Honey, I’m home


*”Luxury Regency” Christmas Tree 1.0 by Heart Homes – NEW 
*”Grafica” Glam Glimmer Curtains – Gold by [CIRCA] – NEW 
*”Grafica” Glam Glimmer Rug – Gold by [CIRCA] – NEW 
*Decorating Items by Dreamscapes Art Gallery – NEW
-*Earl* Couch Brown
-*Earl* Chair Brown
-*Earl* Ottoman Brown
-*Deco Board* Joy
-*Carol* Cards Wall B
-*Jenna* Boxes Deer B
-*Reindeer* B
-*Holly* Reindeer B Green
-*Reindeer* Deco A
-*Kris* Shelf Xmas A

Little Pillow (Dot/Brown) by {anc}
[Fox] Pillow . Plaid Pink by Sway’s
Mesh – Woodburner Noir by LISP
Mesh – Portland Fire Accessories  by LISP
Stony Hollow Mini Bundts by Artisan Fantasy
Barrel Planter – Pinkish by Roawenwood
Reiley A-Frame Cabin Green + Stringlights by Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88

The day is still young

unkindness 004ps

*Boho Puff Benches and Pillows by unKindness @ Shiny Shabby
– Boho Puff Bench v2
– Shabby Puff Pillow Flat
– Boho Puff Pillow Upright
– Shabby Puff Pillow Stack
– Boho Puff Pillow Stack
Agave Plant by, Four-Book Stack & White Coffee Cup by [Park Place]
Antique Bottles by RASP @ Kustom9
Diamond Decor-Venus by RASP @ Kustom9
Summer-Credenza-Roseby RASP @ Kustom9
Room Divider-Venus by RASP @ Kustom9
Super long Hanging Hedera by SoyKustom9
Patchwork Rug by LISP
Hanging Planter [Natural] by PILOT @ Collabor88
Boldin Candlesticks by Roawenwood

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

DaD 008

I am squeezing in another quick post as I already had the picture and credits done.  I have only one other post completed except I’m not entirely sure if and when I will post it.  For sure after the Christmas weekend I will focus on posting anything left undone.

Though if I don’t get around to doing anything before Christmas, I want to take this time and wish everyone a blessed and wonderful Christmas.

DaD Designs is participating in this new round of Lost & Found with their “Music is Life” gacha set.  I’ve detailed all the items below that are included in the picture, but not necessarily everything that makes up the gacha.  I think there are a few other items that I didn’t use.   The chairs are either pg or adult, and come in two different colors.   The other items that I am featuring are the stars on the wall by Una and are available at this new round of Shiny Shabby.

*Music is Life Gacha by DaD Design @ Lost & Found
01 Recycled Piano Bookshelf Ultra Rare
02 Leather Armchair Brown & Brown – Rare
03 Leather Armchair Brown & Cream – Rare
04 Corrugated Brown Rug
05 Books Coffee Table
06 Small Wood Table Brown
08 Trumpet Lamp
09 Music Sheets Falling
10 Oval Wood Table Brown
12 Bronze Statue
14 Wood Statue
15 Jazz Composition
16 Black Music Notes Set of 3

*Star Wall/Path Olive/Dark Green/Gold – Una @ Shiny Shabby
*Star Wall/Path Vine/Red/Olive – Una @ Shiny Shabby
Cello // .03 – NOMAD
*Sweet Maine Cabin – DaD Design @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Black Coal and Gold Sleigh Rare – Libertine @ MidWinter Fair
Red Undertree Messy Drape – Libertine
Decoratable Tree 2015 [2.6] – Libertine
Present Pile & Toy Horse – Dust Bunny @ Collabor88
Holiday Hearth Eggnog Service – Roawenwood
*Myrrh Handmade Vintage Gacha – ARIA @ Tannenbaum Holiday Market
-Tree Topper – Rare
-Vintage Traditional Bauble Ornament
-Vintage Bauble Ornament
-Vintage Bulb Bauble Ornament
-Vintage Pointed Bauble Ornament
-Vintage Finial Bauble Ornament
*Fluffy Pine – Dysfunctional Designs


Impertinence 028

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.  It’s been raining lots here in my part of the world.  While these summer thunderstorms don’t last very long they seem to come in with a vengeance at times.  They make their presence known with their thundering rumblings and strikes of lighting.

It makes for a lazy afternoon and if you have to stay indoors then why not go for a little decadence.  The Perfect 10 event is about to start in a few days and you can find this bench from Impertinences to help you if you’re so inclined to a little self-indulgence.   You can find the bench in a brown or black wood that come with a texture change hud to change the leather of the seat that also has ten poses to choose from.

If you haven’t already joined the 21Shoe group then you’re missing out on some great group gifts.  I’m wearing the latest gift that was provided by Kelpsydra, which are these stockings that come in three colors and are made to fit the Maitreya and TMP mesh bodies and also come with omega appliers and system layer.  With this pose you really can’t see much of the violet boudoir corset I’m wearing, though it was only 50 lindens and if you hurry you can still find it today.

Hair – Tukinowaguma – Piia
Lingerie – {Junbug} – Betty’s Boudior [Violet Brocade]
*Stockings – Klepsydra – 21Stockings Pack {21Shoe Group Gift}

*Decadence Dormeuse Bench Brown – Impertinences @ The Cookie Jar for Perfect 10 ***July 1st thru July 15th***
Fish Shop Daughters/Leaking Rug [Type.B] {from May 2015 FGC} **recolored** – {anc}
Milestone Set /Window & Curtain – UR Building Components
Sweet Tooth Cake – Roawenwood
Hatsuyume/Pink Peacock – {anc} @ The Arcade
Hatsuyume/Stand for White Peacock Pet Rare – {anc} @ The Arcade
Cello/.03 {past gacha} – NOMAD


The storm isn’t quite over.

Den 064

It’s been raining every other day it seems in my real world and today was no exception, so when I was going through the various wind lights trying to find one this one seemed to settle on me.  The [Den] has released  a new model called the Sundara Villa that is only 29 land impact.   It has three large sections to the home and has some really nice design features like the columns in the front of the home to the shape of the windows and the lighted effects of the ceiling in each room.   You can find this home at the current round of Uber.

Aria 0582

Tomorrow hundreds will be storming the gates to the entrance of the Arcade.  Though if you want a little less chaos then try FaMESHed, which opens up with a new round tomorrow too.   [ARIA] has the Signe living set, which comes with a very comfortable sectional sofa, and some wonderful decor pieces.  The sofa has up to six different upholstery colors and many patterns to choose from for the cushions and throw. This set can be found in PG and Adult and can be purchased as a set or individual pieces.

See details below for all the items shown.

First Pic ~
*Sundara Villa – The [Den] Residential @ Uber
*Cypress Oaks {4 Seasons} – Little Branch @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Real Grass *Green Meadown* white Flower – KIDD Creation
Hook Thorn Potted – Little Branch
Desert Floor Plants Blue & Red – Kalopsia
Nobles Topiary Trees – Roawenwood
Teal Garden Bench – La Galleria

Second Pic ~
*Signe Living Set – [ARIA] @ Uber
{Bleached Canvas Rug, Coffee Table, Decorative Book Pile, Floor Light, Framed Print Splash,
Leaning Shelf Decorated, Potted Narcissus Papyraceus, Section Sofa & Zamioculcas Potted Plant}
Swag Curtain – Figment
Wall Panels {white wash} – Theosophy
Oversized Floor Cushions Turquoise & Floral – Junk @ Uber
White High Table, Pictures Lamp & Agenda {Paris Set} – Kalopsia
Lucero Vase – The Loft @ Collabor88
Duckie Triplets – The Loft @ Collabor88

*Review copies.



 “You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.” ~ A Universal Paradox


As I was looking at this picture and thinking of the choices of food before me.  It lead me to thinking of how we make choices in all areas of our life from food, to what we wear and to the people we allow in our lives.  Obviously, some decisions are easier than others and usually the harder ones are when your mind and heart wage a war between what you want and don’t want. These days I find myself contemplating the needs versus wants and readjusting my way of thinking in some areas.  Ultimately, maybe reminding ourselves of what we deserve helps put things in perspective to be able to choose wisely.

That’s just one complexity of life.

Here in Second Life one of the choices if we’re so inclined to play the gachas is choosing to take a chance on the item we want and when to stop playing before we spend lots of lindens.  Of course, I’m giving myself a pep talk as the Fantasy Gacha opens today.  🙂


Skin – Belleza – Suki Makeup {June 2014 Arcade}
Black Eyeliner – Audrey – Tuty’s
Black Eyeliner – Blooming 2 – Tuty’s
Hair – Dura – Giirl*41 Black
Oriental (Dragon) Rare – Pixicat {June 2014 Arcade}
Oriental (Fan) Rare – Pixicat {June 2014 Arcade}
Oriental Kimono Blossom – Pixicat {June 2014 Arcade}
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant

Pose: Girl Sitting – Bounce This Poses

Ayumu Teahouse Brown/Red – [CIRCA]
Finding Bliss Meditation Table & Planter Set – Roawenwood
Paper Lantern – Oyasumi {Sept. 2014 Arcade}
Japanese Table – Oyasumi {Sept. 2014 Arcade}
Blue & Red Chinese Design Rug – Faith Wunderland
Chinese Armoire – Blue – Casa de Shai
Rising Sun Delicates Gacha (all the food on table) – 8f8 @ Xiasumi School Festival

Pumpkin Patch

“Things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ~ Marilyn Monroe “

Pumpkin Patch

The last few weeks have been a little up and down for me and a large part is my own fault for allowing circumstances beyond my control to negatively get the better of me.  Though over the weekend I had a bit of an epiphany and accepted the circumstances in the best way possible by making a choice to let nature take its own course.   My seventy plus year old grandmother often reminds me that sometimes you have to let one door close to allow another to open.  Since she’s still kicking up a storm I guess she knows what she’s saying.

Feeling a bit of the tension now leaving me I found myself wanting to bring out little me, because she makes me laugh at myself.  I picked up these pumpkins during a 25L Tuesday, which I might add this list is mostly role-play items.  I have always loved the idea of a pumpkin patch and unfortunately here in my part of the world you only find them in the yard of a few churches who decide to sell pumpkins to raise funds.  Just not the same thing and it’s a good thing I’m in Second Life, because I’m definitely not wearing mommy clothes for such a place.


Alexa ~
Hair – Truth – Shae in Blacks & Whites
Top – Emery – Crop Top Feroe Black
Shorts – [JuSt CoOl] – Haven Hot Shorts Dark Denim @ FaMESHed
Boots – Just Design – Penny Red @ FaMESHed

Sydney ~
Hair – Love Soul – Hair *115* Jet Black
Outfit – Baby Pie – Juno {part of Limited 50 – no longer available}

Pose: A Pumpkin for YOU by Tiny Gems @ Kids Lazy Sunday  {modified by Animare HUD}

Mesh Pumpkin Patches & Vines Set – Roawenwood {previous 25L Tuesday}

Location: Friends private home.