Make it a celebration everyday


The bears coming to the Arcade this round by BoOgErS are the cutest things. They each have a certain theme or holiday spirit to them.  As I was looking at them all I found myself drawn to this Cinco De Mayo bear, because of my ancestral heritage.   This is not the actual size as I supersized it and when I did the poses sort of then materialized for this picture.

Who says we can’t celebrate early right?

The southwestern home in the background is by Glas Houses called the Granelda is available at the Home & Garden Expo.  It is truly remarkable how much choices we have when it comes homes and decor and creating the home life we may only dream about.  For some it’s just creating something entirely different to what you may be used to… really the choice is yours.   The Granelda is quite roomy with large rooms and it has two fireplaces throughout the house.

The Expo is open until March 6th and just announced a Photo Contest!

Text from Event website: 

Joint for a chance to win wonderful prizes, showcase your talent to a wide audience, and support the fight against cancer!

The prizes include:
• Almost L$ 60,000 in products and gift cards from Maven Homes, Magnum Opus, and many others
• L$ 23,000 in cash prizes from Hanaya, Spargel & Shine Homes, and others
• The total value is over L$ 82,000
There is a small L$ 200 fee to enter; the proceeds will go directly to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

To join, visit the main Expo region:

􀀀The contest vendor near the landing point will provide you with a copy of the contest rules as well as allow you to enter.

Don’t miss this opportunity to show off your photographic skills, compete for great prizes — and aid the battle against this horrible disease that has touched so many lives.

The deadline for submission is midnight SLT, March 4, 2016.

All the best,
The Home & Garden Expo Team

*Cinco De Mayo Bear Rare -*BoOgErS* @ The Arcade March 2016
*Granelda – Glas Houses @ Home & Garden Expo
Mexican Pot with Cacti – Loui Market
Large Houseplant In Large Ceramic Vase-Tan – TMS Designs
Mexican Nicho – Zinnias
Sol Ceramic Vases – Zinnias
Mexican Basket – Zinnias
Bottle of ‘Verona’ Beer (epia)
Cobblestone Floor – Stormwood

Pose 1 (Sitting) – When in Rome – Double Take
Pose 2 (Hanging) – D.Luxx Poses (using one side of pose)

Think outside no box required

RFL 006ps

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I spent most of my day outside today with those close and precious to me and basking in the cool breeze we had along with the sun shining.  The perfect combination to be outdoors, at least for me.

Doing a quick post as I’m running out the door again to do a quick errand, but wanted to get this done first.  The furniture items shown are more previews from Home & Garden Expo, that opened up today.  You got several sims full of new and exclusive home and garden decor to make your Second Life living even more enjoyable.

*Windsor Patio Table Set Round – beYou @ Home & Garden Expo
*Frosty Chockbery Cake – beYou @ Home & Garden Expo
*Freesia Dessert Plate – beYou @ Home & Garden Expo
Le Jardin Bench – Bee Designs @ Home & Garden Expo
*Menu Driven and Animated Bird Feeder on a Stand – Lunar Seasonal Designs @ Home & Garden Expo
*Menu Driven Multi Bird House – Lunar Seasonal Designs @ Home & Garden Expo
*Caged Bougainvilela – Pink – Closer To The Heart @ Home & Garden Expo
*Wooden Flower Box – Closer To The Heart @ Home & Garden Expo
*Spring Tree Grouping w/ Daisies – Dixie Dandelion @ Home & Garden Expo
Morning Dew Grass – T-Spot
Farrow Garden Wall Set – Apple Fall