You’re a cutie…yes, you

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” ~ Lena Horne

Circa 018-2

This is a quick post as I have just enough time before I have to go out the door this morning.  I’m showing this lovely morning glory spring set by [CIRCA], currently available as a gacha set at the Dreams Gacha Fair.  I listed all the pieces used in the picture, but there is a few more pieces that complete the set. The sit pose I am using is not from the ottoman, but it is actually a pose by [evoLove], which is available at the newest round of GENRE.

I’m also featuring some landscape items by Little Branch.  The wild grass and the white cherry blossom trees available now at the current round of the LTD The Event.

All these spring colors are sure to brighten up your days.  If the spring colors don’t do it, check out this adorable English bulldog.  He is cute, isn’t he?  I’ve yet to name him, but I think that I have a perfect name in mind.

Enjoy your Saturday!

*”Morning Glory” Gacha Collection by [CIRCA] – @ Dreams Gacha Fair
-String Light Stand – Moss & Cream
-Chalkboard Sign – Brown Frame
-Glory” Wall Trellis – Blue/Purp Single
-Wall Trellis – Multi Single 1
-Planter Bench – Cream Wood
-Wall Trellis – Multi Double Rare
-Wall Trellis – Multi Double Rare
-Wall Fountain Stand – Tan Stone
-Area Rug – Grass Green Weave
-Ottoman Seat A – Grass ZigZag
-Bread & Fruit Basket
*Wild Grass {Green} by Little Branch @ LTD The Event
*White Cherry Blossoms by Little Branch @ LTD The Event
*Belle Epoque No1 Pose by [evoLove] @ GENRE {slight adjustment to Head Position}
Our Dear Ivy English Bulldog Male 03 by Pink Acid @ The Chapter Four
Real Grass *White Flowers* – KIDD Creation

F312 Hair by Tram @ The Seasons Story
RIO T-Shirt by [sYs] @ The Chapter Four
Electra Short Exclusive by Addams {not available}
Laced Gladiators Silver #4 by Reign @ Epiphany

I saw a carrot. THIS big, no lie…bunny tale

“Every bunny needs somebunny sometimes.”

Bunny Stories

I had planned to blog these adorable bunnies with little me, except I had to reprimand her for going off to an adult sim on her own.  She gets my independent spirit and her degenerate behaviors from… well that’s another tale for another day.

The bunny family are the latest creation by Jian, and they are available at the just opened The Season’s Story.  There are different versions as seen in the picture and just with a click you can grab the menu to change the texture of the bunnies.

As I might have mentioned before taking pictures and blogging is just a relaxing hobby for me.  It’s another form of artistic creativity for me and art has been a part of my life since I was a child.  The earliest memory of winning an art competition is when I was 7-8 years old and in third grade and I won my first prize for drawing the inside of a mouth.  I just made the Jian group cover yesterday for my post with little me.

Jian GC 4-11-16

It’s a nice recognition, so I created a new page tabbed Features to sort of help me keep track of these things.  I don’t really participate in many photo contests or do any private work, but it may be something that I might enjoy doing in the future.

Thanks everyone for your continued support.

*Bunny Family – Jian @ The Seasons Story
Hair – Barberyumyum -73CB (Brown) @ The Seasons Story
Beaded Rompers-Pixie – Blueberry

Location: Private Home

Wake up I want to play

ATLT 013

Hair – [Love Soul]– Hair *138* Jet Black
*Top – LaZo – Fruity Sweater Banana @ All The Little Things
Shorts –
*Boots – Buglets – TD Snowboot [Lemon] @ Play Room 
*Milk Bottle – Q’s Quties @ All The Little Things
*Backpack – Q’s Quties @ All The Little Things

*White Tail Deer – Female Adult (Sleep L) & Fawn (Sleep R)  – Jian @ The Season’s Story {January 1oth}
Reclaimed Wood Bench – Striped Mocha

Pose: Blogger Appreciation Pack by Bad Seed

Come on, you know you want it


Aphrodite Shops has a new garden porch set that comes with three seating sofa/chairs as shown that have an abundance of animations for singles and couples. What I personally like is the three winter color themes for the texture that are accessible by menu when you hit the shadows.  It makes for some lovely garden and/or porch furniture for the holiday season.

Well I finally made it to the Arcade only to crash after only a few hits on one or two machines.  I thought of going back to the off sim ship, except I kind of like being up close and personal to the machines when I play.  It’s like being at a real casino. I rather pull the lever down then hit the buttons — personally I get bored with just sitting there and pressing a button and besides don’t you think it takes your money much faster?

I thought this crazy hair I’m wearing deserved a little play and what better way then to play with this cute holiday hound that was an advent gift.

Enjoy this wonderful Tuesday!

Hair – LeLutka – Rykiel
Coat – Xin – Jaix
Boots – E-Clipse – Jolie Boots Black
Ornament – O.M.E.N – Waiting for Santa Paws – I ❤ My Puppy #1 @ The Arcade

*”Winter Garden” Porch Set – Aphrodite Shops
-Sofa, Chairs and Tables
Washbasin Planter & Hedge – Trompe Loeil @ The Arcade
Reclaimed Lantern – Trompe Loeil @The Arcade
Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray – {what next}
Chelsea Victorian Loft” c/m V. 1.1 – DaD Design
Holiday Hound – MeadowWorks {Advent Gift passed}
Enchanted Woods v2 – Studio Skye

Pose: By The Scruff Male by Del May