Gone fishing…

002 Fishermans

Tomorrow there are a few events that are opening up and one of them is Collabor88, which is celebrating its 3rd birthday.   HEART Homes/Aphrodite Shops is going to be offering several new releases.  The furniture that I am showcasing in these first three pictures are part of the Fisherman’s House that is fully furnished.  Great for those who just don’t have the time to decorate and just want to rez and move in.

003 Boat Bed

You have so many choices with the pieces that come with the house — from the change in the wood texture, to an abundance of animations for single and couples with rezzable props.

008 House

The fishing chairs above have sitting, fishing, couple and single animations with props for you to enjoy as well and they are so artistic and cute!  The picture below shows part of the Floating House that comes with a pier.  I am using some of the items that were in the Fisherman’s House for this picture, as noted below in the credits.

012 Fishing


*Fisherman’s House – Heart Homes/Aphrodite Shops @ Collabor88 [Begins August 8th]
*Floating House w/ Pier – Heart Homes/Aphrodite Shops @ Collabor88 [Begins August 8th]
*Deco Net A, Fishing Stuff & Nets Pile (from Fisherman’s House) @ Collabor88 [Begins August 8th]
Fishing Rod – Botanical

Hair – !SugarsmacK – Bette With Love/Licorice Whip
Top – Amerie – Tank White
Overalls – Monso – My Overall Dark Blue
Feet – Slink – AvEnhance Feet Flat<

Pose: Ma Vie. – Lumineux 10

Edited to provide link to event.

African Dining/Decor


I’ve been sort of challenged lately with not having a lot of prim left to blog.  It happens when you decor and landscape to the almost very last prim.  All in the name of wanting a place to call home, yours, ours… that is homey, comfortable and relaxing.  Check on aesthetically pleasing too. Though one manages or gets more prim.  I am coping.

I’m quite delighted to show this new African dining and decor items released by Aphrodite Shops.  The first picture shows the masks, and a couple of the vases from a set of nice that are available. The woman statue with flowers and a wine tray that dispenses drinks.  The side table comes from Kuro for the Neighborhood.


Just a few more of the vases being shown, plus basket with pillows, carpet and another wine tray that also dispenses drinks with a sip animation.


This last picture features the dining table set that comes with the table, chairs and candle.  The place mats provides you with two African traditional breakfasts, 22 drinks, utensils, 7 appetizers, 6 entrees and 4 desserts.  They are fully configurable with time, auto cleaning and they have 6 different textures to choose from.   The vase in back is also part of the set of 9 vases and I used the drinks from one of the wine trays to display the table setting.


Featured Items all from Aphrodite Shops:

*African Fernet & Fine Red Wine Tray
*African Basket with Pillows Decorative
*African Decorative Mesh Masks
*African Placemats with African Foods & Drinks
*African Rug Decorative Realistic Carpet
*African Table Set Complete
*African Women Chandelier w/ Coffee Scented Candle
*African Women w/ Flowers
*African Vases Decorative
*African Extravagant Cocktails Serving Tray

 Also shown:
Sidetable – Kuro – Jaix Side Table {The Neighborhoo}
Hair – Dela – Mesh “Milla” Black 4
Necklace – Pure Poison – Locket Necklace Gold
Watch – [7891.] – Marc Loop Watch
Dress – Faenzo – Bodycon Dress Dark Red

Coffee O’Clock

“Life’s too short to drink cheap coffee.”


Today I am combining something new with some previous buys, most of which are gacha items from past events.  Aphrodite Shops has released a new mesh fully animated coffee machine that has on and off sounds and a coffee beans container.  It dispenses a dozen of different gourmet coffees.  It comes with the new automatic attachment system that I like, that doesn’t create items in your inventory.   The set comes with a dozen decorative cups that are rezzable and also decorative sugar bags.  The cookie platter is also part of the set and on touch dispenses cookies.  Those little details in a product matter to me — especially when you want to have an interactive experience.

After looking at those cookies it really makes me want to have something sweet in real.

Hair – Clawtooth – Pink Flamingo/Black Beauty
Top – Boom – Hello Girl (Navy)
Shorts – Rebel Hope – Kassy Mesh Capri Pants White
Flip Flops – Reign – Phoebe Flip Flops Navy
Feet – Slink – Womens Natural Barefeet

House – Ionic – La Boheme RARE
Kitchen – Agora – Bella Kitchen (Chocolate)
*Gourmet Coffee Maker – Aphrodite Shops
*Chocolate To Go Cup Decorative – Aphrodite Shops
*Brown Sugar Bag Decorative – Aphrodite Shops
*Assorted Cookies Platter – Aphrodite Shops
* Espresso Coffee Cup Decorative – Aphrodite Shops
Curtain v2-Linen A – BBQQ
Petunia Plant – Dutchie
Inspire Chair Red – Ionic
Inspire Chair Orange – Ionic
Industrial Lamp Black – Hideki
Barrel w/ Grass – JoHaDeZ
Grass Pot – JoHaDeZ
Ladder with Frames – Hideki
Book Decor – Zigana  – Packaging Box
Atelier Desk – Zigana
Yellow & Red Roses Bucket – Atelie Visconti
Rug – Zigana – Rug Naturel

Pose – K&S – Be With You




Coastal “Sea Shell” Chairs

“If you only knew how much those little moments with you mattered to me.” ~ Reminiscingourmoments | Tumblr

Mi Amor

Today I want to share these new chairs that Heart Homes/Aphrodite Shops recently released. There is a chair for a man and one for a woman, because the animations and props are made for each. A choice of seven fabrics that you could choose from and fourteen animations in each chair.  What I like about these chairs is that when you choose a certain animation that comes with a prop a box comes up inviting you to accept and when you do the prop automatically gets positioned in place.  It’s not a new technology though I do like seeing it in furniture items as it won’t add another item into your inventory when accepting a prop.

Drinking Wine

I want to introduce someone who has been in several of my blog posts and to date I have not mentioned anything about him.  He is not my male alt that I have used in past blog posts, rather he is someone who has become a close friend and an important  part of my life.  His name is Draco. He deserves to be mentioned and not only just for always being so agreeable to pose with me.  Though the rest I’ll keep between him and me.  🙂


Hair – D!va – Elsa in Onyx
Top – Ison – Silk Camisole in Gray @ Collabor88
Skirt – Ison – Pleated Midi Skirt in Gray @ Collabor88
Shoes – Pure Poison – Lora Wedges Black


Coastal “Sea Shell” Chairs Set – Heart Homes/Aphrodite Shops
Rug – Bazaar – Roya Fluffy Carpet
Scindapsus Plant – Dutchie
Interior Plant – Apple Falls
Bertram Portrait Frame – Estatica
Cathederal Frame – Apple Falls –
COPY 3 Prim Retractable Silk Curtains – La Galleria – {Tinted}
Table – Trompe Loeil – Curio Table Mahogany w/ Marble Display
Rainey Bistro Newspaper – Cheeky Pea
Digital Gramophone – Love To Decorate Group Gift