Como la flor

One of the fun things when doing decor scenes is being able to find items that blend and fit well together. I think of it almost like being a world traveler and finding odds and pieces that you like or perhaps it’s the oddly shaped piece that has been in the family for generations.  It can be quite challenging too, perhaps especially on days when you need to get something done and you don’t feel very creative or motivated.

I was tipping the scale on the not so motivated and feeling creative when I put this together and yet I’m pleased with the final result showcasing a mixture of fashion and home decor from all over the grid. Take a look at credits to get the full list of everything shown.

*Hair: <Iren> Natural Tones by Fabia Mesh Hair  @ Cosmopolitan 
*Dress: Mariel Dress(Maitreya)/Color Pack 1 by [LAKHSMI] @ Cosmopolitan 
*Shoes: Carmilla M Emerald by :::ChicChica::: @ Cosmopolitan 

*Lofoten Shack by Mori @ 6th Republic
*Faux Fur Rug . Bear by Mori @ 6th Republic
*!gO! From Krakow – Folk kitchen cupboard Rare 1 by !gO! @ 6th Republic
*!gO! from Krakow – Polish Dumplings Pierogi by !gO! @ 6th Republic
*!gO! from Krakow – Folk Hope Chest by !gO! @ 6th Republic
*!gO! from Krakow – Wooden Lajkonik by !gO! @ 6th Republic
*FAKEICON / Csepel Booze Station / 13. Union Bottles by FAKEICON6th Republic
*FAKEICON / Csepel Booze Station / 15. Shot Glasses by FAKEICON6th Republic
*Calla Pot Amphora by MudHoney @ 6th Republic
*Berlin-Plant 2 by Bazar6th Republic
*Wildflowers – Tall Buttercups by Heart Gardens @ FaMESHed
*Arabian Blanket Corner – Black by [ETNIA] @ SaNaRae
*Rose Chair 1 – Orange by Myrrine @ Cosmopolitan 
*Rose Chair 2- Red by Myrrine @ Cosmopolitan 
*Silk Curtains by Puke Rainbows @ Cosmopolitan 
*Tracery Candle Set . Brown by Calm @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Tracery Wall Art . Brown by Calm @ The Liaison Collaborative

*Pose: Sherri Set by Verocity @ Cosmopolitan

The invisible scents

New round with all sorts of great stuff over at Cosmopolitan and Hello Tuesday. The discounts for the latter only today and the top and skirt from Elegance Boutique is just one of the items up for grabs for a bargain.

The rest of the items are available for the next two weeks at the Cosmopolitan Room starting with a new hair by EMO-tions called Mirella.  It’s a cute bouncy short bob style hair with bangs.  The pose is part of the cosmetics series by Di’s Opera and can be purchased individually or in a fatpack.

The majority of the decor shown is by KraftWork, which are pieces from their Soap Collection Gacha.  The wall vessel lamp is one of the pieces in the set by Big Bully. The hexagonal is one of the commons from the gacha set by Puke Rainbows.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

*Hair: Mirella by .:EMO-tions:. @ Cosmopolitan
*”Amy” Tank Top & Skirt -Black – Maitreya by Elegance Boutique @ Hello Tuesday

*The Soap Collection Gacha by KraftWork @ Cosmopolitan
1 KraftWork The Soap Collection Shop Scale Rare v1
2 KraftWork The Soap Collection Display v1 (3LI)
2 KraftWork The Soap Collection Display v2 (8LI – unlinkable)
3 KraftWork The Soap Collection Bag of Soaps
4 KraftWork The Soap Collection Wooden Table
5 KraftWork The Soap Collection Chalk Board
6 KraftWork The Soap Collection Rosemary Soap v1
6 KraftWork The Soap Collection Rosemary Soap v2
7 KraftWork The Soap Collection Soap Stand
8 KraftWork The Soap Collection Fruit Tablet Soaps
9 KraftWork The Soap Collection Sea Salt Bottles
*Vessel Lamp by Big Bully  @ Cosmopolitan
*Light Hexagonal Wall Tiles 1 – Black Common By Puke Rainbows @ Cosmopolitan

*Pose: Cosmetics Set by Di’s Opera @ Cosmopolitan