Working to earn lindens for the Arcade


The winter season is also one of my favorite to photograph in Second Life.  It’s fun and festive to put together these winter scenes.  I think part of the draw is that I don’t have snow or a heavy winter other than cold temperatures every so often where I have lived in Florida.

I had fun putting this scene together using the emperor penguins by Jian, which are available at the Tannenbaum Holiday Market and the adorable holiday husky, which is from Jian’s Holiday Huskies gacha at the Arcade. The cute bear with long hair next to me is by BoOgErS, another bear in the collection also at the Arcade. The snowman pail is also another common in the collection by Hive at the Arcade.

As you can see that’s why lil me is selling snowballs just to earn some lindens for the Arcade that just opened today.

*Emperor Penguins {Static Chick & Adult} by JIAN – NEW @ Tannenbaum Holiday Market 2016
*Holiday Huskies :: Held Pup (Black) by JIAN – NEW @ The Arcade
*Hergrerd Berr VIB by <:*BoOgErS*:> – NEW @ The Arcade
*Snowman Pail {Home for the Holidays gacha} by Hive – NEW @ The Arcade
Pine Trees Set A by .:Bee Designs:.
Winter Garden Landscaping  Set by Bee Designs Christmas Lane
Snowballs for Sale by Sequel – NEW @ Cosmopolitan
Oversized Wintery 2 Bauble by {what next} – NEW

Hair: 51 (Brown) by *barberyumyum*
Little Coat – Pompom Hat, Collar & Coat by Baby Burp
{part of the Little Coat – Snow Outfit}
Vintage Summer Shorts by Baby Burp
{part of the Vintage Summer Dress Outfit}
Cozy Winter – UGGs by Baby Burp
{part of the Cozy Winter Outfit}

*I used the Animare Hud to create the pose


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

Buglets 025

It’s been a while since little me has been in the spotlight, so I thought it was due time.  She’s a cute little thing and she still makes me laugh just watching her jump and down. She also likes to have fun if you take her out and that’s exactly what I had the other night.  A friend invited me to a men’s shopping event, and well little me is not going to pass up an opportunity to go stomping on toes.  It’s especially fun with the ones who go walking around bare footed.  She happily spins and goes on her merry way to another poor fellow who just happens to get in her way.

Now to what I am wearing today.  I’m featuring this cute dress and goggles by Buglets.  The top and bottoms are mesh and are available in several light colors and are now at the main store.

The goggles, are for swimming and are also available in a few colors. Each color comes with a plain and diamond version. You can find them at the Hello Beautiful, a kids event that started yesterday and will go through the end of the month.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

*Lil Diva Diamond Swim Goggles by ~*Buglets*~ @ Hello Beautiful
*TD Julie Dress by ~*Buglets*~
Hair: Hair*158*Jet Black by [Love Soul]
Ouchies & Oopsies – TD – Ton Of Plain Bandaids by Just Kidding

Dwarf Forest [Old Gold] by *alirium*
Wanderlust . Book Planter by Dust Bunny
Socks {part of Hinal Outfit} by Viva Kids @ The Showroom
Mary Janes // Yellow by {so.o} Cute

Every day can be a fashion show

Showing three more outfits for the little ones for Fashion Week.  All the details of the PENUMBRA Fashion Week shows are below the credits.

BoWillow 005

Most people that are close to me know these two things about me.  I’m not a morning person and I am not a cat person.  This past Friday I had dinner with two close friends at one of the women’s home.  She has two dogs, which I don’t mind about. Though since I was last there she has acquired a cat that had been hanging around her office and out of compassion she took the cat in.  The cat was in her daughter’s room and I was happy for that.

Pen 024

After we had dinner the subject came back around to this cat and my friend was sharing how she needed to find a home for this cat as she’s allergic to them, hence the cat being in the room.  She was going on about how sweet this cat was and how pretty it was that my other friend said I want to take a look at the cat. Out of politeness I got up to go take a peak as well and almost immediately I started to itch around my face.  I ended up breaking out in a slight rash by the end of the evening. I’m not sure if that means I’m allergic to cats as I’m never usually around any long enough to know.

Pen 00722

Anyways, I don’t mind cats in Second Life as they make for a pretty picture.

PENUMBRA Fashion Week is happening all this week and I’m showing a few more outfits.  The outfits in picture 1 and 3 are by BoWillow.  Their part in the showcase this week was Monday, but you can still find their fabulous designs at the event this week.  The outfit in picture 2 is by Baby Burp and they will be showcasing their fashions today, so go enjoy some toddleedoo fun and go watch the fashion show!

All the details on fashion week are below.

Picture 1:
*Outfit #10 by Bo Willow @ PENUMBRA Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week
Hair: Seiko by [LeLutka]
Mittens Cat Lay On Side Red by Lassitude & Ennui @ The Gacha Garden

Pose: Dainty by .Click.

Picture 2:
*Bowho Summer Dream Dresses & Boots AD by Baby Burp @ PENUMBRA Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week
Hair*138*Jet Black by [LOVE SOUL]

Pose: Dainty by .Click.

Picture 3:
*Penumbra OUTFIT 7 1024 by BoWillow @ PENUMBRA Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week
Hair: Quirky by [elikatira] {no longer available}

Pose: Dainty by .Click.

Penumbra Fashion Main Facebook
Penumbra Toddleedoo Experience Facebook

Show: Monday May 16, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– BoWillow by Archer Candy (8isgreatdontblate)
– Little Badz Inc by BadSuzie

Show: Tuesday May 17, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– AnkleBiters by Jourdy Moretti (jourdainrose)
– Sweet Tots by Sweetiepie Riggles

Show: Wednesday May 18, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– BabyBurp by SamanthaFaye
– ToddleTeeZ by Zahra Yue

Show: Thursday May 19, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– Meshy Me by Milli (aka TinyMillicent Resident)
– Zanzadoodle by Zzoie Zee Dethly (zzoiezee)

Among the wild grasses you can find me

Buglets 005

I am showing some toddleedoo fashion today.  The dress that little me is wearing is from Buglets and it’s at the Ninety-Nine Event.  It’s available in 6 light colors and you have plenty of time to get there as the event is ongoing until May 29th.

Have a great fabulous Monday!

*TD Penelope Dress [Cream] by ~*Buglets*~ @ Ninety-Nine Event
Headwear – Boohoo [sun] by LODE
Hair: Mimi (Onyx) by D!va
Mary Janes//Cream by {s.o} Cute
Blackbottom Socks Light for WowMeh/TD by Cannibelle {Store Closed}
Hand Skate Pink & Blue by Flecha @ The Chapter Four {Chapter Four Group Gift}
Wild Grass Collection by Studio Skye

Pose: Letting You Go by GlamRus

Children’s high fashion meets the countryside

Toddleedoo Fashion 009

Happy Mothers Day!  Hoping all mothers are beyond blessed today.

Little me is doing a bit of fashion posting the next little while as I was invited to participate in .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week, which begins Saturday, May 14th. This event is considered one of the most innovative and highly anticipated fashion show events in Second Life to-date. It’s packed full of runway shows and retail stores featuring the hottest real life fashion trends Second Life has to bring you.

Once again .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week is introducing Toddleedoo designers to the world of high fashion.  I’m showcasing one of the outfits by BoWillow that will be featured at this year’s event.  It’s a hipster outfit in grey, and the designer describes it as modern hipster meets high fashion.  Who said you can’t have high fashion in the countryside?

BoWillow will be featuring their designs at Fashion Week on Monday May 16, 2016. See the schedule below for time and other featured designers.

All details on the event are below and stay tuned for more designs as the days approach fashion week.


Fashion Week Begins: Saturday, May 14, 2016.

Toddleedoo retail space opens May 14th

Landmark for for Runway audience

Penumbra Fashion Main Facebook
Penumbra Toddleedoo Experience Facebook

Show: Monday May 16, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– BoWillow by Archer Candy (8isgreatdontblate)
– Little Badz Inc by BadSuzie

Show: Tuesday May 17, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– AnkleBiters by Jourdy Moretti (jourdainrose)
– Sweet Tots by Sweetiepie Riggles

Show: Wednesday May 18, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– BabyBurp by SamanthaFaye
– ToddleTeeZ by Zahra Yue

Show: Thursday May 19, 2016 @ 4:30PM
– Meshy Me by Milli (aka TinyMillicent Resident)
– Zanzadoodle by Zzoie Zee Dethly (zzoiezee)

May 14, 2016 – May 22, 2016

.PENUMBRA. Fashion Week, producer of Second Life’s acclaimed fashion events, provides top designers a stunning platform to showcase their collections. Each season .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week brings to you that season’s must see shows.

.PENUMBRA. proudly presents nearly 80 Spring/Summer 2016 men’s and women’s designers including several first time participants (marked with an *).

Featuring striking full collections are designers Petit Chat, Rayne, Sonatta Morales and Wicca’s Wardrobe.

Displaying impressive outfit collections are designers Alli&Ali Designs*, B Barbie Style, Belles Parisiennes, Bliensen + MaiTai*, Byrne, Carrie’s Lingerie, Chocolat*, Culco*, Designs by Sebastien*, Entice*, Finale Couture, Glint*, Glitter, Glitterati by Sapphire*, House of Elliot, Kunglers*, Lavian&Co., Loovus, Luna Body Art, LUXE Paris, LX Essentials, Marquesse Pret a Porter*, Masoom, MEVA, Mirror Mirror*, Oceane Body Design, October’s 4Seasons, Ooh-la-licious Skins*, Posh Pixels*, Prism, Rapture, Sage, Simply Me!*, Syl’s Fashion Boutique*, Tres Beau Designs, Vengeful Threads*, Vero Modero, Virtual Diva Couture, White Room Couture, Wynd*, Xiphora, Zanze & Zanze Men

Presenting stunning designer exclusives showcased at their respective monthly events: [SWANK] Events, Designer Showcase & the Stuff Groups.

.PENUMBRA. is also bringing to the stage the ToddleeDoo Experience showcasing ToddleeDoo designers AnkleBiters*, BabyBurp, BoWillow*, Little Badz Inc.*, Meshy Me*, Sweet Tots*, ToddleTeeZ* & Zanzadoodle.

It’s a lazy Sunday with sweet moments

Modanna 007

As the month ends another begins and that means new rounds of most monthly events.  The All The Little Things is one of the events that is kid based in Second Life.  This round will begin on March 1st 12 noon SL time and run until March 21st 10 pm SL time.   Lil me is wearing a cute lady bug outfit by Monkey Pox that is the rare item in the Ladybug Love gacha.  There are 2 rares that come with bows, shoes and wings and 7 commons that comes with bows.

I’m wearing top and pants from MoDANNA that are currently available at the anyBody event that will end tomorrow.  They should be at the main store after the event is over. The Joie Collection has 6 color satin tops and 5 colors for the pants.  It is made to fit some mesh bodies and classic.

The pose I am using is called Mommy’s Joy and is available at the All The Little Things event. Make sure you check out the rest of the great poses from this creator.

*Top – MoDANNA – [Joie Collection] Satin Top White  @ anyBody
*Pants – MoDANNA – [Joie Collection] High Pants Black @ anyBody
Hair – [elikatira] – Marnie

*Dress, Shoes & Wings – Monkey Pox – Red Ladybug Love Rare @ All The Little Things
Hair – Doe – Elfie

Forest Dining Set – Bazar
Toronta Wold Map Art – Bazar
Spring Parasol – Apple Fall
Elderflower Cordial – Apple Fall
Juniper Garden Table & Chairs/Silver – {vespertine}

*Pose: Mommy’s Joy – Dark Magic Poses @ All The Little Things

Winter Wonderland


I can’t decide if I want to be in awe of the falling snow or I’m about to take a tumble for being on a slippery iced bridge.  The pose I’m on is actually more towards the middle of the bridge.  I did some major adjusting to be able to show the Christmas outfit by Q’s Quties that lil me is wearing.  It is available at the All The Little Things.

The snowy bridge, bench, snowman and sign are all part of a Winter Wonderland gacha from Buglets at the Playroom that just opened yesterday.  They are miniature size for the toddleedoo and all the pieces are great for setting up a winter wonderland for the little ones.

Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair *138* Jet Black
*I ❤ Santa White Complete Outfit – Q’s Quties @ All The Little Things

*Winter Wonderland Gacha – Buglets @ The Playroom
Winter Grass & Trees – Little Branch @ Lost & Found
Water Reed Mace Snowy & Rocks Snowy – Heart Center

Having a beary good time

Stuck 0101

In a few short days we enter the month of December and that means the Arcade is back!  That also means the famous BoOgErS bears are back too! This set like all the previous ones are just adorable.  I’m already having a blast as you can see, except my sled got stuck and mommy dearest is nowhere to be found.  She’s the best mommy ever!

The first picture shows the skating bears and below are the caroling bears.  I can’t wait to show you the rest of the set in the coming days.
Carols 011

I’m also featuring these poses by p.o.s.e kids that will be at the upcoming round of All the Little Things.  The sledge one comes with the prop and the one below comes with the Christmas cookies that are wearable for the pose.

I am not crediting the clothes as these are all old clothes and put together from different outfits, previous gacha and the coat was from a limited event that is no longer available. Though if you want to know about any particular item, always feel free to contact me.

Skate Bears – BoOgErS @ The Arcade ***Coming December 1st***
Carol Bears – BoOgErS @ The Arcade ***Coming December 1st***

Pose 1:  Sledge by p.o.s.e. kids  @ All the Little Things ***Coming December 1st***
Pose 2: Xmas Cookies by  p.o.s.e. kids @ All The Little Things  ***Coming December 1st***


Smashing pumpkins

Boogers 005

Mesh Body – Cute Bytes – Baby Girl V2.8
Hair – Tram – D219
Glasses – Sorgo – SMQ Shades Wood Glasses
*Gender Neutral Sweats Punkins – BoOgErS @ Trunk or Treats ***Opens Oct. 24th***

*Calculator Green – BoOgErS @ Geeks ‘n’ Nerds
*Toddler Tether Spoopy @ Trunk or Treats  ***Opens Oct. 24th***
*Smashy Pumpkin – BoOgErS @ The Kawaii Project
Maple Cottage – Dust Bunny
Dahlia Jug – Dust Bunny
[Terre Automne] White Pumpkins – Ariskea
Peggy’s Pony – Vagabond
Neva’s Finial Wall Sconce – Apple Fall

Pose: [Poppy] Gleaming Bergamot – Marukin