Piles of good wishes and blessings to come

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: The presence of a happy Family, all wrapped up in each other.” ~ Burton Hillis

Perfect 007

The season is quickly changing into the winter atmosphere and definitely the Christmas season as well here in Second Life.  If you’re wanting to get a head start on decorating here are some items from Shutter Field that are great.  The rug has an abundance of poses for couples and singles with activities like this one I am using of Christmas wrapping.   I think that I did an excellent job wrapping.. don’t you think?

Heavenly Villa the creator behind Shutter Field made some wonderful group gifts for you to enjoy as well.  The log candle center piece on the vanity and the round center piece are available to group members and if you’re not one, then join up! Membership is free.  The other item by Shutter Field is the Christmas box wrapping set with the wrapping tissue on the side.

The light vanity with mirror and wreaths is another version of a previously blogged vanity by unKindness that you can find at the store.   The cocoa tray is by Jian and can be found at their main store.

*Christmas Gift Rug-Red – Shutter Field
*Log Candle Center Piece – Shutter Field {Group Gift}
*Wreathe Round Center Piece – Shutter Field {Group Gift}
*Christmas Box Wrapping Set-Silver – Shutter Field
*Light Vanity Table w/Mirror & Wreaths – unKindness
*Cocoa Tray – Jian
NOEL. : Tears Tree Rare – {anc} {previous gacha}
NOEL. : Hoofs Ladder Chair/Milk – {anc} {previous gacha}
Flutter Skybox – Dust Bunny