FaMESHed
Gardenhouse Clocks by DRD @ Shiny Shabby
My Pet Adventure – Puppy Companion by O.M.E.N @ The Arcade
Carried Away / Keys by [Commoner] @ The Arcade
Weimaraner Dog Standing by Just Animals
Shape Lamp by Kalopsia
Military Field Phone by Nomad
So Fancy Throw Pillow by Fancy Decor
Piper Candle T Cream by MudHoney @ The Arcade
Old Manufactory by Apple Fall
Bouton d’or Yellow {Field} by Little Branch

Pose: Moonflower by {Sepia}

Battle of the Bear Bands

Boogers 005ps

I was happily surprised when I opened up the blogger package of bears from BoOgErS for the upcoming round of The Arcade that starts on June 1st, because of what they represent.  It’s musical bear bands.

You see my father was a musician and his love of music was profound. It was his passion. He played the accordion since he was just a young kid. In his last years my dad still played every now and then with local groups and I recall one or two times where he participated in events where they had battle of the bands.  I don’t think he cared much about winning.. for him it was just doing something he loved.

Today is the anniversary of his passing and so I brought little me out to play the accordion in remembrance of him.  As you can see I suffered a little stage fright.

The Arcade opens June 1st and if you want to get all the latest news, visit their website here.

The band bears gacha will be 25L per play.  There are 15 commons, 2 rares, and 1 reward, which is something new.  You can get details on the player reward system on their website as well under news.

The other new thing with this June round is that there will be two identical Sims to shop from and two identical homestead sims to cam shop from.

Have a great Wednesday!

*Bear Band Gacha by *BoOgErS* @ The Arcade ***Coming June 1st***
-Metal Bear Guitar
-Metal Bear Singer
– Metal Bear Keytar
-Metal Bear Keyboard
-Metal Amp
-Bubble Bear Keyboard
-Bear Band Clump VIB
-Bubble Bear Guitar
-Bubble Bear Singer
-Bubble Bear Keytar
-Bubble Amp
Music Speaks! by *ionic*
{Vintage Toy Piano} Upright – Purple by .Atomic.
Twinkle Pendel Bright by [ keke ]
Love My Doll – Pola by !gO!
Love My Doll – Majka by !gO!
Thunk- Grungepaper Vintage Drumset by Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth
Scattered Sheet Music by Floorplan
My Little Puppy 6 & 11 by Fawny
Birch Cottage by DaD Design @ Shiny Shabby

Hair: 158 Black by [Love Soul]
Hoodie by [Little Nerds]
HiTop Sneakers {part of outfit, that was a group gift} by Enchanted Bowtique
Wooden Accordion by Happy Mood

Pose: Pack Gift 6 by Overlow Poses

Background Scene:
Sea Almond{Seasons} by Little Branch @ LTD Event
Field of Flowers – White Daisies by [ Organica ]
Suger Rose Field [Green] by {anc}

Don’t bottle it up all inside, let it out


I don’t know if I ever really bottled up things inside. It probably depended on what it was and if I did it was probably not for long. More often the case as quick as I was to get angered I was quick to cool down.

These days I rarely hold back my tongue, though I am very diplomatic in nature… well most of the time.

Today I’m showing this furniture set by Mushilu that is available at Whimsical. The set includes the rose color dresser, book lamp and the table with some of the bottles.

I’m also featuring the mushrooms right outside the door.  These are the latest landscaping decor by Little Branch.  They are available now at the newest round of Shiny Shabby.  On touch you can change the color of the mushrooms.

Have a great Monday, or what’s left of it.

*Cute Furniture Roses Set by Mushilu @ Whimsical
{Table, Dresser, Bottles & Book Lamp}
*Mushrooms V1 & V2 by Little Branch @  Shiny Shabby
*Sea Almond {Seasons} by Little Branch @ LTD Event
Coming up Roses – Frame by +Half-Deer+
New Beginnings – Armchair by 8f8 {past Arcade gacha}
Ulysses Butterfly by Apple Fall
Twig Wreath by Apple Fall
Retro Radio by Apple Fall
Muskare Wall Plates Decor by *LODE* Decor @ Shiny Shabby
Muskare Bottle 1-3 by *LODE* Decor @ Shiny Shabby
Amelie Magnifiers by Apple Fall
Cotton Cluster by Apple Fall
Potted Ponytail Palm by Soy
Troubadour Rug by The Loft & ARIA @ Collabor88
Birch Cottage by DaD Designs @ Shiny Shabby

Just go for it

Genre 021

*Top: Sure Shot T-Shirt-Ball by Entice @ Genre
*Shorts: Sure Shot Skirt-Red by Entice @ Genre
*Shoes: Sure Shot Sneakers-Red by Entice @  Genre
Hair: \ Editorial Southern wind – Blacks+Whites by Tableau Vivant {Past Arcade Gacha}

*Mossy Garden Walls by unKindness @ LTD Event
Jump w/ Planters, Bar & Training Cones by The Domineaux Effect
Yews by 3D Trees
OPTT Three Branches M5 v1-2 Hand – 5G by Hayabusa Design

*Pose: Parkour Female by {Rook} @ Genre

How sweet the sound when all is calm within you

“Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you.  The future will take care of itself.” ~ Paramahansa YoganandaDaD RFL 005

Hello everyone! Hope it’s a great Wednesday so far.  Today I am showing this antique iron greenhouse by DaD Designs being released at the newest event called Whimsical that opens tomorrow at 12 am Second Life time.  It’s 100% original mesh and comes in two versions with your purchase.  With or without a ladder to climb on the roof, which is as easy as touching the ladder and sitting on the pose-ball that takes you up.

Always great to have so many options when it comes to landscaping and this time we have the New England trees by Little Branch, which are seasonal by the touch of a menu.  They are currently available at the LTD Event, that runs until February 26th.

I am also showing some more items at the Home & Garden Expo. The planter of flowers are from Lunar Seasonal Designs and come with a menu giving you the option to change the colors of the planter, flowers, leafs and soil. There are so many textures for you to choose from making it a great deal.  I’m showing another patio table and chairs set by beYou.  This time its in a square version and I really like the feature of being able to open and close the umbrella.  The deck set on the side is by M.Law, which comes ready to just place on a spot on your land… that is what I call convenience!

*Antique Greenhouse V.1.0 – DaD Design @ Whimsical. An Inspired Event {Starts Feb. 18th}
*New England.v2 {4Seasons} – Little Branch @ LTD Event {Feb. 12 – 26th}

These items are at the Hope 6 Sim @ The Home & Garden Expo
*Menu Driven Tiered Planter of Flowers – Lunar Seasonal Designs 
*SeaBreeze Patio Table Square  & Umbrella – beYou
*Saanich Deck Set – .:M.Law:. 

Grass Field Green – [we’re CLOSED]
Cobblestone Floor – Stormwood

Dance like no one is watching

DaD 023ps

Just make sure no one is video taping it with their phone for the next YouTube sensation.

Some more fantastic winter landscape items for you today.  Little Branch has these Alaskan trees at the 34th Street event that are season change and are in cluster or single.  The winter picket fence is by unKindness and is available at this round of FaMESHed, available in several wood tones.

The Victorian gazebo is by DaD Designs and is at the LTD Event.  I am picturing the full version that is decorated with Christmas decor, snow, flowerpots and plants, but can be found in an empty version as well as a flowerpots and plants version. The final item featured are the lighted pyramid trees by [CIRCA], which are advent items at the store.

The dress I am wearing is not detailed here, but can be found on my fantasy wardrobe blog later after I get done with this post.  I didn’t care much for the close up picture and found it wasn’t giving it proper presentation so I am featuring it on its own.

*Victorian Gazebo – DaD Designs @ LTD Event
*Xmas Tree – Little Branch @ 34th Street
*Alaska.v1~Cluster {Seasons} – Little Branch @ 34th Street
*Alaska.v1 {Seasons} – Little Branch @ 34th Street
*Winter Picket Fence – unKindness @ FaMESHed
*”Cosmos” Starry Pyramid Tree Light – Blue, Gold, White & Blue – [CIRCA]
Reclaimed Wood Bench – Striped Mocha

Let’s take our hearts for a walk and come back taller than the trees

“It’s the little moments each day that you spend with those you care about, that truly matter and count.”

Winter 031

Having skipped the weekend giving myself a little blogging break to do some other things I’m going to shoot for a second post today.

I can’t remember how long I’ve been a fan of eXxEsS hair and have blogged a few styles in the past as part of my outfits.  I’m thrilled to now be a part of their blogger team and look forward to showing more awesome hairstyles in the future.  I love the casualness of this hair and the feel it gives of the hair flying naturally with the wind. Hera is mesh hair and comes with a fairly extensive color selection by Hud.

The top and jeans are from MoDANNA and are currently available at the FROST event that runs from December 13th to January 3rd.  You will find both of these every day wear items in several colors.

Lil me is wearing this festive holiday hoody by PuddleSplash, which is now at the All The Little Things event that runs until December 21st.  You’re bound to find all sorts of fun things for the little ones.

Now for some festive fun decor.  The sleigh that comes with animations for two people, is available in silver and gold in both the light and dark wood tones. Due to the fact that my avatar is slightly taller than normal size I had to do a slight modification of the rope, which I raised to fit accordingly.  It can be done by using the edit linked feature in the edit menu.  The sleigh and the igloo are both from In My Cloud and can be found at The Mid Winter Fair that will run until the end of the month.  The snowflakes and star decor is by Una and also available at the Mid Winter Fair in gold and silver.

The last items that I’m featuring today are the trees by Little Branch, which are available at the new round of the LTD Event that runs until December 26th. These trees are 4 seasons, meaning that by the touch of the menu you can pick the season you want to create in your Second Life.

*Hair – eXxEsS – Hera
*Sweater – MoDANNA – [Givre Collection] Loose Sweater Red @ FROST
*Jeans – MoDANNA [Givre Collection] Skinny Jeans Dark Blue @ FROST
Boots – Fri. – Jessica Boots @ Collabor88

*Blixem Reindeer Hoody – {PuddleSplash} @ All The Little Things
Boots – Rawr Muffinz – Teal Knee High Sneakers – {store is closed}

*Sleigh Gold Light – In My Cloud @ The Mid Winter Fair
*Igloo Ice House – In My Cloud @ The Mid Winter Fair
*Star Decor – Una @ The Mid Winter Fair
*Silver Snow Wall Decor – Una @ The Mid Winter Fair
*Bradford.Cluster{4 Seasons} @ LTD Event
*Bradford.V1{4 Seasons} @ LTD Event
*Grass1l {Winter} @ LTD Event
*Bradford.Bended{4Seasons} @ LTD Event
*Bradford.V2{4 Seasons} @ LTD Event
Penguins – By Dorian {past gacha and retired}
Puffy Grass [Frozen] – *alirium*
Dirt Road – Happy Mood

Pose by Blogger Bubble by aDORKable

Home is everywhere with you

The color scheme of this furniture gives me a sense of the winter season that will soon be upon on us in Second Life.  While I enjoy the beautiful decorated winter sims it feels too soon to have the winter landscape.

Circa 014

This living room known as the “Waterdown” set is by Circa Living and is available at the event Sad November that runs for several more days until November 21st.  The items featured are the grey/plum velvet chair that has 18 animations and the grey/navy love seat that has 40 animations.  The set is available in plum and navy and includes the table, coat rack, vase, wall art, pear bowl and vase and rug.  Circa has made available the trio candle stand as a gift for very little lindens.

DaD 015

The home that I am using is DaD Designs newest release.  The Chelsea Victorian Loft is an original 100% mesh skybox.  The footage is 24×23 and has a land impact of 50 with copy and modify permission.

It is laid out very nicely with a large entrance, double living room, bedroom, bathroom and a large balcony.  From the creators notes, a typical Victorian apartment in the elegant area of London.


One of the great features of the loft is that it has been designed so that you can color each room with a different color and instructions are provided for you on how to do that.  The picture above shows you the loft in its finishing plaster white and a wall that has been colored to give you an idea of how it looks once you paint the walls.

*Chelsea Victorian Loft – DaD Designs @ LTD Event November 12-26th
*”Waterdown” Set –  – [CIRCA] @ Sad November to November 21st
-Velvet Chair – Grey/Plum (18 pos)
-Velvet Loveseat – Grey/Navy (40 pos)
-Branch Vase – Grey Metal
-Coat Rack Stand – Rainy Blue/Grey
-“Rainy Field” Wall Art Frame
-Ribbed Table – Deep Grey Wood
-Area Rug – Chevron Weave – Navy
-Pear Bowl & Vase – Plum
-Candle Stand Trio – Grey/Cream {$5L Gift @ Event}

Raw Desk –  Apple Fall
Wingback Chair – Apple Fall
iFall (Early 2014) Media Edition – Apple Fall
Victoire Lamp Left – Noir – touch on off light – LISP
Ultimate Great Dane (Fawn Color) 9.0 – Zooby
Urne de Terra Cuite w/ Interior Plant – Apple Fall
Rattan Afternoon Set  – An Lema

Peaceful corner in the garden

Beaumont 009

The neighborhood is back in action with some more home and garden stuff for you.   Jian has made a new gazebo that compliments two of its previously released sets with the same name.  The Beaumont gazebo has six texture options for both the structure and the roof.  It comes ready with single sitting animations and five couple cuddle animations.  For this weekend only you can purchase it for only 150 lindens, otherwise, after the weekend it will increase in price.   One of the previous sets is the Beaumont brick fence set pictured here that comes with texture change options for all the fence pieces.  The other set is the brick path that I previously blogged.

I’m always on the search for a good windlight as lighting is not my forte, so I was excited when the owner of Olive recently shared her collection of windlights that she has made over the last few years.  I am using the blue haze one, though modded it to make it lighter without completely losing the blue haze.  I just wanted to make sure that you could still see the quality of the texture of the gazebo and fence.

*Beaumont Gazebo – Jian for ***The Neighborhood***
*Beaumont Fence Set – Jian
Taradha Lights – Jian
*Field of Poppies {round} (colors violet, fushia, orange & yellow) – Little Branch @ LTD Event
Garden Tree 07 – Happy Mood
Real Grass *Green Meadown* white Flower – KIDD Creation
Piu! (bohemian) – *ionic*

*Review copy.