Sweat the tension and stress out of your Second Life

Den 068

In need of some relaxation in your life?  The [Den.] has released a sauna, which is currently available at the newest round of Uber.  The perfect thing to sweat the tension and stress out of your  Second Life.  The size of the 100% mesh sauna is 9x9x5m with a land impact of 53 and comes with 6 animations.

The topiary plants are from [CIRCA] and come in various forms and sizes and are available at the main store.

Hope your Thursday where ever you are is less rainy than mine!

*Sauna – The [Den.] @ Uber
NOEL: Frilled Fur Rug/Milk – {anc}
*Spring Cafe – Topiary Planter -Dblt Rount – [CIRCA]
Ines Wall Fountain – Trompe Loeil
Floored Towel & Folded Towel – Surge
Blackwell Decorative Floor Towel – [ARIA]
Newspaper and Coffee Beige w/ Steam – LISP
Sheryl Garden Lantern – MudHoney
Zaid Room Divider – Fetch {in-world store closed}
Finley Chaise Lounge – [ARIA]
Finley Side Table & Decorative Vintage Teacup – [ARIA]
Wild Thistles – Apple Fall


This home runs on staying playful

ARIA 057

New round of N21 just opened a few days ago and [ARIA] is participating with the release of the Leonora two sitter sofa.  The sofa is a mid-century influenced design that comes with 6 choices for the velvet fabric, 3 wood shades for the wood portion and 10 choices for the cushion.   You can find it in both adult and pg version, copy and modify materials ready.

The rest of the items are pretty much from my inventory except the fireplace, which is a decor item currently available at Collabor88.

*Leonora Two Sitter Sofa – [ARIA] @ N21
The Arrival – Lamentation of Swans – Ispachi {store closed}
[Cherished Moments] Paws & Claws Rare – Ispachi {store closed}
Yellow Plant – Just My Imagination
Bertram Armoire – Estatica
Bertram Stool – Estatica
Artemis Fireplace – Lisp @ Collabor88
Wall Panels (dark) – Theosophy
Wood Sculpture – Bazar
Greek Vase – Bazar
Traveler Photo Frame – Bazar
Traveler Roman Amphora – Bazar
Red Round Rug – Wilson Galicia
iFall Notebook 2015 – Apple Fall
Raffles Range Planter – Patron

Sometimes being with friends is all the therapy you need

Girls 051

It’s not often that I get to spend any time together in the same room with these two ladies that are friends and also part of my SL family.  While two of us share the same time zone and are in the same country the other is in another part of the world 14 hours time difference.

Though when we get an opportunity to hang together, it’s always a lovely time.  The conversation just flows and ranges from what we had for breakfast or dinner, the joys and struggles we may be experiencing in our lives to whatever event is going on in this world we inhabit in our down time.  It really doesn’t matter what we talk about ~ it’s just an opportunity to connect with people with common interests who care for one another.

Aphrodite made it possible to share in this moment together with their summer pool party items currently available at the Cosmopolitan Event.  The inflatable floater sits up to six people and has 1o sits for each sit.  You get a few color choices for the floater with just a click that brings up the menu.  It also includes the inflatable floating drinks cooler that comes in four options: soda, juices, booze or beer.

Next, are the beach tropic decor items by [CIRCA] now available at the main store. The lounger set has two chairs that come with 10 animations each and is perfect for around the pool or just outdoors to enjoy the last rays of summer.  Not shown is a small table with tropical drinks.  I like the palm motif decor, and would work wonders indoors as well when you want to bring the sunshine inside.

Hair – Argrace – Hikari
Beach Basics Bikini – Luas

*”Summer Pool Party” – Aphrodite Shops @ The Cosmopolitan Event
{Floater, Beers Drink Cooler and Sodas Drink Cooler}
Mediterranean Palm Tree – Kidd Creation
Crooked Palms – NT {store closed}
Sculpt Palm Tree x3 Type 2 – SimPro Designs
Floored Towel 2 & Stacked Towels – Surge
*”Beach Tropic” Miami Palms Motif Decor – [CIRCA]
*”Beach Tropic” Lounger Set – [CIRCA]
*”Beach Tropic” Sun Lotion & Mag Decor – [CIRCA]
Tropical Palm Plant v.5 Full Perm – Leika Meili
Splash Pool – Apple Fall
Headphone Skull Gold – Swallow
Sunscreen Tube – {what next}
*”Seaward” Beach Ball Multi – [CIRCA]

*Review copy

Eenie meenie miney mo

Unkindness 002

There are days and many here lately where I can be driven to drink.  I’m just thankful that I’ve never been inclined to taking a drink to solve my problems.  I’m not much of a drinker at all.  I think I’ve mentioned this before on my blog a time or too.  One glass of wine is enough sometimes to get me tipsy.  Anything beyond that I’m in peril of my own tongue.

Even though it wasn’t planned this way.  Tonight as I write this blog I am disposed to celebrate as I got to reconnect with a certain someone, who continues to be someone important in my life.  I toast to the cherished bond we have. Cheers Italiano!

The luggage trolley I am sitting on is a new creation by unKindness and is currently available at the Love to Decorate Event, that will run from August 10th to August 24th.   It comes in four versions: iron, silver, gold or bronze with custom made poses – two for men, two for women and two for couples. It’s a fun piece in my book.

I also want to share some of the goodies I just recently found.  The Paris penthouse skybox I am using is from Barnesworth Anubis and is currently at Collabor88 for only 88 lindens!  It’s a steal and makes for a fabulous starter home or for anyone who has limited prims to use or lindens.  The other bargain and it really is a bargain! The remaining furniture minus the alcohol are from Apple Fall and can all be purchased for $0 lindens. I was surprised myself to find all these wonderful items for free.  I went to the main store to find a pendent lamp, which is a group gift this month and couldn’t find it and then had to resort to area search. It was during that area search for a $0 linden group gift that I discovered the rest of the furniture. Except, the frame with the flower, which can be found right now at FaMESHed with his items this month.

If you look further you might find some other items at $0 lindens throughout the store and many items have also been reduced as well. Great time to shop at Apple Fall. The bottles and glass are from [kunst] and can be found at the main store.

Happy shopping!

Hair – Truth – Thalia
Jumpsuit – David Heather – Palazzo Jumpsuit Mint @ Collabor88

*Beau Monde Sette Gold – unKindness @ LTD The Event
Tequila Bottle (gold) & (silver) – [kunst]
Brandy Bottle – [kunst]
Brandy Glass (empty) – [kunst]
Key Table (Washed Light) – Apple Fall
Pediment Frame w/ Pillar Sketch  – Apple Fall
Key Lamp (Nickel) – Apple Fall
Charlotte’s Pears – Apple Fall
Gilt Frame (Sea Campion Study) – Apple Fall
Paris Penthouse – [ba]/Barnesworth Anubis @ Collabor88

*Review copy

Loft Living

DaD 017

I became familiar with DaD Designs through their landscape creations and now being reintroduced again through their newest creation of the Tuscany Loft.   The loft at a footage of 24 x 30 is 100% original mesh and only a 40 land impact.  It’s beautifully textured and quite spacious and can be purchased at 20% off while at the Cosmopolitan Room.  It’s quite a bargain for only $390 lindens.

I’ve decorated using items already in my inventory and provided all the details below.

*Tuscany Loft – DaD Design @ The Cosmopolitan Room
Du Macaron – Citron – Scarlet Creative
Ruffled Rug – Apple Fall
Stature Fireplace Rare – Apple Fall
Diamond Rug – Junk
Antique Clock Faces – Sari-Sari
With Love Mix & With Love Pile – Zigana
Vintage Birdcage – Willow Home
Burlap Basket, Baby Breath In a Tin – Imoken Neox {Flux Sur Mer opening gifts}
Little Flower Shelf – Dysfunctional Designs
Carriage Sofa {June 2014 Arcade} – Scarlet Creative
Benson Mirrors – MudHoney
Vintage Plant Stand Rose Bush Yellow – StoraxTree
Superlong Potted Cactus – Soy
Operator’s Chair Light – Junk {new store opening gift}
Easel w/ Two Frames – Soy {past hunt gift}
Antique Frame Natural & White – Picnic
Hanging Flower Pots {June 2015 Arcade} – Dust Bunny
Floor Clock {June 2015 Arcade} – Junk
Basket Table – Dust Bunny {modified}
Single Amelie Sofa {March 2015 Sofa} – Scarlet Creative
Melting Horse Statue – Kalopsia
Artist Desk & Table {June 2015 Arcade} – Scarlet Creative
Granny’s Winter Cottage Carpet {Dec. 2014 Arcade} – 8f8
Elderflower Cordial – Apple Fall
Lemon Whip Drizzle Cake – Apple Fall {past group gift}
Piano Plant – Kalopsia

*Review copy

Summer days drifting away

Kuro  SF 010

Since joining Second Life I have only lived on a sandy beach sim during the first few months of joining and having bought land to live on.  It was enjoyable for a while until I moved to a grassy sim and that seemed to suit me much better.  I haven’t wavered from that ever since. Though, I must say it’s been enjoyable doing up these scenes and having that feeling of my feet running through the sand and basking in the hot sun.

To help you set up your own summer paradise Kuro is also participating in this round of The Challenge with this wooden beach cabana called the Easy Breeze.  It’s 100% mesh and comes with single and couple animations.  It’s on discount during the time of the event that runs from the 1st to the 20th and you can find it at the Kuro main store.

Buglets 015

Shutter Field also has the beach deck chairs made exclusively for Best of SL Magazine readers and discounted for the month of July.  The chairs come with male and female sits and can be found at the Shutter Field main store.

The last item is worn by little me.  You know what happens when you spend too much time out in the hot sun.  Yep, you get a sunburn.  Buglets has created the sunburn and war paint set that includes tattoo layers and toddleedoo mesh head appliers for the Hello Beautiful Event.  You get 8 options with each set, that has 4 levels of sunburn with or without war paint.   Lil me is wearing one with war paint, because she likes being a little warrior too.

Alexa ~
Hair – Argrace – Anzu  **New**
Bikini – Zaara – Morjim Bikini Rare {June 2015 Arcade}

Sydney –
Hair – [Love Soul] – *113* Hair
Swimsuit – {Sugar & Spice} – Little Miss USA
*Sunburn & War Paint – Buglets @ Hello Beautiful

*Beach Deck Chair Blue & Green – Shutter Field for Best of SL Magazine Readers
*Easy Breeze – Kuro for The Challenge ***July 1-20th***
Sculpt Palm Tree x3 Type 2 – SimPro Designs
Sand Dune – New Vermont Enterprises/Thickbrick Sleaford
Pampas Grass & Real Beach Grass *Wild Medium Sword* – KIDD Creations
Bicycle Cart (Italian Ice) – Theosophy {June 2015 Arcade}
“Makin” Waves’ Wearable Row Boat – What Next {June 2015 Arcade}
Shade Umbrella & Getaway Basket – Dust Bunny {June 2015 Arcade}
Blue Hawaii – Poche {past gacha}
*TV Time Pillow (plain) {textured} – Little Llama for ***All The Little Things* **
Hanging Twig Light – Tarte {June 2015 Arcade}

*Review copy