Dog sitting

Jian 008

I actually did this over the past weekend with my sisters dog as she traveled out of town for the day. Her dog is pretty tame and  is very content these days just to claim her space in the room and sit quietly.

In-world it’s a different story.  I can handle more than one.  These cuties I’m showing are the corgis from JIAN that will be available tomorrow at the Arcade.  There are 15 total with 12 commons and 3 rares with a 11% rare chance and $50L per play.

There is a new thing with the Arcade this round and that is the rewarding of loyal players who at 50 plays to the same machine will receive a reward.  JIAN’s reward is the kite flyer corgi, which has 5 different whimsical animal kite textures.

There is so much more to the corgis than what you see.  Get all the details on the corgis below the credits.

*Beach Corgis Gacha by JIAN @ The Arcade  **June 1st**
-Beach Towel Rare
-Drink Cooler Rare
-Swim Trunks Companion Rare
-Run, Walk & Tilts
-Held Pup (Sable)
-Companion (Red)
-Kite Flyer – Reward
*Pool Noodle [Mint] by ~*Buglets*~ @ The Play Room
Patio Parasol [Indian Cotton – Yellow] by Soy @ Collabor88
Bone-Shaped Dog Bowl – Pink – Kibble by +Half-Deer+
Bone-Shaped Dog Bowl – Pink – Water by +Half-Deer+
Bone-Shaped Dog Bowl – Cream – Kibble by +Half-Deer+
Beach Bag Decorational by Dutchie
Tropical Drink Blue Soda by Poche
Sculpt Palm Trees x12 16 prims by Sim Pro Designs
Sand Dune by New Vermont Enterprises
Real Beach Grass by  KIDD Creations

Hair: Denae by Alice Project
Necklace: Wooden Savannah Necklace (Elephant) by +Half-Deer+
Jumper: Carefree.Playsuits – Flower by Pixicat @ Collabor88

Pose: Moonflower {using only one side of pose} by {Sepia}

━━━━━━━━━━ ◐ Details ◑ ━━━━━━━━━━

All rares in this set texture change both the pup between the four coat colors and have accessory texture options as well!

━ Kite Flyer & Swim Trunks Pups
These are worn avatar companions. Right click and choose “Add” from your inventory.

━ Beach Towel Pup
This is a rezzed decor pup that you can also sit on and enjoy a day out on the beach. You can change your pose, as well as the textures for the towel, accessories and the corgi pup itself.

━ Drink Cooler Pup
This is a rezzed decor pup that when you click directly on the pup will dispense drinks for your avatar to sip on. You can also click the cooler lid to open and close it as well as click the cooler bottom to get a texture change menu for the corgi and cooler.

All rare pups should have options to turn sound and animation on or off, except for the sleepy pup which does not have sound. They should also have a resize menu to allow for shrinking or growing the size of your pup. Please note that resizing can affect land impact!

━━━━━━━━━━ ◐ COMMONS ◑ ━━━━━━━━━━

━ Wandering Pups
These pups are meant to be rezzed to let run around!
Drop them out on the ground and click them to begin. You will get options for radius, wander and sound.
Sound turns your pups’ barking on or off.
Radius sets the distance in which you pup can wander from the point where you turn it ‘on’.
Wander turns your pup ‘on’ and lets it run around!
Turning off wander on your pup should return it to its original starting position.

━ Companion & Held Pups
These are worn avatar companions. Right click and choose “Add” from your inventory.

Companions run along side of you. Held pups will attach to your arm (and can be swapped arms; they will automatically play the correct animation for either arm on attach) and doze, yap and kick.

All common pups should have options to turn sound and animation on or off. They should also have a resize menu to allow for shrinking or growing the size of your pup. Please note that resizing can affect land impact!

Your flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you.

“Between our laughs, long talks, stupid fights and jokes… I fell in love.”

Best GF 017

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this week so far has been down and out crazy. I feel pulled in every direction and the frustration level that I see in others and myself too is at an all-time high. It feels like all I’ve done since Monday is put out fires, and today I have a headache that won’t quit.  It’s no wonder we escape sometimes, even if our realities remain.

By now I’m sure you’ve seen these star of fame wall frames with different awards such as best friend, wife, hag, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, designer and a whole list of others found at the arcade. They are very cute frames and can create that fun atmosphere as they’re meant to, when proudly displayed or given as gifts to that person you’re honoring with that title of being the best of something.

I’m proudly showing off my fame as best girlfriend, and even though I gave it to myself it doesn’t lessen its impact. Darn right.  I earned this title; just ask my ex (spoken tongue-in-cheek).

Funny note aside I had a bit of a revelation the other week when I was watching the movie Jerry Maguire that aired in 1996. Jerry is played by actor Tom Cruise, which is about a sports agent that gets fired and then starts his own management firm with a sole client, Rod Tidwell, played by actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. There is a particular scene where a frustrated Jerry is telling Rod, who has a bit of an attitude, that he needs to go back to being the guy who first started playing the game, like when he was kid. The conversation doesn’t go well and an irritated Jerry leaves and as Rod watches him go he yells at him, “See, man, that’s the difference between us. You think we’re fighting, I think we’re finally talking!”

That particular scene was a bit of an eye opener as I thought back on previous encounters and made me reflect that I’m more like a Jerry and how this might have contributed to communication breakdowns.  It’s given me something to ponder on as I think of how quickly I can shut down when overwhelmed with high emotions.

My goodness.  Maybe I should send my ex the best boyfriend award.

Hair – Taketomi – Toyo Dark Brown
Eyelids – Slink – Mesh Eyelids
Necklace – Yummy – Raindrop Chain Necklace Gold
Bracelet – ASO! – National Flag Bracelet (Italia)
Top – Emery – Donna V-Neck Sweater Grey @ Collabor88
Jeans – Pixicat – Kiara Jeans {past 50L Friday}
Shoes – Baiastice – London Sneakers Canvas Sky @ The Arcade

Star of Fame/Best Girlfriend – [Commoner] @ The Arcade
Second Aid Donuts Yellow – BAMSE
Strandmon Couch Brown – Apt. B
Palmer Lodge – Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88

The Willa Bedroom Set

Aria 030
The new round of Uber with a Bohemian theme just opened and [ARIA] has the Willa Bedroom Set that comes in either PG or adult version.  What the set includes is the bed, which comes with six texture choices and animations for single and couples.  Attachable props for activities like the one shown.  I’m working.   I’m checking out all the pretty pictures on Flickr.  The dresser and side table that also come with six texture choices and two versions, chipped and plain, which both are included. The rug has six texture choices and a tapestry that has nine texture options.  If that weren’t enough, there is a light with three selections for the metallic part and potted plants.

Have a great Thursday!

Hair – [DUE] -Stay @ Creepy Kawaii Fair
Top – Pixicat – Bohemian Top Green @ Uber
Shorts – Blueberry – Cossy Denim Ripped Shorts Faded Light @ Uber
Hands & Feet – Slink – Avatar Enhance

*Willa Bedroom Set – [ARIA] @ Uber
Willa Low Bed
Willa Chipped Bedside Table
Willa Chipped Dresser
Willa Decorative Makeup Tray
Willa Exposed Light Bulb
Willa Tapestry
Willa Potted Aspidistra Plant
Willa Woven Rug
Willa Decorative Books
Willa Potted Phormium

Shrub Green – Happy Mood
Sweet Garden Grass 07 – Happy Mood
Country Keep – Scarlet Creative

*Review copies.


Strolling through the neighborhood.


I’m showing another pair of shoes that will be available on November 21st for the 21Shoe event that runs for 24 hours only.  These adorable hounds-tooth Saddle Jane flats from Sax Shepherd Designs are perfect for taking a stroll through the shopping district and residential parts of Second Life.  I didn’t have to fight lag or see giant size mesh clothing floating all around me while I walked to find a spot to take a snapshot.  I must admit that I liked that experience and will be doing this a little more often for something different than setting up my own scene.  The sim was practically deserted and it’s a shame, but with so many events that run throughout the month it’s so easy for some of these wonderfully created locations to take a back seat.  That’s another great thing about 21Shoe is that all shoes can be found at the individual stores.

Not pictured is the other shoe that is part of the two-for-one deal, which are the button mules that also come in the same hounds-tooth fabric.  You will get two colors with each set — a white/black and red/black in each shoe style and all for a really great price of $299L and never to be sold again.  The waist cincher that matches the shoes will be offered as an add-on the same day also for a very good price.

Stay tuned for another tease of shoes.


Hair- Truth – Demelza in Blacks
Scarf – {VISion} – S&F *Mesh Scarf*
Top – Pixicat – Metal.Top Shade
*Cincher – Sax Shepherd Designs – Classic Waist Cincher Houndstooth *SOON* {available as an add-on on Nov. 21s}
Rings – LUXE – Dainty Rings {Gacha} @ Sad November
Skirt – Pixicat – Autumn.Skirt Shade @ Kustom9
Tights – Cannibelle – Micronet Tights @ Cirque De Seraphim
*Shoes – Sax Shepherd Designs – Saddle Jane Flats ~ Houndstooth for SLink Flat Feet – *SOON* @ 21Shoe Event on Nov. 21st
Feet & Hands – SLink – AvEnhance Feet & Hands
Drink – Garbaggio – Pumpkin Frappuccino RARE {Gacha} @ Sad November

Pose: Lotus Set by Kirin

*Review copies.

Two-for-one shoes.

21 Shoe Hopscotch

Coming soon is the new round of the 21Shoe, a monthly event that happens on the 21st of each month that gives us shoe lovers a two-for-one bargain on new and exclusive shoes. I’m showing off the shoes that HopScotch will have for this November round.   The red/gold shoes I’m wearing are called Capture and are designed to fit the SLink medium feet.  The second pair of shoes near the table are purple with an orange lining named Sidney, and also made to fit the medium mesh feet by SLink.

You can check out the 21Shoe website as the 21st approaches to take a look at the other shoes that will be available during this round.  All the shoes can be found at the main stores and you can also grab the slurls from the website.  The other thing about this event is that it only lasts 24 hours, from 12:01 am SLT on the 21st of each month.

21 Shoe YS&YS 2

You could say I’m doing a two-for-one post today.  So this is what happens when you’re still half asleep.  I’m wearing the two shoes from *YS&YS* that will be sold also on the 21st.  The Tivoli a smooth crocodile black and the Latina open toe in beige.  The shoes are made to be used with SLink high feet and you will get two versions of the shoes — one with “sock” in the name that are made to be used when you want to apply socks to your feet.

Remember the shoes are only available for 24-hours from 12:01 am SLT on the 21st of November.


1st Picture –
*Red/Gold Capture Heels – HopScotch for 21Shoe *Soon on the 21st of November*
*Purple/Orange Sidney Heels – HopScotch for 21Shoe *Soon on the 21st November*
Hair – D!va – Rosa in Onyx @ Collabor88
Top – Pixicat – Alchemy Top (warm) @ Collabor88
Pants – Milk Motion – Studded Leather Leggings Red @ Collabor88


House – L2 Studio – The Dove Bay
Chairs – Trompe Loeil – Paxton Chairs Set
Table – Trompe Loeil – Paxton Log Coffee Table
Rug – Storax Tree – Woven Diamond Rug
Books – Tartessos Arts – 212 Books
Game – Commoner – Chatterbox
Candles – Oyasumi – Log Candles
Pumpkin – Dust Bunny – Pumpkin Cats {Hunt item}
Frames – Apple Fall – Rope Suspended Gallery
Candle – Alouette – Medieval Candle
Pumpkin Candles – Pilot – Pumpkins & Candles
Frame – Post – “Torso” Ingress Frame {free @ store/picture changed}
Purse – Tentacio – Miyori Bag Brown
Biscuits Cup – Paper Flowers – Afternoon Tea Belle:Strawberry Biscuits

2nd Picture –
*Heel 1 – *YS&YS* – Tivoli Pump Smooth Croco Black @ *SOON – 21Shoe November 21st for 24 Hours Only!*
*Heel 2 – *YS&YS* – Latina Opentoe Croco Beige @ *SOON – 21Shoe November 21st for 24 Hours Only!*
Hair – Tableau Vivant – Rasayana @ Collabor88
Eyes – SLink – Mesh Eyelids
Top  – Ison – Bandage Back Top @ Collabor88
Pants – Ison – Side Lace Pants @ Collabor88

Pose: On Your Wings by Bauhaus Movement {modified w/ Animare HUD}

Trees/Shrubs – Happy Mood
Steps – TUFF
Laptop – Pixel Mode {part of Moho Soho Bed Set}

*Review copies.

SL Bare Face Challenge.

“Every girl wants a guy who she can run up to with her hair a mess, no makeup and the first thing he says is ‘you’re beautiful’.” 


There is a challenge going around in the SL Flickr to share a photo of yourself without makeup, no eye lashes or any type of enhancement and absolutely no Photoshop of your picture.  I was in the mood to take a picture and decided to give it a try.   This is me in all my pixel naturalness.


Hair – DeLa – Nena in Blacks
Necklace – Glam Affair – Edyta Bib Necklace Black @ Collabor88
Top – Pixicat – Cheeky Top


 “You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.” ~ A Universal Paradox


As I was looking at this picture and thinking of the choices of food before me.  It lead me to thinking of how we make choices in all areas of our life from food, to what we wear and to the people we allow in our lives.  Obviously, some decisions are easier than others and usually the harder ones are when your mind and heart wage a war between what you want and don’t want. These days I find myself contemplating the needs versus wants and readjusting my way of thinking in some areas.  Ultimately, maybe reminding ourselves of what we deserve helps put things in perspective to be able to choose wisely.

That’s just one complexity of life.

Here in Second Life one of the choices if we’re so inclined to play the gachas is choosing to take a chance on the item we want and when to stop playing before we spend lots of lindens.  Of course, I’m giving myself a pep talk as the Fantasy Gacha opens today.  🙂


Skin – Belleza – Suki Makeup {June 2014 Arcade}
Black Eyeliner – Audrey – Tuty’s
Black Eyeliner – Blooming 2 – Tuty’s
Hair – Dura – Giirl*41 Black
Oriental (Dragon) Rare – Pixicat {June 2014 Arcade}
Oriental (Fan) Rare – Pixicat {June 2014 Arcade}
Oriental Kimono Blossom – Pixicat {June 2014 Arcade}
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant

Pose: Girl Sitting – Bounce This Poses

Ayumu Teahouse Brown/Red – [CIRCA]
Finding Bliss Meditation Table & Planter Set – Roawenwood
Paper Lantern – Oyasumi {Sept. 2014 Arcade}
Japanese Table – Oyasumi {Sept. 2014 Arcade}
Blue & Red Chinese Design Rug – Faith Wunderland
Chinese Armoire – Blue – Casa de Shai
Rising Sun Delicates Gacha (all the food on table) – 8f8 @ Xiasumi School Festival