Dog sitting

Jian 008

I actually did this over the past weekend with my sisters dog as she traveled out of town for the day. Her dog is pretty tame and  is very content these days just to claim her space in the room and sit quietly.

In-world it’s a different story.  I can handle more than one.  These cuties I’m showing are the corgis from JIAN that will be available tomorrow at the Arcade.  There are 15 total with 12 commons and 3 rares with a 11% rare chance and $50L per play.

There is a new thing with the Arcade this round and that is the rewarding of loyal players who at 50 plays to the same machine will receive a reward.  JIAN’s reward is the kite flyer corgi, which has 5 different whimsical animal kite textures.

There is so much more to the corgis than what you see.  Get all the details on the corgis below the credits.

*Beach Corgis Gacha by JIAN @ The Arcade  **June 1st**
-Beach Towel Rare
-Drink Cooler Rare
-Swim Trunks Companion Rare
-Run, Walk & Tilts
-Held Pup (Sable)
-Companion (Red)
-Kite Flyer – Reward
*Pool Noodle [Mint] by ~*Buglets*~ @ The Play Room
Patio Parasol [Indian Cotton – Yellow] by Soy @ Collabor88
Bone-Shaped Dog Bowl – Pink – Kibble by +Half-Deer+
Bone-Shaped Dog Bowl – Pink – Water by +Half-Deer+
Bone-Shaped Dog Bowl – Cream – Kibble by +Half-Deer+
Beach Bag Decorational by Dutchie
Tropical Drink Blue Soda by Poche
Sculpt Palm Trees x12 16 prims by Sim Pro Designs
Sand Dune by New Vermont Enterprises
Real Beach Grass by  KIDD Creations

Hair: Denae by Alice Project
Necklace: Wooden Savannah Necklace (Elephant) by +Half-Deer+
Jumper: Carefree.Playsuits – Flower by Pixicat @ Collabor88

Pose: Moonflower {using only one side of pose} by {Sepia}

━━━━━━━━━━ ◐ Details ◑ ━━━━━━━━━━

All rares in this set texture change both the pup between the four coat colors and have accessory texture options as well!

━ Kite Flyer & Swim Trunks Pups
These are worn avatar companions. Right click and choose “Add” from your inventory.

━ Beach Towel Pup
This is a rezzed decor pup that you can also sit on and enjoy a day out on the beach. You can change your pose, as well as the textures for the towel, accessories and the corgi pup itself.

━ Drink Cooler Pup
This is a rezzed decor pup that when you click directly on the pup will dispense drinks for your avatar to sip on. You can also click the cooler lid to open and close it as well as click the cooler bottom to get a texture change menu for the corgi and cooler.

All rare pups should have options to turn sound and animation on or off, except for the sleepy pup which does not have sound. They should also have a resize menu to allow for shrinking or growing the size of your pup. Please note that resizing can affect land impact!

━━━━━━━━━━ ◐ COMMONS ◑ ━━━━━━━━━━

━ Wandering Pups
These pups are meant to be rezzed to let run around!
Drop them out on the ground and click them to begin. You will get options for radius, wander and sound.
Sound turns your pups’ barking on or off.
Radius sets the distance in which you pup can wander from the point where you turn it ‘on’.
Wander turns your pup ‘on’ and lets it run around!
Turning off wander on your pup should return it to its original starting position.

━ Companion & Held Pups
These are worn avatar companions. Right click and choose “Add” from your inventory.

Companions run along side of you. Held pups will attach to your arm (and can be swapped arms; they will automatically play the correct animation for either arm on attach) and doze, yap and kick.

All common pups should have options to turn sound and animation on or off. They should also have a resize menu to allow for shrinking or growing the size of your pup. Please note that resizing can affect land impact!

I wore mr. bear out

Bear 016

Doing a quick post to show the cute swimsuits for the little ones that Buglets has out now at the Fiction & Fables monthly event that began on July 7th and will run a whole month, so plenty of time to get your own swimsuit to enjoy your Second Life summer.  It’s a two piece mesh swimsuit that is actually just one item wear, so it’s easy peasy to put on.  I’m wearing the rose colored version, but you can find it in lilac, sky, mint and peach at the event.

With the sweltering heat lately, this is a perfect swimwear in any life.

You all stay cool.

Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair *113* Jet Black
*Swimsuit – Buglets – TD Sophia Swimsuite [Rose] @ Fiction & Fables {July 7 thru August 6}
Shoes – That’s So {Kyoot} – High Top Peach

Our Secret Hideout-Meadow Tree Bench Rare – 8f8
Our Secret Hideout-Meadow Tree Chair Rare – 8f8
Real Beach Grass *Wild Medium Sword* – KIDD Creations
Sand Dune – New Vermont Enterprises/Thickbrick Sleaford
French Bulldog Spot – Alchemy
Forest Babies – Bear Cub Sun – Birdy/Alchemy

Pose: Blogger Bubble by aDORKable {no longer available}

The rehearsal run

Our wedding 013

Your wedding day should be an important event, right?  For better or worse… a day that is bound to change your life forever in some form or fashion and hopefully all for the good and the long run.  So a girl has to do what she must to prepare if she’s having any cold feet and it’s a bit chilly near the ocean and I’m not wearing any shoes.  Chuckles.

I’m featuring a complete wedding ceremony set by Aphrodite Shops that is is set in a beach theme that really takes a lot of the hard work out for you in planning your wedding when you get a setup pretty much done for you.   The set has an animated altar with 7 minister poses and a bible prop.  The chairs have animations for male, female and also children.  You can find it currently at the Cosmopolitan Event until the 19th of July, and later at their store.  I’m not showing any, but if you go to their wedding section at their main store you can also find other related beach theme items to make your wedding a success.

Hair – Little Bones – Pogo {Hair Fair 2015 Gift}
Dress – GizzA – Cara Dress White
Headdress Olive [original] – LODE {previous event gacha}

*Beach Wedding Ceremony Set – Aphrodite Shops @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Fan Palm Straight – The Heart Garden Center
Coco Palms Leaning Small Cluster – The Heart Garden Center
Fan Palm – The Heart Garden Center
Pampas Grass – KIDD Creations
Sand Dune – New Vermont Enterprises/Thickbrick Sleaford
Ann Lily Crown [white] Rare – LODE @ The Chapter Four

Pose: Chasing a Dream by Seil Xpression {gift on market place, used female pose only}

It’s time to be happy


The song Summer Nights from the movie Grease seems to float to my mind when I do a summer post.  It’s got some cute lyrics.. summer loving had me a blast, oh yeah.. summer loving happened so fast… met a boy cute as can be… summer days drifting away.. and so on. Chuckles. I think popcorn is awaiting me soon.

Showing another hair from the Hair Fair.  This one is from Pr!tty and what really drew me to it was the long stresses of hair that go off to the side. It just felt and looked very natural to me that I couldn’t resist making it one of my first purchases.   I was happy too as it wasn’t until recently that I found myself being able to wear this designer’s hair again. I must have a big forehead as most of the hairs didn’t fit and required that I make changes to it and my face is the one body part that I do not like to change when it comes to making small modifications to my shape.

I’m wearing one of the Canicule Collection bikinis by MoDANNA that is available at this new round of anyBODY, an event that is geared towards everything applier.  It is an applier bikini and there are appliers for just about all the mesh bodies and more including clothing layers.   I’m wearing the banana version though you can find many colors to even mix and match.

The other item I want to point out is this new summer cabana by Aphrodite.  The “Summer Happy Place” is available at Swank, a new monthly event on the grid.  It has well over 100 animations and has a land impact of 15 and comes with rezzable props.

All the right fixes for a summer loving of your own and maybe you’ll meet a cutie too.

Hair – Pr!tty – Ariel @ The Hair Fair 2015 on the Blonde Sim {July 11-26th}
Glasses – Modish – Obscurity Shades Black
*Bikini – MoDANNA – [Canicule Collection] Sexy Bikini Banana @ anyBODY {July  7-31st}
Shorts – Bueno – Summer Shorts Khaki

*”Summer Happy Place” – Aphrodite @ Swank  {July 7-August 1st}
Sculpt Palm Tree x3 Type 2 – SimPro Designs
Sand Dune – New Vermont Enterprises/Thickbrick Sleaford
Pineapple & Coconut Drink – Dust Bunny @ Summer Fest ’15 {June 20-July 12th}
Pampas Grass & Real Beach Grass *Wild Medium Sword* – KIDD Creations

Pose: Paula by BellePoses @ Fi*Friday {July 9-13th}

*Review copy

Summer days drifting away

Kuro  SF 010

Since joining Second Life I have only lived on a sandy beach sim during the first few months of joining and having bought land to live on.  It was enjoyable for a while until I moved to a grassy sim and that seemed to suit me much better.  I haven’t wavered from that ever since. Though, I must say it’s been enjoyable doing up these scenes and having that feeling of my feet running through the sand and basking in the hot sun.

To help you set up your own summer paradise Kuro is also participating in this round of The Challenge with this wooden beach cabana called the Easy Breeze.  It’s 100% mesh and comes with single and couple animations.  It’s on discount during the time of the event that runs from the 1st to the 20th and you can find it at the Kuro main store.

Buglets 015

Shutter Field also has the beach deck chairs made exclusively for Best of SL Magazine readers and discounted for the month of July.  The chairs come with male and female sits and can be found at the Shutter Field main store.

The last item is worn by little me.  You know what happens when you spend too much time out in the hot sun.  Yep, you get a sunburn.  Buglets has created the sunburn and war paint set that includes tattoo layers and toddleedoo mesh head appliers for the Hello Beautiful Event.  You get 8 options with each set, that has 4 levels of sunburn with or without war paint.   Lil me is wearing one with war paint, because she likes being a little warrior too.

Alexa ~
Hair – Argrace – Anzu  **New**
Bikini – Zaara – Morjim Bikini Rare {June 2015 Arcade}

Sydney –
Hair – [Love Soul] – *113* Hair
Swimsuit – {Sugar & Spice} – Little Miss USA
*Sunburn & War Paint – Buglets @ Hello Beautiful

*Beach Deck Chair Blue & Green – Shutter Field for Best of SL Magazine Readers
*Easy Breeze – Kuro for The Challenge ***July 1-20th***
Sculpt Palm Tree x3 Type 2 – SimPro Designs
Sand Dune – New Vermont Enterprises/Thickbrick Sleaford
Pampas Grass & Real Beach Grass *Wild Medium Sword* – KIDD Creations
Bicycle Cart (Italian Ice) – Theosophy {June 2015 Arcade}
“Makin” Waves’ Wearable Row Boat – What Next {June 2015 Arcade}
Shade Umbrella & Getaway Basket – Dust Bunny {June 2015 Arcade}
Blue Hawaii – Poche {past gacha}
*TV Time Pillow (plain) {textured} – Little Llama for ***All The Little Things* **
Hanging Twig Light – Tarte {June 2015 Arcade}

*Review copy


The castaway

Castaway 004

A new round of The Challenge started today and the theme this month is castaway.   Shutter Field has designed two sets for this event.  The castaway bed set includes the lantern and bed, which has solo and couple animations and wearable props.  The outhouse set gave me a chuckle when I spotted the bathroom tissue on the makeshift outhouse.  The toilet and outhouse stuff completes the set.

The Challenge runs from the 1st of the month to the 2oth and items in the event are discounted 30%.

I am wearing a new skin that I actually purchased a while back and recently found when I was fumbling around in my inventory trying to get it organized a little better.  You really can’t see it in this picture, but you can see it on the sidebar of the blog page.  I’m also wearing new color eyes.  I’m sharing all that, because what I really wanted to point out is that I have made a basics menu up above to list all those items I use regularly and won’t bore you with being so repetitive under credits after this post.

Have a great Tuesday!

Body – Maitreya – Lara V3.3
Skin – Dulce Secrets – Skai Mink Bare
Hair – No.match – No.Shelter
Bikini – Zaara – Morjim {June 2015 Arcade}
Feet – Slink – AvEnhance Flat Feet

*Castaway Bed Set – Shutter Field for The Challenge ***July 1st to July 20th***
{Bed, Lantern, Wearable Book & Coffee Mug}
*Castaway Outhouse Set – Shutter Field  for The Challenge ***July 1st to July 20th***
{Toilet, Outhouse and Outhouse Stuff}
Sculpt Palm Tree x3 Type 2 – SimPro Designs
Pampas Grass – KIDD Creations
Sand Dune – New Vermont Enterprises/Thickbrick Sleaford
Life Ring & Beach Bag Cream – Dust Bunny {June 2015 Arcade}

*Review copy

When I’m back on on my feet again

When Im back on my feet 010

Gonna break from these chains around me
Gonna learn to fly again
May be hard, may be hard
But I’ll do it
When I’m back on my feet again
Soon these tears will all be dryin’
Soon these eyes will see the sun
Might take time, might take time
Bull I’ll see it
When I’m back on my feet again

Part of the lyrics from “When I’m Back on My Feet Again.” 

Eyelids – Slink – Mesh Eyelids
Hair – Magika – Friday  **50% off sale, ends 6/30**
Top – Tee*fy – Kelly Knotted Tank Top Latte @ Collabor88
Shorts – Bueno – Summer Shorts Khaki @ Kustom9

Pampas Grass – Kidd Creation
Real Beach Grass *Wild Medium Sword* – Kidd Creation
Sand Dune – New Vermont Enterprises/Thickbrick Sleaford{Re-textured}
Lighthouse – Dust Bunny  **50L Sale ends today**
Rock 7 – 3D Trees {Re-textured}

Pose: My own created with Animare Pose & Animation System