Sometimes you just have to sit back and wait

Hope it’s been a good week for everyone. This is a fast one today showcasing items from Tres Chic, mostly everything that I’m wearing and then the skybox, which is from The Draftsman event.

 The interior views of the skybox, with the bottom picture being the room in the corner of the photo above this text.

*Hair: Rene by Opale @ Tres Chic
*Finesque Necklace (12inch) 14k by [VEX] @ Tres Chic
*Ino Dress / Flame (Maitreya) by The Oak @ Tres Chic
*Bellini Tote by Scandalize @ Tres Chic
*Shoes: Lilly Heels by Phedora  @ Tres Chic

*Unit 254-A Skybox by Thistle @ Draftsman
Azalea Trunk w/ Pillows by MudHoney @ Bloom
Azalea Art by MudHoney @ Bloom
Azalea Plant 1 by MudHoney @ Bloom
Azalea Plant 2 by MudHoney @ Bloom
[Blush] Chair Pillow [Sweety Bloom] by Ariskea @ Bloom
[Blush] Chair Pillow [Goldy] by Ariskea @ Bloom
[Blush] Magnolia Leaf by Ariskea @ Bloom
[Blush] Peonies Pendant Decor by Ariskea @ Bloom
[Blush] Wood Side Table by Ariskea @ Bloom
[Blush] Teapot Peonie [Fushia] by Ariskea @ Bloom
[Blush] Teapot Peonie [Orange] by Ariskea @ Bloom
Athena Dining Set – Calla Lily by [Con.] @ Bloom
Aloe Phone Dock by Fancy Decor
Lily’s Chair by Kalopsia @ Bloom
Lily’s Hanging Flowers by Kalopsia @ Bloom
Lily’s Planter Potby Kalopsia @ Bloom
Lily’s Planter Pan by Kalopsia @ Bloom
Botany Test Tubes by .random.Matter. @ Bloom

Take out

I’m doing a late post as I’ll be gone most of the day tomorrow (today) and figured I would take care of it now.

Most of the items that I am showcasing are from this new round of Tres Chic, so look below and you can grab all the details. The moving stall that I’m sitting on is by Anhelo, and it’s not new, but can be found at their main store.

Have a great Saturday!

*Hair: Bryce by DeLa @  Tres Chic
*Glitz Jean’s – BlueJean by [Kenny Rolands] @ Tres Chic
*Tattoo: Hunter by .::Nanika::.  @  Tres Chic
*Shoes: Nicki Sneakers by :::NOIR:::: @  Tres Chic

*Moving Stall (Moss Gray) by Anhelo
Lazy Day – Take Away by .random.Matter. @ Collabor88
Vending Machine [Cigarette] by Soy

Pose: Sitting Waiting Wishing by Corpus

Forever in your shadow

I checked the map yesterday for the Skin Fair thinking I might slip in there and take a look.  Seeing all the green dots discouraged me as I didn’t want to fight any lag. Even though I really like the feature in Firestorm’s viewer of only seeing the people on your friends list.  It makes for moving around much faster. Sometimes I forget that I have it on and go somewhere and think wow no one is here and then it hits me. I know. I laugh at myself too.

Hopefully, some of you have made it there. For today’s picture I am wearing the new Catwa mesh head Lona and using skin by YS&YS called Cherry.  The hair is a new release by Iconic called Esme at Hairology.

The items that I am wearing are all from this round of On9, starting with the necklace by Baubles! by Phe, that also come with earrings. The French manicure nail color is by Nailed It and the black sequin dress is GizzA.

Have a fabulous Monday!

*Skin: Cherry for Catwa by *YS&YS* @ Skin Fair 2017 – Direct LM
*Mesh Head: Lona by CatwaSkin Fair 2017 – Direct LM
*Hair: Esme by Iconic @ Hairology
*Dress: Fever Sequin Mini Dress [Black] Maitreya Lara by GizzA @ On9
*Sari Necklace (Pewter) by Baubles! by Phe  @ On9
*Nails: All in One – F. M. Spring Temptation Set by Nailed ItOn9

Pose: Jewelry Pose Set by Artis Poses {modded right hand}



This year has been a bit busier than what I remember it being previous years. I know in large it’s due to taking on more blogging commitments and I recognize that simply from the fact that I have yet to open a quarter of my arcade items that were purchased and not given to me as a blogger package.  I really have no problem with it. If I didn’t enjoy this I simply wouldn’t do it.

I also have not had time to unpack some of the advent or hunt gifts I find as I am always on the lookout for home and garden decor.  I find hunts are sometimes one of the best sources for me finding more one of a kind items or the unusual or even home decor stores I wasn’t aware of.


So last night I decorated a whole cottage with a bunch of Christmas decor mostly from decor items received from hunts, advent and group gifts and maybe a few other pieces bought or given through a blogger pack.  It gave me a feeling of nostalgia and a small dose of guilt of not doing it sooner.

Today I’m showcasing a new hair style by Tukinowaguma that’s available at Tres Chic. It’s a sweet and stylish updo that’s perfect for those holiday parties as is the Antonina dress by Fame Femme, that has a fun bow going down the open back that adds a little sexiness to the dress.  Both of these items can be found in different colors at the event.

The decor being featured is by [CIRCA], which are items in their Holiday Advent Tree. There is a group that you need to join, it’s the [CIRCA] Living – Christmas Advents (in-world) and it’s free to new members.  Each day items have been added to the squares on the wall tree near the inside entrance. Items do cost from $1 – $75 lindens and some even at $0 lindens.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get these items until a couple of days ago, so it’s a bit of a short notice and hopefully she will leave them out a bit longer as the group will be closing the Eve of Dec. 24th.  The wall strip art in red plaid is  available currently at the Midwinter Fair.

Edited: A note on the advent for [CIRCA].  The creator will be opening the advent for days 8-24 on December 24th, so you will still have time to grab anything you like from those days.

Two more cats being shown from the Munchkin Kitten Gacha by JIAN at The Fantasy Collective.

Have a fabulous Wednesday Thursday!

*Hair: Taube by Tukinowaguma @ Tres Chic
*Dress: Antonina Dress – Red by fame femme @ Tres Chic

*”Snow Valley” Snowflake Wall Strip Art – Red Plaid by [CIRCA] @ Midwinter Fair 

*Holiday Advent Tree Decor by [CIRCA] {Edited to include Days}
-“Snow Days” Cookie Wall Hanging – Classic Plaid [Day 14-20]
-“Northern Forest” Winter House Scene [Day 8-14]
-“Joyful Plaid” Squishy Cube Seat – Cream Mix [Day 14-20]
-“Holiday Lane” Sapling Sac – Xmas Green [Day 1-7]
-“Northern Forest” Holiday Wreath Ring – Red / Gold [Day 8-14]
-“Joyful Plaid” Squishy Cube Seat – Navy Green [Day 14-20]

*Munchkin Kitten Gacha by JIAN @ The Fantasy Collective
JIAN Munchkin Kittens :: Grey Companion Kitten
JIAN Munchkin Kittens :: White Companion Kitten

Yule Sledge /Just Deco by {vespertine} @ Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Christmas Gift Boxes by {vespertine} @ Tannenbaum Holiday Market
– Giftbox 1 /Green- trans
– Giftbox 1 /Yellow- trans
– Giftbox 1 /Red – trans
– Giftbox 2 /Green – trans
– Giftbox 3/ Pom Jingle/ trans
– Giftbox 3/ Pom Snow/ trans
Painting [Hare by Dore] by .random.Matter.  @ The Chapter Four {Christmas Gift – Group Required}
Table w/ Decor by DRD {Dec. Group Gift}
Gratiam.Tree by LeLutka {Dec. Group Gift}
Noelle Cottage V1.1 by Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88

Staying connected, no matter where you are


Every time I visit one of my youngest sisters, who lives further up the state from me, one of the things that I enjoy is her office set up.  She has two large computer screens, which is quite handy for her as she works with numbers and spreadsheets. I have my own little folder on her computer where I have SL stored and it’s always fun logging in from there as I get to feeling all techie.

I didn’t feel so smart when I accidentally re-textured all three screens when I was setting this up, even after putting a prim over each to prevent that from happening. From time to time I still make these mistakes.

Anyways, on to what I am showing today.  First, this new hair by eXxEsS called Coco, which is available at the main store. It’s materials ready and comes with a breeze version for that natural hair blowing in the wind effect.  The dress that I am wearing is by Zibska and its at the Secret Affair for a few more days.  It includes 5 standard sizes and fit mesh options for the following bodies: Venus/Isis/Freya/Maitreya/Physique/Hourglass/Eve Slim & Pulpy and Tonic Fine & Curvy. It also offers 12 colors via a color change HUD.

I am also showing the Dim Sum Panda & Chopsticks by Aphrodite Shops that is wearable and animated.  It’s available now at On9 also for a few more days as the event comes to an end. I’m wearing the panda version, but can be found also in a mouse, piggy and mixed version.


Lastly, I want to mention this XChip SmartHUD and the exclusive social APP “Wink”, which is available at Uber for free.  According to the information that I received, the hud’s goal is to create a smart phone app feeling for a more fun user experience.  You can stay connected with friends through the integrated social network or follow them, post status updates and receive your friends updates in real-time, both on the web and in-world.  Plus many other features.. like meeting your soulmate or a new best friend with the wink app… so go grab yours for free at Uber and visit the website here for more information.

*Hair: Coco by eXxEsS
*Dress: Pallas [Maitreya] by Zibska @ The Secret Affair
*WEARable Dim Sum Panda & Chopsticks by Aphrodite @ On9

*XChip Smart Hud & Exclusive Social App “Wink” by The [Den.] @ Uber

Emmet Desk & Desktop Computer by DIGS {Modded/2 Desks used}
Nerd Haven – Tri Screen by .random.Matter. @ The Epiphany {Modded}
Leather notebook by Oyasumi
Nerites Wire Chair Metal by Scarlet Creative 
Tumbler / Busy by Brocante @ The Epiphany
Smart Phone by {what next}
Carried Away / Keys by [Commoner]

Pose:  Sit 014 by !bang {In-world store closed}

The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results

SF 013

*Lazy Armchair – White by Shutter Field @ On9
*Decor Ottoman – White by Shutter Field @ On9
*Charlotte Rugs by .:Bee Designs:. @ On9
*Buck Thorn {4 Seasons) by Little Branch @ LTD The Event
Nerites Folly House Rare by Scarlet Creative  @ The Arcade
Arrow Curtains by Kalopsia
Homme Photo Corner Stuff by {Petite Maison} @ Cosmopolitan
My little plant_Tokusa Red by {-Maru Kado-} @ Creators Collection Box
DrY Leaf (Wall)-MiX02 by {iD} @ Creators Collection Box
Wanderlust . Belted Pillows by Dust Bunny @ The Arcade
Lost & Forgotten – Birdcage [Silver] by .random.Matter. @ The Arcade
Vintage Birds – Mister Herbie by 8f8
Interrupted-Witty Cats by Mutresse  @ The Arcade
Potted Cactus by Floorplan
Serenity Bird Basket – Brown by Strike It
Salad Days – Silver Cloche by Tres Blah

Quiet living

Dad 029Fix Aphrodite

It almost feels more like winter with the bare trees in the wall art and the deer candle.  The wall art, console, tray and lamp is the Soho set by DaD Design at The Liaison Collaborative.  I put it near this window, but makes for a great decor for the entry of your home.

There is a lot of great finds this month.  The first is the studio skybox apartment by Apple Fall that is now available for free. It really pays to be a member of his group to keep up to date with all the items he marks down from time to time, especially as he grows his inventory with some more great new stuff.

This month there is a couple event anniversaries that if you’re a member you get some awesome gifts.  I’ll point you to the credits for those.

The armchairs are by Elysium and were part of the midnight madness this month. This month they had a bit of a twist that if you didn’t make it during the times the boards were working and the limited items were still available you had a chance to purchase the items for a small amount.  Not every store participated and each store had a quantity limit as well.  As of today Elysium still had their items available for a small price of $50 lindens.  Check out their website here to get more information.

Have a great one!

*Soho Set by DaD Design @ The Liaison Collaborative
-Wall Art
-Composition Tray
-Table Lamp
New York Studio Apartment by Apple Fall
Farum Armchairs-Floral by Elysium {past Midnight Madness}
Grand White Loveseat Roll Pillow by [ zerkalo ] @ The Chapter Four {Chapter Four Group Gift}
Wicker Rug – Gift by [ zerkalo ]
TV Tray – Mint by MudHoney @ FaMESHed{FaMESHed Group Gift}
Reading Pile by Apple Fall
Hartley Deer Candle – Rose [White] by .random.Matter. @ The Chapter Four {Chapter Four Group Gift}
Twinkley Twigs by Dust Bunny
Orange Juice Tray by Aphrodite Shops

Chance encounters

Flowers for you 008

Just having a little fun doing what I will call a series of male posts and taking advantage to use some of the great stuff from the arcade.   I can’t wait to show you my next one.  Though before that starting tomorrow I will be showing you some great shoes to be had at the upcoming round of 21Shoe.

Start saving your lindens for shoes!

Hair – Truth – Gilda Browns @ The Arcade
Necklace – Mandala – Milky Way Choker
Romper – Hucci – Tacuru Romper @ Collabor88
Ring – Mandala – Milky Way Ring
Clutch – Random Matter – Glee Taco Purse
Bag – Tentacio – Dorayaki Shopping Bag
Shoes – Pure Poison – Emma Flats

On him ~
Hair – Jaryth’s Barber Shop – David Mesh Hair for ***Menstuff Hunt***
Outfit – SF Design – Finsbury Outfit for ***Menstuff Hunt ***
Shoes – Black Label Menswear – Men’s Trekker Boots @ The ‘Stuff’ Lounge {Menstuff Gift}  **Must be a member to receive gift**

Green Grocers – Delivery Truck Rare & Pavilion Rare -8f8 @ The Arcade
Green Grocers – Street Lamp, Trash Bin, Market Stand, Lemon Crate, Apple Juice, Banana Crate, Bell Pepper Basket, Orange Basket, Watermelon Basket, Leek Crate, Carrots Crate, Pea Crate, Fruit Basket, Spice, Tomato Crate, Improvised Market Stand, Watermelon, Pear Crate, Garden Chair Hers, Eggplant Crate, Apple Crate {All Commons} – 8f8 @ The Arcade
DwarfForest [Old Gold] – *alirium*
Cobblestone Floor – Stormwood
Grass Field Green – [we’re CLOSED]
Old Rose Bouquet Pink – [[RH]] Design House

Poses: Jack 1 by CnS e-motion {past Jack & Jilly Hunt} & Classic 5 by !bang

I’m disinclined to acquiesce to your request…

“Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.” ~ Johnny Depp

Pirate 4

I always have good intentions of blogging things that I like and put together during the actual event. Then you know those unexpected things happen that get in the way.  When that occurs, intentions while good, take a back seat. Though better late than never?  I’ll just pretend it is.  Some of the items were from the Fantasy Collective in April that can probably be found in the main stores now. Plus transferable items from a friend and fellow blogger, Sita Writer, which can also be found on market place from AleyMart for free.  Everything is listed under credits.

Pirate 1

“Not all treasure is silver and gold mate.”   It includes the diamonds and emeralds too!   It’s all good and dandy, until I landed in pirate jail and became bosom buddies with the Cap’n.  He wouldn’t share his rum even after I sat there hearing all about his wild adventures in Second Life.

Pirate 8

“{{Hands off}} my booty.”

Pirate 6

“Ye be warned! Pirates be operatin’ in these waters.”

I got the last laugh blowing everything to smithereens.

Pirate 5


1st Outfit:
Hat – May’s Soul – Pirate Hat Blue {April Fantasy Collective}
Hair – Exile – Stay the Night Raven
Patch – Sweet Poison – The Salty Dog Eye Patch Leather {April Fantasy Collective}
Armour – May’s Soul – Black Muse Armour Set
Mask – Cellar Door – Mask Noir {April Fantasy Collective}
Necklace – .random.Matter – Rhiannon Necklace Black/Gold {April We Love Role-Play}
Top – May’s Soul – Black War Chest Corset
Pants – Silk Worms – Frilly Fanny Black {April Fantasy Collective}
Bracelets – Torvis Gorean Weapons – Atenea Bracelets (Part of Set)
Spear – Torvis Gorean Weapons – Atenea Spear Sheath
Belt – May’s Soul – Musa Belt Gold Black
Boots – Junbug – Zelda’s Bootykins Blue

2nd Outfit:
Hair – Argrace – Haruka Black
Patch – Sweet Poison – The Salty Dog Eye Patch Leather {April Fantasy Collective}
Hat – MeshedUp – Pirate Hat Orange Floral {April Fantasy Collective}
Bandana – MeshedUp – Pirate Bandana Red Hat Version {April Fantasy Collective}
Circlet – Noodles – Crystal Cove Circlet Silver/Emerald {April Fantasy Collective}
Bloomers – The White Armory – Cabin Gurl Bloomers Set Rum Red {April Fantasy Collective}
Hooks – The Library – Captain Hook-Hook Gold {April Fantasy Collective}

The Golden Hind Pirate Ship – AleyMart
The Pirates Hideaway Inn – AleyMart
Bird Cage with Parrot – AleyMart
Brass Standing Telescope – AleyMart
Pirate Furniture 6 Barrels – AleyMart
Pirate Island – Kalopsia {April Fantasy Collective}
Shipwreck – Kalopsia {April Fantasy Collective}
Bones – Kalopsia {April Fantasy Collective}
Floating Skeleton – Kalopsia {April Fantasy Collective}
Flying Crows – Kalopsia {April Fantasy Collective}
Seashell – Kalopsia {April Fantasy Collective}
Dock Walk Way – AleyMart
Drunken Pirate Skellybones – AleyMart
Anchor with Chain – Blackspot/Lia Woodget
Lobster Traps & Fishing Nets – AleyMart
Grog & Gold Table – O.M.E.N./MOI Collaboration {April Fantasy Collective}
Treasure Hord – AleyMart
Pirate Furniture Glastonbury Chair – AleyMart
Grass Sculpt – Serenah Raynier
Forest Creeping Cinquefoil – 3D Treet/Nadine Reverie
Treasure Chest – The Forge {April Fantasy Collective}
Treasure Chest – Lora Lemon
Reed Flexi – Annastasia Scofield
Leaky Boat Dock Prop – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD]
12lb Deck Cannon – Rustica {April Fantasy Collective}
Cannonballs & Brass Monkey – Rustica {April Fantasy Collective}
Cannon Punkstaff – Rustica {April Fantasy Collective}
Peg Leg Curvy Right Large – On A Lark {April Fantasy Collective}
Reed – 3D Trees
Pirate Jail – AleyMart
Pirate Cap’n Skeleybones
Pirate Chest Set – Magnifique Poses
Pirate Pose – Creative Insanity