The bears are back!

Bears 077

Only a couple of days now before the doors open once again for a fresh new round of Arcade goodies.  The famous collectible bears are back in town! BoOgErS has put together this fine selection of bears pictured above for the September round.  There are three rares and 12 commons to be had and only 25 lindens for each pull.

There is also some cute cuddle bears that are a free gift that are not shown, but will be available at the arcade as well.

*Bears by BoOgErS @ September 2015 Arcade *** Coming Sept. 1st***
Rare Bears: Goodnight Bear, Witch Bear and Fishin’ Bear
Common Bears: Peach Bear, Juice Box Bear, Clown Bear, Pear Bear,
Candy Corn Bear, Olive Bear, Donut Bear, Noodles Bear, Pizza Bear,
Hot Dog Bear, Fairy Bear and Ready To Go Bear

Winter Harvest Picnic Table – {what next}
Garden Tree 08 – Happy Mood
Real Grass *Green Meadow* White Flowers – KIDD Creation
Climb Frame, Carousel, Round Swing, Pyramid Net & Play Tower Rare – (epia) {past arcade gacha}

This home runs on staying playful

ARIA 057

New round of N21 just opened a few days ago and [ARIA] is participating with the release of the Leonora two sitter sofa.  The sofa is a mid-century influenced design that comes with 6 choices for the velvet fabric, 3 wood shades for the wood portion and 10 choices for the cushion.   You can find it in both adult and pg version, copy and modify materials ready.

The rest of the items are pretty much from my inventory except the fireplace, which is a decor item currently available at Collabor88.

*Leonora Two Sitter Sofa – [ARIA] @ N21
The Arrival – Lamentation of Swans – Ispachi {store closed}
[Cherished Moments] Paws & Claws Rare – Ispachi {store closed}
Yellow Plant – Just My Imagination
Bertram Armoire – Estatica
Bertram Stool – Estatica
Artemis Fireplace – Lisp @ Collabor88
Wall Panels (dark) – Theosophy
Wood Sculpture – Bazar
Greek Vase – Bazar
Traveler Photo Frame – Bazar
Traveler Roman Amphora – Bazar
Red Round Rug – Wilson Galicia
iFall Notebook 2015 – Apple Fall
Raffles Range Planter – Patron

The sweet luxuries of having time

Aria 03

It used to be that taking long hot baths was just pretty common.  Something we did that was enjoyable and was a treat to ourselves.  It’s been quite a long time where I’ve indulged in this luxury.

The new round of FaMESHed is now open and [ARIA] has brought us a complete bathroom set.  It’s available in pg and adult and each comes with animations for singles and couples.  The set includes the bathtub, vanity, mirror, silk robe, towels hanging, toilet, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and toilet paper.

The stool is Aria’s participation in the Mix Event and comes with 9 poses some with attachable props and with 8 texture change options.  It’s not meant for the bathroom, but I tested the animations and they work well enough to be used there.  In this day and age it won’t be strange for your guy to sit on the stool and drink coffee or work on the laptop while watching you take a soak. Just saying.

*Deloros Bathroom Set – [ARIA] @ FaMESHed
*Giada Stool – [ARIA] for The Mix
Rug – Atelier Visconti – Vincent Carpet
Home – Barnesworth Anubis – Hamptons Cottage

The Saxton Bedroom

Jian 003

Romp is back again with a new round of adult items.  Jian is participating with the Saxton bedroom set, that includes bed, dresser and his and her nightstands or just plain selections.  It’s such a great set with an abundance of texture change options for the wood and all the bedding.. pillows, sheets and blanket.  Romp is an adult theme event, so this bed comes with over 70 animations for singles, couples and even a bit more than just that.. lets say a few kinky surprises in the bed and dresser.   All this at a 20% discount off from the normal price, so don’t miss this sale.

*Saxton Bedroom Set – Jian @ Romp
{Bed, Dresser and His & Hers Nightstands}
Classic Atrium White Rare – RageWorks {June 2015 Arcade}
Wrought Iron Wall Decor – Fetch
Estate Persian Rug20 – StoraxTree
Jolie-Golden Hand, Vintage Bottle, Lotions, Makeup Clutter & Chic Perfume – Tres Blah {June 2015 Arcade}
Devon Deco Slippers – [ARIA]

*Review copy